Support the Cardiff Vigil Outside Atos ‘Healthcare’

A man stripped of benefits after falling victim to the notorious Work Capability Assessment has announced he will end his hunger strike outside the Cardiff offices of Atos Healthcare however a week long vigil will continue.

UPDATE: 7/11/12 – Latest from Christos: I am still on hunger strike. Whether it is right or not for me to stage this type of protest is not the right question to be asking at this moment in time. The right question to ask is why am I on hunger strike. See the comments below and more at:

Christos Palmer is targeting the company due to their involvement in assessments which are used to declare even those with serious and terminal conditions ‘fit for work’. Christos, who has both mental and physical health problems, including depression, self-harm and mobility issues, has been fasting since the beginning of the weekend. To the great relief of friends and supporters, who feared for his health, he has today announced that he will shortly end the hunger strike.

A spokesperson for Disabled People Against Cuts in Cardiff has said:

”While we support the protest aims we are extremely concerned about Christos’s physical and mental wellbeing. He often suffers from extreme fatigue and is housebound on some days. That somebody so unwell has been driven to this shows the desperation that the sick and disabled are being driven to by this government. We are urging him to end his hunger strike”

Whilst Christos’ tactics have created some controversy he appears in good spirits and satisfied that he has made his point. Having been pushed into such drastic action by the policies of this Government and their corporate lackies Atos, he deserves support – as does the Cardiff vigil which will take place everyday this week until 5pm on November 9th.

All are welcome to join the vigil, even if only for a short while, which is taking place at St Agnes Road, Gabalfa, Cardiff from around 9am until 4pm daily. For more information and to send a message of support visit the facebook page at:


14 responses to “Support the Cardiff Vigil Outside Atos ‘Healthcare’

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  2. Please to see Christo has made the decision to end the hunger strike yet maintain his protest.

    Let’s all work to keep him warm this week.

  3. I’m posting this on my facebook page. Thanks.

  4. JSA Sanction Victim

    “fasting since the beginning of the weekend” ?! I’ve been “fasting” for over 4 months since my 26 weeks JSA “sanction” began. I’ve been left with nothing, nowt, zilch, not on iota.

  5. Reblogged this on My Brain Lesion and Me and commented:
    ATOS has really come the bain of the sick and disabled. I myself have had many troubles, especially with the WCA and failing each time; them failing to take into account the problems that I experience daily and the effect that it has on my ability to function. Plus, the times where I have received a copy of the medical report and finding errors and omissions. They need to be held accountable and need to see the effect that it is having on the vulnerable people in our society.

  6. Hi, where the info came from that Christos will be ending his hunger strike? The last I heard was rumoured he had intimated that if there is a big turnout the picket tomorrow then he would break his fast with others in a “pauper’s picnic”

  7. He said on twitter and facebook this morning he would be ending the hunger strike soon, doesn’t sound like he has yet though.

  8. I was and still am thinking of a paupers picnic at the end of my hunger strike, when I will celebrate with a victory meal of soup, and I have said previously to some of my supporters that I’ll need some looking after for a few days when I end my fasting, to start eating properly. I have promised my friends, I’ll end my fast if 3 or more of my friends show concern for my health and well being, I’m still in very good spirits, and have been joking and laughing with my supporters, but was very ill Monday when I became dehydrated. Our vigil has been shortened to the hours of 10am to 2 or 3 pm, everything now depending on the weather and other factors, it rained today and might rain again on Wednesday. We still badly need legal observers to guarantee our safety from the police, 3 of whom turned up to check on me yesterday, 2 in a police car, and 1 on a bicycle. Due to my mental health problems, the police have every right “to take me to a place of safety” under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act ( This can be a police cell, the local university teaching hospital 10 minutes away further along Eastern Avenue. Please, please, as many as you as possible, turn up on the last three days of the protest, but be warned it is bitterly cold, so wrap up warm.

    Heddwch, Christos.

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  10. What a crazy world we live in where the only demand in the world economy is American demand (otherwise we would have been heading for a 1930’s style demand deficient depression!) The Americans have voted for European leaning government intervention whilst here in the UK we have a dangerous consensus telling us to run the UK car without fuel.

    Tell everyone the consensus is wrong, if u r a Labour/LibDem supporter make sure u campaign for a reversal of these ghastly policies and some sensible ones like not forking out another 100 billion on a upgrade of Trident!!!

    Where are the Green policies?

  11. Are there any politicians opposing any of the cuts or proposing sensible alternatives to be given the chop,such as trident, if there are we never hear of them. Why are they not trawling the internet for sites like this to air their views, because the right wing or moderate press will not air them?
    The press are opposing statutory regulation to regulate them – they have nothing to fear there if the regulatory bodies against public services are anything to go by – totally ineffectual, but there again I don’t have enough money to sue, and the state do not do not provide legal aid for crimes against the state nor against defamation of character or hurt feelings of the sick and unemployed who are constantly called shirkers or scroungers by the press.

  12. Where did it get him?normally there would be an outcome or the protest was pointless ,its 2014 now and we are still being screwd over by the government,my girlfriend had her money stopped and shes mentally ill and pregnant,we are fed up,we really need a way to let out anger,parliament needs to be shot to bits,them sick fekkers.need to be hung drawn and quartered

  13. ..we dont want to starve but when your hungary you cant think straight god knows what we will do to ourselves or somebody else,uk is dead and finished,it cant even look after the sick people ket alone sick and pregnant,bring on a civil war soin otherwise we will start one

  14. I smashed all the job centre windows,its a start,this is just the beginning,i burnt down 3 bus stops and im watching the police run around like headless chickens hahaha wankers

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