Protest at the Tory Party Conference

I was going to write something about the Labour Conference but it’s just so fucking dull I can barely bring myself to bring it up.  Here’s a plug for the protest outside the Tory Conference on Sunday instead.

From Birmingham Against The Cuts

On Sunday 7th October we’ll be welcoming the tories to Birmingham for their annual conference, with a TUC organised demonstration marching through the town centre to a rally at St Marks Place:

Assemble: Victoria Square at 10.30 and march moves off at 11.00am

The tories are leading the neo-liberal charge to destroy the gains won through class struggle over the past century, with benefit cuts looking to take us back to the victorian age of workhouses and poverty, the NHS being run down in preperation for being flogged off or outsourced to tory donating private health companies, free schools and academies combine with budget cuts to undermine our education system and legal aid cuts remove access to justice for civil cases from any ordinary person.

Austerity is sold as being a solution to the deficit problem, but the deficit is rising as double dip recession it created causes tax income to fall and welfare payments to rise. Alongside the destruction to our economy it destroys our communities and our lives.

The neo-liberal’s answer to this is more cuts of course, and to get rid of employment rights and health and safety legislation, next up will be the minimum wage (already undermined by £2.60/hr apprenticeships and workfare) and more restrictions on trade unions.

From pensions to youth centres, sure start to libraries, forests to street cleaning, the cuts to services affect us all, so if you’re out this weekend and friends are moaning about the government, about the economy or the services they’ve lost, make sure they are coming out on Sunday 7th to march with the rest of us plebs calling for the alternatives to austerity.

Please share, tweet etc and spread the word.

Above pic from West Midlands IWW

44 responses to “Protest at the Tory Party Conference

  1. Purity Vendetta

    The route and timing of the march has been changed and meets at Victoria Square at 10.30 and moves off at 11.00am

  2. Hopefully the banners outside will question Grant Snapps integrity as the filthy rich are above the law.

  3. I was going to write something about the Labour Conference but it’s just so fucking dull I can barely bring myself to bring it up.

    Labour will make cuts to welfare budget if it wins 2015 election, says Liam Byrne

    Shadow work and pensions secretary points to resentment of benefit claimants and says social security must be ‘reinvented’.

    Yep they’re still New Labour.

    New Labour – Yes we will forcibly violently sodomise you, but we promise that unlike our nasty opponents, we will use a bit of lube.

    • I cant get over it – I think Liam Byrne has been completely brainwashed by IDS – he even looks like IDS. There’s now no alternative to IDS. Could I book a death by Lethal Injection please – I just dont want to go on any more since I heard this total explosion of hatred for the poor, by a LABOUR MP. Workfare is to live on past 2015 even if Labour win the next election. The assimilation to the USA is a step closer. Mandatory Euthanasia for the long term unemployed and sick will be next, and fascist bastards like Byrne would probably support it. Byrne in hell Liam and fuck you Labour!

      • I know how you feel I hate IDS, I don’t think it’s ever going to get any better, this country is now becoming a total psychopathocracy – a country where psychopathic values are the social norms, predation is an accepted way of life for the citizens and the country’s ruling elite are actual certifiable psychopaths.

  4. Anybody willing to bet that someone will stand up at the Labour Party Conference and say, “Fuck your austerity. What we want is a firm commitment that you’ll govern in the interests of the people, and you won’t smash up the social fabric of this country to please your rich and powerful friends”? Anybody want to make book on this? No?

    Even if they were willing to make such a commitment they would just ignore it as soon as they got into power. All they need do is look in the direction of the LibDems to discover how far you can go in betraying the people who voted for you.

    I’m not the first to notice that the red flag isn’t getting a look-in. Instead there’s violet everywhere, a colour between red and blue but predominantly blue. But what do you do if there isn’t any real alternative to the Tories, just the Westminster village and the neoliberal consensus?

    Don’t cry, don’t raise your eyes, it’s only Tory Wasteland.

  5. I live in Cornwall, a unitary authority, which plans to make EVERYBODY (other than pensioners, rich or poor) pay 30% of their Council Tax charge, and I do mean EVERYBODY (other than pensioners, rich or poor), i.e., single parents, people on Jobseeker’s Allowance, or disabled – whatever!

    The Council whose members are mostly Conservatives followed by Liberal Democrats says that this is the only fair way of “sharing” the pain caused by Eric Pickles 10% cut in money they receive from central government.

    So we’re back to a flat rate tax levied against even the poorest people of working age… hold on… we’ve been here before… Conservative councils are bringing back the Poll Tax again!

  6. According to the BBC a majority of people polled by Demos support the payment of benefits in vouchers instead of cash. This is apparently to stop claimants spending their benefits on “luxuries” or even “vices” like alcohol or tobacco.

    One other option appears to be the issuing of a pre-paid card that could be used by claimants. Suspiciously Mastercard seem to support this idea. Surprise surprise…


    The demonisation and stigmatisation of the unemployed and disabled may have some way to go yet…

    • The ancients used to tell their people “if you want to ensure the crops grow this year, you must make a blood sacrifice to the gods”. The modern civilised capitalist version is – “if you want economic prosperity, you must sacrifice your drains on society – your useless eaters, your malingerers, your lazy, feckless benefit scrounging scum, by stripping them of all their dignity and the pittance they get by on and leave them to become destitute, freeze to death in the streets and starve.

      The elderly and infirm, the unemployed and the sick and disabled offered up as a blood sacrifice to the capitalist god Mammon, with the full support of the capitalist right-wing media, the red, yellow and blue Tories and the rabid, ignorant, gullible, short-sighted propagandised, brainwashed electorate, who still haven’t realised who their real enemy is and what they have planned for them.

  7. They are ALL from the same vat of shit.
    The Millibandwagon is going to ensure Tory Right Wing rule for years to come.
    Make way for the narcotized nation. Like Amerika, the land of abysmal hypocrisy, we shall soon be irretrievably dumbed down and living on food stamps, while the better off slaver at the feet of their airbrushed and corrupt masters while they watch glossy propaganda as it is beamed straight into the cerebral cortex.
    This is our future. Either this….or death.


    What total idiots the Labour Party are!. If the Labour Party explained the facts to the nation about unemployment and its REAL causes then they would be in a strong position and gain the support of the electorate. By pandering to the UTTER MORON IDS’S agenda and to the cretins who believe the crap the Daily Moron prints they are undermining themselves. Do they really believe they can out-nasty the original ‘Nasty Party’? If they do, then not only are they morally bankrupt and completely thick with a capital T but politically bankrupt too!

    • No-one, I repeat, No-one can out nasty Iain Duncan Smith, the man is the most poisonous, evil, sick and twisted creature to ever be put in charge of the welfare system. Many can try to emulate him, but no-one will beat him. I have said it so many times before, the man is the devil incarnate – Adolf Hitler has risen from the dead, and the Jews have now morphed into the Poor, the Sick, and the Unemployed – how long before the Elderly have to look down the barrel of this merciless killer’s shotgun?

      • The elderly will be last to get rounded up, they think they are safe ( as long as they keep voting) … well, for the time being 🙂 But, when the time comes it will be a very short walk to the gas chamber.

      • Snuffing out the elderly would save a fortune in paying out pensions (lots more lolly for the toffs) as well as savings on healthcare (even more lolly for the toffs). If you threw all the sick, disabled and unemployed into a furnace tomorrow the “savings” would be small change to what would be “saved” by gassing all the old folk. Wonder why there is so much focus on harassing the sick, disabled and unemployed then? Wonder who the REAL target is? But keep voting for your bus passes, free TV licences and “winter fuel allowance” and everything will be OK. 🙂 … for now 🙂


    The Labour Party should point-out to the country how much money is being wasted on Iain Dumbo-Smith’s so-called ‘welfare reforms’, how private companies like A4e basically just take taxpayer’s money and run with it and that the whole idea of ‘welfare reform’ is unworkable whilst Britain has a very weak economy that doesn’t produce enough jobs to go around.

  10. something survived...

    Didn’t ‘liberal’ and ‘libertarian’, formerly mean exactly the opposite of how they are used now? Also the dictionary says ‘reforms’ are ‘making things better’. The government has changed this to mean ‘making everything much worse’.

  11. Well, I hope that the Tories get the welcome to Brum that they deserve – Eggs, rotton tomatoes, and worse, the filthy scum – Birmingham is going to suffer badly over the Welfare Reform Act, there are a lot of poor people living in Brum, and I hope they give it to the Tories on Sunday. Wonder if IDS will show his ugly treacherous face? Hopefully someone might arrange an unfortunate “accident” for him that does a bit more than ruin his suit with rotten eggs. A nice riot outside the Conference would be good, a bit of Jag bashing, good old fashioned civil disobendience is the order of the day. Show the Tories how much they are hated – make them hear the voice of the poor and feel their wrath!

    • Purity Vendetta

      I will do my best.

    • I think Iain Dumbo-Smith gets his twisted and totally evil views about unemployment through his religion. The man is so totally brainwashed by the deadbeat cult that is Roman Catholism that he is simply unable to view this subject rationally. Basically, he is a religious nutter with all that implies. Why the Tories put him anywhere near a government ministry let alone such a sensitive department as the DWP is a real mystery as he is a proven failure at every post in politics he has ever held. His stint as Tory leader was a brief one. Only Neville Chamberlain had previously not been allowed to fight an election.

      I am unemployed yet I don’t sign-on because of this evil man. Luckily, I have parents to fall back on. If the government and opposition had any collective IQ they would think it is better to keep people within the system to at least look for jobs and where they can give you a ‘job seeker’s direction’ than to force people off the system where they can’t do that and where they don’t know what you are up to! All these so-called ‘welfare reforms’ are designed to pander to the grade-A morons who believe the Daily Fail’s lies about the subject rather than addressing the real issues and if the taxpayers of this country had any brains they would realise that and get the government to deal with the REAL ISSUE ie the LACK OF DEMAND for LABOUR in our pathetic economy. One day, the Chancellor will wake-up and realise that despite the ‘reforms’ milllons are still unemployed and still not paying income tax!

    • Do the business against them. It is time they were scared of the consequences of the fundamentally irrational and unfair ‘reforms’ they are undertaking. Personally, I hope to see the day when Iain Dumbo-Smith and Camoron are assasinated.

  12. Rich people look out for their money and that is what binds them together. There’s no need for a secret conspiracy. Power and control protects the money. The money gives the rich cunts power and control over us. It’s so simple!

  13. i ain’t into politics much gotta say though this countries never mind sinking into that sea of blue is virtually crushing my existence into mind euthanaisier i’m one of the many poor my own doing Give them Hell Sunday

  14. Clegg is a moron for not pulling the plug on this evil government which by the time its time is up will have utterly wrecked the social fabric of this country more than any previous government has done (Including Mrs Thatcher’s) I would love to know what he thinks his party is getting out of the arrangement because I can’t see it. Perhaps, he is a Tory infiltrator sent-in to destroy the Lib Dems because he is doing a good job of it.

    • The only ones doing a good job of destroying the Lib Dems are the Lib Dems themselves – who do you think voted through the Welfare Reform Bill, if the Lib Dems had rebelled against the Govt over this, it would have not have been passed. They are the key that has been put into the lock to open up the tory chest of pure evil and hatred towards the poor and unfortunate in this country, and on this Sunday, I am hoping that the people of Birmingham will unite to make this Tory Party’s Conference a pure living hell. They are NOT welcome in Birmingham, its a traditional Labour heartland, NOT for Tory Toffs with a BA in Hatred.
      I suggest that they should take their God forsaken conference and messages of hate and preach them to the people of Witney or Chingford, as these are the Morons who voted for this shower in the first place, and these are the only people who the party truly love.
      Oh boy I really dont think the Tories realise what will happen on Sunday, or indeed just how much they are hated – by the majority, not the minority.
      Unite against Fascism – UNITE AGAINST THE TORIES – Its the same thing!

      • The Labour Party probably would have won the election if they hadn’t opened the floodgates on immigration. I think that is the only reason they lost so many votes to the Tories. As the CONServatives are not doing anything remotely effective about this problem, they are becoming deservedly unpopular. The Tories are EVIL picking-on vulnerable British people whilst not doing anything about immigration.

        I hope Boycott Workfare and others cause as much trouble for this government as is humanly possible. The Tories and the thick Lib Dems need to be told their constant oppression has serious consequences to it and to change their ways because of that..

        • fucks sake enough about immigration

          (not you particularly Steven, just been a stream of rants on the last few posts, and anyone crossing the line into overt racism as some have will be deleted)

          it’s not immigrants that are the problem, or even immigration, it’s rich fucking cunts

  15. You are right about the Lib Dems. Clegg must be one of the most thick politicians Britain has ever produced if he thinks his party will gain anything from cuddling-up to the ‘nasty party’. All he has done is toxify his own party by gaining some of the ‘nasty party’s reputation’. As a result, I will be surprised if the Lib Dems are not wiped-out at the next election. Basically, the Tories are just using the Lib Dems as a ‘human shield’. The Lib Dems haven’t gained PR or any electoral reform so I do wonder why they think it is worth their while continuing in the so-called ‘coalition’

  16. The Lib Dems are toast – they will be annihilated at the next election. How many people turned up to protest outside their miserable conference last week? The real crooks are the Tories – these are the big boys that are controlling the country. We will see just how much ill feeling there is towards them this Sunday when they arrive for their conference. We will also see it again on the 20th Oct when there are more national demos planned. If there is to be riots, its on these type of days that tempers can flare, and anger boils over – when people get together – when they unite. Remember the poll tax riots of 1990? they worked as well, and they were the demise of Thatcher. I really do hope the Universal Credit is the poll tax moment for David Cameron – he will really regret not moving IDS out of the DWP, he had the chance and as usual, the Tory tail wagged the Tory rottweiler. Just like Cameron was to damn weak to move IDS, he is too damn weak to sack Andrew Mitchell – much to the police’s disgust. Lets see how committed the police are to protecting the Tories from the hordes of Demonstrators that will be marching in Birmingham on Sunday? Plebs, my foot.

    • Go on, create a riot! Actually, I do think some of the ordinary Tory Party members might well sympathise with you and the other demonstraters if you play it right. Not all Tory members are evil idiots who think all unemployed people are ‘scroungers’, ‘work shy’ blah, blah, blah. Go for the ‘leaders’ of the Tory Party ie IDS, Camoron ect. It is THESE people who need to be taken down a peg or two.

      • There will be a demonstration on Sunday, as Johnny invites all people to above. We are not saying that there WILL be riots, at the end of the day, most protests pass off piecefully, but the Tories wont like it right on their doorstep – they want to dish it out but dont want to have to actually see the consequences. They think that the British Public are all on their side. We shall see. I dont think there is enough anger bottled up in enough people yet for mass riots like there was in 1990, when the Poll Tax affected just about everyone over the age of 18.
        Riots just happen, they are rarely planned, but have a much higher incidence whenever the public get together for demos and protests. If the Police are ham handed in dealing with protesters, then riots are more likely.
        I feel that we wont get the serious riots until next year, until after the Universal Credit comes in, and other benefits as we know them such as JSA, Working Tax Credits, Housing benefit, ESA, DLA etc are discontinued. This is when the Housing benefit cap will come in, and the mass evictions will start – the beginning of social cleansing mainly in London. If the UC is the huge disaster it is predicted to be, millions will be made destitute and many thousands homeless. Its when people are desperate and have nothing else to lose, that’s when we are more likely to get mass civil disorder, to such a scale that Martial Law may have to be introduced when the police are overwhelmed. We will have soaring crime, burglary, mugging, looting etc Things will get extremely ugly in London as the Tories evaculate the city of the poor, unable to pay their rent, ready for the rich and the yuppies to move in , and very bad everywhere else. Imagine the backstreets of downtown Detroit and New York, then imagine that this ill be what Birmingham, Manchester, London, and most of the main cites become like.
        If the Universal Credit is implemented, this will become reality
        IDS is trying to systematically dismantle the welfare state.
        No welfare state = the descent into mob rule.
        If the EU breaks down, We could all be headed very soon for World War III

  17. Perhaps Camoron didn’t get rid of IDS because he thinks he is doing a good job ie making the lives of unemployed people a living hell? Although IDS is undoubtedly an evil man, the greater evil person is the head honcho himself ie Camoron. IDS couldn’t do what he is doing without the express approval of Camoron. IDS is also a bit simple as he has demonstrated on numerous occasions whereas Camoron is quite clever in his evilness.

    • “IDS is also a bit simple as he has demonstrated on numerous occasions whereas Camoron is quite clever in his evilness.”

      Its the other way round I’m afraid. IDS is not simple – he is a cruel psycopath, and what often gets overlooked is he is in this with Lord David Freud, who is the grandson of the famous physcoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Lord Freud was drafted in by the last Labour Government to begin the welfare reform process, several years ago.
      Once Freud and IDS got together and two evil minds thought as one, the Welfare Reform Act was passed – Lord Freud was responsible for getting this cruel and unhumane bill through the House of Lords, he is a VERY slimy and odious man. I doubt he will be at the conference – he tries to keep a low profile, I’d Imagine he is now secretly in fear of his life, as more and more people find out what he’s been up to. Freud is just as guilty as IDS for the crimes they have committed and are about to commit to society via the Universal Credit. Many people will die because of this, ATOS have a mounting death toll, and who gives ATOS the green light to deny millions the benefits they are rightfully entitled to? – Iain Duncan Smith.

      David Cameron shares IDS’s ideals, but is frightened of IDS. IDS was the Tory party leader years ago, and secretly I think he still is now, which is what I mean by the tory tail wagging the dog. IDS wants to beleive he is the most powerful man in Government. He refused to obey even David Cameron in the reshuffle, even Osborne wants him out of the DWP.
      IDS said it was the last thing he wanted to acheive in politics, the introduction of the Universal Credit, ie the end of the welfare state.
      He may well get his wish – it may well be the last thing he ever does.
      Just like Mussolini, and Hitler, all vicious dictators come to a premature end, but the problem is that they always take the lives of many thousands before they themselves go.

  18. Looking at the agenda for this conference, seems that IDS wont be appearing until Monday 8th at 2.30pm, when he is due to give a talk about turning communites around.
    Turning communites upside down is more like the reality of what his policies are going to do.
    Monday sees Gideon between 11 and 12.30 to talk about the economy – thats all he ever seems to do – talk, oh and not forgetting, cut.

  19. Yet again having a go at the unemployed, the government now talking about giving the unemployed food stamps instead of money – what the hell, this cannot be allowed – ever.

    Iain Duncan Smith is sick in the head, he’s making all this stuff up and then he believes what he’s spouting, and who the hell is he to tell people how they should spend their benefits? — NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS PAL.

  20. All of this persicution of the unemployed won’t be forgotton, I just hope Iain Duncan Smith is forced to sign on one day, I really hope he becomes a victim of his own arrogance and polocies, because if he ever shows his face at any Jobcentre Plus to make a claim for JSA, he probably won’t make it out of there in one piece.

  21. Personally, I hope Iain Dumbo-Smith gets stabbed to death by an irate JSA claimer. I also wish this fate befalls his equally evil boss Camoron. It is time these evil cunts either changed their twisted policies or were made to pay the ultimate penalty for refusing to change their evil ways.

    P.S I see that Camron has now taken to Twitter and his account has already been used by one person to tell him what decent people think of him ie that he is a “FUCKING PRICK”.

  22. Foodstamps are inevitable, it is a fait accompli. The idea is popular with the ignorant, brainwashed, propagandised gullible, short-sighted, mean-spirited, malicious British public, so the Tories have plenty of encouragement and support to implement them.

    Foodstamps will bring so much humiliation to the unemployed, sick and disabled, that the Tories have a fervent fanatical desire to introduce them as soon as possible, because there is nothing right-wingers enjoy more, than inflicting pain, suffering and humiliation on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society.

    The right-wing desire to inflict misery, torment and humiliation on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in society is insatiable. It can never ever be sated. No measure no matter how extreme is ever enough for them. They always want more.

    You can just imagine what the allotted foodstamp rations will be:

    For breakfast – porridge and some overripe fruit.

    For lunch: four slices of bread, some processed cheese slices and some lettuce.

    For dinner: a carton of pot noodle – justified with the excuse that “people on benefits may not have been able to afford to purchase a cooker, so a pot noodle is a meal that can be prepared with just hot water”.

    All the food will be out of date to “keep costs down” and no tea, no coffee and no soft drinks will be allowed – they are luxuries for hard working taxpayers, not lazy, workshy, feckless, benefit scrounging scum. Tap water is all you will get.

    This is the future for the unemployed and the sick and disabled. All this will be cheered on by most of the British people.

    • Just wondering if British Gas will accept food stamps when the gas bill comes, We have other things to buy as well as food. Stupid cunts.

      • They will probably put gas and electricity credits on the foodstamp cards too – “the out of work should be given just enough gas to heat their water for a bath or shower and just enough electricity to power their kettles to prepare their pot noodle dinners and no more. No electricity will be issued to power lights in the evenings. If they won’t work and want to leech off the hard work of others, they will have to go straight to bed in the evenings after they have finished their meals, so that they can be properly rested for searching for jobs the next day and contributing something back to their communities (workfare)”.

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