Universal Credit Will Destroy Volunteering And Charities Only Have Themselves To Blame

A major charity for volunteers have warned that Universal Credit, the flagship welfare reform being introduced next year, will restrict volunteering.

Volunteering England are one of the largest organisations in the UK established to promote and ‘celebrate’ volunteering.  It was reported over the weekend that the organisation have already been contacted by several charities concerned about the new benefits system and how it will impact on their ability to recruit and employ volunteers.

Under the new rules, claimants will only be permitted to volunteer for 17.5 hours a week, or will face brutal benefit sanctions. Claimants are to be expected to spend 35 hours a week actively seeking work, of which only half of this time can be spent volunteering. This flies in the face of previous statements by this Government which have sung the praises of unpaid work.  Only unpaid work which has been arranged for benefit claimants by the state or welfare to work parasites like A4e is now to be acceptable.

Mandatory Work Activity is at the heart of Universal Credit and means 30 hours a week unpaid work for charities or other organisations with a ‘community benefit’. As the name suggests, this workfare scheme cannot be volunteered for and is used as punishment should someone be deemed not trying hard enough to find a job by Jobcentre officials.

Astonishingly someone caught volunteering full time whilst claiming Universal Credit could be sent to go and volunteer full time somewhere else as punishment for volunteering full time. Not for the first time Iain Duncan Smith’s back of the envelope welfare reforms are as laughable as they are draconian.

In a somewhat garbled statement on their website, Volunteering England seem to misunderstand the nature of the benefits system by suggesting that only those in the “all work related requirements” group will be subject to the new rules. This is likely to be the largest group of claimants making up all those currently claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance along with those judged ‘fit for work’ by the callous and shambolic Atos disability denial system for sick and disabled claimants.

Whilst Volunteering England are correct about who the rules will apply to, they are wrong to say that those claimants paid the sickness or disability components of Universal Credit “will still be free to volunteer as much as they want.”   The reality of the benefits system is that anyone who volunteers full time whilst claiming the sickness or disability component of Universal Credit will have it used against them to judge them ‘fit for work’. This has long been standard practice at the DWP, even under the old Incapacity Benefit regime. Bizarrely once judged fit for work, they will no longer be allowed to volunteer full time. Unless the Government orders them to.

The end of full time volunteers will prove catastrophic for the charitable sector.  Even if charities exploit the never ending workfare schemes to source volunteers, they will find that genuine volunteers, who care about the aims and activities of the charity will disappear.  Instead these most motivated of workers will be replaced by short term workfare staff only there under threat of benefit sanctions.

For charities working with ex-offenders, homeless people, substance misusers or other disadvantaged groups, volunteers are often a vital link between the university educated charity professionals, and those they aim to support.  Simply having someone on the team who has ‘been there’ and understands the problems facing service users can make a huge difference.

Often these volunteers go on to establish careers in the voluntary sector themselves, a route into work which will now be denied for all but those who can afford to support themselves financially whilst they volunteer.  If there’s one thing the Third Sector doesn’t need it’s more posh graduates, with their eye on a lucrative career in charity management, working with ex-offenders or homeless people .

Unfortunately charities must take their share of responsibility for the upcoming train wreck that is Universal Credit.  Had the so called third sector  organised together and rejected the brutal workfare and sanctions regime introduced by this toff government they could have stopped welfare reform in it’s tracks.

Instead they organised themselves to maximise income from welfare reforms by forming coalitions such as Disability Works in the hope of picking up fat Work Programme contracts.   Not content with profiting from the most brutal welfare regime in Western Europe, charities like Scope and Barnardo’s have fallen over themselves to recruit unpaid staff on mandatory government schemes.

Scope even had the nerve to criticise the Boycott Workfare campaign for challenging them over their use of forced labour.  A statement on Scope’s website claims they are ‘disappointed’ about the campaign highlighting their use of unpaid workers sentenced to Mandatory Work Activity.  The charity  attempted to slur Boycott Workfare by suggesting the campaign had been targeting the Scope’s use of volunteers as opposed to those working for them unpaid under threat of benefit sanctions.  Boycott Workfare’s response to Scope has seemingly been ignored by the charity.

The truth is that no-one has undermined volunteering more than the charities who have been so happy to make use of forced unpaid labour.  When Universal Credit begins next year thousands of genuine volunteers will be forced to give up their unpaid positions.  The major UK  charities who have toadied up to this government in pursuit of lucrative contracts and free labour will only have themselves to blame.

42 responses to “Universal Credit Will Destroy Volunteering And Charities Only Have Themselves To Blame

  1. I have had benefits stopped when I have been doing voluntary work in the community, In their wisdom the Benefits agency then sent me on a training for work, I had to re-do the course because I went away on a pre-booked volunteering holiday, So I was taken away from a usefull enjoyable way to help my comunity to service a Quango, While on the Governments farcical scheme I recieved NO training and was not offered any of the Driving jobs that came up in NEW START HIGHLAND,
    To add insult to injury I was with various now unemployed trades people who could not compete with the pricess tendered for work by organisations using FREE labour. ….. under the disguise of a charity.
    While all this was going on I was refused a job interview at my own jobcentre because they failed to Identify me as a person.. what on earth is going on in this country..

  2. Yes, absolutely. When an unemployed person seeks voluntary work, they are treated with suspicion. And yet somehow it’s OK to force them to do unpaid work.

  3. I don’t know how they expect all these people to find work, there just aren’t the jobs out there.

    I’m not wearing rose-tinted spectacles, I know full well there are a minority of people who just can’t be bothered to work and are happy to mooch off the state, but the current government’s approach to unemployment and benefits seems to assume that anyone who isn’t currently in work must be part of that bone-idle scrounger minority, which is obviously bollocks.

    Sure, 5 or 6 years ago when the economy was doing nicely you might have got away with saying that unemployed people were in that position due to idleness, after all there was work there for those that wanted it, but today that argument hold no water.

    Lets take a look at my home city of Hull, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK. Something like 14% of the population is out of work here, and there are very few job vacancies. In fact there are around 50 unemployed people for every vacancy. How exactly is increasing the pressure on unemployed people (bullying them, if you will) supposed to get work for all of them? This is just basic maths. The government needs to wake up and accept that to solve the problem of welfare dependency you need to sort out the jobs market first!

    • You need to tap into the “hidden jobs” market, love. There are jobs out there, plenty of jobs out there, you just got to keep looking love. Have you tried looking in shop windows, love? And most important of all, keep working on your CV. Good luck! Haley

      • lol h.taylor from a4e.com

        try looking in shop windows, yet another cunning tip from the welfare to work ‘professionals’

        • Yes there are hidden jobs they are so freaking well hidden that no one knows not even the employers know about the job..True story.. One day i am at a4e and a guy hadnt got a cv, so the adviser went through it with him, about 2 or 3 hours later she comes up and says who did that cv its crap.. He said You did.. and she wandered off. Too many cv’s are bog standard even with a4e’s “TEMPLATES”

          The North west of england has a high unemployment as well, The problem is once you are on the dole people will think you are all dole scroungers. I am being forced by threat of sanction to apply for jobs i cant do but i am sending off applications. Not surprises at charitied maximising the profit, I am thinking serves these charities right they put money over people and they are about to be burned

        • Where I am Jonny a lot of shops are boarded up!

  4. I have done quite a bit of work over the years on employment for people with mental health problems. When I lost my charity job through cuts in funding I took a good look at ‘welfare to work’ and decided that it would be the wrong organisations doing the wrong thing. One year of unemployment later I am with the work programme and the provider is complete rubbish. All they ever want to do is change your CV. Mine has been changed now by ‘professionals’ three times in one year. And the government will say there are plenty of jobs and lots of apprenticeships being created. Actually the truth is that a lot of jobs are being repackaged as apprenticeships to bypass the minimum wage. Officially there are 500,000 jobs and around 2.5 million unemployed, but if anyone bothered to look at those jobs they would notice that many of them are not likely to be viable options for the unemployed (eg consultant surgeon). Hidden jobs? Lots of jobs that supposedly exist but because they are hidden then their existence can’t be proved (or disproved). The whole work programme is nothing but a con to get public money into the hands of the rich friends of government. We would be better off using all that money to create a load of jobs.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U)

      At last! Somebody else has noticed that the Government is legally re-directing public tax-payer money, into a circle that can’t be penetrated.

      They’ve paid consultants to look at relevant regulations, and have formed the correct WORDS to tap into (and distribute) the money in the kitty.

      This, and past Governments, are laundering the money legally by creating entities and using the English language to the best of their abilities.

      That’s possibly why public school english teachers are people who’s first language isn’t ENGLISH.

      That may be why there will be no regrading of this years English GCSE.

      Look at the big picture. It’s all connected somehow.

      So when you ask yourself ‘why?’, listen to your inner voice.

  5. Thanks Johnny good article.

    Astonishingly someone caught volunteering full time whilst claiming Universal Credit could be sent to go and volunteer full time somewhere else as punishment for volunteering full time. Not for the first time Iain Duncan Smith’s back of the envelope welfare reforms are as laughable as they are draconian.

    Sheer insanity.

    They intend for workfare to replace all low-paid jobs, which is why they don’t want people’s time to be occupied doing genuine volunteering. Genuine volunteering isn’t humiliating enough for the sadist Iain Demon Smith. He wants to ensure that your unpaid work is always for one of their friends and party donors. The Tories have promised their big business friends free labour in return for their support and they intend to deliver. Tories couldn’t care less about work that benefits the community, the only community they care about is the rich community.

  6. Well put, I spoke to one of the London charities who was gobbled up by A4E sub contracts, and they just claimed that this was all going to happen anyway, so they might as well try and do their best to make the workfare slightly less awful than A4E. Hopefully from this some more grassroots charities can rise from their ashes.

  7. RebeccaVolunteerManager

    If you are a genuine charity that takes good care of its volunteers you will be penalised.
    We don’t want work program volunteers most of the time as they do not want to be there and are unreliable. To be fair to them, they did not ask to work for our organisation and may have absolutley no interest in our aims.
    Real volunteers that come to us are given time off for interviews, help with thier CV’s, learn new skills to take to employment and return to us week after week because they want to. Some even find ways to continue volunteering after they’ve found employment.
    Charities will have to invest in larger recruitment campaigns as the number of volunteers needed will increase, which means that you need to raise even more money each year to survive.

  8. Many people believe that once the Condems are voted out and Labour regain their place at the trough, all will be well in the world again. They are wrong. Watching that wretched Labour conference, it was clear to see that all the Labour politicians have to offer is a ever so slightly watered down version of the ConDem programme.

    They have made it clear that they will keep the majority of the ConDem cuts and the “reforms” because “there is no money left” and insist that taking this position is the moral thing to do, because it would be wrong to be dishonest like Clegg and make promises that they have no intention of keeping.

    This sham is what they call “democracy”, a choice of blue Tories, yellow Tories or the red Tories. The real rulers of this wicked land are the “markets”. Red Ed’s Labour are still New Labour, they have not fundamentally changed at all. Why do the Unions continue to fund this bunch of fakers?

    • What choice do the unions have as most of those in work are not in a union and worker proctection has gone by the wayside! Remember what happened to the NUM founding the Socialist labour party.

  9. The manageress of the British Heart Foundation near me is a total bitch – she will just phone up the workfare provider and get the “volunteer” that wont toe the line sanctioned. No problems, no regrets, sanctioned.
    IDS is trying to alter the mindsets of the unemployed to dance to his patter – or face sanctions. Sanctions are the only thing these welfare to work providers understand, they are the stick used to beat the unemployed into submission.
    Any worker sent to do workfare for a charity such as the BHF will be required to become compliant, willing and totally loyal to that charity – or face sanctions.
    The BHF have that famous saying to come out with “Ve have Vays and means of making you Vurk”. Of course no one wants to work there that is forced to under duress, but if you dont show willing and turn up and do everything they want, guess what? You guessed it – Sanctions.
    The jobcentre should have its name changed to “The Benefits Sanctions Centre”
    Its all about sanctions, not about finding work. They want to make the life of a benefit claimant so damn unpleasant that that person will soon want to sign off again, or be sanctioned off benefits – job or no job.

    This is David Freud and IDS’s evil, twisted and callous plan to reduce the claimant count – and it will work as well, mark my words, next year we will see a rapid fall in the unemployment figures, all down to sanctions and people giving up claiming and finding other ways and means – legal or illegal.
    Welcome to Hell folks – IDS is the Devil Incarnate, and companies like the BHF are his hounds from hell, out to savage the poor unemployed.

    • The sooner the fucking British Heart Foundation goes out of business and shuts up shop along with the rest of these evil cunty so-called charities the better – cunts!!

  10. It is all about Punishment, Discipline & Humiliation. Cunts like IBS want to see the unemployed Suffer – that’s how they get their jollies. What an utter piece of contemptible shit that bald-headed cunt is.

  11. “The end of full time volunteers will prove catastrophic for the charitable sector” Lets bloody well hope so

    • Yes, but then they will just get twice the amount of part time mandatory workfare “volunteers” who cant rebel without losing all their benefits and have to be obedient little slaves. It will come to the point where everyone working for scope, BHF, Sally Army etc etc will be there against their will – what wonderful places they will become to work at – full of miserable poverty stricken people who dont want to be there – really good for business that – neo mini concentration camps?

  12. I have stopped donating to any charity, no more pennies for them that are spare from my DLA. It might not be much but every little counts. Until those that seem to have a consciousion put pressure on the s*** heads that thought they could join in beating up people who have lossed work though no fault of their own I will carry on boycotting the lot of them.

  13. Charity begins at home… in these difficult times if you want to help someone then look no further than your friends and family. I don’t plan to give any money to these national “charities” any more.

  14. It’s ridiculous to expect people to spend 7 hours a day looking for jobs, when their dysfunctional unstable capitalist system can’t and won’t create enough jobs for everyone who needs one. What are people supposed to do for 7 hours, look at and apply for the same fucking jobs over and over again?

  15. How are they going to police Universal Credit? How on earth can anybody know how long an unemployed person spends every week looking for work? And is it 7 hours a day over a five day week or could you do four 8.75 hour days and enjoy long weekends? Obviously with so many people unemployed they won’t be able to do much more than look at a time-sheet filled in unsupervised by the claimant. And besides with such a shortage of jobs how could anybody spend 35 hours a week looking for work?

    This whole thing is looking more and more bonkers by the minute.

    It’s destined to crash and burn surely, hopefully without wrecking too many lives in the process although I hope, in common with Captain’s of sinking ships in the Victorian era, when this particular Titanic disappears beneath the waves it’ll still have Iain Duncan Smith and David Freud on board!

  16. Yo! Haley…

    The hidden jobs market ain’t just hidden….it’s using stealth technology love. I have sent my CV off to EVERY PC repair outfit in my region. And in addition to being pretty shit hot at fixing PC’s (that is to say, the repairs I do STAY fixed, and don’t crap out again two minutes after leaving my capable hands), I am also an accomplished photographer with over thirty years under his belt. No bugger has EVER given me a chance. I am now concentrating on the one thing I do best – and that is taking pictures. I don’t give a rat’s arse about anything else.

  17. Money Saving Expert

    “Im hoping someone on here will be able to give me some advice. I have been recieving JSA for about 18 months. The jobcentre sent me to a work focused training programme which I have been attending. I recieved a sanction due to non attendance. The sanction was for 2 weeks. I took every letter that I had recieved into the job centre which showed every appointment I had attended but was told i had still missed some. The sanction was then lifted and 2 weeks later I was sanctioned again for a month. The training provider told the job centre that I was not attending appointments even though I had signed in every time I had attended. Again, they said I had missed some that they had booked.
    As soon as this sanction was up, they immediately hit me with a 6 month sanction for exactly the same thing, despite the fact that every appointment I recieved, I attended. The job centre said it was basically my word against the training providers as they were saying I had not attended every one.
    I have appealed against the decision and have lost the case. I have had no money at all since the beginning of June and my next pay is looking to be the middle of December.
    I have applied for crisis loans, budgeting loan and hardship payments, all of which have been refused.
    I have spoken to Citizens Advice but they had no real advice to give me. Surely they cannot expect me to survive for so long on nothing. I am still signing every 2 weeks and still attending the training programme. I just dont know what to do now. I cant go on like this much longer. I have told the job centre so many times that I need help or advice and their stock answer is “You are on a sanction, we cant do anything”.
    I am still recieving housing benefit which is great but have no way of getting food or topping up the utilities. Beyond stressed now. Any advice much appreciated”

    Forum thread here .

  18. Hi Johnny

    My name’s Dan, and I wrote the piece on behalf of Volunteering England. We’re glad it’s met with some interest, and thanks for helping that by posting about it.

    A few comments, questions and clarifications:

    1. You describe our article as “somewhat garbled”; feedback is always useful for improving communication, so I’d appreciate it if you could offer more detail on what was unclear.

    2. It’s not true that “under the rules, claimants will only be permitted to volunteer for 17.5 hours a week, or will face brutal benefit sanctions”. Rather, those assessed as being able to work for 35 hours per week – and they could be assessed as able to do much less – would have to do 35 hours of ‘work search’ activity, and half of that could be made up of volunteering. So they would face sanctions if they didn’t do the 17.5 hours of non-volunteering work search activity, not if they volunteered more than 17.5 hours. If they completed the required amount of ‘work search’ activity, they could do as much volunteering as they like.

    3. It’s therefore also not true to say “only unpaid work which has been arranged for benefit claimants by the state or welfare to work parasites like A4e is now to be acceptable” or that “someone caught volunteering full time whilst claiming Universal Credit could be sent to go and volunteer full time somewhere else as punishment for volunteering full time”. Not only do the proposed regulations recognise the benefits of volunteering, but someone could volunteer quite a number of hours and still complete the 17.5 hours non-volunteering work search (assuming they had to do that much). As I say above, sanctions would apply to not completing the required amount of ‘work search’ activity, not to volunteering more than a certain amount of time.

    4. As well as remembering someone could be deemed able to work for much less than 35 hours per week, therefore increasing the amount of time available to them for volunteering, it’s important to note that (as far as we know) very few people volunteer for 35 hours a week. The last Citizenship Survey showed that, amongst the 26% of adults in England who volunteered with an organisation at least once a month, the average amount of time spent volunteering was 12.6 hours per week.

    5. You say we,

    “misunderstand the nature of the benefit system by suggesting that only those in the ‘all work related requirements’ group will be subject to the new rules. This is likely to be the largest group of claimants making up all those currently claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance along with those judged ‘fit for work’ by the callous and shambolic Atos disability denial system for sick and disabled claimants”.

    Not only do we understand this would probably be the largest group, because it would be the default group, we also raise the concern you do:

    “the real problem is not the rules – it would be seen as reasonable to expect people who are deemed ready to work to look for a job – but how people are assessed. And – as some believe is happening with Employment and Support Allowance – the process could deem some people fit to work when they aren’t, people who could benefit much more from volunteering than paid work.”

    Our statement about who the ‘work search’ hours regulation would apply to is nonetheless correct.

    6. We don’t say in our article, “those claimants paid the sickness or disability components of Universal Credit ‘will still be free to volunteer as much as they want’”. Rather, we say those placed in the groups other than ‘all work related requirements’ would be free to volunteer as much as they wanted, and this would be the case – there would be no statutory amount of time they would have to perform ‘work search’ activity. The reality may indeed be different in terms of how people are assessed, but, again, we acknowledge that when we raise the concern.

    7. If you have some figures about the end of full time volunteering being “catastrophic to the charitable sector” we’d love to see them; unfortunately, we don’t have any robust data that could demonstrate the full impact of these regulations, but it would be very useful! You also say volunteers will start to disappear; do you mean as a result of charities being involved in DWP schemes? Again, if you have any data on this we’d love to see it.

    Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.



    Dan Sumners
    Senior Policy & Communications Officer, Volunteering England

  19. Since you were polite Dan I will answer your points

    1) The piece is wordy, too long and doesn’t flow. It repeats itself and the sentences are not very well constructed.

    2/3) You say I am incorrect, however the draft regulations for the new legislation state: “the time agreed by the Secretary of State for the claimant to carry out voluntary work must not exceed 50% of the claimant’s expected hours of work per week.”

    The claimant’s expected hours of work a week for everybody who is not receiving the sickness or disability elements will be 35 hours a week. It is clear what the DWP intends and how it will be interpreted in Jobcentres who last year handed out over half a million benefit sanctions. Unless Volunteering England have information on amendments which have not been made available then it would appear I am right.

    4) If the amount of time regular volunteers spend is on average 12.6 hours a week then that would in fact suggest a great many people volunteer full time. Since this group represents people who state they volunteer once a month, this could include people who only volunteer for an afternoon every month which would skew the figure down significantly. That the figure is so high points to large numbers of people volunteering full time or nearly full time.

    5) I’m not sure what your point is here other than that you agree with me.

    6) It is obviously not intended as a direct quote, but you still appear to argue that those “groups other than ‘all work related requirements’ would be free to volunteer as much as they wanted, and this would be the case”

    Groups other than the all work requirement will be those paid the sickness and disability component and almost no-one else. You appear to miss the point. If people in that group volunteer then in practice they will be switched groups. This has long been a bar to people on sickness or disability benefits volunteering and the new Work Capability Assessment is designed to remove benefits from people who are deemed to be able to carry out any form of work at all. This means those who are volunteering will be placed in the all work requirement group at assessment.

    7) I think you just provided figures that back up the claim. If volunteers carry out 12.6 hours a week on average than that will many very many volunteers are working over 17.5 hours a week. How many of those volunteers are on benefits will remain to be seen when they start disappearing due to the work activity requirements of Universal Credit. Some organisations are even run by volunteers on benefits, many more smaller community groups are heavily dependent on full time volunteers. I predict this will be catastrophic for many smaller organisations as well as those sectors I mention such as homelessness which relies heavily on often full time volunteers.

    Perhaps Volunteering England could think about the argument that in times in high unemployment then full time volunteering should be encouraged not enforced which undermines the meaning of the word. Perhaps it is time an organisation for volunteers adopts the argument that people’s contribution to society can be measured in things other than how much they contribute to the economy. Volunteers on benefits provide a vital service whilst on a very small income – this is good value for both the state and society. Volunteers who want paid work should be given every support. Perhaps however it is time to argue that those happy to volunteer full time and bring wider benefits to us all, whilst living on the pittance of benefit payments, should be celebrated and not bullied, harassed or forced into workfare by the DWP.

  20. How can anybody on Jobseeker’s Allowance spend 35 hours a week looking for work?

    I can only get one hour of internet access per weekday, if I am lucky and they are not overbooked, at my local library – which may be closing soon due to local authority cuts. I live in a rural area and only two papers are printed per week advertising jobs within my travel to work area; you can inspect all of the available jobs in both papers thoroughly in ten minutes.

    Thus as far as internet jobseeking goes and scanning the papers is concerned, the maximum amount of time I can spend looking for work each week is no more than five and a half hours max leaving me with a deficit of twenty nine and a half hours as far as jobseeking goes. Knocking off a few more hours if I visit the local Jobcentre Plus takes me down to twenty six hours of jobseeking time unaccounted for.

    What else is there I can do?

    I can’t afford the stamps and stationary to send out dozens of speculative letters nor have I got a phone at home to make speculative calls or internet access to send emails.

    How can anybody do spend 35 hours a week on jobsearch?

    It simply isn’t possible.

    Iain Duncan Smith is bat crap crazy.

    • IDS ist ein faschistischen Diktator und ein Morder

      We know its virtually impossible as well as you do. The whole point of these regulations is deliberately to set unacheivable targets in order that people are liable to then be sanctioned and lose benefit entitlement.
      The only other permitted alternative to the 35 hours of jobsearch is to do 17 hours of voluntary work for charity and then you will only be made to do 18 hours of mandatory jobsearch.
      The top and bottom of it is that the Welfare State is being dismantled and just as in America, IDS expects people to stand on their own two feet, or starve – its as simple and harsh as that.
      I will say this though, if IDS expects that people will take this lying down, he is very much mistaken.
      If you are long term unemployed though, you wont have to spend 35 hours a week on jobsearch, you will be made to do the Community Action Programme, which entails working 30 hours a week for a charity or other organisation that benefits the public good. On top of this you will be expected to then go to your work programme provider or whoever they send you to and perform 10 hours a week of mandatory jobsearch. So you will start work at 8am, work till 2.30 pm, then go to the jobsearch session starting at 3pm and ending at 5pm on the average weekday.

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  24. Did you know that Time for Change tells it’s volunteers that they are NOT allowed to speak to the media about welfare and service cuts – too “political” apparently.

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  26. Fight the political consensus whereever you find it as they are using dubious statistics and complete lies!

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  28. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    On 2nd October 2012 Tigon posted a gem, I don’t think he received an answer.

    Well, here it is..

    Sly old dogs. This is a lot of brainwork.. Why?

    Why o’ why is there so much brainwork being put towards EVERY claimant of benefits?

  29. The implications for the unemployed of Universal Credit are many and almost all negative. The government’s intention to ‘incentivise’ working, or in plain English ‘make work more attractive financially than not working’, does not involve making exploititve businesses pay wages sufficient to live on.

    Instead Universal Credit seeks to make being unemployed far worse than it is already to make low paid service industry employment seem attractive. People who accept these ‘jobs’ remain on government benefits, currently Working Tax Credits, a situation that will remain under Universal Credit.

    It is in effect UK government subsidising their capitalist cronies’ profits from the public purse.

    A further implication of Universal Credit is for those of us lucky enough to still have jobs. If being unemployed is to be made a miserable poverty and workfare-slavery ridden experience, then how many of us workers will willingly challenge poor employment conditions or falling wages?

    In an era of the casualisation of employment and rescinding of workers’ rights to security of employment, the government is using Universal Credit to cow the working classes into acceptance of impoverished subsistence level existence.

    Profit for the few over the needs of the many.

    We are sleepwalking into true slavery wearing 50″ LCD widescreen blinkers….

  30. Volunteer work makes me so angry they just cash in on the situation and its disgusting what they do. Volunteer companies like ‘Volunteer England’ should be ashamed of yourselves because you are just contributing to poverty!

    Volunteers are the reason why there are no paid jobs because companies know that if they advertise a position with ‘gain experience’ or ‘we provide full training’ then they know that lots of people will appear to take up the position of someone who dared to want to be paid to do a job. Apologies for wanting honest work for honest pay.

  31. Anthony Purvis

    Didn’t one of our greatest heroes, Nelson say ” a volunteer is worth ten pressed men “

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