Mark Homophoban – The Most Homophobic Minister in 15 Years

David Cameron has made much of his support for gay rights in an attempt to ditch the blustering old bigot image which had dogged the Tory Party under Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard.

Even after he wasn’t elected, Cameron promised to introduce same sex marriage in an effort to show the Tory Party’s commitment to equality.  When William Hague was caught bunking up with his foxy younger male assistant Cameron brushed the matter aside, keen to show just how much the Tories had changed.

The promotion of Mark Hoban to Employment Minister shows that the mask has slipped and the nasty party are emerging from under their stones once more.  Hoban joins Ministry of Defence goons, Andrew Robatham and Mark Francois, as three of the most homophobic politicians to serve in ministerial positions for over 15 years.

The Public Whip website reveals that Hoban has voted against every piece of gay rights legislation since becoming an MP in 2001.  Hoban voted against scrapping the notorious Clause 28 – the nasty little policy introduced under Thatcher which banned schools and local authorities from displaying ‘acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship’.

Hoban voted against Civil Partnerships  and is opposed to gay and lesbian couples having equal adoption rights.  Whilst his boss, and devout Catholic Iain Duncan Smith has recently signalled his support for gay marriage – presumably having decided that God got it wrong – Mark Hoban has remained silent on the issue.

As recently as 2007, Mark Hoban voted against LGBT people being given protection from discrimination under the Equalities Act.  In the same year he also voted against gay women being permitted fertility treatment.

Hoban, who has no children, has never spoken about his quiet contempt for those in same sex relationships.  But his voting record speaks for itself.  Hoban is opposed to equal rights for LGBT people, and believes that it should be illegal to portray same sex relationships as acceptable.

Mark Homophoban is far from alone in the Tory Party, who never really changed in their desire to drag the UK back into the Victorian era.  But he is the only Minister with a responsibility for millions of young, and often vulnerable people on benefits.  With Housing Benefits cuts expected for the young – meaning people who face abuse at home will be unable to flee – it seems young people can no longer except the welfare state to be a safe refuge from homophobia and prejudice.

Blogging may be light until next week.

13 responses to “Mark Homophoban – The Most Homophobic Minister in 15 Years

  1. something survived...

    This guy is scum. We’d be hearing more about it if he was targeting hate at non white people. What if he said ‘they should not be allowed to marry or have kids’? ‘They should not get things white people can get’. ‘They should not have accommodation rights’.

    If you are looking for a house, it MIGHT be safer (assuming they aren’t a psycho/perv) at age 16-18 to look for a live-in landlord. BUT if you read the small print to the exemptions on the existing regulations, live-in landlords are allowed to object to gay people, discriminate against them, evict them, refuse to let to them. It is not meant to apply to nonresident landlords. HOWEVER! I’ve been evicted each time for the same reason and none lived on the premises… so could believe it the other month when some friends told me of a problem they are having, which has since been escalating. They are all fulltime students in the age group 18-21. The men are gay and so are the women. They got a house share in the private rented sector. Basically their landlord is being a bastard. He wants them out for being gay. He doesn’t live there so his actions are in fact illegal.
    Instead of actually evicting them he has decided to make their lives really bad, it’d be easier if he was evicting them. He comes in their rooms very early or late with no warning even if not dressed/awake. He says they can’t have guests (all his other houses have guests and parties allowed). He’s verbally abusive. It doesn’t particularly help that I’m meant to be friends with the landlord, who doesn’t know about me either. If he knew, the BEST I could hope for would be that him and his friends would not speak to me ever again; but more likely they would assault me.

    So if under the LAW guys get away with discrimination and harrassment, how much worse would it be without the law? Hoban seems to be agreeing nothing should be done to somebody who kills or beats up a gay person for being gay? It is okay for a bakers shop to refuse to sell a bread roll to a gay man or for a driving school to refuse lessons to a lesbian? It is okay to expel all gay kids from school? It is okay for a train to ban gays? It should be legal to make all benches heterosexuals-only in case straight people catch AIDS (“cos all gays got AIDS!!!!”) 😉 if a gay person had ever sat there. How about gay-free toilets and ‘no-gay’ magazine stalls? Or airlines not accepting gays? (RESORTS do: they are called Sandals) Or stop gays being teachers ‘it will turn your kids gay’?

    Making the creep head of employment, may as well give him a Nobel prize for services to humanity. Not exactly logical because even though he hates gays, his job is apparently to force the unemployed (including the 10% who are gay) to work. So his ideas on gays mean getting rid of all the protections against discrimination and hate crime, including employment and education and training. So under his policies, gays would be left out of or disadvantaged in education and training: less likely to get a job. (‘The Worst Place In the World to be Gay’, BBC3, on the gay men and lesbian on a dirt floor in a slum above an open sewer who can’t get jobs/money/homes, Uganda, presented by Scott Mills: “this is where you live if you are gay”) And for employment, employers free to openly discriminate and refuse to hire gays, or actually sack gays. So gays would go up in unemployment. Or maybe he proposes to declare them non-people and ban them from all toilets, homes, benefits, food, water. Pink triangle, death camps. Incidentally after WW2 when the Allies freed the Jews etc from the camps, guess who they didn’t free? The gays. The Allies agreed with the German postwar government they were civil criminal political offenders so all the gays were kept in jail, some for decades…
    Into the 80s Russia jailed gays and China shot them in the head (‘bourgeois perversion’). Balkan states: massacres and camps for gays during the 90s wars. Romania: jailed and then house-arrested a lesbian (became refugee). Poland: Seriously antigay government, apparently unchecked by the EU. Bulgaria: bans on Pride events.

    What is the big deal anyway? It is only about who people love. Why should it matter if it is 2 men or 2 women.

    The Minister for Equalities is an antigay religious rightwing bigot, sorry but these appointments remind me of 1984, Ministry of Love is where they torture and kill people, Ministry of Truth is where they make lies.

    There’s precious little protection (at least, not enforced) now for gay people on Work programme etc. They can be sent to WP providers who are homophobic religious groups or otherwise bigoted, and forced to be indefinitely with other WP ‘clients’ free to abuse them. They can be sent on workfare or McJobs to employers that are organisationally or individually prejudiced against gays, and abused without recourse to complaint by employers, coworkers, fellow slaves, the public etc. Physical or sexual attack is another risk (eg on ‘chain gang’ community punishment style workfare/placements).

    At school I got sent to work for a Christian organisation and had to sell hundreds of nasty books about the evil, sinful disgusting immoral gays.
    I told the school but they said put up with it. This was still section 28 so the school could not even defend a pupil against some really vile hate stuff and attempted exorcism by staff. Funnily enough they said what a brilliant worker I was. If they ever got the full story, they’d say the opposite. They only exorcised me for refusing to convert to Christianity.

    In ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ by Atwood, gay men are called Gender Traitors and hanged. Lesbians are either killed, put in radioactive death camps, or put in brothels to be perved on by rich Party officials. 1984 had ‘sexcrime’ which probably also covers anything gay as well as what Winston did with Julia and the old lady. ‘V for Vendetta’ puts gay people in camps to be killed.

    Hoban sees these not as warnings but as training manuals….

  2. murdered by atos

    He’s a wrong ‘un in a ‘government’ stuffed full of wrong ‘uns.

  3. It sounds to me like he’s Gay and in denial?!

  4. They are all bigots and will remain so, and i take offence to the term “Elected” being used regarding cameron, he is there by default and nothing more, he was not democratically elected PM, he did not even get a majority, but under our stupid rules they got more of the votes so that was that.. again i would like to see another general election before 2015, it could happen if people had the will and backbone to stand-up and accept this coalition is a disgrace and unfit to govern this country much less with lib-dems as an appendage but in soem ways that is out only saving grace because they cannot get all their own way as the recent events surrounding the Freeze or cut issue over EU,

  5. something survived...

    By appendage do you mean like Adrian Mole’s ‘thing’? If a ‘thing’ (or for equality, what Jo Brand called ‘a lady garden’) was put in charge of the country it would do a better job than the current incumbents. That dead rat I found the other month (and considered taking on an all expenses paid trip to the Jobcentre, and refrained from such course of action on the grounds of the indignity to the rat) would, though both dead and flat, would do a better job.

    It’s all Stephen Fry’s fault. In his book ‘Making History’, (SPOILER ALERT!) the hero and his boyfriend try to change history by putting a dead rat in the water supply at Hitler’s street (they have a time machine). Their various plans keep going wrong. When they stop Hitler being born, there is still a war, some other fascist replaces Hitler, their plan to sterilise Hitler’s parents goes wrong when the nazis find the sterilising drugs and they give it to the Jews so no more Jews can be born. In the altered history Germany won the war and took over the world, the hero is American suddenly, the USA is fascist and 1950s style on social issues. It is anti gay and racist, with black men like slaves and being called ‘boy’, and black people can’t go to university or get nonmanual jobs. To save the Jews they (hero and boyfriend) must save Hitler, so to recreate Hitler they add the dead rat to stop people drinking the water. In the original world the hero is English and straight with a girlfriend. In the new USA he is American but is still talking with a British accent, as he sort of merged into his American self from that world. He’s also gay. When they fix the world I think they turn up in England, they changed some other things but the majority of things are back to normal. And the hero stays gay. // So seeing the rat gave me the idea….
    (Well they DID send me to dig holes for a month with thugs who ranted all day every day about their intense hatred of blacks, Asians, women, foreigners, immigrants, and gays. Just out of jail, most of them, some for very violent offences. Listening all day, while digging, to endless rants on ‘faggots’, ‘queers’…. Unable to say anything. Or they’d turn on me if they knew. When I told the workfare company they didn’t care. The place that had us digging the holes didn’t care, some said they were worried but their position is tied as they have to have us there… If it had been two months not one, I’d have ended up in hospital – from the work, or from being attacked by one of them.)

    It is not just whether you are gay or not. I got enough hassle from them for being disabled, a vegetarian, into animal rights, a pacifist, a non-drinker, non-smoker, non-drug-user. If they had found out I was ‘on a different bus’, they’d have gone ballistic. After all, two had stabbed people, all were into fighting, they frequently talked of wanting to rape women and attack black/Asian people. The lightest their conversation got was to talk about football, tits/porn, shagging ‘the missus’ as they put it, or ‘reasons you should eat meat’. The normal conversations I have with male FRIENDS are about world politics, political theory, the environment, human rights. I’ve read probably more books than would fit in my house, I’ve written essays, won debating contests… The friends I talk to include professionals with money, but also people on the breadline like me. More of a crumb-line these days… Then I’m sent to workfare to lift heavy spades bigger than me, with people who say they want to ‘get famous for stabbing a paki’. And sent to Group Therapy with them too! (Where I got told off by Workfare for refusing to talk about my life especially in front of the yobs, for ‘not participating’ and for saying my private life was none of their business.)

    We went to lectures at workfare and the others were doing spitballs, tearing up the paper, drawing tits… That was at their most relaxed.

    What was I meant to do, talk in detail about my life? About the political intellectual stuff? They’d not even understand. About my sex life?
    Or a censored version? Saying BLANK any time something controversial came up? So when a guy says ‘I like going home and shagging my missus’ (he did say it in the ‘therapy’!), should I have said, ‘Sometimes I sleep with BLANK and do BLANK, BLANK, and BLANK’? Also how is it related to Workfare and why should you have to talk about it? They also asked us to say our medical history at Group Therapy, I refused and got threatened with having my dole stopped. (Do they do this to Muslim women in groups of white men?) If they had found out and if they had not beat me into a bloody pulp, they might have assumed then that any time I was sick was ‘AIDS’, which they think all gay people have (Note: they think only men are gay, there is no such thing as lesbians only women who have not been subjected to the redeeming cure of their penises and ‘seen the light’ and turned straight.). (I am HIV negative!)

    In America people on welfare often end up ‘working’, in other words as sex workers, just to eat. And with higher prices for condom-free sex, and clients/pimps who refuse condoms, it is hardly surprising a lot of people ‘in the industry’ get HIV. But being a sex worker can get you evicted from your house or arrested or jailed. That is crazy as on the other end of the equation there is somebody paying the sex worker and often somebody managing the sex worker. Not much if anything happens to them.

    I had to look on as my fellow slaves plotted things to do to a lesbian who worked at the place our ‘chain gang’ crew were sent to. They didn’t target her girlfriend so much, though the girlfriend was ‘femme’ and the girl they wanted sex with was ‘butch’. At first they were pursuing her till I told them about her already being in a relationship, but then they wanted to cure her of being gay. Luckily it didn’t come to that.

    I only got through it because it never crossed their tiny little minds that I was anything other than straight, because according to them gay men can’t dig. And wandering off at lunch break to sit in the rain rather than sit in a rickety filthy caravan while they wolfed down scotch eggs and cans of beer, smoked in your face, and gave another expert lecture on tits, porn, shagging, ‘Paki-bashing’, football, or ‘turd burglars must die’.
    That’s where I was expected to spend my ‘break’. Hardly a break.

    I could also expect to be referred to in ablist terms 100+ times a day. They didn’t call me Spastic but it was nearly as bad. Is this part of the Workfare ‘contract’, the Jobseeker ‘Agreement’? To be bullied and abused, and to listen to foul racist language all day, AS WELL AS being made to dig pointless endless holes all day and fill them in again. While being totally unsuited to the work. (What will they have people do next, chain all the people with cerebral palsy together in a long line in the snow in their underwear and make them break rocks while being pelted with snowballs?) [for the record I’m not a “spastic”]

    When chains of (Quechua-speaking) slaves in South America were force-marched across icy mountains, sometimes they got ill or injured. The chains linked to rings round their necks. To save time the overseers
    cut off their heads so the slaves left could move on.
    When European slavers ran out of food in the Atlantic or if slaves were sick, they threw the (African) slaves overboard. Europeans also put metal rings round the necks of Native Australian women and linked them by chains, also with chains on their hands, and dragged them along behind horses/camels/white men. Then often the women got raped.
    American ‘chain gangs’ in orange jumpsuits have to shovel up roadkill.
    That is bad for your health and ablist and sizeist, if you are smaller or slower or weaker you can’t keep up but are chained by your ankles to big people. Oh and Guantanamo Bay….

    Universal Credit is a bad name as it is not universal, because people can be kicked off it and there is nothing else instead of it. If I’d done more to stand up to the people, I might have had my dole stopped for ‘badmouthing’ the Workfare company. Like even if I had openly challenged the homophobia, or said I didn’t want to work there. Or if I had said the firm was homophobic. 3 years on maybe I can say it now, at least. A4E’s Workfare schemes are homophobic crap!!! One woman running the ‘Group Therapy’ (sic) did eventually say she was ‘concerned’ about the homophobic/racist/sexist/ablist/violent stuff the boys had been saying (and that they were getting drunk and taking drugs), but she didn’t do anything. It got to the point they were coming to Group Therapy AND workfare lectures drunk and high.

    Even comments like, in week one, “I wish there was women on this gang so we could shag ’em”, didn’t get them kicked off; one of them did get kicked off later but for calling a straight female overseer ‘ugly old dyke’ etc. AND for taking drugs. He got his dole stopped for getting kicked off.
    If I had pulled out for health reasons though, I would have had MY dole stopped – as if I’d been just as bad as someone using abusive language, threatening violence or attacking someone (later batches DID assault staff, I’d warned this was likely to happen). I did the whole month too frightened to pull out, regardless of how sick and injured I got from the work. When I’ve offered to return to the farm and do a less strenuous
    job, unpaid, of selling plants, the farm were keen but the Jobcentre said I’m not allowed to. It took months to recover to even my previous (bad) level of health and fitness, after a month of digging holes and carting mud. In fact my back is still really bad from it.

    At the moment the WP at Working Links (Working Stinks) [yeah incidentally I spent the 2009 month filthy in mud and reeking of manure as they give no extra money, and I have no washing facilities] in 2012, they keep on changing my day and time. This means each time I have to rearrange everything in order to attend. So maybe I have to switch to another course at another college and town on another day. So I switch, and THEN the WP changes my (utterly useless and pointless) sessions to exactly that time and day, meaning I have to drop out of that course too, and can’t go back to the previous one as I’ve missed most of the course and they don’t let you back on. They’re even trying to tell me I can’t have my (essential and permanent) medical care because they want me to change to that day and time. Also they told me to move to an office in another town and that one has no disabled bathroom, fortunately I pointed out it’s been closed down for ages.

    At Jokecentre they tell people they can’t help them when: They have been sent threatening letters saying they must attend the Scouts for work Programme or their benefit will be stopped, or that it is actually being/been stopped for non-attendance at this ‘provider’. Jobcentre’s response to their plight (I’ve overheard at least 15 separate cases), is at best Crap and at worst Lousy. Now you would assume that most people are sane and would just attend the stupid thing and get it over with, just to get their money, right? Well, easier said than done. These people did try but: Every time they email the emails bounce back.
    Every time they phone it goes dead or says the number doesn’t exist.
    Every letter gets ‘return to sender’. Central offices and the DWP computers keep sending out letters demanding attendance, and ones advising of appointments they must attend (booked by a mad computer somewhere, possibly programmed by that nazi guy with the random nazi arm syndrome. AKA how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Boris.). Some are sent to the wrong address, not sent out at all, or not received, so they didn’t know about not having gone to appointments they were meant to be being told they should have gone to, which are often non existent appointments at a building which is….
    Locked. When they went in person to either an appointment or to ask what the IDS@*&! was going on, they found it locked, then stripped and boarded up, and now a salon. The firm (part of the Scouts) went bankrupt and vanished with the Jobcentre’s (taxpayers’) money, and with all the money owed to workfare participants (dole payments, travel refunds). Also with all of the paperwork about the workfare slaves. So there is no proof they ever worked there, and they can’t be paid, and their CVs all need rewriting because they were lost too, and everyone’s personal and medical information is out there somewhere. Including some people’s original birth certificates, passports and driving licences!
    (We had to bring it in as evidence but I got my passport back).

    The Jobcentre refuses to pay the expenses. The other WP providers won’t pay as it was a previous scheme from a separate organisation. Instead of the Scout time being taken off the Workfare ‘sentence’, everyone who was at Scout when it went bankrupt is being put back to the beginning as if they’d never done any work programme or workfare, so their indefinite (‘2 years or however long we say’) sentence will be made even longer. The same goes for the dole they refuse to pay. Since it was from a scheme they are trying to deny ever happened, though they are sending out letters threatening people for not going on it, they say ‘there is no evidence you worked during this period’ or ‘did you work illegally during this period’. Even if you show letters they sent you to mandatory WP at Scout, with a photo of the building it was in, they don’t accept it.

    Sometimes their G4S security guard (can I describe as porcine or is it offensive to the animals?) whose job it isn’t, gets involved and says he knows they went bust but he doesn’t care, and that ‘you shouldn’t worry’ because soon you will be sent to ‘another provider’, which he refuses to specify. [Whoop-de-do.] {there’s no emoticon for ‘unenthusiastic sarcastic expression of enthusiasm’}
    He also says he doesn’t care that as a result of their cockup you are not getting any dole or that your bank account is empty or that you need food, or are 3-4 months in arrears with your rent.

    If you put together the government, the bosses of the DWP, A4E, Serco,
    Scout, Working Links, JCP, and so on, you would do a very long search and come up with: No heart, no courage, half a brain cell.

    IDS (Wicked witch of the west): DOROTHY Dole Scum, you should be more ENTERPRISING. Set up a stall on the yellow brick road, barbecue Toto and serve it up with fries. Then get ‘I Love Supply-Side Economics’ tattooed on your face!

    [Flying monkeys swoop down and crap on IDS]

    There was a yellow brick road but it was just because the urinals were leaking again. Dorothy and the lion and the scarecrow and the tinman walked along it for days past endless billboards advertising the jobs they would find at the end of it. They were broke and starving. ‘Vote Conservative’ said ads. The Lion thought he might just do that if only they’d get him a job. On the way Dorothy had to sell her shoes (and walk in the yellow piss road), and the lion sold a kidney. The tin man was suffering from metal fatigue, which he had caught at a very bad party where he had got drunk and slept with Margaret Thatcher. He was trying to canonise a Saint Tony of Blair, but couldn’t keep out of bed with the Tories. The scarecrow was trying to count his fingers but they kept falling off. He didn’t mind walking in the stream of piss, as he was yellow already and used to being pissed on from a great height. He could just about remember that he used to be called Nick Clegg.
    When they got to the emerald city there were no emeralds and no jobs.
    The Tinman was sold for scrap, the scarecrow was turned into prison bedding for asylum seekers and single mothers. The lion was put in a cage and forced to fight tramps. Dorothy was sent on workfare and because there were no jobs, she had her dole stopped and had to become a prostitute. Unfortunately nobody could pay her because everyone except Dave the vampire and IDS the witch was skint, so she starved to death under a bridge. Night-night, children!

    As a character on Steve Bell’s ‘If’ said in the 1980s: “It’s getting too hard to satirise this shite”, because it’s too close to reality.

    I liked a sequence in Michael Moore’s film panning through Detroit, Flint, and Cleveland (?), where everywhere is boarded up and closed down. About all the vanished jobs and the people losing their houses. There are places like that here now. If IDS saw it it would not be a sad film, he would be getting off on it. For Tories it should carry a Restricted-18 rating. Can imagine him laughing like Mr Burns. ‘Ha ha all those quaint poor people being laid off and evicted!’

    That Blairite stuff about no child being born in poverty. It now looks like they mean to achieve it by stopping poor kids being born at all.

  6. ThegoodolddaysoftheNHS

    Come on Hoban… crawl out of the closet into the light… and stop hating yourself but visiting it on others.

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