The Bigotry Behind Family Values at the DWP

Today’s Guardian revelation that Iain Duncan Smith’s key advisor also draws a salary as a political lobbyist for a right wing think tank gives a clear indication of the culture which is emerging at the DWP.

Phillipa Stroud is the co-chair of the Centre for Social Justice, an investment banker and Tory dominated think tank which has been behind much of this Government’s welfare reforms.  Stroud, a failed Tory candidate in the 2010 election, is most famous for the allegations that she helped establish a church and nightshelter where she attempted to cure people of their sexuality.

The Observer featured the story of one former victim of this church back in 2010:

“Abi, a teenage girl with transsexual issues, was sent to the church by her parents, who were evangelical Christians. “Convinced I was demonically possessed, my parents made the decision to move to Bedford, because of this woman [Stroud] who had come back from Hong Kong and had the power to set me free,” Abi told the Observer.

“She wanted me to know all my thinking was wrong, I was wrong and the so-called demons inside me were wrong. The session ended with her and others praying over me, calling out the demons. She really believed things like homosexuality, transsexualism and addiction could be fixed just by prayer, all in the name of Jesus.”

Another former resident of the night shelter, Kacey Jones, claimed:

“Philippa was still around when I first moved in,” Jones said. “There was a ‘discipleship house’ for Christians struggling with issues, including their sexuality. They told me my feelings weren’t normal. I didn’t want to be gay, I wanted to be like everybody else, get married, have kids and please my parents.”

Stroud appears to have accused those who have come forward of lying and says she would never attempt to cure people of homosexuality.  However the New Frontiers Church, of which she and her husband are still active members, appear to have other ideas.

Andrew Wilson is a former gay man who abandoned his sinful lifestyle opting to worship the giant cock in the sky instead.  As a senior figure at the New Frontiers Church he writes regularly on their website, often on matters concerning sexuality.  Here he tells the story of a ‘very attractive (honest) young woman’ he met at a conference and who had abandoned her sinful lesbian lifestyle:

“The thing is, my partner was so astonished at the change in my life, and so challenged by what had happened to me, that she came along to church – and soon afterwards, she became a Christian as well! We are now separated, we share the raising of our son together, and we are both praying that God will continue to change us, and even give us good Christian husbands.”

Phillipa Stroud has been joined at the DWP by Mark Hoban who was recently promoted to Employment Minister.  Hoban’s voting record reveals him to be one of the most homophobic Ministers to have served in government in over 15 years. 

This cluster of bigots at the DWP is headed by Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith, who said in 2006 that same sex couples: “don’t even register on the Richter scale of how to bring up children”.

And this brings us nicely back to Iain Duncan Smith’s astonishing attack on step parents, single parents and other non traditional family structures last week.  This is about far more than outdated tory prejudices or weird cultish Christian beliefs.

The Centre for Social Justice was founded by Iain Duncan Smith and has long been obsessed with the role of fathers and their importance in bringing up children (as long as there aren’t two of them).  Whilst this would seem a noble agenda it hides a hard-hearted religious fervour which is now beginning to impact on government policy.

Whether through choice or circumstance, any family which does not fit Iain Duncan Smith’s Victorian morality can expect to find themselves under increased attack.  Don’t be fooled by his recent reluctant and opportunist conversion to gay marriage.  IDS has justified this personal u-turn by saying:  “I’m for things that are about stability. I think our biggest problem is actually with cohabiting parents breaking up at the rate they do — heterosexual cohabitees, not gay couples — because they’re the ones leaving the trail of devastation afterwards.”

So whilst his advisor Phillipa Stroud will attempt to pray the gay out of same sex couples, Iain Duncan Smith will be hunting down families who have separated who he blames for all of today’s ‘social problems’.  The nasty party is still alive and thriving at the heart of the DWP.

26 responses to “The Bigotry Behind Family Values at the DWP

  1. This is laughable if it wasn’t so damn serious, it’s frightening to think people like Phillipa Stroud with such twisted and idiotic beliefs is allowed to roam in areas of senstive issues surrounding welfare reform, where does it all end?, what next?… “special” doctor’s being enlisted to experiment on the mentally and physically disabled in order to find out why they are the way they might be?, and see if they can change them by performing small operations on their brains?… impossible?.. well look what the tories have got away with and done so far!.. would you have thought any party in power would be allowed to undertake the kind of policies that would have undermined the very fabric of what men and women fought to preserve across tow world wars and that is freedom and democracy and tolerance towards people who might be different.. look what the Nazi’s did!… let it be a warning from the past, we did not fight and lose so many across those wars to sleepwalk into giving away all our civil liberties to an elitist rich uncaring, and unsympathetic tories full of the rich and wicked. The question has to be asked, has the backbone of the people of this country crumbled?… has the generational shift bred either an ignorant or disinterested society happy to see development and decline… eventually you will be owned as the power acts and forgets about you!.. be pro-active, be concerned, be true to yourself and never allow yourself for one minute to be manipulated and controlled like a puppet, being told what you can and cannot do.. It’s no coincidence that we are comparing many of the potty tory policies in relation to the Nazi’s, remember they started with crazy policies on a political level which climaxed in the ultimate sceneario.. a desire to take control of the world, whilst that would be a impossible scenario we could feel it in this country for as long as the Tories are in power, it’s important to see the end of this coalition and force a general election before 2015 so we can once again embrace democracy and feel part of this country, a country we grew up in, where many of our family through history fought in world wars to defend, we need to play our part right here on our own soil, it begins by removing an remorseless, wicked and twisted party from power and not allow their twisted rhetoric to influence others to do their dirty work for them.. namely the working class that the Tories have been manipulating without shame in their desire to destroy the welfare state and treating the lower classes and people with mental and physical conditions as the jews of the 21st century.

  2. Another religious nut who thinks doing things his way is ‘Gods’ way. Isn’t it about time the men in white coats picked him up. We all need saving from this bigot.

  3. I am a friend of Jo,s who has shown me this page. Having had personal experience over a long term of this particular manifestation of christianity, i am extremely concerned.
    These people have the capability to instill fear, self loathing, paranioa of a most extreme kind and long term damage that some never get over.
    This is something that must be addressed, we are a secular nation, and religion of the most heinous kind is creeping in ready to destroy lives , as it has done over countless years in the past. Well done Johnny for exposing this and its time it was tackled head on. These people may not have guns or bombs but they are mind terrorists of the most extreme nature.

  4. Yesterday the BBC broadcast a half hour on Catholic Social Teaching.

  5. Angela Paterson

    Glad you have raised this point. A lot of policies have come from think tank. I believe in everyone having an opinion, ideas and free speech. It seems thought that the policies coming form the think tank have an undertone of Christian thinking. Which isn’t a surprise given that that is thier values. And it’s not just in the welfare changes. There are some worrying statements in their recent paper on domestic violence.

    I was part of the story in 2010 written by Guardian.

    • thanks for commenting Angela, and aren’t there just

      “The emerging picture is that abuse is created and maintained by the perpetrator(s) acting in interaction with the victim. In other words, the actions, beliefs and emotions of the perpetrator interact with those of the victim to create maintaining spirals of abuse.”

  6. JOs friend here again. These people will stop at nothing to change society to the way they think it should operate. The problem is their world is deluded, fascist and looks very similar to how a Nazi state would look. Only the rhetoric and the uniforms are different.
    I am appalled that this women has been allowed to influence social policy and i will write to my MP regarding this and be asking a full investigation into how this has been allowed to happen is conducted.

  7. I am a step mother to 2 lovely individuals they are 34 and 32 now but when their father and I got together and married they were 2 and 5 !!!!! I have sat up at nights with them when they were poorly gone to schools meetings and plays as their parent ..brought them up to be 2 lovely adults now with their own families we all love each other a lot and we are best friends, we have 2 children together and I have a daughter who is 35 now too. We all lived together at our house and as I said we brought them all up together 5 kids was wonderful and 2 extended families to boot. Oh did I mention my husbands first wife died of a Brain Anurism at 29!!!! was he supposed to stay on his own for the rest of his natural !! huh Mr Ian “fucking” Duncan Smith!!! how dare you insinuate step families and same sex families are less than any other.. how fucking dare you!!! my kids are probably happier than yours .

    • Your husband could not have done right for doing wrong in the eyes of that ignorant dictatorial swine, for had he not married you he would have been a single parent…

  8. I am on my second marriage and I have step sons and step grandchildren. I also couldn’t care less about their sexual identity as that is their choice and not for the government thieves to know or question. I am a good Mother and step Mum Grandma and Nanna. I aint a bad person either unlike those arseholes in government and upper echelons who really need to go get their demons sorted out!

    Seems to me they are the ones with the real problems and are projecting all their crap on the public! Go see the great cock in the sky you cretins.

  9. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    These people are mentally ill. Religious zealotry is recognized as a kind of illness. In a rational and caring state, these zealots at the heart of unmandated government policy would be quietly sectioned and be encouraged to partake in decades of therapy.
    Instead, they are hell-bent on making a misery of the lives of millions in furtherance of their lunacy, and being allowed to do so at a frightening pace.
    The LibDems must be really pleased with themselves…….

  10. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    These are also the kind of terribly repressed and twisted up victims of some kind of abuse themselves who stuntedly grow into the kind of adult who continues to perpetrate the cycle of abuse in ther own painfully inverted style, full of righteous denial and a burning desire for vengeance which manifests itself in outbursts of psychopathically savage control issues.
    The more cunning of them do tend to gravitate towards positions of influence as this gives tem the greatest opportunity to inflict maximum pain and abuse.

  11. We are going to see a lot more this.

    Religious groups, some Evangelical, run many Food Banks.

    The Salvation Army – which has a very dodgy history on these issues – runs part of the welfare-to-work stuff.

    We reported on this on Ipswich Unemployed Action:

    • OMG we WILL be seeinbg a lot more of this with the newly appointed oil baron Old Etonian Archbishop of Canterbury! Seems like really does attract like huh?

  12. For me the real issue was the hypocrisy of Smith wishing to take public funds away from people who need them, while giving our cash to a woman who not only has a job already, but who also has a conflict of interest in taking it.

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  14. something survived...

    (apologies to P.B. Shelley, ‘The Masque of Anarchy’)

    I saw Famine in a skip
    He had a face like Duncansmith
    Those staring eyes, that rictus grin –
    Then seven starlings crapped on him.

  15. And there I was thinking the ending was going to be ….and then they ripped his eyes out.

  16. IDS must not be allowed to see through his welfare reform policies, he must be exposed and ridiculed for the very failure he is. I cannot imagine him walking the streets comfortably because he has created this climate and stirs the couldron more and more, maybe there should be a pack of cards made up with the tory faces on, Cameron starts it as the Ace of spades. I do suspect he will cut his own political throat.

  17. Even after losing their seats tories like Phillipa stroud are appointed as advisers on high salaries all out of the taxpayers pocket – more is spent on these quangos than on the unemployed, why is the media not exposing or questioning the cost of such peoples activities or calling for the withdrawal of their income due to their bigoted advice and incompetence

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