Council Tax Cuts – Protest on Oct 31st to Stop the Halloween Horror

Called by Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, Taxpayers Against Poverty, WinVisible

Worse than Thatcher! Oppose all benefit cuts and sanctions

Vigil & protest: 12.30 – 1.30pm

Wednesday 31 OCTOBER
Opposite Parliament – Lords’ entrance
Old Palace Yard, Abingdon St SW1 – Westminster tube

All welcome

On Wednesday the House of Commons will debate the Local Government Finance Bill which proposes to cut 10% of the grant local authorities receive from central government towards council tax benefits.

People now entitled to Council Tax Ben efit will be expected to pay up to 30% of their Council Tax. People already struggling on poverty-line wages and benefits, are up in arms at the prospect of yet another expense they cannot afford.

The government claims pensioners, sick and disabled people and families with young children will be exempt, but we all know that many people who should be protected, aren’t when you look closely.

This tax is on top of the housing and benefit caps, abolition of the social fund, the escalating prices of food, fuel and transport. Vulnerable people are being forced off sickness and disability benefits, mums are skipping meals so children can eat.

Opposition is growing, including in Cameron’s backyard of West Oxfordshire . They and other Councils are insisting on keeping Council Tax Ben efit. We call on all Councils to do the same!

At least 2 million more people will be forced into debt to pay these bills, and could end up with massive fines and prison, without any legal representation because of cuts to legal aid and advice services.

With the poll tax, people refused on a mass scale — we can’t let this next disaster be railroaded through. There is plenty of money for all our needs – from military budgets, bankers’ bonuses, company profits and corporate tax.

The super-rich have got richer off our impoverishment.

For more information: 020 7482 2496 07961 177889 020 7 482 2496


9 responses to “Council Tax Cuts – Protest on Oct 31st to Stop the Halloween Horror

  1. So certain groups will be unaffected? I’ll believe that when I see it.

    This government claimed they had no intention of scrapping DLA, but they did.

    This government said that the changes regarding social housing tenants and LHA tenants of working age, like the bedroom tax, would not apply to existing tenants, but the changes do.

    The government promised that the changes regarding the bedroom tax would not apply to pensioners, but when my care plan assessor checked into the bedroom tax for me, she was told by someone at the DWP that after they gov have finished with people like me they will apply the same rules to pensioners.

    Lets not forget pensioners may also have to attend workfare for their pensions too.

    The list is so long I’d be here all day, but basically the gov are mendacious *****rds; I’d call them what they are, but apparently, you get a midnight visit to be bullied and screamed at, for just saying things like this on a site nowadays.


  2. murdered by atos

    Fuck the government. Come round mine in the middle of the night and the psychotic cat gets chucked in yer face. Say, “What’s all this, then?” when THAT happens. Your eyes’ll be in yer hands.

  3. Lying, thieving bastards, trampling on the impoverished and vulnerable
    I hope they burn in hell for eternity

  4. Noel Lyle-Stirling

    i spoke to the local council manager and he told me that everyone on benefit would have to find 25% of the tax.On top of that, The heating, for which that have to pay is now nearly £10.00 a week. As the heating is off for ,I think it is just over 6 months of the year , that is roughly £20.00 a week that have to pay, no matte what kind of benefit they are on.
    They tell me its all because the government cut the payments to councils.
    His view on the government was way onthe far side of approval.

  5. something survived...

    This might interest those who think it is luxury on benefits.
    Sunday: nothing.
    Monday: nothing.
    Tuesday night: Fished a biscuit out of a bin and ate it.
    Wednesday: One apple.
    Got into debt to myself in order to get a macaroni
    cheese, a quiche, and mashed potato.

    As you can imagine, I pass out a lot from this kind of diet.
    As there’s no more dole for another week and a day (and still in debt),
    most of next week’s menu will be: Please refer to menu entry for Sunday and Monday.
    Most of last week’s menu: Ditto.
    Previous fortnight: More ditto.

    Watch this on BBC iplayer: BBC1 30/10/12 on the Food Banks.

    I’ve tried finding out where my food bank is but nobody will tell me. Today in Aldi I didn’t get bananas or 15p yogurt because if I bought either there’d be nothing for main course.

    The Coventry scheme only gives 3 vouchers and that is all you get. You can’t eat only 3 food parcels, what do you do when the 3rd runs out?

  6. You either beg, go to the soup kitchens or starve – just like they do in America – yes, we are now the bastard 51st State of America – its IDS and Camerons dream, now coming to reality. The BBC programme on starving Britain and the food banks says it all – all these people are suffering because of IDS – Its about time the BBC started showing the stark reality in this country instead of spreading vile Tory propaganda.

    I smell Council Tax riots in 2013; “Can’t Pay – Won’t Pay”, in addition to a lot of other disasters for the poor brought about by IDS and his miserable Department of Workfare and Pensions. 2013 will be a VERY unlucky year, and the poor will get very desperate. Hopefully, then, we will see the start of the revolution. There are an awful lot more poor in this country than there are rich toffs – they should be getting worried. The ammunition is being loaded into the guns. This is the calm before the storm…..

    • When the Tories keep saying that “we have to compete with India and China” they are deadly serious.

      When they watch programmes on TV about the Third world and see the grinding poverty there, they don’t feel empathy and compassion for the poor in these countries and the awful conditions they are forced to live in, no, all they see is the kind of abject poverty they would very much like to see on these shores.

      That is why they have been putting a lot of TV programmes and radio shows on recently showing and praising the “plucky”, “hardworking” and “resourceful” Indian and Chinese poor that are “still happy, optimistic and cheerful despite their poverty”. That is the level of poverty and squalor they intend to inflict on the British people. They fully intend to turn Britain into a Third World country. They are trying to romanticise horrendous poverty and squalor to brainwash us into accepting it here. The “reforms” are just the first stages of this.

      These sick greedy maniacs have convinced themselves that the welfare state has “spoiled” us and made us “soft” and “dependent” and that if they take it away from us, we will become more hardworking and more resourceful, ready to compete with the rest of the world.
      This is how these treasonous bastards justify their pathological greed and selfishness to themselves. They tell themselves eliminating the welfare state and privatising the country is necessary “for the greater good of the country”.

      I was listening to Radio 4 last year when I had chicken pox and I heard a German banker come on the radio and say “You British can’t afford to have a welfare state anymore, it’s over” in a brusque, arrogant, matter-of-fact, blasé way. I was stunned, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, because normally they don’t have guests on mainstream radio stations who say things like that so directly.

      When I heard it, I thought to myself, “how the hell can a German banker come on British radio and tell us that our welfare state is no longer affordable and that we must get rid of it!” That confirmed even more for me that this attack on the rights and living standards of the people of Europe, has been decided and is being coordinated above the level of elected governments.

  7. I’m starting to think instead of paying my Council Tax I should pay money towards food banks at the local shops to help others who really need it.

  8. This cannot be allowed to happen, it’s pointless cutting council tax benefits because if they cut supposedly 25% it’s a case of 25% cut is still 25% owed, they would not get it because people who need this benefit would suffer whilst those who claim but do not require it would simply not be hurt. It’s a case of chucking the baby out with the bath water. Maybe councillors should take a pay cut… they earn far too much, but that is only half the story!.

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