Bungling DWP Publish Atos Corporate Secrets on Government Website!

Bungling DWP officials have published the Atos tender document for the new Personal Independence Payment and given away reams of highly confidential commercial information in the process.

The documents contain pages of technical information about Atos’ internal systems, financial information and even the names of people who will be involved in managing the new PIP benefit assessments.  Other documents reveal how Capita will be involved in the assessments.

Atos, who notoriously carry out the Work Capability Assessment for those on out of work sickness and disability benefits, have been given the contract to manage the assessments for PIP.  These assessments will be based on the same crude computer based tests as the WCA and are to be used to re-assess disabled people currently claiming Disability Living Allowance.  The stated aim is to strip benefits from 20% of disabled people.

Astonishingly Atos claim in their tender that they have a “successful record of engagement with Claimant Representative Groups”, including direct action campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).  In truth DPAC have been behind many of the protests held outside Atos’ offices including the recent well attended protest at their London headquarters which was followed by an occupation of the DWP.

DPAC are seeking legal advice on challenging Atos’ lie in their tender for the lucrative PIP contract.

The documents can be found at: http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/business-papers/commons/deposited-papers/?page=4#toggle-1399

Scroll down to DEP2012-1399  and then click all files.

UPDATE: Files can no longer be copied and pasted meaning redacted info is no longer visible.  Use google cache instead, to find out how visit: https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/google-cache-strikes-again-get-yer-atos-corporate-secrets/

Already the documents have been widely distributed to disability and welfare claimants and details from the tender are beginning to emerge – such as the fact Atos are planning PIP assessments on the cheap by only hiring 1 doctor for every 50 physiotherapists.

Many parts of the documents are redacted, meaning some information is blacked out.  Unfortunately the DWP – currently tasked with building the most complex IT system ever designed in the world to handle the change to the new Universal Credit benefits system – don’t appear to know much about computers.

To read the redacted text all that needs to be done is to simply convert the PDF files to a text file.  This can be bodged simply by opening the file as a PDF, then go to Edit – Select All – Copy and then pasting the text into notepad.  (Some of the tables in the documents have redacted information which cannot be viewed in this way.  It may be possible to extract this info by other means, I don’t know, any ideas please mention in the comments)

Whilst it is not uncommon for tender documents to be released, many details, such as personal names and specific technical or financial information, are redacted under Freedom of Information laws relating to privacy and commercial confidentiality.

Not so at the Department of Work and Pensions where this information has been left lying around on the internet for anyone to access.  DWP contractors should take note.  Whilst the inept clown Iain Duncan Smith is in charge, your dirty little secrets are not safe at the DWP.

It is possible these documents may disappear offline very soon or even be redacted properly.  Download them now whilst you still can.

The main tender documents are:

Atos Bid/Tender Documents For PIP Assessments London & South of England



Atos Tender/Bid Documents for PIP Assessments Scotland & North of England



43 responses to “Bungling DWP Publish Atos Corporate Secrets on Government Website!

  1. I have been told you can also view redacted bits by -You should be able to download the pdf document on your desktop. If you have Adobe 8, you should have an option to save the document as text. .
    If you do not have Adobe 8, you might not have this option, but you should be able to select Select all (which only select 1 page at the time, so you would have to repeat it for all the pages), Copy, and then to paste what you have copied in Notepad.

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  3. Someone needs to Zip ’em all up, love. Trying to download all these separate files is making me eyesight wonky. Thanks D

  4. Having run quickly through the sub contractor pdfs, there does seem to be a whole load of sub contracting back to NHS authorities. Probably through the privatised parts of them as with Salus and NHS Lanarkshire.

    Healthy profits for Atos and the installment of all their IT and software too.

    WCA and PIP tests are never going away.

  5. Ripped and saved, before thye realise and take it down again .. although, on perusing it – it seems that there’s a fuckton of recacted shit. You have to wonder what that lot said?

  6. Ah, hang on a minute .. I see you’ve explained how to get around that.

    Good man, carry on!

  7. Catherine Bowles

    Wow ! A whole 7.5 days training ! Versus my 41 years of 24/7 experience with Spina Bifida. Good luck with that !

  8. they have already took them down, can’t access ;-(

  9. They have been taken off can anyone email me a copy of them please GeorgieLotte@O2Email.Co.Uk

    Was in work wish I’d tried to look 1st thing this morning hope someone can help me xx

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  11. Anyone uploading to Wikileaks?

  12. you can also similarly download and extract the redacted text from the Capita PIP assessment documents, via the Benefits and Work website http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/latest-news/1566-16-october-newsletter scroll down for the links.

  13. “Capita” gets a mention in comments, as so do a few more, its the way it all works.

  14. Exactly. Get as much as possible into both a document file and on a memory stick. That gives double protection. And Johnny, I might have found a bit of this by chance: a description of a new sanctions regime. I was pretty surprised that it was online. I will try to find it right now and save ir as described.

  15. Did they seriously just redact by changing the font colour and background to the same colour? Muppets.

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  17. Here is the link I mentioned. I found it by chance about one week ago and posted it at Atos Miracles. I cannot judge this, but it might be significant, as it concerns a new sanctions regime. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/jsa-sanctions-draft-regs-2012-memorandum.pdf .

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  19. I wonder are there a few Spies within the DWP, making these accidents so that the ones who are anti workfare

  20. Hiya…I’m a journo (yeah, i know: yah! boo!) but i have a lot of independence and something of a track record of writing up stories about government cock-ups (like this). Google me on CPS file released by mistake…or on student demos last year in the New Statesman.

    May be writing this up later today so-o…can anyone let me have some detail of what sort of personal details were redacted (e.g., just official names, or something more embarrassing?).

    You can contact direct on jane at ozimek dot co dot uk….

    Best wishes,

    jane fae

  21. perhaps theres someone on the inside who let this slip as they now atos is full of shitte jeff3

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  23. Got ’em saved thanks Johnny 🙂

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  26. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
    My website is in the very same niche as yours and my users would
    definitely benefit from some of the information you
    present here. Please let me know if this ok with you.

  27. Many thanks for highlighting this…let me know if i have made any substantive errors: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jane-fae/dwp-blunders-exposes-dirt_b_1987414.html

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  33. Just come.from atos app what a joke woman passed out heatin one full blast waz 1hour 30mins in med room load of s. t hey oh.come.on you baggies

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