Number of Refugee Children in Detention Centres Doubles Two Years After Clegg Pledged to Stop it

The number of refugee children held in detention centres has doubled according to Home Office figures despite Nick Clegg’s pledge to end the practice he once called “state sponsored cruelty”.

60 children entered detention in the second quarter of 2012, a rise from 26 during the same period a year earlier.  Whilst children are no longer officially held at the notorious Yarl’s Wood centre – though the Refugee Council have warned many children are wrongly classified as adults – children are now being held in slightly better conditions in smaller family detention centres.  All Clegg has achieved in two years of government is slightly nicer prisons for even more children who have committed no crime.

Last year Nick Clegg said:

“This coalition government will once again restore a sense of decency and liberty to the way in which we conduct ourselves. That is why I can confirm that the government will make an announcement shortly about how we will deliver on our pledge to end child detention and to close the Yarl’s Wood detention centre for good.”

Yarl’s Wood hasn’t closed and child detention has doubled since he made that statement.

And yet still Clegg expects us to believe him on welfare cuts.  Despite him saying he would block a further £10 billion cut from the welfare budget, then conceding he would only agree should their be a ‘mansion tax’, he has now rolled over once again.  The cuts are going ahead and no new tax aimed at the rich is on the horizon.

Meanwhile Iain Duncan Smith is launching digital identity cards by the back door as part of Universal Credit.  The new benefit regime depends on a database which dwarfs the National Identity Register that Blair wished to introduce and the Lib Dems pretended to fight so hard against.

The Liberal Democrats in government have been neither liberal nor democratic, yet still the yellow slime in the party’s rank and file stay silent.  Suicides, jailed children, raised tuition fees, unpaid labour, homelessness and disabled people forced into ever increasing poverty and isolation – these will be seen as the only legacies of the Lib Dems contribution to this filthy coalition.

10 responses to “Number of Refugee Children in Detention Centres Doubles Two Years After Clegg Pledged to Stop it

  1. I thought “State Run Cruelty” was a party policy of the Tories?, i would go as far as to say it’s their Mantra. Nick Clegg is a toothless shark with no threat, the Tories treat their coalition partners with contempt, rather like a little rat on their back they must live with for not getting a majority. And their arrogance of making loose policy plans beyond 2015 clear evidence of their arrogant presumptiousness in thinking their policies will lead into a brighter future, empty promises and policies that will bring the country to it’s knee’s more than it is will never win them another term unless they think by that time only the elite rich would have the strength continue.

    Sometimes Clegg talkes the talk but he cannot walk the walk while cameron and his cronies digtate the beat of the political rhythm, it goes without saying he is often used by cameron as his whipping post. Treat Cameron as you would a variation of Hitler, he tried to rule the world, Cameron is trying to rule this country by breaking the will of the mentally and physically disabled, the innocent (kids) and those who care for them on the breadline.

    Children are suffering and so are adults through no fault of their own, but for the fact they live!… maybe cameron will pass “The Final Solution” in order to reduce the excess population, and in doing so prove what we already know about this party and it’s hidden agenda’s… they have worrying likenesses to the Nazi’s which started out with policies persecuting the jewish race, this is just another variation of those kind of cold heartless and systematic non democratic party policies. Stand strong!.. You have a voice, it might be weak but together we have a voice much louder than this government.

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  3. This Government cares nothing about human beings, they only care about rich corporate pals and getting backhanders from big business. The number of children in detention centres is a scandal, and what I’d like to know is where the hell are the European Court of Human Rights on all this shit that is going down here? Why are this bent govt, in particular IDS and Cameron not being hauled before the courts and being tried for crimes to humanity and murder?
    What about all the people that have died after unfair ATOS decisions? WHat about all the people that have had benefits sanctioned and left destitute unfairly? Disgusting, the ECHR are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. This country is going to hell and is being crushed by a fascist dictatorship that is no better than the Nazis.

  4. Get out next weekend in London and have some fun…..; > )
    Destroy some fascists…
    ….like InDaShit et al.

  5. Clegg is one half of The Claggeron leading off the fascist ConDemNation…..he’s a useless cunt, a Tory stooge. The LibDems are smirking simpering sellout bastards and are finished. They simper along in their wimpy simpery Tory arse-licking manner from behind their semi-detached suburban net curtain vinegar drinking sycophantic hypocrisy.

    • And after the damage is done and IBS and his fellow Nazis have implemented the “Final Solution” and the poor, weak and vulnerable have been wiped from the face of Planet UK the Claggerron will no doubt “apologise” with about as much as sincerity as a used car salesman (or T Bliar for that matter) “mistakes were made, it was an “oversight” to condemn so many to destitution and an agonising death” and ask very a “second chance” (re-elect the piece of yellow slime). That is how these cunts work; it is almost like reading a fucking script.

  6. something survived...

    It’s the new caring compassionate ‘rights for whites’ Conservatives.
    Tough on black people, tough on the causes of black people.

    Coastwatch are asking people to look out for any foreign looking people landing on the coast, to report them as suspected illegal immigrants.

    There was a thing on TV on who should be the next leader of the KKKonservatives;;; so I thought ‘Nick Griffin’ because their beliefs are so close now.
    Every day in every way, this government gets more and more racist.

  7. Shame on the Obnoxious Liberal Democrats and Shame on the
    Scum who Voted for Them

    The Liberal Democrats have been an Absolute Disaster for the
    Poor of this Country and which is why I did Not Vote for that Shower
    in this Years ” Euro Elections ”

    Another Rich Peoples Party

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