Bungling Atos Now In Charge of Nuclear Decommissioning!

Bungling IT firm Atos, the French company responsible for mis-managing the government’s brutal Work Capability Assessment, have been given a contract to run IT services for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

The £140 million contract will see Atos operating at 30 different sites around the UK in what is a “significant change for all the businesses involved” according to one person involved in the contract.

Atos have been repeatedly criticised for their role in providing health assessments designed to strip benefits from sick and disabled people.  A recent investigation found 32 people a week are dying after being found ‘fit for work’ by the company whilst 40% of people who appeal against the company’s decisions are successful.  Tragically an increasing number of people have taken their own lives due to the actions of Atos ‘Healthcare’.

Only this week Atos were forced to apologise after their medical assessors declared that a disabled woman who needs 24 hour care was in fact a man and found him ‘fit for work’.

Few people would trust Atos with a box of matches let alone radio-active materials.  Locas near the sites are advised to stock up on tinned foods and board up windows.  Everyone else run for the hills.


22 responses to “Bungling Atos Now In Charge of Nuclear Decommissioning!

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  2. vaultpresseb47764149546c1efb089c38527dbaaa

    We’re all well and truly fucked!


  3. satire at its very finest…brilliant (the truth)

  4. Aw well if we do go (and I am reading more and more that we shall be soon one way or another) we will all be in it together!

  5. I wonder if they’ll use conscripts (sorry, people on workfare) to help with the clean-up when the inevitable happens?

    Silly question I know, but I wouldn’t put anything past these people…

    • no doubt they will – and to save cash they will send them out to clean without protection, sanction them when they fall ill with radiation sickness and replace them with a new set – repeat process

      • No they are more likely to use all the people they have found “fit to work” over the last few months!!! That way they help the government kill the sick and disabled faster to reduce costs.

        I wonder how meny MPs have shares and other connections in this company?

        It’s time people had more say in the way things are done in the uk our current “Democratic” system is failing and failing in huge waves!

        • “It’s time people had more say in the way things are done in the uk our current “Democratic” system is failing and failing in huge waves!”

          This isnt a democracy any more – its a Totalitarian fascist state, being run by a fascist dictator, no not Cameron, but IDS.
          IDS is so pleased with ATOS’s performance in sanctioning people of IB and ESA, that he’s given them a huge slap on the back and recommended them for promotion to even more savagery.

        • I hate to disabuse you, but we in Britain have NEVER had a REAL democracy and if Labour and Tory have their way we NEVER will. REAL democracy involves a little concept called FAIR VOTES ie PR so what did the Tories decide to ‘offer’ us in a referendum last year? Yes, the “miserable little comprimise” of the Alternative Vote which is merely another version of the farcical lottery of First Past The Post. Until we have PR and an elected second chamber Britain can’t be called a real democracy.

          We will only have it if we riot for it like other people around the world have had to do or we get invaded like Germany was and have it imposed on us.


  6. Fraser G’s right!
    If they use the recently ‘cured by Atos’ to do the ‘dirty’ work, it’ll have the added bonus of cutting down on the number of appeals.
    Furthermore, if the workfarce starts to diminish, they can simply call them back for reassessment – and reset their ‘counters’ to zero.
    As for trusting them with a box of matches – I wouldn’t trust ’em with a pan of spuds; your spuds at that! ♥

  7. Atos are actually good at IT – it’s when they stray from it that people die.
    Here’s hoping the bastards don’t press a button they’ve no business pressing. They sure as hell press mine……..

  8. M utually.
    A ssured. This Crazy World.
    D estruction.

  9. Sorry Cassandra479, we have already passed total insanity to the point where Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatters Tea Party is the very epitome of sanity when compared with the current state of play ….

  10. So Mr Greenwood, After the Nuclear war (caused because we lost a few tiny missiles but that doesnt matter we have saved the governments Millions). We see you have claimed for Employment Support, Now i see your third arm ends with a tentacle. this means you could work posting letters, Of course the fact you are highly radioactive and have no skin, may go against you, but i am sure you are fit enough to work. Now Mr Greenwoods 2nd head in your chest.. I am afraid you are healthy enough to work full time.

  11. We need to see far more hands on approach with protest especially at the Atos HQ in london. I’m shocked how the crumbling backbone of protest has been relatively weak… this is a serious breach of human rights and it’s time protest was stepped up before there is no way back from this insane governments welfare policies that some people may not quite understand until it’s too late…next year.

  12. With ATOS involved, there won’t be any need for decommissioning – the reactors will be fit to work again in a few weeks….

  13. here is some information for those of us who plan to survive the nuclear apocalypse…. http://oism.org/nwss/s73p904.htm

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