Yet Another Disappearing DWP Document, Now The PIP Tender Goes Missing

The poorly redacted tender documents for the Personal Independence Payment have now been ‘disappeared’.  The PDF documents, which when converted into text files revealed a host of confidential information about successful bidders Atos, are no longer accessible via the website.

Luckily hundreds of people have spent the afternoon downloading and distributing the documents – a process that has been going on discreetly for almost two weeks now.

The documents were contained in the Deposited Papers Library, which is used by Ministers to make written information available to Parliament.  Ministers are warned in the guidance to using the library (PDF):  “Deposited Papers are made available to the general public via the Parliament website as supplied by you. You must ensure that the security of the format used reflects the sensitivity of the information contained in the documents (e.g., that redactions cannot be reversed) “

Despite this guidance, simply copying and pasting the text from the tender document into notepad revealed the redacted information.

This is not the first time that DWP documents have been altered or disappeared to cover up for blundering department officials.  Earlier in the year the guidance for Work Programme contractors was abruptly changed to remove all reference to mandatory work aka workfare.  This came after Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith had lied through their teeth after claiming no mandatory work existed on the Work Programme.

Not for the first time, the DWP’s shabby treatment of public and internal documents has been exposed due to their inability to understand the internet.  And once again they’ve done too little, too late, whilst Atos’ confidential corporate information is being distributed across the globe.

The question now is whether it was new ministers Mark Hoban or Esther McVeigh, or the inept Iain Duncan Smith himself who was to blame?

The documents can still be downloaded, now in a handy zip file:

29 responses to “Yet Another Disappearing DWP Document, Now The PIP Tender Goes Missing

  1. Let’s concentrate on the important thing. What you can draw out of all the documents, is that DWP is not ready for PIP implementation, and had to commissioned Atos (and Capita) to implement 2 systems. One for the transitional period, and another one for when DWP assessment tool, whatever it is, kicks in. So DWP has to pay for more training, 0.5 days for over 1000 staff, and changes for the security and IT systems. When I say DWP has to pay, no, we have to pay for it because it comes from a different budget, which is paid by our taxes. .

  2. The documents, zipped, are a very emailable at 8.4mb. Not suitable for Hotmail accounts, but Yahoo & GMail definitely as a single attachment.

  3. Downloaded, saved and backed up.

  4. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorises it, and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    Political economist Frederic Bastiat, The Law (1850)

  5. Is it possible to get a copy emailed? I would be much appreciative.

  6. I’m just attaching a copy to an email for you now, Ciara.

  7. I got them and saved them at three places. I am posting this PDF again here, in case you missed it in your previous post. I cannot judge its significance, but it might be interesting: it concerns a new sanctions regime that one person mentioned existed but he or she had no link. .

  8. This is fucking hilarious! Well done Johnny (again).

  9. The new sanctions i was told about today were, miss one interview, four weeks’ money lost, miss any 2 in any 52 week period, 13 weeks’ money lost. JSA-IB

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  11. soon to be deceased

    When is someone, anyone, with the necessary wherewithal going to take this lot to task, to court, and smash them to bits? When?

  12. Well the documents are back. They have been split, scanned, renamed, and reloaded on the site. Somebody has been busy with the photocopier yesterday.

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  14. More sick idea’s from a sick government – and the sickest person in this government – Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP – persicutor of anyone on any benefit.

  15. Just a huge thank you to all the bright sparks who are keeping on top of this – DPAC, Johnny V and all. Currently in the early stages of IB to ESA “migration”, and already been totally messed around, Atos rescheduling appointments three times, great difficulty finding out if my request (back in July) for WCA to be recorded had been granted. Stressful, time-consuming and an appalling waste of taxpayers’ money – three separate letters from Atos all with a stupid suggested journey plan, route-march more like (I have severe mobility problems) and a helpful page asking if I need an interpreter, in 13 different languages…..
    Atos are the hired executioners, but the buck stops with the DWP ministers, that includes you, IDS, whose only talents seem to be to bungle, bungle and bungle again, as this latest tale of “disappearing” documents shows.


    “The failed policies of the politicians and the bankers caused the financial crisis. Spending cuts are driving us into poverty. An economic alternative is essential to protect ordinary people, and to save the NHS and welfare state.
    The government should:
    1) Stop cuts and halt privatisation;
    2) Tax the millionaires and big business;
    3) Drop the debt, and put the banks under democratic control;
    4) Invest in jobs, homes, public services and the environment.”

    1,695 signatures so far. Please sign if you haven’t yet.

  17. Would anyone be able to email me documents? links just seem to take me to Parliament site where docs have been removed. Could be my computer, not sure

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  19. For anyone who wants, I’ve uploaded an archive of all the files (36Mb), here:

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  21. Piptend and other links either produce redacted files, or go round in circles and lead nowhere. Can someone supply correct links or unredacted files please. Or am I misreading above?

  22. ah the crooks are covering their tracks its unbeleavible how niave this lot are our mps who sit by whilst they kill or starve us out wake up jeff3

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