Atos Victims To Blame For Appeals Shambles Claims Mark Hoban

For over a month now there’s been barely a peep from the newly appointed Employment Minister Mark Hoban.  Unlike his bungling predecessor Chris Grayling, he was too lazy too give a speech at the Tory Party Conference and doesn’t appear to have done anything at all during his first month in the job.

Radio 4 however have finally managed to drag the lazy bastard out of his bed and it’s clear he would have been better staying where he was.  In a debate about the growing scandal of successful appeals brought against benefit slashing decisions made by Atos ‘Healthcare’ he attempted to blame sick and disabled people for the shambles.

Atos carry out the Work Capability Assessment which has been used to strip benefits from hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled benefit claimants.  40% of appeals against the company’s decisions are upheld at tribunals, and it is this shocking statistic that Hoban attempts to blame on sick and disabled people themselves.  Speaking this afternoon Hoban said:

“What’s happening too often is people are suggesting to claimants ‘oh, just leave the medical evidence until the appeal’ – there’s a shared responsibility here.”

This shocking statement does not bode well for the future of those with cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, MS or any number of other serious and life threatening conditions about to be forced into the humiliating Atos assessment regime.  The reality is that many claimants are terrified by the assessment process with an increasing number of people tragically taking their own lives.

The notion that people would gamble on losing vital benefits because they couldn’t be bothered to provide the necessary evidence of their condition is an astonishing new low for the DWP.  If this is the best we can expect from the skiving Employment Minister then he should fuck off back to sleep.

64 responses to “Atos Victims To Blame For Appeals Shambles Claims Mark Hoban

  1. Does anyone know if there will be in the future Olympics any Paralympic events which involve the use of heart and lung machines. I know there are events for wheelchair and running blade users but to need to be on a heart and lung machine to compete in a Paralympic event I think will be significantlt more difficult! Just thought I would ask?

  2. I, like many others, took letters from hospital consultants, doctors, etc. to the Atos medical farce, to back up my claim. Like the others, I was found fit for work. It took me many months of reading helpful web sites like this one before I realised I had totally missed the hidden agenda of the government and the DWP. They are not interested in our illnesses, medical conditions or how we struggle to live our lives, they just want us off benefits. More for the rich and nothing for the poor, the ill, the disabled – most of whom paid into the system when well enough to work. My medical was 11 months and 3 weeks ago – I am still waiting for a date for my appeal hearing. Does anyone know what sort of timescale the appeals are taking place after the medical?

  3. The reality is that many claimants are terrified by the assessment process with an increasing number of people tragically taking their own lives.

    The ruling class consider the sick and disabled useless eaters so they want them dead. Ideally they would prefer to efficiently systematically exterminate them on an industrial scale like the Nazis did, but they know they can’t get away with doing that yet. So their covert plan, is to harass and hound the sick and disabled and make their lives so unbearable, that they do the job for them and commit suicide to escape the suffering, humiliation, torment, hopelessness and despair. It is the outsourcing of the killing of the victim to the victim. That is why the ATOS worker asked the mentally ill person who had made repeated suicide attempts “why aren’t you dead then?” That is what they want.

    • Correct.

    • This is spot on, and its not just the sick and disabled that they want persecuted, its the unemployed as well – with the advent of the Universal Credit and its unbelievably harsh and impossible requirements, it will get almost all claimants thrown off within weeks of claiming for not fulfilling all the ridiculous requirements like 35 hours a week of monitored jobsearch, or being sanctioned for 3 years for failure to carry out workfare to their satisfaction. As I said in a previous post – many, many people are going to end up in prison, and forced to do 40 hours a week of gruelling work under concentration camp conditions. Why do you think they moved a wanker like Grayling to be in charge of Justice and Prisons? IDS will get us off benefits and on the streets, then Grayling comes along with his taskmaster’s whip and locks us all up. When we are all locked up in newly built “prisons” how will we riot and protest then?
      RIOT NOW or it will be too late – I’m deadly serious!

      • Well, look on the bright side, at least in prisons you get fed and have a bed and warmth. And you don’t have to work or worry about paying bills to live. Prisoners have a better life then we do on the outside,

        • A concrete bed 10 foot up, that if you fall out in the middle of the night, you smash your skull in two, is that the comfy bed you are talking about? When was the last time you had to have a shit in public? You have NO idea what prison is about, you should shut your stupid mouth!

        • WRONG – we have merciless bastard Chris Grayling in charge of prisons now – do you think he is going to give prisoners luxuries like warmth and comfy beds? No, the will be cold, damp squalid places where the screws take great delight in giving you just as good a hiding as the other cons. Prisons under Grayling will be pretty much like Nazi concentration camps – why do you think Adolf Cameron put Stalin Grayling in charge of Justice? Ken Clarke was too much of a soft touch. Prison will be your worst idea of what Hell is! Coming Soon!

        • Seriously, where the fuck to cunts like fredwil get the idea that prisons are “holiday camps”? You should put down that Daily Heil, fredwil you smug fucking Nazi!

  4. What do they mean the details of doctors etc are included on the form sent out but they chose not to contact them regarding the persons illness

  5. “What’s happening too often is people are suggesting to claimants ‘oh, just leave the medical evidence until the appeal’ – there’s a shared responsibility here.”

    What the fuck does that mean? Everyone knows that ATOS don’t look at medical evidence, so where is the shared responsibility? Is this asshole seriously suggesting that people going for the WCA are choosing not to bring all the evidence they can? What a fucking clown!

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  7. Please do not resort to violence as that is what they want-you are in danger of playing into their hands. So what can u do. Educate-sure, tell as many people as you can that apart from perhaps some parts of London like Westminister-people in work are always better off and so they should be in work.
    Most people can not live on benefits and it is designed that way so it is not a comfortable life with no social life or holidays. If they say well the disabled get loads, tell them sure the disabled get more then those on JSA but many disabled people are in work or have partners that are in work-even then most disabled peoples income is below the national average. Maybe not as adventurous a suggestion as people have suggested but remember with no effective opposition, we have to be very careful in breaking the political consensus.

  8. when i had my inquisition what i did say was omited & what i didnt say was put down

  9. wow do these people live in there very own little bubble. somebody needs to prick that bubble and soon.
    Philhow 🙂

  10. Hoban is another like Grayling who doesn’t have a clue what is going on with Atos and DWP. No one is checking what Atos is actually doing and how they are doing it. Why? Because they don’t care. They only one aim, to get as many off benefits as possible no matter what. And, Labour is no better, they will carry on where Troy/LibDebs leave off if they win next time. All the major disability charities need to come together and take court action against the Govt. They won’t do that because most get state funding and if they lose they will go under.

    • Grayling knew everything that was going on – he’s a very merciless man, and he knew that people were being found wrongly fit for work – that was the whole idea – to get them off the higher rate benefits while they “appealed” Atos work under government set guidelines that basically state if you can speak or raise you hand you are fit for work as you could be expected to work in a call centre. It all comes from Cameron, who has a hatred for anything less than a perfect population. Cameron tells Osborne what to do, and IDS is made to do his worst to make sure people are penalised as much as possible. Grayling was IDS’s mouthpiece used to spread hateful propaganda about the unworthy Workshy and fake DLA and IB claimants taking golfing holidays and shit like that.
      The overriding requirement is to get the claimant count down – at ANY cost to the people involved, even if that means they die, or get sent to prison, where they will be made to work till they drop.
      Forget about peaceful marches on Oct 20th which the Govt wont give 2 fucks about, that day needs to be about DIRECT action that this Tory Govt will sit up and listen to. Direct action that brings about martial law and a state of emergency being declared. The people need to get REALLY ANGRY about what this vicious dictatorship are doing, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before its too late.

      • Grayling is worse than the N a z i s were with the Jewish Nation from the 1930’s to end of world war 2. I watch world at war programmes on Yesterday freeview channel. In some of the film of the terribly unfortunate Jews arriving at concentration camps in Poland I notice “elderly” men fitter than myself being regarded as “not fit for work”, evidence of this is in them being sent with those others destined for the gas chamber, deemed not even fit enough to be worked to death. Grayling and his cronies at ATOS and DWP found me fit for work (activity group not even considered) and this was 4 weeks after open heart surgery (not “a walk in the park” heart by-pass or Angioplasty [stents] either). I died twice and needed resucitations’ on 3rd day after surgery. A family member was with me all the time on ICU (intensive care unit) and whilst I do not decry the NHS in any way whatsoever, I believe if my sister had not been there it would have been expedient to let me slip away but she was an encouraging factor so in my case, the tory scum were lost on this ocassion. Grayling is evil and a N A Z I and of course a frustrated one because the way the “world is wired” means these nasties just cannot go as far as their true will desires. It is a numbers game to the tories, all for profit and exercises in “back slapping”. Grayling stayed out of the scum party conference just to make the public feel he was doing so because in some way he was hurting (not ashamed). I think his Fuhrer should start issuing the Cyanide capsules so thes scum can joint their true heroes like the like of the Luftwaffes Goering when they are found out.

  11. People discharged from specialist services [like mental health] back to GP because of cuts can’t get specialist reports for assessments. Even those under specialists can’t get reports within 3 1/2 weeks to send back with forms [when it has to be returned within 4 weeks of receiving it this means sending it back at the 3 1/2 week mark]. Many people can’t even get a GP appt within that timescale let alone a consultants letter.

    • Ohhhh and can someone tell eric prickles how to join “Weight Watchers”, his 5 chins rolled into one need some serious effort (now there’s a word “effort”). He takes up far too much space anyway, wouldn’t want to be his pall bearer even if fit enough. These comments are in no way meant to denigrate with parts of the uk populace with weight/health related conditions. I myself am classed as obese (heart failure related I think), it is just that pickles and his Ilk are the exception to this.

      • The toffeehammer

        Agreed! The horridable unhygienic oaf needs to take a brillo pad to his teeth as well. His teeth look like they’ve been chewin thatcher’s clagnuts.

        Anyone know if he’s related to judge ‘potty’ pickles?

  12. Ah, but we’re all in it together, apart from them.

  13. Stormtrooper Grayling is busy working behind the scenes towards taking away any access to Human Rights. It is unlikely that the general population understand what that will mean for them, they have been fed many stories over the last few years about how this Act has stopped the “legitimate” removal of “terroists” from our shores. Once they have achieved this anything will go, including the systematic removal of useless eaters. This is the aim of the corporate fascists who sincerly believe they are here to and have the right off rule. Over the last thirty or more years they have beavered away behind the sight of public and press to this aim. Why? I wish I could see the answer, I can only see small parts-like the fact that money and power is like heroin to them, there will never be enough in the whole world to satisfy their craving. We are in for an even worse time when the new PIP is introduced, it is a travesty of injustice and will beat even the WCA with horror stories. We very much need to get rid of them all and very, very soon without losing sight of replacing them with a working democracy that can never be dismantloed again.

    • We need a government which will re-educate and therefore eradicate any future prospect of conservatism thought. It is not appropriate, necessary in the 21st century

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  15. These practices are a clear breach of Human Rights along a number of sections, the reality is many mentally and physically disabled people could consider maybe in groups taking some test cases forward, this would sort this tory craziness out in one or two cases and it could all cease to be.. they would hate it but they would have to abide. People are going to have to sit or stand shoulder to shoulder to defeat this evil.. it must stop now and don’t expect the BBC to report it much because Atos run their IT department!, this is partly why this scandal has been covered up because they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot. you will only see it on the commercial channels. This must stop and stop now, there is no place for this in a democratic country, the government does not even monitor this 100 million contract for god’s sake! and they spout a load of rhetoric over taxpayers money, the tory propaganda is creating deep persecutions and the working class unwittingly are doing the dirty work for them by taking the lies and half-baked figures to influence their stereotypes of mentally and physically disabled, this is as much on the shoulders of economical migrants as it is scroungers who are 100% fit enough to work but are lazy boozing and going up the pub and betting office with their dole and other benefits.. it stinks. Go to the Atos Office in London and protest heavy… others here..

    • Apologies if I have misunderstood your comment, but you are not seriously having a go at/blaming “economical migrants”, “scroungers who are 100% fit enough to work but are lazy boozing and going up the pub and betting office with their dole and other benefits.” for the government’s attack on the disabled? You are not the “stereotypical” disabled person who believes you have the right to sit on your lazy backside with your imaginary ailments living the Life of Riley whilst the “scroungers” and “economical migrants” are put to work to pay for your of sybaritic luxury? Jeez.

    • More like the abuse and hassle those on jsa receive is on the shoulders of those on “disability” benefits. Because it is those on “DISABILITY” benefits that the wider community sees sat in the pub, in the bookies, driving new cars, going on holiday abroad, etc. JSA is only £71 a week (£56.25 for under 25s), there is no way anybody is sat in a pub all day on that miserly income. Not to mention, these are many jobseekers who receive £NOTHING a week due to being “sanctioned” (up to 26 weeks at present). Instead of . Your attempt to demonise jobseekers and “economical migrants” is nothing short of pathetic, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Instead of complaining and whining constantly you should think of yourself as being very fortunate.

      • spangle is talking shit but please don’t stoop down to their level. IB can be as low as £74 a week and even the ESA Support Group only get £105. 10,000 ESA sanctions were handed out last year and that number is likely to soar when Universal Credit is introduced.

        Claimants, low waged workers, parents, disabled people it’s vital we stick together and don’t start attacking each other – that’s exactly what they want.

  16. The toffeehammer

    camoron said “When they looked at my little boy, they only saw the wheelchair”

    Strangely enough, atos don’t see the wheelchair, do they, dave?? Ah well, Dr Strangelove was ‘fit for work’ wasn’t he, mein fuhrer??

    ‘Die fahne hoch, die reihen fest geschlossen,
    SA marschiert, mit ruhig festem schritt………….’

    Be kids up chimneys next……..probably in more ways than one.

  17. It’s less than two weeks sinse I went to a different G.P. After being totally abandoned last year by my regular one. this four days after receiving my own ‘Brown death defying Envelope’.

    I gave the new G.P. Around 1200 powerful painkillers savedup for the final solution. after he dumped them he asked what I do for you today. I plead for urgent help to get my out of a very bad housing situation I tel him I’m losing weight dramaticly I told him I had sved the painkillers over several month due to the housing situation that is well documented by doctors. They know of my suisidal attampt’s and threat’s to do so. I clutch my Brown Envelope asking him if he can provide Medical Evidence for my pending deathly assessment. He clearly told me No as they ask for it so no need for me to provide any at any stage. I ask ‘can you help me with anything’ ‘NO’

    Two days later I got the dreaded phone call. at the begining I made sure I told them I was suicidal. I had to repeat it seconds later as they tried to use Duncan’s Ideological pre written script on me. it did not work as I got more and more distressed Damn Why did I trust that doctor with my Euthanasia med’s. After having to speak to the supervisor back to the caller the supervisor the caller. they called an ambulance to cover themself. in case I ended it all. if only I had the med’s handy. it actually took 90 minute’s from stat of call to theambulance crew comming to see me.

    They still insisted they read out the scripted process of being put on E.S.A. Of which none was taken in as I sat there in death mode. after reading out a list of my attempt’s and near misses. they were very shocked and said they had no training to listen to such thing’s they had no knowledge of my Medical condition’s. they sure do now. probably needing a counsellor of their own. they actually transfered me straight over. nomedical required. yet who cares E.S.A. Will take away much of my benefit’s anyway ensuring a life of even worse poverty than now.

    As for the Health care. What healthcare would that be?

    It need’s to be known Jonny/All some of us get shockingly bad healthcare and if we speak out as I have there is retribution. justwhat chabce with ATOS. when ther isno support from such G.P.s. this is a vry serious issue. that needs to be highlighted in the Media. people’s live’s are at stake here. many thousand’s.


    • What are you talking about?: “ESA Will take away much of my benefit’s anyway ensuring a life of even worse poverty than now.” ESA is £71, exactly the same Jobseekers Allowance. And it comes with lot less “conditionality” than JSA – it is not like you have been sentenced to Mandatory Work Activity? How do you think those on JSA manage? Or are you so wrapped up in yourself that you couldn’t care less?

  18. It’s no god asking me how people on Job Seekers Allowance, they can speak for themself. thay applies for those forced to do Manatory work/Training.

    None of the the Government’s policies of of my doing our fault.

    How dare you suggest Icould not care less about those you mention, when you dont know anything about me. I’m already marked for speaking out. I have been on plenty crap training schemes myself. best ou direct your anger in the right place.

  19. Might be worth taking a look at this link:
    It says:
    The health care professional you meet at your face to face assessment will always have prepared by looking through your file to ensure they’re familiar with all the details you’ve provided so far on your medical condition(s). This includes your completed ESA50 questionnaire, which you’ll have filled out and returned before the assessment, as well any further medical evidence, like a letter you’ve submitted from your GP for example
    So they should take account of medical evidence, provided we bring it with us

    • In the end it doesn’t matter what the ATOS clowns say or write down. The final decision is down to the governments so called ‘decision makers’.
      These people have absolutely NO medical experience whatsoever and are making ‘decisions’ on health problems and disabilities they have no idea about.
      I know this for a fact as they have told my dad exactly this: “It doesn’t matter that the decision makers have no medical experience as the government has given us the right to look at peoples medical records and make the decision”.
      Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that go against Data Protection and also the claimants right to have their case dealt with by a medical professional that actually knows what they are looking at???

  20. If someone can tell me hiw to go about doing it, when it comes time to do it, and the time WILL come, I would be willing to take on Atos in a court of law. They are patently in breach of so much legslation that they need to be taken to court and HAMMERED.
    I am serious about this.

    • I wouldn’t like to bet on it (I’m a benefits gambler, I spend £1 a week on lotto unlucky number) but I think the ATOS sub-contract to DWP factor may work harshly against any attempt at a successful court action.

      • Atos are NOT about wca…..they are about denial…their so called ‘health professionals’? I don’t gamble, but I’m willing to bet that many of them are bogus. I am also willing to bet their actions are in contravention of dwp guidelines and European Human Rights legislation.
        Their actions in France lead to breakdowns and suicides.
        They are a gangster firm, masquerading as an i.t. outfit.
        I believe they can, with the appropriate legal backing, be broken in a court.

        • I know your serious a number but you make me laugh (in the best possible sense).

        • I think a lot of ATOS HCP’s are eastern european as I remember having a go at the HCP (I reported her in appeal letters) who interogated me as not being very conversant with the English Language. It helped my case.

    • I will join u in taking them to court, i want to sue them for mental distress.

  21. Much is going to be revealed about Savile’s evil that will have the Tories shitting themselves.
    Gangster, paedophile, Mason, close chums with Ted Heath. Start there.
    The shit is going to hit the windmill with this one, ucovering the depraved corrupt nature of the cabal at the heart of this sickening UKplc.

  22. Looks like the idea of restricted pre-paid benefit smart-cards might be round the corner. IDS wants “feckless” claimants with drink and drug problems and “troubled families” to be handed cards instead of cash benefits. And maybe there’ll be a roll-out of this for other claimants down the line…

    Reported with relish by the Daily Heil:

  23. I can see a time in the not too distant future, when those pushed too far will not only take their own lives, but the people in charge of the nastiness..a sort of why not use your death to do something like taking others out with you. this is what i can see. and it saddens me but i can see it happening

  24. Hi Johnny. it’s the reasons in your timely reply I felt I must point it out. as I dont want anyone to come to harm.

    Morning everyone.

    • That (Paul Davidson) “anyone” must include the people who govern the UK no matter the depth of feeling against them. I abhor “capitalist” anything including the concept of property ownership. If capitalists (do you consider you own property? then you are capitalist) cause so much misery to the less fortunate, then they indulge in phoneyism. The root/origins of all property in UK and elsewhere is theft starting with the monarchy 100’s of years ago. All that “we think” we own becomes dust! a little depressing maybe but fact.

  25. I hate IDS will be pleased to hear tories like autoerotic asphyxiation, oranges and black bin liners. >>>

  26. the thing with this whole process is that you ARE NOT TOLD to bring any evidence with you…..If we were informed about the process and what to bring etc…then we would !!! The whole process is a secret to us… the disabled… minute we are on ESA…the next we get a letter saying we need to attend an assessment….no other information is given… money ALL OF MY MONEY then stopped for no apparent reason…no post…..nothing…..It took me several attempts and a very hefty phone to bill to find out that i had ‘failed’ (their words) my assessment……the only advise given was to sign on……which I cannot do as I am unfit for work !!!…..anyhow… 5 weeks later…no money……only just received my medical report, which is a total LIE !!!! I Mean totally fabricated……another million phone calls made…no money still… address to complain too…..what is going on ???? who do i complain too ??

  27. It’s good to hear that appeals are being won as my dad has one coming up soon. These clowns at ATOS should not be working and doing what they are doing to people. When my dad went for he’s assessment and had his blood pressure taken it was extremely high, so high infact that he should have been sent straight to the hospital. Instead the ‘nurse’ just wrote down that it was only slightly elevated. This same ‘nurse’ wrote down that the tablets that my dad are on are only moderate painkillers not taking into account that he has severe cirrhosis of the liver and his doctor will not give him anything stronger. They never asked for a medical report off of his doctor, all they asked my dad to provide was a sick note. Since all this has started his health is gradually getting worse, but his doctor is going to help as much as he can and has written a detailed medical report for my dad to take to the appeal. Hopefully this will help.

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  29. Does anyone know what sort of timescale the appeals are taking place after the medical? MARCH 2015 .. WHEN THERE GONE !!!!

  30. Problem with this >>> “”” The notion that people would gamble on losing vital benefits because they couldn’t be bothered to provide the necessary evidence of their condition is an astonishing new low for the DWP. If this is the best we can expect from the skiving Employment Minister then he should fuck off back to sleep.””” IS TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE BUSY DOING OTHER THINGS INSTEAD OF VOTING THE OTHER PILE OF SHITE (LABOUR PARTY) INTO GOVERNMENT AT THE LAST GENERAL ELECTION – That is when the shit hit the fan as Labour “knew knew knew” that the conservatives would implement their proposed strategy on welfare, – this was only Labours “BLUFF” to help get them remain in power, the tories swallowed it hook line and sinker!

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  32. i have just been told i have got to sign on after being on the sick for 2years with fibroymalagia atos said i am fit to work even though i suffer from depression lack of sleep aching muscles i cannot stand or sit for long periods i can only use one arm cannot stand noise crowded places but i have told the job centre all this and i have got to sign on tuesday and i am dreading it is there any thing else i can do about atos assessments

  33. Christopher Walker

    I agree they are all as bad as each other they take no responsibility for the lives they ruin.That is the real problem in Britain today,nobody takes responsibility for the things they do wrong. They cause all this trouble for others & then have the brass neck to blame others for their mistakes. If they want some one to blame look in the mirror.But that’s too damn easy & that would be admitting they are the failure that they really are. I hope each & every one of you gets justice & all can bankrupt the worthless Tory Nazi’s.This is plain enslavement like the Nazi’s did in the second world war & they are allowed to get away with it. They just don’t have to waste time building concentration camps.They can kill people in their own homes & they are laughing at it.Because they get a huge tax cut,that’s the real reason they won’t lift a finger to help others.Yet when they are in the firing line they want all the support they can get.You watch when a real government get in to power & they fix the Tory screw up & start taxing the toffs,you watch the Tories on the news & in the paper calling the plans “a farce”.I personally find a farce to be funny but this Tory farce hasn’t made me laugh once.They are a terrible comedy troop that have no relation to the grass roots. They sit in their Down ton abbey mansions & scrounge off the tax payer & Embezzle out of the treasury.I am tired of calling it “an expenses scandal”.It’s embezzling plain & simple & last I heard it was a crime.

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