A Future That Works Won’t Have Workfare – Close Down the Workfare Exploiters on October 20th

Join Boycott Workfare after the TUC demonstration this weekend to shut down the workfare profiteers exploiting the unemployed.

Meet at 2.30pm, Oxford Circus, Saturday 20th October

Join the facebook group and blog, tweet, share – spread the word: http://www.facebook.com/events/397571753647212/

Earlier in the day Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) will be meeting to join the TUC March and: “are asking for every DPAC supporter who can to join us at the short march meeting point at Jermyn Street/ St.James Street just off Picadilly at 11.30 am” http://www.dpac.uk.net/2012/10/tuc-march-october-20th-latest-information/

A radical workers bloc called by South London Solidarity Federation and Anarchist Federation will join the South London feeder march meeting at 10.30am in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park by the Imperial War Museum: http://libcom.org/forums/announcements/oct-20-future-without-work-radical-workers-bloc-south-london-feeder-tuc-mar

An education bloc is meeting outside the University of London Union (ULU),  Malet Street at 11am: http://www.facebook.com/events/232513776877359/

Finally the main TUC March will assemble on Embankment to march to Hyde Park at 11am: http://afuturethatworks.org/


12 responses to “A Future That Works Won’t Have Workfare – Close Down the Workfare Exploiters on October 20th

  1. Good publicity thanks Johnny. Don’t forget Pat’s Petition who will be there too – all the way down from sunny Scotland with the banner. This will be our last big push for signatures – over 52,000 can’t be wrong. Give us your support please. Pat x

  2. Clegg is one half of The Claggeron leading off the fascist ConDemNation…..he’s a useless cunt, a Tory stooge. The LibDems are smirking simpering sellout bastards and are finished. They simper along in their wimpy simpery Tory arse-licking manner from behind their semi-detached suburban net curtain vinegar drinking sycophantic hypocrisy.
    Cameron is the other half of the Claggeron, this hybrid beast, this twisted, cobbled together monstrosity from the mind of Dr. Frankenstein.
    Herr Kameron is the leader off of a gang of unrepentantly snobbish right wing millionaires running this shitbag government on behalf of the nazi wing of the tory party as personified by InDaShit and the serial liar Grayling.
    These cunts have silenced the voices from the BNP and the EDL because they are now merely their shock troops in waiting, along with all the rural toffs with shotgun licenses.
    We need to be ready to dismantle this Claggeron, wholly unto its fundamental DNA and then cast that into the abyss.
    Otherwise…..we’re done for.

  3. the dpac.uk site is unavailable right now.

  4. Solidarity, that’s all I will say. I can’t handle big crowds (kettling me for 8 hours would finish me right off!) and I live nowhere near London, but I fully support this.

  5. Is there any way for those of us who are too sick to travel (like myself) but who would love to be there,, to join in in another way? is anything happening online?

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  8. Is there anything similar on the Glasgow demo?

  9. <Stay Safe – Stay Anonymous

    Our sister organisation, the Network for Police Monitoring, is launching their ‘Don’t End up on a Database’ campaign this month. In response to this, FITwatch will be producing a series of simple, easy-to-understand guides designed to help you defend your anonymity and stay off police databases this October 20th . We believe these steps should form an integral part of any protestors’ activities on the day, regardless of tactical or ideological preferences. We cannot mount a serious challenge to power until we are able to move and associate freely, without state intrusion.

    Some of this may be new to you, some of it may be old. But we encourage all our readership to watch out for these blog posts in the run-up to the demonstration:

    1) Refusing information
    2) Masking up
    3) Affinity groups
    4) Fashion Tips for Dissidents
    5) Block & Disrupt!

    Please use social media to share and retweet this essential information.

    Facebook profile: Fit Watch
    Facebook fanpage: Fitwatch
    Fitwatch on Twitter: @fitwatcher
    NetPol on Twitter: @policemonitor
    Hashtags: #staysafe #fightingFIT #oct20


    Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous! #1 – Refusing Information

    For a long time now, FITwatch have been informing people of their right to withhold personal information when the police invoke specific powers against them. However, we acknowledge that this can be difficult to remember, especially if you are coming up against the police for the first time (which we know can be quite scary). It is also somewhat of a defensive stance, that assumes police harassment as a given.
    It would be irresponsible of us not to reprint this legal information again. However, we want to try it with a new and more empowering objective in mind. This time, we should all be aiming for a collective point-blank refusal of any information to the police whilst we are on the streets. The legal information provided is designed to give you an advantage in this task – to add another intellectual weapon to your arsenal when refusing information. Until we have a culture of total non-cooperation with intelligence gathering and total solidarity between each other, we will be subject to bitter repression on the streets. We have to show them that enough is enough.

    Legal information:
    DO give a name and address if you are arrested. You re not legally required to, but it makes it more likely you’ll get bail if charged. No one wants to end up in prison before they are even convicted of a crime.
    DO remember if you are only arrested for Breach of the Peace, this is not a criminal offence but a preventative power of detention. The police should release you WHEN THE THREAT OF A BREACH OF THE PEACE HAS PASSED even if you have not given your name and address. Given that the police abuse this power of arrest, you might prefer to refuse to give your name, address, DNA, fingerprints and so on. If you are physically forced to comply you may be able to sue the police at a later date.
    DO be assertive if you are stopped and searched – you are not required to give your name or address, even if you want a receipt.
    DO refuse information to the FIT
    DO remind cops demanding your name & address under suspicion of anti-social behaviour (s.50 Police Reform Act 2002), that they need to have a ‘reasonable belief’ that YOU have caused ‘harassment alarm and distress’ (the definition of anti-social behaviour. Ask them what you are supposed to have done. If they cant, tell them where to go (politely, of course!).
    Protest is not enough in itself to qualify for anti-social behaviour. However, this argument will hold less water if the demo has kicked off at all.

    Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous

  10. something survived...

    Not on topic but last night I saw that Grant Shapps is AKA Michael Green.
    (‘Do as I do’ scheme, i.e. rip off people) The lying git (as Green) a few years ago bombarded me with mails asking for money to ‘become successful’ when they know we are on benefits, luckily I was broke at the time so I binned most of it. I thought it looked like wank, and it turns out I was right. He’s no better than some of the local people who are not homeless but pretend to be, and aggressively demand money off people on the dole, so they can buy smack. Why should my dole go in their arms? Or other people (non-homeless, alcoholic drug users) who broke into my very spartan home (glorified shed with leaky roof and outdoor bog, no hot water, no bathroom) a number of years ago, trashed it and stole all my stuff. So that I then got evicted and made homeless, for having been burgled! In both cases these people have much more money than me and than others on the dole. Recently I’ve been coughing as I walk along and then had people jump in front of me ordering me to give them all my money.
    I stood my ground and didn’t give a penny. They think MY dole (which I need for food, rent, etc) belongs to THEM because they are bigger and stronger. Longer ago, I got mugged and the guy wanted the contents of my wallet. So I tipped it out into his hand… well he was welcome to all the AIR in my wallet, it was totally empty!

    What’s my point? Shapps and his lot are thieves, liars, conmen, cowards, and scum. They don’t care about ordinary people. They are the same as the mugger, the junkie and the rest except they are in a suit.

    I’m somewhere else (same city, different place) this weekend, but agree with getting rid of Workfare, Work programme, cuts, Atos, and the rest of it.

    This government are like the man piling endless bricks on a donkey till it falls over dead.

    No to food-stamps and prepayment benefits cards!

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