Iain Duncan Smith Launches Attack on Step-Parents – Are A4e Love Cops on the Way?

Iain Duncan Smith  launched an astonishing attack on step-parents, single parents and LGBT couples this week in a move that could see welfare to work sharks brought into the family home and even the bedroom.

Speaking at a conference on social justice, the Secretary of State warned that in future the proportion of children no longer living with the same parents from birth would be a new government measure to monitor the growth of ‘social problems’.

His comments came after research revealed that half of 15 year olds live with both parents.  This is hardly a surprising statistic in world where people are no longer trapped into loveless, or even abusive relationships, in order to avoid the stigma that came with being divorced, a step-parent, in a gay or lesbian relationship or a single parent.

Iain Duncan Smith included children growing up with step-parents in a list of social vices he intends to fix, along with ‘worklessness’, youth offending rates and low educational achievement.  As ever, the problem is to be fixed by giving money to private companies.

The Work Programme is the Government’s scheme aimed at reducing long term unemployment by paying huge sums of tax payers money to private companies to bully claimants into work.  Despite having already cost close to a billion pounds, the Work Programme has been an unmitigated disaster.  Long term unemployment has risen every month since the scheme was introduced and the DWP have repeatedly avoided releasing any information on whether anyone is actually finding jobs through the programme.

The Work Programme is backed by brutal benefit sanctions, giving unprecedented power to welfare to work companies who can now mandate benefits claimants to almost any activity, including workfare.  Those who refuse can have benefits stopped for up to three years.  When Universal Credit is launched next year, this will include in work benefits such as Working Tax or Child Credits.

It is the same flawed and brutal Work Programme model that Iain Duncan Smith announced in his speech is to be extended to the social problems of step or single parents, worklessness, youth offending and poor educational achievement.

Iain Duncan Smith’s speech laid the foundations for Work Programme style disasters to be exported to all areas of social care.

Companies will be paid by results based on the four indicators mentioned – meaning that companies like A4e and G4S could now be brought into the family home to ensure that children are growing up in ‘stable, loving families’.  The measure of success they will be judged, and paid on, is whether the child is growing up with both birth parents and whether the parents ‘report a good quality relationship’.

How this might look in practice is terrifying.  Will A4e happiness cops be paid to keep couples together regardless of the circumstances or what’s best for the family?   Cynics might ask exactly they are supposed to achieve that.  Asking nicely isn’t likely to help divorcing parents after all.  The companies involved in these schemes will expect the same teeth they have under the Work Programme – the ability to punish as well as supposedly support.

With step-parents, single parents or other alternative family structures to be now included on the list of social ills, will A4e busybodies be sent in to harass mothers into accepting an abusive partner back into the family home, or attempting to cure parents of being gay?  Will Emma Harrison pop up to give sex tips on how to keep that loveless relationship alive, or G4S goons be used as state-appointed marriage guidance counsellors?

Could this even be the road to benefit sanctions for couples that separate or refuse to fit in with the outdated tory fantasy of decent families?

If it sound outlandish that’s because it is.  But don’t expect that to make any difference. Anyone who suspects even for a second that the Tories are any different to the same out of touch bigots that were slung out of power 15 years ago only needs to listen to the increasingly hair-brained rhetoric that comes from Iain Duncan Smith.

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96 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Launches Attack on Step-Parents – Are A4e Love Cops on the Way?

  1. the man is clearly insane.

  2. He is deluding himself that he is the angry, righteous, and judgemental God of the Old Testament. He is a self obsessed, egotistical slime ball. Let’s hope there’s a suitable padded cell vacant at Broadmoor. Does he actually practice what he preaches? I think not. He needs a spell on workfare, breaking rocks in the noon day sun. YUK!

    • You are right I am sure, but I really think the poor man is quite ill. Perhaps he needs an atos assessment better still perhaps he needs to be sent to the Church his side kick fronts up……and be cleansed of all his demons

  3. IDS reminds me of the things I read about Hitler, how he was before the war. All these kind of remarks & ideas lead up to the war. How long before he starts to think that the rest of the world needs to be reshaped & marshalled to his way of doing things too?

    • A lot of that is already under way thanks to the governments and various counties signing up to Agenda 21

    • something survived...

      Hitler’s parents were cousins of eachother so would Hitler be one of these problem families, though Hitler’s beliefs were close to those of IDS.
      JK Rowling is from non standard families, Paul McCartney has had more than one wife. IDS (refer to picture above) is a motivation to stop men sleeping with other men (you’d have to be lobotomised first), but really only to stop you sleeping with that man. Were his parents brother and sister? The couple from The League of Gentlemen that run the ‘Local Shop for Local People’? An egg and a hatstand? A concentration camp guard and Irma Bunt? Or did he grow from some mucus coughed into a test tube?

      I just watched a man skydive at over 830mph from the edge of space. We should do that over here. We can do it with some helium balloons you get on a stall. the American one cost 18 million dollars. Ours can be a lot cheaper. Ian Duncan Smith can be the test pilot. The UK space programme should make one tiny change (and film it and put it on YouTube):

      Omit the parachute.

  4. Gosh, does that mean the royal family are going to be stripped of their civil list bounty? I mean, the future king of England comes from a broken home along with most of his cousins and ancesstors.

    What is Iain Duncan Smith on?
    Ids he on some sort of comission from the right wing press to write the most ignorant, bigotted, vile rubbish he can dream up after watching “Hitlers Henchemen on cable for 14 hours straight?

    What an ass hole…

    • Seriously pissing myself ‘ watching ‘hitlers henchmen for 14 hours straight’ spot on thanks for making me laugh :-)))

  5. Linda Kilpatrick

    IDS is seriously mentally disturbed and maybe his own kids should be taken away from him for their own sanity

  6. Yes, because growing up with parents who despise each other and are always at each other’s throats, but are forced to live together to avoid complete destitution and homelessness, is such a safe, stable, happy, secure, nurturing environment to grow up in, guaranteed to produce happy stable, well-adjusted, productive, adults. What a wonderful idea! You’ve really outdone yourself this time sir, bravo!

    Sanctioned for having irreconcilable differences or leaving a violent, abusive spouse or partner. Another splendid way to cut benefits from the undeserving poor, so that the money can be redistributed to the deserving rich.

    • You are so spot on! My first marriage was marred by violence and abuse and now because I had the guts to leave I will be labelled a social misfit as will all people who leave violence behind and take their kids with them. Take some kind of mind to think this shite up doesn’t it?

  7. It’s ok, but it is amusing to see Smith et al seem to forget that the UK is a democracy. As with all Governments before it, any excessive parliamentary or executive legislation that gets passed/created by this present coalition will be dealt with accordingly when opposition regains power.

    • But will it? Liam Byrne is just as much as a wanker as is IDS and Lord Fraud – he wants to see more workfare and comes from the same LaLa Land that the Tory bigots come from. Unless Milipede gets rid of Byrne, there is no real alternative to IDS.
      IDS wants to sanction everyone for everything. I want to section IDS for all our own protection.

    • Britain is NOT a democracy. It never has been. We have a voting system that is more of a lottery than a fair way of representing the people’s will. To take just one example from the 2010 election; how did the Labour Party get more than two hundred seats and the liberal democrats less than sixty when there was a gap of just six percentage points between them?


    • Seriously?
      Keep taking the tablets.

      • No, I respectfully suggest you do so. We have an unelected head of state, an unelected second chamber, NO inherent right to free speech and an electoral system for the lower house which DOES resemble a lottery more than a fair means of representing the people’s will. Other countries such as Germany could teach us a few things about democracy.

  8. I can foresee a situation where IDS will consider making the alternative to being in a family unbearable and not an option – ie. being single, whether divorced, separated or not in a relationship at all.

    Already a front page Daily Mail article published yesterday has attempted to smear and portray single people as taking taxpayers money from who the Government term “hard working families”, partially responsible for the housing crisis and are “loners”

    IDS will target single people living alone, whether in a relationship or not, I’d put money on it. It will scare people into not separating, even if the consequences of staying in a toxic and damaging relationship are dire.

    • I’ll give you 1000-1 odds on 🙂

    • Interesting. Yesterday the Telegraph also had a rather strange opinion piece lamenting the number of people living alone and suggesting the cure for “loneliness” was marriage. It mentioned as a side effect the freeing up of housing, better mental and physical health.
      Given the papers involed and the similarity of opinion,was this a tory briefing to papers to incite society to think of people who live alone as some sort of sad weirdos? “The government should promote getting wed” it claims.


      This coupled with another article on how old people were going to have to rely on their families to look after them in old age. I am sure this would be happening more anyway, if it did not take two people to go out to work to earn enough to put a roof over their head and buy food. Plus the fact that most modern houses are like rabbit hutches, with no spare room for granny.

      What next. Two people on the dole to be “matchmade” by a government dating agency and forced to get married? To IDS that probably sounds like a good idea.

      The definition of needing to be sectioned is when someone is a “danger to other people” – I think the criteria has definitely been met.

      • That is interesting and I wonder whether divorced pensioners like myself will be likewise encouraged to marry another pensioner, thereby combining two houses into one and freeing another up for some other couple! We’ll ignore the fact that I manage better financially on my own much better than I ever did when I was married! And I agree, IDS definitely needs to be sectioned, yesterday, if not sooner.

        • Jimmy Saville (Deceased )

          “Encouraged”, more like “forced”; a “suitable” partner will be “selected” for you by the DWP Universal Matching Database – you never know who you might end up with 🙂 Howz about that then 🙂

          • God help me! Or maybe god help whoever they match me with, one demand for a cup of tea and his ass will be out on the front doorstep and his baggage thrown after him!

        • “Here’s your new spouse we hope you’ll be very happy together” ” But we don’t find each other attractive” “Well just lie back and think of the dole money”.

          • something survived...

            So would they pick a woman for me or a man? If the numbers don’t add up would their computer forcibly marry a straight man to a gay man?
            A Muslim to a Hindu? A veggie to a butcher? A BNP member to a Nigerian? A dog lover to a dog hater? An agoraphobic to a claustrophobic person? A Manchester United fan to a Manchester City fan? Ann Widdecombe to Russell Brand? (sorry the computer has so many pairings to do that it is getting overheated and a little crazy, like a cross between Hal in 2001 and Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now).
            A lesbian separatist to a male chauvinist pig? Jews for Justice for Palestinians, to the Jewish National Fund? Jordan/Katie Price (next time available) to Brundlefly-Telepod from The Fly? Tuvix (Tuvok combined with Neelix) from Star Trek to Lara Croft? Fenton the Dog (well, word on the street is, he’s claiming benefits) to Emma from A4E?
            Mickey Mouse (not the cartoon mouse, but a lot of people have been scrawling it when signing on!) to Betty Boop (none I know of yet, but there are other fictional characters female jobseekers could put down)?
            A parking meter (a few years ago it got sent tax demands etc) to Either Millipede (or they could jobshare)? The leader of the Christian anti-gay group, Steven Green, to Peter Tatchell? Nadine Dorries to Nick Griffin?

            The computer could just randomise it like a national lottery and if it included everybody, might be ordering marriages to people who are already married. So we’d have to legalise bigamy, trigamy, polyandry…

            It’s enough to make you want to go out and marry a mutant octopus. Just to get the Marriage Police off your back.

            For people who are asexual or celibate this poses major problems. Sir Cliff Richard might be the most famous celibate person. What if you are a nun? Their job description is all about not having sex.

            There was that cool mass wedding protest a few years back where people married lamp posts and stuff. Wonder if it warrants one of Mark Thomas’s mass actions?

            If you are a heterosexual couple who don’t want kids will they force you? Or if you can’t have kids will they make you raise the kids taken into care? If you meet and marry as an old couple and are too old to have kids, are you a drain on the state? This is confusing. The government says too many people have kids (too many poor/black people it means). They say the poor have too many kids. They don’t like contraception and abortion, which equals extra kids as a result of restricting these. They want to stop child benefit etc for having too many kids. But they don’t want (especially self-chosen) sterilisation, EXCEPT for (against person’s will) people with learning disabilities. They call the families (poor) with lots of kids, a drain on the state. NOT families with exactly the same number of kids who are middle class. Then they say people are not having enough kids. They talk of the population and demographics. They say there are too many old people staying alive too long. They say there should be more kids to stop schools shutting, and more kids to grow up to care for the extra old people. It is the middle class families who are allowed to have more kids, but their kids won’t usually want to become badly-paid carers. The kids that would do those jobs would be from poorer families, except you are telling poor people to stop having kids. They call childless or disabled couples a drain on the state as there is nobody to care for them in old age. Even in 2 parent families with kids, they may LOATHE eachother and be the worst possible carer/patient. The kid may be busy with their own kids, perhaps the other end of the country as per the ‘get on your bike’ policy. The ‘sell your house’ policy could mean the parent and child’s homes are each too small now to have the other living there. The kid could be struggling to hold down 2 jobs to make the rent or mortgage. Or the kid just doesn’t want to do it, they didn’t ask to be born. Or would be no good at it even if willing (would not get benefits, chucking in their job and relocating to be an unpaid carer). Or is too disabled to look after their parents.

            So stable childless gay couples are a drain on the state in old age, but stable gay couples with kids are a bad environment to raise a kid so it can be taken off them and put in care? Single gays are probably even worse according to IDS. It would look better if he climbed a pulpit and said it, or carried a God Hates Fags sign. When gay people called for gay marriage they never meant for it to be compulsory.
            Single women and men on the dole are all assumed to be straight, and often assumed to be drinkers and smokers and yobs. If you are a single woman you might have great reasons for being single (e.g., men), you might be perfectly capable of raising kids on your own and it’d work fine without the state and some Mary Whitehouse types pushing their noses in. Vice-versa for men and single dads.

            Looking at following the logic of the IDS/IBS policy:
            If your husband or wife dies you must immediately remarry to remain a citizen and human being.
            If your spouse cheats (even if they have multiple secret families, even if they give you HIV from this cheating), you must stay with them or the state will make you destitute.
            If you are a sex worker you must marry your pimp.
            If you are a rape victim you must marry your rapist. (That is what courts rule in Afghanistan, even if the rape victim is a little girl)
            If your spouse beats you up or rapes you you must stay with them.
            If your spouse wants to stab you or set you on fire, you should shut up and wait to be killed.
            If you’re a teenage girl in a gang who is gang raped by the boys in a ‘lineup’, gets pregnant and has a baby, must you marry all the boys simultaneously? Or just the genetic father?

            A thought: if you are bisexual should you marry a man and a woman at the same time in order to be ‘properly married’? Give this problem to IDS to think about in the bath.

            A straight married couple has sex but does not get kids, with no contraception. Does IDS put cameras in their room to make sure they have enough sex? Or send them to sexual examinations to find out why they have no kids?

            A woman’s contraception fails and she finds herself pregnant. So she does not want to be a drain on the state and does not want to tire herself out from the physical side of pregnancy, and does not think she would be a good mother, and does not want to be a ‘problem single mother’ or lose the right to benefits, most of all she does not want to have a ‘barrier to work’ from having a child to look after. And she doesn’t want a baby. So she has an abortion. She has fulfilled the stuff about being available for work and not being a drain on the state, or single mum. BUT. She has ‘destroyed her own child’ so is guilty of ‘murder’ and is ‘damaging family life’. So she can get her benefit stopped anyway. Maybe they even put her in jail, for aborting the baby they didn’t want her to have.

            A gay male couple has unrelated adopted kids of different races. They are accused of damaging the kids by being gay and the kids being ‘from all over’.

            A lesbian needs time off work to help her (eggless) partner prepare for having a pregnancy with complications, where she is the egg donor mother and her partner is the birth mother using donor sperm. So is the lesbian
            a) helping contribute to family life or b) shirking her job and a traitor to the sacred Economy?

            A lesbian single mum is bringing up a son on her own and doesn’t get benefits other than child benefit. She has zero interest sexually in men. She fixes everything round the home by herself. The child reaches the age when they make mothers go back to work and she doesn’t want a second child or not right now. So she goes for a job. Is she a) Obeying the government rules to work or b) Neglecting and abandoning her kid?
            Or for a twist? The lesbian mum gets a job and is good at it. One day there is an accident at work and she is injured. She becomes disabled. She is too sick to work and too weak to have another child. The cuts mean she can’t get a carer, social services or any other help.
            Her (elderly) parents disowned her years ago. She has no family to care for her. Her son is too young to. She is too disabled to look after him properly. The state wants to take away the child and then blame her for losing custody. She tries to fight them in court but it tires her out. The money companies want her house.
            Should she a) Marry a rich man who will look after her, the downside being that he will rape her? b) Give the kid into care? c) Emigrate? d)Drink bleach?

            If you really like arranged marriages you should go and live in one.
            For some examples: The Mayor of Casterbridge (sells wife), The Piano (mail order bride), East Is East, Pride and Prejudice, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Last of the Mohicans (kidnap of women), Maurice (gay man, parents want him to marry a woman), Wilde (did marry a woman, though he loved men), Double Jeopardy/Sleeping With The Enemy (not arranged marriages, but toxic ones to evil men),
            I Married an Axe Murderer (not an arranged marriage).

            Divorce or separation are things on the list of criteria for a problem family. How many rich people and Tories are divorced, separated or had multiple marriages? Why is it just poor people this applies to? Take away the identifying features of class and status, and you can see there are many toxic, dysfunctional families in the middle class and upper class. It is actually worse when a couple of whatever class who really ought to separate immediately, ‘stay together for the sake of the children’.

            Sorry I have to go and shoot the government Matching computer. It just married Sarah Palin to a dead bear.

      • It is the housing the are after, they want to squash the (productive) proles into ever more confined spaces (the “unproductive” will be exterminated) whilst freeing up housing units for more productive slaves. It has nothing to do with “loneliness” and everything to do with government and big business increasing efficiency, productivity and PROFIT!! What next? forced “marriages”, being “encouraged” to take in “lodgers”? This CUNTry is going down the tubes… fast. Welcome to Shithole Britain!

        • Add to that some more london councils are moving people out of london to the norther into what could be classed as unemployed blackspots, so you will have ghettos.. deja vu 1933

      • The definition of needing to be sectioned is when someone is a “danger to other people” – I think the criteria has definitely been met.

        I concur, he is getting progressively worse. The man is now a clear and present danger to society.

      • What next. Two people on the dole to be “matchmade” by a government dating agency and forced to get married? To IDS that probably sounds like a good idea.

        Yep, probably on its way. “A family that does workfare together stays together”.

    • Daily Heil Watch

      The article headline has been changed from “No Longer Living in Sin: Number of Unmarried Couples Moving in Together Doubles in 16 Years” to “Lonely UK”.

    • Single people could argue with that bollocks and say they’re saving the state by being childless. It’s all a load of steaming dung

  9. What drugs is this man on? He has to be on something.

    ” When Universal Credit is launched next year, this will include in work benefits such as Working Tax or Child Credits.”

    So unless I have misunderstood this sentence, people who are already in work can have their in work benefits cut if they refuse to do Workfare? Surely they are already working and therefore entitled to in work benefits? This is as cockamamie as that plan by one of the Peers, Brichard or sometone like that trying to push a Bill through that the elderly who have already worked 30 plus years for their pension, should be made to do community service in order to earn that pension! And now we’re going to have the ‘family happiness’ police banging on the doors of every household of single parents, step parents etc to review whether there is enough happiness and stability in the home? This is absolute and utter nonsense.

    What the hell are this government doing? Don’t they realise that every time they open their mouths and spout garbage like this they look more and more idiotic? They shouldn’t be in charge of anything, let alone a whole country. This man is patently quite insane, why is he still in office?

    • He is still in office because he is the tail wagging the dog. Ca-moron is to shit scared of IDS to get rid of him, if you noticed in the last reshuffle, IDS was asked to leave the DWP, but he refused. Why was HE not SANCTIONED for failure to comply with Ca-Moron? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander?
      IDS and Lord Fraud will be responsible for mass murder of the poor, and unless there is a violent revolution, these 2 murderous psychopaths will totally destroy the fabric of society in this country.

      Whats worse is that Nick Clegg could end all this by pulling the plug on this wretched coalition from hell tomorrow – but he likes his parliamentary Jag too much.

  10. “I expect him to be arrested in the next few weeks. I am not so sure if the current government minister will be arrested for the same offence. ”


  11. ah its ids sprouting again but will putting emma in charge give her the roight to award herself another big bonus from it so that she can say shes putting britain back together how the other half lives while we starve or miss meals and still they put their ridiculuse views into practise now all we need of ids is a gas chamber so that we walk into htus saving him money jeff3

  12. This failed leader is obviously intent on leaving his mark on history, no matter the cost. That the ‘mark’ he leaves will be a damp, brown stain is of no consequence to this demented person who I can’t even mention by name

  13. maureen.gardner

    I can not belive what is happing to the people of this country. I had my house stolen from me by the last goverment under pathways.For a house that I owned out right I was forced to move given a fraction of the value ,that I had to top up with savings for my future and taking out a personal loan I was unable to get a morgage as I am medically retired and not earning .Now because of a small pension I am going to lose my esa and possably my DLA .sorry mr IDS but after conforming to correct behaviour in society I am now finding my self so poor it’s going to be a choice between food & warmth.I’d be happy to go to work,if I can find any job to do or anyone to employ me -although because of the powerful medication I need to take I cant see me passing any health & safety requirments and I’d love to see IDS and his like live in my shoes !!! Moggie

  14. Wasn’t this supposed to be the government that was going to leave people alone to live their own lives? Now with this and the proposals to control the spending of people on benefits they seem to want to make all claimants into wards of the state. What next I wonder? Denying the unemployed the vote?

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    This man is very worrying…Dxxx

  16. why has this ranting fascist moron not been sectioned yet? his mania and blind spiteful hatred of anyone vulnerable he thinks he can punish is so clear. or is he the “nasty policeman” to make the rest look moderate, whilst distracting us from their other slimy devious criminal activities?

  17. How do I get a petition going to ask for a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” for this coalition of SHIT???

  18. Achtung-Achtung…..You vil only be having sex vunce a month. and only two pumps and it must be over…..We must all shave our heads to match IDS.. There are to many laws for us to even think about living of the land.there are to many laws as to what I can and can’t do with MY LIFE..My son has to get permission to take a holiday from his daughters school..And soon a new tax will be in-forced that will dictate where I can live.The bedroom tax…And who voted for this nazi IDS to do all this ! Has anybody got the nuts to put a stop to this nazi… where is Leon when we need need him.

  19. Alexander Martin

    This man is insane…you can see it in his eyes and gestures (never mind the nonsense he talks)…insanity brought on no doubt by the fact that he is a failed ex Tory leader…

  20. The Purple Goon

    (edit – careful what you say folks – jv)

    My sister is one half of a civil partnership, and the two children that she is stepmother to are happy, well looked after, and LOVED. Who the FUCK does this fucking cunt think he is eh? AS long a s children are brought up in a LOVING household, what da FUQ does it matter if their parents are gay, straight, or two fucking cross dressing shemales eh? FUCKING WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    I think it is time we had a fucking CIVIL WAR in this country.

    Time for a figurehead to emerge to take this country BACK from this evil fucking shower.

    • (edit – to remove reference to earlier edited come

      this man is an evil fascist murderer, intent on being the next Adolf Hitler, and the people must never let this happen again. Think of all our grandparents and great -grandparents that sacrificed their lives to free the world of Hitler in the last war. Letting IDS get away with his putrid vile vendatta on the poor in this country is tantamount to celebrating Hitler and his atrocities.
      IDS MUST BE STOPPED – NOW, and dont forget LORD FRAUD who is just as guilty of these terrible acts of evil against the poor and disadvantaged!

    • No need for swearing like that. It makes a good exclamation mark but a very poor comma.

  21. Only two of his four metrics make any sense… you’ve mentioned several problems with the parent-child thing (and there are plenty more); joblessness is a societal problem, not a social one (except in a small minority of cases). Assessing success of programs by measuring youth offending and educational attainment is crude, but not entirely wrong-headed.

    That said, I have no idea how any programmes like this could work in the private sector. You can’t base it on individual families, there is too much variation. You’d have to do it by area, and then the variation between areas will contribute as much as the different ways private providers would do things.

  22. The Purple Goon

    Oh and you heard it right you Tory fuckiwts…..THE PURPLE GOON….remember that fucking name. You have just loosed something out that belongs in hell.

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  24. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    This insane man, who seems to have somehow become The Fuhrer, would make Opus Dei look wishy washy in his mad Nazi zeal to shape society in his psychopathic image.
    He’s already told The Claggeron to fuck off and he and the likes of the savage twisted cunts, Lord Fraud et al, are intent onturning this joke of a country into a screaming nightmare.

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    Unbelievable how can anyone trust IDS?

  26. This is wonderful news! It’s so barking mad, with any luck it will end his political career. Piss off half the population – what a wonderful idea. Electoral seppuku (harakiri), must be in his genes. He only knows one approach to every problem, I’m reminded of the phrase ‘when you only have a hammer all problems look like a nail’. Trouble is, his hammer is made out of glass.

  27. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    What about widows and widowers who want to be on their own? What about single people whi want to be on their own?
    Is this to become criminal? This man is mad beyond all reason. What is going on? The craziness at wok in this crazy country is crazy crazy crazy beyond all imagining. You couldn’t make it up : you’d be called crazy.
    And you would be.
    Because The Gauleiter Schmidt is craziness incarnate. And evil.
    I never used to believe in terms like that, but IDS has convinced me.
    He is crazy. He is evil. He is crazily evil. He is evilly crazy.
    He needs to go.
    Or we are dead.
    He is to the poor and vulnerable as Savile was to children.
    A terrible abuser of a cretinous man. The heart and soul of The Tories made flesh.

  28. they can onmly do this crap because We let them.. if we stone the g4s vans ect they will soon decide that the profit margin is too thin …… we broke the poll tax (mostly) we can break this unelected out of touch loony bunch of arseholes too if we organise!

  29. Victim of Domestic Violence

    Doesn’t this stupid fucking cunt Iain Duncan Cunt realise that the vast majority of MURDERS are DOMESTIC MURDERS. You can’t force people to live at each others throats with there being consequences. This insane fuckwit policy is going to send the homicide rate through the roof. Section this odious cunt NOW!!

    • Totally agree, Victim Of Domestic Violence…I am one too. IDS needs removing from this world. He is a nasty disease afflicting humanity. I wont stand for it: there are human rights that he can not walk over here. Look into the Fawcett Society 😉

    • Ah but that is what he wants..It will mean less people on the dole, half will be in prison, and working for 60p a day.

      • something survived...

        In a previous house my landlord moved in a ‘stooge tenant’ who beat me up after many increasing threats, held me against my will, etc. The one time the police came, they said ‘you must be in a relationship with this man’!!!!!!! I was dating at that time with a woman. Although I only went out with about one since then. And after that have basically dated guys. The police made the situation about 50 times worse. They sent me back to live there after a couple of nights sofa surfing. They never arrested the guy even though he tried to push me out the top floor window. I got traumatised from the sexual assault as well and it contributed to breaking up with the girlfriend at the time and then with the next woman I was with a couple of years or so later. It messed up later things with boyfriends. I was having nightmares and flashbacks. Kept reliving it, never got counselling. As a result of having told the police, I got evicted by the same landlord who moved the guy in. The guy was psychotic and on drugs as well.I was then homeless. When I looked up domestic violence there was nothing covering what had just happened, or what to do when a basically gay man is assaulted by an allegedly straight man. Or how to complain about the terrible treatment by the police. I slipped through the net. There was, What to do if a stranger comes into your house and assaults you. What to do if your partner assaults you. There was no category for ‘mental violent housemates you hate’.

        Victim of Domestic Violence, I hear you. They should expand the category to include people living in the building you’re not in a relationship with, who attack you.

        IDS should try being put in a jail cell (sorry to be horrible and a bit graphic but it is a good idea of being in a violent relationship) with a huge cellmate, who is much bigger and stronger, who wants to make somebody ‘his bitch’. That is what it is to be trapped in a relationship, or housing situation, with somebody hurting you. When I tried to get counselling somebody said you should enjoy it. That is crazy, if a straight woman into men is raped, she did not consent to sex with that man. She does not consent to sex with all men. A straight or lesbian woman could be assaulted by a woman and hate it. A gay (or straight) man could be assaulted by a woman, or a lesbian could be assaulted by a man. At that time there were 2 main groups the one for women assaulted by men, and one for men assaulted by their boyfriend. I was in neither category. I worked for a third charity, for male rape victims, but it was just me and another guy, so I could not phone myself, and could not tell my colleague either. (it went bust)

  30. My mother was brought up by a step-parent because her birth mother died and her father remarried.
    So step-parents are often LIVING with the family.
    Doesn’t this just show that his one remaining brain cell has had it?

  31. The Infamous Culex

    He seems to be severely afflicted with gross delusions of adequacy.

  32. Yet another example of Ian Drunken Spiv speaking out of his increasingly copious and foul-stenched arsehole. Utterly nonsensical dangerous and out-of-touch rubbish as usual.

  33. IDS is always sanctimonious about other people and never takes a good hard look at himself. His values on marriage are based on his own experiences although given his manipulative nature I would shudder to be in the shoes of his wife !
    I have read his report on how to fix Britain and he clearly identifies 14 million people between the ages of 14-64 as coming from problem homes usually with alcohol related issues as he sees it. None of his research applies to any large group but to very small groups and yet based on that he extends his hypothesis to the whole group.
    Incidentally the age group of 14-64 year olds is almost half the population which just goes to show the levels of biases he is driven by.
    If it is the case of the unemployed he uses a small minority of people to gauge everybody as cheats. This man is not only dangerous but he seriously suffers from paranoid delusions including being the person there to instantly fix what is in fact not broken at all ! This is a general problem with almost all of David Cameron’s government. To them the economy is broken, marriages are broken, education is broke, society itself is broken and only they are the qualified people to fix all this without any experience and in the shortest possible time before the elections! This Coalition government is full of short term promises and fixes that bear no relationship to reality. It is because they are always looking for an instant gimmick to make themselves look great and wonderful and have totally lost the fine detail that go into things.

    • Fair comment James Moore, although I do honestly feel that the Governments bungling is not accidental. I mean, do any of these errors improve our lives or do they very much worsen them, rendering more of us vulnerable, insecure, with no firm footing to challenge them?

  34. Maybe Drunken Schmidt was brought up in a two parent family. Perhaps his parents instilled solid, old fashioned values in him throughout his childhood. But kids who are raised in that sort of environment with those kind of ideals don’t always become well respected members of society. Some kids brought up on religion and shiny shoes can end up as adults who display irrational revulsion towards nearly everyone in society, especially the poorest people in society, who use their positions of power as a means of inflicting hurt and misery on less fortunate people; people who will bully, lecture, cajole and villainize people less wealthy than themselves.

    Anti social behaviour in today’s world doesn’t always manifest itself as crime and drug usage by people from Council estates. Sometimes people who wave the Bible in one hand and a stick to beat thine neighbour in the other hand are equally anti social in their outlook, eh, Schmidt ?

  35. ThegoodolddaysoftheNHS

    They ARE different to when they were slung out of power: the syphilis has now reached full tertiary stage and they are absolutely fucking literally insane.

    There can be no other explanation: pure insanity in office.

  36. I grew up in a home with parents that stayed together, maintaining the facade presumably so as not to invite unwanted attention from outside. If Duncan Smith thinks that’s any place for kids to grow up I can emphatically tell him from bitter experience he could not be any more wrong. This is dangerous territory. Noone comes out of these situations well and the scars persist throughout life. Perhaps it’s easier for millioniare aristocrats and their lackeys, but not for the rest of us.

    • That is one of the many reasons why are lot of people are singletons… er I mean “loners” (apologies Daily Heil)… they grew up in “stable marriages” and witnessed the constant fighting, crockery smashing, ambulances and police in attendance all the time. It’s amazing what goes on behind “closed doors”.

      • Quiet desperation is the english way.
        Suffer in silence.
        And they wonder why mental illness/stress is so prevalent.
        This government and it’s weasel gutter press partners wouldn’t know honesty truth and evidence if it kicked them in the bollocks.

  37. My parents stayed together,(actually he was, unknown to me at the time, my stepfather) and I spent so much time wishing they would split, it was hell in a shoebox. He did his dirty deed, yet it is she I hate the most, she could have saved me. No IDS, no matter what your Catholic senseibilities tell you, far more damage is done within these “stable” marriages than is done because of seperation. Keep your dirty prying morality where it belongs within that fantasy you dream of and not in the real world.

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  39. IDS was on the Andrew Marr show today talking about welfare reform, they did seem to agree on so much of what IDS was doing, let us talk about Andrew Marr….


  40. Is there no end to the drivel this twat will trot out. think it’s time he learnt to keep it shut..he manages to offend just about everyone in one swift thoughtless statement x

  41. I’ve read two separate articles that state that children raised by lesbian and gay couples do better at school and are generally happier and more productive people. http://www.livescience.com/17913-advantages-gay-parents.html The only entity that is exacerbating social problems are government cuts. Rather than make tax reforms that will ensure that the super rich pay their taxes, they are given tax breaks or pay no tax (see Starbucks- not taxed for three years). Inequality, the kind we are experiencing to an ever greater degree under this coalition, is what causes social problems. I am personally offended that IDS has claimed that I am raising a future social problem. He can fuck off. He is the one causing problems to our society.

    • “Under the bill, judges will be able to listen to more civil cases in secret without claimants being able to hear the evidence against them.” – WTF!

  42. well actually too many people have kids automatically without checking their financial or emotional situation… the birth rate down needs to come down altogether . The Tories are evil scheming b. tards…People still need to stop reproducing though, and concentrate on giving a good life to the unwanted and neglected children that are already living… Whoever their birth parents were.

  43. “In the 1950s the Chancellor of the Exchequer Harold Macmillan put the financial benefits of cigarettes over the nation’s health, records show.”


  44. Andrew Marr is a government shill.

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  46. We Are All Truly Fucked Now!

    IDS rejected by Satan. Satan says InDaShit is beneath him. IDS turns off heating in Hell…..denies Satan hardship payment.
    IDS to reign in Hell.
    Satan says he cannot compete with this kind of evil.

  47. The man is a liar, a hypocriic and very dangerous. Just like Hitler, Duncan Smith is a socially inadequate arse.

  48. Cannot believe the nerve of this,not content with demonising the the sick, old, poor, disabled & unemployed it was was only a matter of time before these tory morons would come gunning for we single parents again. My daughter & I are doing quite nicely by ourselves, & I don’t need any pompous baldy-headed fuckwit telling me what I can & cannot do. I hope one these A4E enforcers comes knocking, he/she will soon find why I keep a golf club by the front door!

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  50. we have the golden spoon brigade of politicians here at its very best, fail to succeed at the work programme and you end up in charge of the justice system.Spend billions of tax payers money on half wit companies already failing hand over fist to find anyone any real paid work,and now they want to employ a bunch of cowboys to act as our friendly neighborhood social workers,this government are totally deluded.Duncan smith wants to try practicing what he preaches and so do the rest of the posh boys.Next time i am in work i need to ask how i find a very well paid job with a protective pension,given on the back of total failure.

    • As a former Yank I can tell you this likely to be upcoming policy was most likely one of many IDS has borrowed from Reagan and his successors… In the US it was called ‘marriage promotion’ and was rolled out across most states’ AFDC offices. Back when we had AFDC that is — US benefits are now time-limited for life, most states give you 2 years or less when your children are under 5, after that you must beg for help from family or charity and/or be homeless (or trade sex or other services for a place to live). Welfare offices were still full of posters exhorting claimants to get their boyfriends to ‘put a ring on it’ and forced into lectures from the ‘true love waits’ right-wing Christian brigade as a condition of receiving benefits under Bush Jr.
      I can’t find it online as it predates the Internet, but Barbara Ehrenreich did a great article in the 80s that dissected this policy … She found that given the levels of unemployment, underemployment and poor pay amongst working class and poor men, the government would have to legalise polyandry for the poor if poor women were to actually be gotten out of poverty via marriage (it was called something along the lines of ‘One, Two, Many Husbands.’)
      Out of touch with reality then, even more out of touch now…

  51. I hate articles like the one in the Daily Telegraph. That photo says it all and is designed to make you feel miserable about being single. Lots of married couple live in microwaved convenience meals as they are too busy or too lazy to cook. There are single people on the other hand who love to cook from scratch and do so most of the time. Remember it’s not the right wing press that is influencing the Government but the other way round. It’s the right wing press that prints the press releases without question and sensationalises it as well.

    The Government wants to penalise single and divorced people living without partners and yet at the same time make it difficult to marry and have children as no doubt they would probably bring in a license to have children. It’s an eugenics agenda and I found similar in fundamentalist churches I attended.

    I also think the message from Dunking Biscuit is that married people with children shouldn’t separate or divorce but if it’s unavoidable they shouldn’t remarry or even date again.

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  54. Philip Erskine Ferey

    sorry cannot allow scum-bags to ply their trade anymore……bye-z-bye
    Iaan Duncan Smittz 🙂

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