Iain Duncan Smith Plots China Style Family Planning Rules

Economically forced abortions or adoption could become the norm for low income families if Iain Duncan Smith’s plan to further slash benefits for larger families go ahead.

The latest crazy scheme, coming on top of the soon to be introduced benefits cap for families, is to stop additional benefits being paid when a family has more than two children.

In a garbled interview on the Today Programme this morning, the Work and Pensions Secretary appeared not to know how many families would be affected by these plans or whether the changes would save any money.  Instead the idea was presented as a moral crusade to stop the poor from breeding.

He failed to distinguish whether these new rules would apply to unemployed families, those on sickness or disability benefits, or those in work, but on low wages.  Under Universal Credit all those on any form of benefit are to face the same conditionality rules, unless all adults in a household are earning the equivalent of 35 hours at minimum wage.

Under the family planning policies in China  parents can be fined for having more than one child.  This has led to thousands of children abandoned to grow up in state institutions, soaring abortion rates and horrific child poverty.   The one child policy has been steadily watered down in China over the years, yet Iain Duncan Smith is now planning similar economic penalties for mothers who become pregnant in the UK.

Like so much of this Government’s attacks, it will be women and children themselves who will bear the brunt of these moralistic cost cutting measures.  Women who are widowed, divorced or separated will be forced into extreme poverty along with their children, should they happen to exceed the government approved family size.  Women who have an unplanned pregnancy will now be forced to choose between bringing a child up in poverty or abortion.  Those who have multiple births may be forced into choosing which of their babies to give away for adoption.

Iain Duncan Smith’s plans amount to a denial of nature.  In his tiny mind all pregnancies are meticulously planned and everybody lives in cosy two parent families whose circumstances never change.  As anyone in the real world knows, this kind of chocolate box existence is not the reality for many people.

It is unsurprising, if perverse that an old fashioned patriarch like Iain Duncan Smith should seek to destroy the lives of women and children first.  Don’t expect any chivalry from this dated old clown.

It will be children themselves who pay the highest price for these constant attacks on the families with least.  Children who are already growing up in poverty will see household incomes further slashed, if their impoverished parents are able to keep hold of a household.  Up to 50,000 families in London alone could be made homeless when the benefit cap is introduced next April.  But even this is not enough for Iain Duncan Smith.  Tough on babies, tough on the causes of babies appears to the new direction of this toff Government.

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  1. He’s digging his grave deeper and deeper….

  2. Unfortunately he’s making it big enough for a million poor, sick and disabled people too.

  3. Wish he,d dig a bit deeper and bury himself and this corrupt government with him!

  4. rebekah strachan

    It should be capped at 2 children for families that earn a gross income of £25,000 or more and capped at 3 children for lower incomes. It is horrible but this country is over populated and it would make more people consider there options about contraceptives, be more likely to plan their children, have an effect on overcrowding in schools ect and children would be more likely to grow up in a duel parent home.
    Ian Duncan Smiths views are far to harsh and would cause destitution in about 40% of families.

    • The fuck are you on? Just how do you propose to ‘cap’ the child bearing potential of these selfish inconsiderate women? Forced contraception? Forced termination? Forced sterilisation?
      You say IDSs views are too harsh!

    • I just wonder rebekah why you feel its OK for this gov to play god!!! we don,t tell 3rd world countries to stop having kids we give millions of pounds worth of aid to them. he has no right to tell British couples how many kids to have!!! Its communist and a violation of human rights. HItler springs to mind, not you… IDS he is a tosser, could nt run a bath!!!

      • We do actually, we have massive sex education programs in the third world aimed at reducing the birth rate, we provide contraception, we are pushing for countires to bring in abortion where they do not have it etc etc.

        No-one saying you cant have big families, what is being said is that others wont pay for them.

    • Deja vu 1933. the poor will be forced to only breed once, then sterilised for the “crime” of being poor.

      • Very apt. I find it utterly incomprehensible that Ian Drunken Spiv has not been arrested or sectioned under the mental health act yet. People have short memories.

    • Are you for real???????

      • well isnt that what is going to happen. you cant have 3 kids, how do you solve it… sterlisation..His statement opens the door to it Just think about what happened in china, forced sterlisations, children killed for being born, after they were born.. this is what happened. and it will happen again but HERE in teh UK.. the very idea of forcing people to become destitute for the crime of having a child is abhorrent and vile

        • I can foresee a time when sterilisation will be compulsory for all newborn babies and will only be reversed once people have been granted a licence that pronounces them fit to have children. The criteria for getting the child licence will officially be: a stable marriage for a minimum of 10 years, a well paid secure job, clean criminal records, genetic tests for hereditary disorders, clean disease tests, no illnesses or disabilities, completing a course on parenting skills, passing the parenting exam and passing psychological and personality tests.

          The ruling class will present this as a measure to stop unsuitable dysfunctional people from having children, which they will claim will cure all society’s ills and create a more stable, prosperous, successful, utopian society filled with stable, well rounded, well-adjusted people.

          In practice the criteria will be – how much money the couple have and what class they are from. If they have money and are from the right class they will be issued the license, if they are poor, they won’t. A decent, hardworking, caring, nurturing, empathetic, compassionate, considerate poor person won’t get one, but a cold, distant, sadistic, cruel, selfish, mean, greedy, vicious, hate-filled well off person from the right class will get one.

  5. Ian Duncan Smith is a catholic it might be worth raising this issue in catholic circles such as newspapers, Catholic Herald/Tablet/Universe, many catholics are from working class backgrounds so it may get some backlash especially if it is framed as penalising people for having children and families.

  6. Triplets…

    Perhaps IDS would like to select which one gets aborted?

    The man’s crazy.

  7. Mr Duncan Smith is a Catholic and does not seem to understandthe basic teaching of his Church on compassion, human dignity and care for children and the importance of family relationships. Perhaps he thinks people with “too many” children will give their babies for adoption to richer folk who can’t have their own. This is disgusting.

  8. Hitler was a Catholic, too : never stopped him, like it won’t stop Herr Shit.
    Maybe being Catholic is what gave him the idea of Universal Credit.
    Being an insane nazi bastard probably helped as well.
    👶🔫 = A Plan by InDaShit aged 9

    • Steven2011@lavabit.com

      Personally, I am convinced this is where Iain Dumbo-Smith gets his increasingly batshit insane and vicious ideas from. Let’s face it, the Catholic religion is a weird religion and one that is pretty much alien to generally Protestant Great Britain. If his ideas don’t come from his religion then where do they come from? Is the man just mentally unstable? Perhaps, he was abused as a child and needs to take it out on others?

  9. This country is overpopulated yes! But what percentage of that population was actually born here? we have dark times ahead of us! where are all these homeless people going to be housed? Maybe the government could put them all into fields and give them a caravan instead of housing benefit just an idea! no one has the right too tell anyone who works how many children they can have! what if you have a large family and your partner dies does that mean they take your children away because you cant support them? I can also see the rich using the poor as breeding cattle so they dont strain there bodys! this countrys turning into a sick si-fi movie! no wonder have turned there back on it!

    • Sorry, the Government doesnt do caravans – see Dale Farm. When you are made homeless the Govt wants you to just simply disappear.
      Unless there is a violent revolution, this will just continue to get worse, with more and more fascist policies being introduced – just like in Nazi Germany under Hitler.

    • They will put these homeless into camps since squatting is illegal now , where they will be forced to work for their benefits or food stamps.. hell they will cut out the food stamps and just give food. Then of course with the obesity panics cant have the poor being fat so they will reduce the food to make them lose weight.

  10. sorry people have turned there backs on the country

  11. This country is a joke!!! one big hypocritical joke full of hypocrites and ignorant people who live on double standards,

  12. Hang on a second, aren’t they saying the reason they want to push pensioners into working is because of the aging population and there not being enough young people to support the elderly? I know the ruling class’s ideologies have never really been that logical, but still: “There’s too many old people and not enough young people so you have to keep working longer and longer. Also, you’re not allowed to have babies.” Fucking hell.

  13. What a dickhead i became sick after giving 17 years to the NHS and if my children were younger i would be affected by this, i didnt want to become sick and i certainly didnt want to give up what was a very rewarding job!!!!!

  14. What happens if a woman on benefits has triplets or quads? IDS really is a fucking cretin!

  15. This idea will be very popular with the brainwashed malicious British public –
    “Great idea about bloody time too! Why should I have to go out to work and work hard, so that my hard earned money can be used to support some uneducated lazy slag who can’t keep her legs closed and pay for her to keep popping out sprog after sprog, bringing more feral hoodies and benefit scrounging chavs into the world, to further destroy society.”

    In developed countries, the higher the level of education and more wealth a group has, the fewer children they have. So if the fasc.. sorry the Tories are serious about reducing the amount of children the unter… sorry the underclass and working class have, the sensible, humane and just solution is to make the tax evading obscenely wealthy pay their fair share of tax and redistribute that money to the working class and the underclass. Of course that won’t be happening anytime soon.

  16. Maybe they should apply this sort of thing to the peoples of africa/india and pakistan then not so many of them would starve to death or need the uk to keep giving them billions and billions of pounds in annual support- that too would cut the UK’s benefit bill- but i bet no politician has the balls to suggest that, oh no keep it limitwed to BRITISH nationals- they are bloody traitors and should all be sent to the Tower!!- off with their empty vaccumous heads!!

  17. Permission to slip the wife a length master?
    Permission to breed master?
    permission to shot my mother master? she is now over sixty.
    IDS= just call me master.
    time for some bad language. will somebody skull fuck IDS for us please

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  19. What’s next compulsory metal chastity belts to be fitted to all poor girls once they hit puberty? Since Tories also hate women that would be a measure they would love.

  20. I know this is going to be hated, but children are not a right, children are a privilege. And i’m on a low wage saying this btw! You don’t HAVE to have children, you’re not going to die from it and it won’t affect your health. I want to have kids one day, but only if i can financially look after them too. In the end, children are the parents responsibility, not the states. As much as i hate this guy, and the way it sounds is really really bad, i can kinda see where he was going with it.

    • children are neither a right or a privilege, they aren’t things,like a house or food, they are a biological consequence of a male and a female fucking – they are also human beings.

      and it will be children who are punished by any reforms like this, whether they were brought into the world deliberately or by accident or by middle class parents who can ‘afford them’ is irrelevant.. children should not go hungry because the government has decided their existence is a moral crime.

      • But you can see where this will lead cant you – desperate children running round the shops just taking what they want for their family, as children are less likely to get imprisoned for shoplifting, and tend to be able to to steal by distraction methods by all going into shops in groups and diverting the shopkeepers attention whilst others steal food and whatever their parents have asked them to get.
        So not only will the larger poor families be affected badly by these cuts, but so will the local shops and businesses that are trying to earn a miserable living by opening all hours and constantly getting done over and shoplifted from.
        In the end these communities will have no shops, no facilities and no future, becoming ghettos full of misery and deprivation. What will these people do when their last local shop gets boarded up after going out of business due to looting and shoplifting, and they cant afford buses to get to the then nearest supermarket for food? Mass sink estates full of starving people, who will have to abandon their homes to move to somewhere else to loot and steal from.
        How can the ECHR not become involved in this wicked shit that IDS is plotting and bringing into law?

        • It is called “steaming”; we get it all the time especially with gangs of school-kids. Some people are so desperate these days they are even offering “sexual services”… in the back of the shop of course, so as to distract whilst their accomplices loot the shop. Razor blades are the most common shoplifted item; I keep them behind the counter now. I caught a thief filling a holdall full of bacon, I chased the vagabond down the street and recovered the goods. Small shops can’t keep up with this, like so many others I am on the verge of shutting up shop. Soon all you will have left are over-priced big business supermarkets.And all this this is before “the cuts” have kicked in.

        • Just to be clear, I mean the offer of “sexual services” is just to get us in the back of the shop so their accomplices can loot the shop. It is nothing more than a distraction. I don’t mean we are accepting “sexual services”. No shopkeeper would be that stupid. It is just something we have to put up with. I hope this is clear.

      • Children should not go hungry because the government has decided their existence is a moral crime. However, there’s only so much food that the world can produce. Children shouldn’t go hungry because we turned up our nose and said “it’s a denial of nature” every time someone tried to get the exponential population growth of our species under control either.

        To be clear, I’m completely against using any sort of force here. The best thing we can do is spread freedom, education and access to contraception around the world. But what is wrong with putting financial incentives on not have more kids? Contraception is largely free of charge. It’s a choice to not use it and to deliberately put another hungry mouth on the planet. The fantasy that somehow the human race can expand at an ever-increasing rates (the population has more than doubled in the last 50 years) is the most dangerous thing that we face, and if we don’t tackle the problem head on, what is the most likely outcome? The number of children and adults going hungry worldwide will increase drastically, from the already horrific level that it’s at already.

    • I am childfree I dont want kids, dont like kids.. It is different when the state says and wants to force people to not have kids due to financial pressures. Making people poorer. I think there are too many people on this planet BUT it should be upto the person to decide.. yes give education about birth control BUT do NOT force this thing on people.

  21. It’s over populated with foreigners. Boot out the illegal immigrants who are only here for one thing, money! It’s foreigners 1st and the British are treated 2nd class.

    • illegal immigrants are held in detention centres and then deported if caught. don’t give IDS anymore ideas.

      • Steven2011@lavabit.com

        That is what is supposed to happen but rarely does.. Under the Tories and Labour it is always the British people who suffer and not foreigners.

        • Don’t be silly. The few foreigners who end up entitled to benefits face the same system as anyone else. There aren’t secret rules to give away money to foreigners, this kind of divisive shit is exactly what this government want.

          • Dont you get the feeling that IDS is using these plans to try to get foreign born people who moved here to go back to their countries of origin, by making their lives as miserable and unbearable as possible by staying here and trying to make a living here – as the UC will affect those in part time work on low pay – mainly immigrant workers especially in London. There are many immigants living in London, and London is the biggest target of IDS’s welfare reforms and benefit caps – its almost as if these people are the ones he’s targetting – and some minority groups, especially Asians have large families as well, so will be also affected by his 2 children benefit caps.
            By saying that his welfare reforms apply to all the poor and not just the ethnic minorities, he can get away without his social cleansing being deemed as ethnic cleansing that Hitler was so guilty of, when he massacred the Jews. But we know that the main targets of his cuts in London will be those in the poorer income bands, which include many minority groups, whether they were born here or only recently arrived here.

            Why dont more ethnic minorities from the Pakistani, Indian, and Afro-Carribean communities of London take to the streets and riot against the Governent claiming racism in its policies?

          • I’m not sure if its IDS’ intention to target his attacks at certain ethnic groups, more that he doesn’t give a shit if that’s what happens. As things get nastier though I think we can expect to see more tory attempts to foster divisions along lines of race or culture as they did last time they were in power.

  22. Rebekah Strachan + Midnights Sapphire = typical right wing trolls.
    Cunts, too.
    They belong together. Perhaps they could kick off the master race.
    IDS must love the likes of these stupid bastards.

  23. This stinks worse than a Bullington boy’s tailcoat after a night of jolly japes in an Oxford restuarant.

    As Catholic, Ian Slaphead Schmidt will not approve of any woman terminating her pregnancy. But when the woman happens to be on Universal Credit then the follically challenged one, and the rest of those happy libertarians in the Tory Party, might see the situation as yet another opportunty to exert social control over the poorest people in society and, at the same time, make a tidy profit for their mates.

    Since the Tories are keen to privatise everything not nailed down, they could contract out the work of adoption agencies to any profit hungary organisations that met Tory Party approval. In the same way that work programme providers have been gifted the role of providing state services virtually free of any of that loathsome accountability stuff, then these newly created adoption organisations could really exploit the wealthly but childless person’s desire to adopt a baby.

    The plan would obviously need the consent and co-operation of the pregnant woman. But hey, again like the work programme, thousands of people caught on that scheme are being encouraged (under threat of hardship and homelessness) to sign away their rights and accept the provider is working to improve their lives.

    These agences could even resort to offering pregnant women financial incetives in exchange for their consent and co-operation.

    For maximum efficenty, though, the adoption agency could join forces with a work programme provider. The providers books would be filled with many poor and disadvantaged women, and if any of those women became pregnant the adoption agency and the work programme provider could really work in tandem to cash in on the situation.

    Maybe all this is a little far fetched. But on the other hand, on the current form of nutty neocon policies being announced I would put anything past these spivs.

  24. Oh….this doesn’t half bring out the fascists in their droves to big up their master, IDS.
    Pavlovian dogs to his bellringing.
    Utter cunts.

  25. Hey, you should all come to Poland, if you have children it is your responsibly, you get no money from the damned polski government, nothing… unless of course you are claiming child benefit in the UK… but that is a different story 🙂

  26. If we all waited until we could afford kids there would n,t be any because truth be told if you were to break down the running costs of children theses days ONLY the RICH and TORIES would be able to afford them .Its only the minority who know all the tricks who get over the odds its these people who need to be eeked out. Benefit claimants are not rolling in it, try living on 100 pounds a week for 4 of you..pay your bills, buy food, keep warm and be able to have a light on at night its fucking hard.. Try doing this then add the risk of the bailiffs knocking at your door to reposes the goods you bought when you were in work!!!! Its not all rosy believe me.

  27. Dear Johnny could you please find out if it is true that Ian Duncan Shits son supports the BNP. A friend heard this rumour but I can’t find anything that confirms this. Would much appreciate it.

    • Steven2011@lavabit.com

      Well if that is true then his son has got far more intelligence than his brain-dead father. The BNP wouldn’t impose workfare and would create jobs to get the unemployed back into real jobs unlike the Tories who constantly whinge about unemployment yet cause it!

      • The BNP wouldn’t impose workfare and would create jobs to get the unemployed back into real jobs

        LOL Sure and then the magic white flying unicorn will come to Britain, fix the economy, create jobs and bring peace and goodwill to all men with his magic glowing horn.

        • something survived...

          The BNP are not somebody any sane person wants running the country.
          ‘Kick out the black, brown and yellow people’ is their main policy. Force the poor/opponents/gay people to work on government projects like road building. No place for disabled people (ironic as being a fascist means that you definitely have something wrong with you). They are fascists and racists, happy to take EU money though they want to abolish/leave the EU. EU human rights laws say all ethnic groups are equal. Tories who want to get rid of the Human Rights Act may as well join Griffin (or Powell/Mosley, they are dead but their spirits walk the earth in undead form like the dead nazis referred to in the Horst Wessel Song) and be openly racist and fascist. Much of their immigration policy overlaps, the 3 main parties are competing with the BNP to see who can be more fascist.

          By the way if you are Catholic and anti-abortion then you can’t use contraception so are you (if poor) meant to be CELIBATE, have anal sex instead (a sin in most Catholic countries), non penetrative sex (but then the man is ‘spilling his seed’ – see ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’), get fined,
          or what? Or a girl who does not know she’s pregnant till she gives birth? Or who is raped and doesn’t tell anyone till it’s too late for an abortion/didn’t yet know she was pregnant, does she then get punished twice by having to have the baby and three times by having the baby taken away/losing her benefits? Or parents with every intention of getting abortions but if the limit is reduced will be unable to have one, so forcing them to have babies then get the baby taken/benefits stopped.
          Oh and condoms split, Ian- you ought to know about this problem, you walking abortion – this is exactly what happened with your parents!
          As for pills: if the woman vomits or has another medicine it might not work. Vasectomy etc. can fail. There was something on the news last night about a court finding it was wrong (really???) to have denied an abortion to a 14 year old girl that got raped.

          If he really wants to follow through: if a girl aged 11 or 12 gets raped and pregnant, and they make her have the baby… and then punished for having it years before being eligible for any Benefits anyway…
          One minute ‘we are having too many babies’ so will you sew up the ‘bits’ of all people 7 to 50? Then ‘we are not having enough babies’ so compulsory medical examinations and forced heterosexual sex for all people 7 to 50? Oh no what we meant to say was ‘too many brown people are having babies’, ‘too many poor people’ and so on. So only the rich have a right to have babies? (without state hassle)

          They already have penalties for refusing to name the father (even in gay female couples with donor gay male sperm), like when a woman leaves the father bit blank on a birth certificate. Or when she honestly hasn’t a clue who the father is and has no way of finding it out. Or in stranger rape where it is not leading to arrest and she’s keeping the baby. Or relative/acquaintance rape because of not being believed, being sued, the disruption to a family, etc. I know of single mums both gay and straight who did it with a turkey baster and anonymised donor sperm for the cheapest price, who are being hassled for not naming the father! (is writing down the serial number from a liquid nitrogen canister any good?) If a man has sex with a woman he believes, but lies she is on the pill etc in order to get pregnant, he can get the CSA after him for money.

          IDS wants to control reproduction and the only possible argument FOR it, is the existence of parasites and Useless Eaters like IDS. But they are simply examples of family planning gone bad. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, IDS is “An accident with a contraceptive and a time machine.”

          IDS: 19th Century Family Planning Man!!!

          (Die in the Workhouse you shiftless unemployed bastards,
          Vote Tory!!!!)

  28. So shouldn’t the Queen pay back all of the tax that was used to support her growing brood of kids or is it just us plebs again, not forgetting David Camerons brood of which he is incapable of counting having left one of them in a pub.

  29. Iain Duncan Smith is a Cunt

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!

  30. The Bunny Rabbit Family

    Eh… What’s up, doc? 🙂

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  32. See, this cunt , ArbeitReichsFuhrer Schmidt, has got the word ‘universal’ all scrambled in the mince in his head. Right? Well, the word ‘catholic’ means ‘universal’….bear with me….and once upon a time there were ‘universal benfits’ mandated on the principles of Social Justice.
    So, this cunt, Shmidt, or whatever his name is, sets up a think-tank called ‘The Centre for Social Justice’ (clever cunt) and goes about setting up Universal Credit.
    Except……it’s got fuck all to do with being Universal, even less to do with Social Justice : kinda like National Socialism, run by a mad Catholic.
    History repeats itself. Right here. Right now.
    I.D.S., the new Fuhrer.
    Seig Heil !

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  34. He is 58 years old and has suckled upon the publicly-funded teat for most of his life.
    He’s signed on the dole. He’s had four children and received child benefit for all of them. He has put them each through private school, too.

    His wife hasn’t worked since they married, except for 15 months in which he got her a job paid by the taxpayer.

    He and his colleagues eat and drink food you subsidise in a palace you pay for, he is driven around in a car you own, and when he is too old to ‘work’ any more you will pay for him to have a better pension than you, too.

    He started out at the age of 21 with six years of taxpayer-funded military service, during which he acted as bag-carrier to a Major-General.

    Then in 1981, aged 27, he left the Army and signed on the dole for several months.

    He then began a period of ordinary work based upon the skills he had gained at the taxpayer’s expense, and worked in sales for arms dealer GEC-Marconi.

    He then moved on to a property firm, where he was made redundant after six months, and then sold gun-related magazines for Jane’s Information Group.

    After 11 years of this all-too brief career he succeeded in once again boarding the publicly-funded gravy train in 1992.

    In the intervening 20 years he has been paid by the taxpayer every year more money than most taxpayers earn. He has topped it up, along the way, to more than six figures for a few years here and there by being more pompous than the other pigs.

    In 2001 he helped his unemployed wife to have a suckle, arranging for you to pay her £15,000 to be his diary secretary.

    These days he is given the grand total of £134,565 a year from the taxpayer.

    He lives for free in a £2million Tudor farmhouse on his father-in-law’s ancestral estate in Buckinghamshire.

    He has three acres of land, a tennis court, swimming pool and some orchards, which is not bad for a life in the pay of the state.

    ‘Who is this scumbag?’ you might cry. ‘Tell us his name, let the authorities know his address, let’s get this guzzler out of the cushy life and show him what life is like for the rest of us,earning £7 an hour with a rise once every eight years and a pension consisting entirely of penny sweets if you’re lucky.’

    His name is Iain Duncan Smith, and his address is the Palace of Westminster, LondonSW1A 0AA

  35. IDS is a Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics are forbidden from using contraception. Is IDS encouraging unemployed fellow Catholics to use the pill, cap, condom and coil to interfere with nature and prevent themselves from becoming pregnant? Where is the Pope on this? What a complete an utter disgrace and fucking moron Iain Duncan Smith actually is. We all know he’s struck a deal with Osborne to cut 10 bn from the welfare budget in return for permission to continue with the doomed Universal Credit project and is looking around for minorities he can strip money from, e.g., the young (no housing benefit) and the poorest of poor parents (limited child benefit), and get away with it. What a coward! What an utter cunt!

  36. It is hard to fathom Iain Duncan Smith out on this. It will mean less of a slave labour work force for the likes of he and his cronies in future years – from a capitalist perspective (i am not a capitalist incidentally), he really is a stupid individual.

  37. Ohhhhhh forgot to add, if one considers they “own” anything at all, they are capitalist. This ownership can include anything from a ball point pen to a car or house (not necessarily home) but house.

  38. Well the town I live in Mr Ian Duncan Smith and his utter useless side kick
    Miss Margot James was seen trawling the towns local mosque, and heapping big praise on their new one about to be built. I hope that he looked around our once beautiful town and saw the ethnic mommies walking around the st, with 5 kids in tow and another one on the way, going to their
    7 houses that thay own with their Toyota Yaris stuck on the drive with their 3 taxi car to, while people who have lived all their lives in area can just about pay for their mortgage or rent. No Mr Ian Duncan Smith does not see that does he. NO HE JUST SEES BLACK VOTES AND SO DOES Miss Margot James!!!!!

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  40. The ruling class has always used poor people’s children to attack the poor. Since childbearing has replaced sex itself — in modern discourse; obviously not in practice — as the ‘dirty’ thing, and the poor are seen as dirty anyway, poor people having children is doubly dirty. The eugenicists — the best-known in relatively modern times being Keith Joseph — have always been around.

    Unfortunately, much of the left has bought into the supporting dialogue, via the ‘overpopulation’ obsession, plus the yuppie version of feminism that says raising children is demeaning and abortion-plus-jobs is the royal road to freedom. Another ‘liberal’ strand that will welcome IDS’s proposals (though they may not admit it) is the child-snatching business, whereby predominantly poor children are targeted by social workers, to be removed and handed over to state-approved fosterers or adopters.

    Having children should indeed be recognized as a right, and in theory it is, through Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention, though with a lot of ifs and buts. While birth control gives people choice about having children, it’s still a natural function and a profound need and source of love and fulfilment for most people. But those who would restrict it define it as a luxurious lifestyle choice that shouldn’t be indulged in by those who can’t afford it. This attitude helps the ruling class to attack the poor literally below the belt, and it should be fought unequivocally.

  41. I really don’t see the problem. What is the issue with asking people to be SENSIBLE and look to see whether they can afford to have one, two, three, three, or ten children. Wanting “a big family” doesn’t come into it, neither do “accidents” – it’s 2013, there is no NEED for a big family, people should have the SENSE to know whether they can or cannot afford a large family, and there is the magical wonder called CONTRACEPTION which is FREE TO EVERYONE, WHATEVER METHOD THEY CHOOSE TO USE.

    Why is this being turned into some huge problem? When my mother had my eldest sibling families WERE NOT GIVEN ‘benefits’ for the first child, so you know what, my parents WAITED UNTIL THEY COULD AFFORD to have a child.

    It’s not rocket science.

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