How Much Did Atos Lie To Win PIP Contract?

The PIP tender reveals that poverty pimps Atos misrepresented their relationship with several organisations to win the  £540 million contract to carry out the upcoming Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are seeking legal action after Atos claimed they were in regular consultation with them to discuss any concerns about their health and disability assessments.  In fact DPAC have been some of the most outspoken critics of the company and have organised countless protests aimed at Atos.

Atos claim this bare-faced lie was a mistake.  Other charities Atos claim to consult with at national and local level include Citizens Advice, Mencap, DRUK, MIND, Macmillan Cancer Support, RNIB, SENSE, The National Autistic Society, the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health and the Scottish Association of Mental Health.  Whether there is any truth in these claims remains to be seen.

Now other organisations named by Atos are coming forward to reveal that they have been misrepresented in the tender.  Big Mouth Media (now LBi) are named as Atos’ suppliers who will be responsible for pro-actively monitoring social media to judge any areas of ‘public concern’ into their activities.

As revealed in the comments here, LBi deny they are involved with Atos. stating clearly:

“I’d just like to clarify that bigmouthmedia, which is now part of LBi, does not work with ATOS Healthcare in any way. We were initially involved in a project to help them better understand social media, but in February this year we decided to bring an end to our relationship. Furthermore, we were categorically not involved with the closure of any website, blog or online community space on behalf of ATOS Healthcare.”

The Atos contract is dated May 2012, meaning Big Mouth Media/LBi had already ended the relationship when the tender was submitted.  An unofficial spokesperson for LBi has claimed on facebook that there was a ‘difference of opinion’ between the companies.

Atos’ dodgy claims don’t end there.  Ever opportunistic Labour MPs have called for an “immediate investigation” into the PIP tender after Atos claimed they would be working with organisations such as Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP), Disability Cornwall and ecdp (formerly Essex Coalition of Disabled People).

All of these Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) have firmly rejected the claim they would have anything to do with Atos.  According to a piece recently published on the DPAC website, Richard Currie, an executive member of GMCDP said of the claims:

“As an organisation we are not keen to work with organisations that actively make life more difficult for disabled people.

“We would never want anything to do with Atos. We do not feel they are a fit and proper company to do the assessments, as they proved with the employment and support allowance claimant debacle.”

Hundreds of millions of pounds are to be handed over to Atos to manage the new disability assessments on which PIP is based.  One fifth of disabled people are set to lose benefits when the new system is introduced.  Atos’ claim that the very real suffering to disabled people that this will cause is to be minimised by them engaging with disabled claimants is based on little more than hot air.

For the victims of the Work Capability Assessment, already forced into workfare and poverty by the actions of Atos, the news that Atos lie will sadly be of no great surprise.

16 responses to “How Much Did Atos Lie To Win PIP Contract?

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  2. atos tell the truth your are joking they lie alway through the wca with their hcp and now you exspect them to do any thing different nah its atos just lies

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  4. I would also look at Britain Thinks which interviewed 30 people (30 people out of how many disabled people ???? ) to inform Atos understanding of disabled people needs. 30 people cannot be very representative.

  5. In my opinion, I bet your bottom dollar it wont make one iota of difference either someone in the gov gets back handers or are directors of the company but there must be a reason why they let these pigs get all the contracts there has to be something underhand going on! The gov wont investigate they think its ok to waste taxpayers money on all of these fucked up contracts! Allegedly!

  6. murdered by atos

    Lies, damn’ lies and statistics….then there’s Ato⚡⚡.

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  8. They’ve reduced my income to £0.00 and increased the NHS bill as a result of the extra medication I now need to help me cope with the long long wait for an ESA appeal and the fact that I am dependent on my family’s good will for my very survival. Lying is in ATOS’s DNA – big business thinks that the end (filthy rich pickings) justifies the means. May they rot in hell. If you live in Wales join the week-long picket of ATOS offices in Gabalfa Cardiff starting Nov 5th organised by DPAC Caerdydd. Lets show ’em what we think of them.

  9. I’ve just heard a trailer for the Wright stuff on channel 5 tomorrow morning which has matthew wright asking ” with so many people relying on food banks WHAT ARE PEOPLE DOING WITH THEIR BENEFITS,” this man is not playing devils advocate as the presenter of the show, he is truly one of the most ignorant men on tv, he once commented that those that kept getting their benefits sanctioned must be mentally ill – not even considering that people may be protesting or have had their benefits stopped by Atos or DWP on jumped up charges.

  10. Look at this report:

    It’s the sort of thing that is giving all disabled people a bad name. And the fact that this fraud claimed DLA for a decade without any further assessment just gives a reason for PIP to be a benefit which will be regulalry tested, with all the attendant issues for the real claimants

  11. something survived...

    If you can get to the assessment centre: ‘fit for work’.
    If you can’t get there: ‘failure to attend, claim refused’.

    Break your back in a car crash? Atos calls that ‘minimal disability’ even if it stops you doing your own job again.
    Dying? Hurry up and die in 6 months, if a day over this, go and work!
    Afraid of crowds? Go and work somewhere really noisy!
    Allergic to animals? Pet care!
    Set fire to things? Go and work in a library…

    Me (vegetarian, tiny) – Go and carry dead frozen pigs in an abattoir then chop them up! {to be FAIR to them they DID push this job on a non disabled average sized man. Who eats meat. But… he’s MUSLIM!}

    Man with cancer (while I was at A4E) – got sent with other old and disabled people to do heavy digging and ground clearance at a disused church. No toilets, no transport. Then got photo in local paper describing them as VOLUNTEERS.

    If you got EXTREMELY sick/injured on Work Programme do you then get sent on the Ugly-Go-Round back to Shattos, Who declare you ‘fit for work’.
    Then send you to the DWP. Who send you back to Work Programme. Who make you apply for jobs. Where the employer says ‘no you are too sick/disabled to work for us’. And THEN they penalise you for failure to get the jobs. So you get so depressed the depression would be enough all on its own to send you to Atos and get the 15 points… except that attendance at Atos can lead to…

    -More depression
    -A mental illness
    -Actually getting a job at Atos (A severe mental illness)
    -Thoughts of suicide
    -Thoughts of homicide (probably directed at Atos)
    -Getting physically ill from all the stress

    If the world got nuked and Ian Duncan Smith survived. If he was talking to a pile of radioactive dust (This is the death of the last Jobseeker in the whole entire world…) that used to be a benefits claimant…

    IDS: You know you shouldn’t lie around doing nothing all day. You really need to get a job.
    IDS: What do you mean you can’t work? I have a stinky old rolled up sock for a brain and I have a job, ha ha I’m richer than you.
    IDS: It’s just take take take with you lot. Scroungers the lot of you.
    IDS: Look at all the wonderful job opportunities out there…
    IDS: Well for a start, there is my job, I can’t remember what it used to be called.. And we need people to – rebuild!
    IDS: You’re just being sarcastic now. I’m going to have your benefit stopped.
    IDS: And then I’m going to fly on a magic carpet to visit my friend the king of the potato people..
    IDS: You need to take responsibility!

  12. Johnny Void, did you notice that in the tender, the HPs need only 2 year experience after registration for PIP instead of the 3 years needed to conduct a WCA?

  13. “ATOS KILLS” needs to be sprayed onto the windows of their offices because it is true… good must prevail over evil… faint heart never won fair maiden but it also never won fair victories over unfair. I heard two people this very week commited suicide because their benefits were taken away due to a bead assessment and appeal failure, these were supposedly people who were trying to get on their feet in order to see a future back into work….damned if they do and their damned if they don’t. IT’s no longer a stick and carrot of Labour more a gun to the back of the heads and a mass grave before them.. i can hear the goosesteps in the distance… it’s getting louder… are we victims or victors?.

  14. Let’s get supporting people who are likely to be victimised by ATOS when DLA gets abolished and the new PIP comes into action.. Please sign this petition we need to fight back!

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