Grant Shapps Is A Lying Bastard

Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps pleaded in the Daily Telegraph on Friday that his use of the pseudonym Michael Green, the name he adopted to promote his get rich quick scams, was just a joke.  His justification comes after the company he established, and which is now run by his wife, is under increasing scrutiny after a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The complaint argues that Howtocorp, the business established by Shapps,  misled the public by presenting “Michael Green” and “Sebastian Fox” as genuine businessmen who had made substantial sums of money from using the company’s software and money making guides.

Shapps has been repeatedly mocked after a picture of him posing as the imaginery online marketing guru Michael Green appeared in the media.

Shapps’ dismissal of the complaints about his multiple personalities fails to explain why he, or someone from his company, registered the domain under the fake name Michael Green in breach of US internet rules as recently as February last year.

(click to enlarge images) is software sold by howtocorp which automatically generates websites by stealing content from other sites.  Under US law this practice is almost certainly illegal and using a fake name to register the website which sold it would be an aggravating factor which could add seven years jail time to any sentence received.  Shapps appears to have a strange sense of humour.

Shapps’ joke also fails to explain the following post on the Warrior Internet forum where both Michael Green and Sebastian Fox appear together to promote the company’s software:

Howtocorp deleted all their posts from the Warrior Forums on the 30th September this year, shortly after news of Shapps’ online spam scam broke.  Unfortunately they missed the one above.  Posh people are never very good at crime.

All of the company’s websites and youtube channels have disappeared over the last couple of weeks.

Shapps claims in the Telegraph that he is “absolutely not embarrassed” about the activities of the company which might leave people wondering why he has decided to hide the evidence.

According to Michael Green, the company had made $28 million dollars from their assorted scams.  It does seem strange that a company raking in so much cash should suddenly shut up shop and attempt to remove any trace of their existence from the internet.

Whatever the verdict of the complaint to the ASA it is clear that Shapps and his former company are doing everything possible to hide any online evidence relating to their possibly illegal activities.  Labour MP  Steve McCabe has called for a police investigation into howtocorp’s activities.  A young man is currently facing extradition to the US for acting in similar way to howtocorp.

Shapps’ second line of defence, that he is no longer involved in the company, is perhaps most despicable of all given that it leaves his wife to face any legal fall out from the scams which made him rich.  They are playing a dangerous game.  Should a police investigation take place examining Shapps or his wife’s company,  then their orchestrated campaign of destroying any online evidence could well see an offence of ‘perverting the cause of justice’ added to the charge sheet.

15 responses to “Grant Shapps Is A Lying Bastard

  1. Liars and thieves all.

  2. Hello ‘ello ‘ello! This serial liar is under the delusion that he is above the law. No change there then…

  3. Hypocrite and absolute sicko! But – what do you expect? Yuk.

  4. we cant trust the politicians and the politicians control the old bill,we cant trust the banks and the banks control the politicians. the politician who called the copper a pleb didnt say it cos he was plod, he said it cos he is working class scum. we are screwed till we get big change

  5. Die Schadenfreude es brennt! There really is nothing quite like an Anarchist giving a Nob a good kicking with his size 11 para-boots.

  6. Above the law and beneath contempt.

  7. Michael Fallon – wheezing scumbag right now on Radio 5 defending the withdrawal for vulnerable under-25s. God I wish we could abolish the Tory Party somehow…

    • I meant “withdrawal of housing benefits for vulnerable under-25s…” Tories have that effect on me.

      • something survived...

        Or.. Withdrawal _of_ vulnerable under-25’s…

        Sorry this is a short post, I got sick at Work Programme and have coughed blood for a couple of days…
        At least I’m over 25 but for those under 25, they might have nowhere to go and no way to pay rent. ‘They could pay the rent with their dole’… what if they are actually using ALL the JSA to pay rent? If rent is more than JSA? How do they then eat? Travel? Buy clothes or anything else? Pay bills?
        At Work Programme I was told to do Directgov’s (*site shuts on 17th October) ‘Benefits Adviser’. it asked me all these questions and then told me I was entitled to £301 per week in benefits excluding disability benefits. It’s stupid as disabled people know they are disabled; then the government tells maybe 90% ‘you are not disabled’ – so are you then not allowed to identify as disabled or to say yes to ‘are you disabled?’ ???
        In that figure was £71 JSA I already get, plus £230 which is my MONTHLY rent. The Directgov thing doesn’t know the difference between weekly and monthly! Marvin the Paranoid Android: “What a depressingly stupid machine.” Later this site mentioned on a post that it is about £179 per week max you can get in HB anyway.
        So even their computer systems are done by morons, telephone call centres… leads you to infer that those Above them are pretty damn thick as well.

  8. Well, well. Michael Green is certainly quick on his feet:

  9. Keep at it Johnny. This rank tosser is just facing down anyone who confronts him and says it’s all lies and he didn’t do it etc.,. and we’re all supposed tio tug our forleocks ang go: that’s alright guv, you carry on,and we’ll all just go back to being your serfs..
    He needs to resign/be fired /or arrested, with criminal charges in the offing.

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