Fuel Poverty Demo – October 27th – Westfield Shopping Centre


An action organised by the Greater London Pensioners’ Association, supported by Fuel Poverty Action and DPAC.

Saturday October 27 | Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre.

Meet at 12 noon outside the upper-level entrance to Primark

From Fuel Poverty Action

The latest gas and electricity price rises are a nail in many coffins. 65 people died every day last winter as a result of illnesses caused by cold homes. Many of these people were pensioners and disabled people. As energy company prices – and profits – soar, there will be many more deaths this year.

If we can’t afford to heat our homes we have a right to go into any warm building and make ourselves at home!

  • We have the right to warm up inside the offices of those driving fuel poverty: the Big Six energy companies, the government, landlords and letting agents.
  • We have the right to warm up inside public spaces threatened by cuts including libraries and day centres, which keep many people warm throughout the winter.
  • We have the right to warm up inside warm, privatised spaces that keep us shut out including shops, banks and shopping centres.

Pensioners from the Greater London Pensioners’ Association will be asserting this right by coming out of their cold homes and warming up inside the toasty Westfield Stratford shopping centre.

They demand:

  • That the government reinstate the Winter Fuel Allowance in full (this has been cut by £50 for those over 60 and £100 for those over 80.)
  • That the energy companies reinvest in affordable, cleaner and safer energy supplies and use their enormous profits to do so, instead of putting the cost on to the consumer.
  • That the government acknowledge an entitlement of all including the sick, disabled people, the elderly and families with young children, to a well insulated, warm place to live in good repair.

Please come along to support this pensioner-led action: https://www.facebook.com/events/289105317866052/

(Don’t forget London Anarchist Bookfair, on the same day and not far away at Queen Mary’s University, Mile End.  Boycott Workfare will be hosting a meeting at 2pm)


11 responses to “Fuel Poverty Demo – October 27th – Westfield Shopping Centre

  1. Why do pensioners still have fuel poverty? they get a heating allowance once per year? I apologies if I seem to not be supportive but my Mum gets a heating payment and probably like most pensioners she gets it before Christmas and she spends it on Christmas presents I think it should be paid either onto a prepayment gas or electric card or after Christmas when the bill usually comes in approx 1st Feb so there is no shortage of heating in the winter. I am angry at how much fuel costs because 1) I am at home all day 2)I suffer with neuropathic pain, so it hurts more if I am cold.

  2. Karen-Eva Starling Smith It’s always narked me that everyone over (is it ? ) 65yrs get the winter fuel allowance no matter what their income. My mum was on over £22,000 a year and when she died, I had to run the same house on my own on £5,000 a year. ( Incapacity ) . I am finally on DLA but still won’t get any help.

    • means testing would be more expensive.

      The problem is the privatisation hasn’t worked. Now we are held hostage by profiterring cartels.

    • Same here, my dad has over £100, 000 in savings and three pensions coming in. He doesn’t need that heating allowance, he’s a miserable old sod as well. I’m on JSA and he’s never given us a bean. I’m getting to the point where I don’t think I can afford to even heat one room through winter now.

  3. Nationalise the bastards!

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  5. The energy companies are running a damn good racket! There are alternatives to costly fossil fuels, but they know it would not pay to use it as some of the things available once past installation would be free. As no metering would be necessary nor collection of a ‘bill’ they will not research and utilise this – see Tesla fuels/energy

    Apparently, when he saw Tesla – J>P>Morgan is alleged to have said ‘where is the meter?

    says it all.

  6. Attacking winter fuel payments for pensioners will not help them to be extended to everyone on benefits, which they should be. It will do the opposite. Over the top abusive shit about pensioners will be removed – they want us fighting over the scraps whilst they take everything else, so let’s not.

    • Quite right. Also, saw this on teletext news today:
      ‘Retired People To Work For Their Pension. Retired people should be encouraged to do community work or risk losing some of their pension, a peer has suggested. Lord Bichard a former benefits chief said, though such a move might be controvesial, it would stop older people being a “burden on the state”.’

  7. something survived...

    Older people are on benefits too. Cold is cold. Old people are already on Workfare and Work Programme, including people with dementia, cancer, heart/lung disease, strokes, etc. There are old people signing on and the government won’t let anyone of any age alone. Breathing Tax next?

  8. Even if fuel were re-nationalised I cannot see the poorest in society being helped out. The welfare state is a national institution but pays more out to the rich than the poor and is being undermined by successive governments from labour to the coalition con/dems in favour of tax cuts to those in work.

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