Cutting Welfare is an Aphrodisiac to Lib Dem Lapdogs

Nick Clegg and his vile party’s support for further cuts in welfare spending shows the true face of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Clegg’s support for a further £10 billion cut to the welfare budget will mean more suicides, more homeless families, and more children forced to depend on foodbanks just to survive. That his wretched supporters in the party should still cheer him shows that every last one of them has blood on their hands.

His position – which is that he will only agree to further cuts aimed at the very poorest if there are tax rises for the very rich – is as perverse as it is brutal. Few rational people would disagree that the rich should be taxed more, but that won’t help the people plunged into poverty by further welfare cuts. And if more money is to be generated from taxing the rich then why the need for more cuts aimed at the poorest?

The answer is that Clegg is only to happy to co-operate in the demolition of the welfare state. He, along with his supporters, are ideologically in favour in wiping out vital support for the very poor, even when it isn’t financially necessary.

So remember next time some bearded Lib Dem twat tries to get you to donate to Oxfam or sign a petition to help the poor – the Liberal Democrat Party is wholeheartedly behind the destruction of the scant support available for those with least. Despite their fake hippy pretensions, they are still in love with cheap suited posh boy Nick Clegg who has done so much to bring devastation into the lives of disabled people, struggling families with children or those unemployed or unwell.

No longer can Liberal Democrats hide behind their Big Issue buying, organic tofu eating, socially responsible veneer. They are not even Tories in disguise, but active and open collaborators in the attack on those with least. For these scum cutting benefits for disabled people is like an aphrodisiac. It gets them off to see just how much they can make the poorest suffer. It makes them feel like big men, making tough decisions. Nick Clegg wanks off over pictures of homeless children.

If there ever were any truly decent people in the Liberal Democrat Party they are not in Brighton this week. They have scurried away like rats, no doubt into the arms of the equally treacherous Labour Party.

The vermin that remain feel no shame in what they are doing. Every fake principle they ever had has been readily sacrificed for the illusion of power. They will neither profit nor prosper from this abuse but die slowly in front of our eyes. It will be small consolation to see their rancid hearts rot them from the inside out. But they should know, as the life slips from their party, that they are the enemy of all that is decent and compassionate within the human spirit. And their death will not come soon enough.

The Liberal Democrats are using what little time left they have on this planet to bring misery and mayhem whilst top-hatted toffs laugh at the squirming lapdogs beneath their feet. We should not wait for imaginary gods to judge them in the next life. If they wish to create hell on earth then let it be in their own lives it is felt, not ours.


36 responses to “Cutting Welfare is an Aphrodisiac to Lib Dem Lapdogs

  1. Beg to differ (slightly). Have spotted George Potter, student and Lib Dem activist.

    But you’ve got it right about the LibDem power trip.

    • I judge people on what they do, not say. That vile child is no better than any of the rest of them.

      • It is only a slight and not very firm, differ ; )

      • Thanks very much for that charming description of myself. Since you claim to judge people on what they do rather than what they say then perhaps you’d like to tell me which of my actions make me a “vile child”?

        • You’re a lib dem, you picked a side and it’s the wrong one. No matter how much you pretend to give a shit you are an active collaborator in the attack by the rich on those with least. Vile.

          • Which just goes to show a) how little you know about me and b) how ignorant you are of what the government is doing.

            Not to mention the fact that someone who describes as “vile” someone they have never met purely on the basis of the colour of their rosette is someone who’s a petty, twisted excuse for the human being who is incapable of doing anything other than spewing hate at designated hate figures without stopping once to think for yourself.

            Fortunately, I know who I am. I know I’m a moral man and that I’m doing my best to do what is right. I know that I stand on the side of the oppressed and disenfranchised and marginalised. And, I hate to break it to you, I will continue to do so despite what seem to be your best effort to persuade all Lib Dems who give a fuck not to do so.

            If you gave a shit about anything other than hating everyone who you disagree with then maybe you’d be able to take your blinkers off long enough to realise that people are stronger when they work together across political divides despite their differences. If you were to give that a try then maybe you’d have a better chance of changing government policies you don’t like. As it is, I can safely say that until and unless you apologise for being an abusive arsehole, I’m not going to work with you on anything. Now, you may shrug your shoulders and think that doesn’t make a difference to you at all but the simple fact is that I’m one person you’ve pissed off and alienated. If you treat every random stranger like this and piss off and alienate them as well then I guarantee you that on any issue you care about you’re eventually going to find yourself in a tiny, ideologically pure but totally ineffective campaign which has no chance of achieving anything.

          • Oh, and FYI, Nick Clegg has not agreed to a further £10 billion of welfare cuts in exchange for wealth taxes. In fact, I’m pretty sure that policy made at conference and interventions by Danny Alexander (of all people) and Vince Cable have made pretty damn sure that there will not be £10 billion, or even £5 billion, for that matter, of extra cuts to welfare while the tories don’t have a majority in parliament.

            So, not only are you spiteful and hateful, you’re also completely and utterly factually incorrect.

  2. The phrase ” Nick Clegg wanks off over pictures of homeless children.” is extreme, and probably a cause for prosecution … please stay with us by not putting your blog at risk 😉

  3. calvin – yes, but that bit’s really funny 🙂

  4. Nick Clegg is a Cunt

    Fuck this Nazi piece of shit!

  5. How magnanimous of you Johnny to deign yourself to “write below the line”.

  6. Hear Hear! Johnny. Well said.

  7. The Claggeron : eating the dead and homeless; using crematoria to heat their swimming pools; passing by the severely disabled sleeping in the gutter.
    Institutionalised abuse as policy whilst strokng each other with massive payouts and tax cuts as they swarm through Harrods like diseased vultures.
    Raping the country for fun so they can fuck each other in limousines on their way to hell.

    • There’s something about Anglo-Saxon and the Tories that goes so well together.

    • “eating the dead and homeless”

      That’s probably what they have planned. The government gives G4S, A4E Serco or some other predatory private company a contract for running a corpse disposal service for all the dead bodies of the poor killed by the government’s war on the poor – the suicides, the homeless killed by exposure, the sick people dying through neglect etc and also gives them a contract for providing ultra low-cost meat for the foodstamps that they are planning to issue to JSA “customers”, the working poor and the sick and disabled in the very near future. Instead of “let them eat cake” it will be “let them eat each other”.

  8. Tell it like it is Johnny Void. These cubts are nail bent in their desire to fuck the poor as hard as they can for financial gain.
    Cunts of the lowest order.
    Shiteaters and unholy satanistic mindfuckers.

  9. Another purge on the poor and vulnerable by the vile and so called venerable – scumbags!
    I am sure people are going to start voicing much more than this, and more will gather en-mass to do something to prevent these government pigs from swilling more and more. I mean, how much does one take before it becomes bite the hand that no longer CARES, didnt care and are out and out psycho-swines.
    Indeed the MAD are running the show and this show cannot go on.

  10. M.A.D.
    Mutually Assured Destruction. They want it? They got it.

  11. The dead : food of the future. They’ll find a way to turn corpses into ‘reformed’ meat and flog it in Poundland to the very people they want to kill anyway.
    Making a killing from the poor. That’ll be one of the ideas floating arpund in the minds of the evil vampire twats sucking the last drop out of this grubby ConDemNation.

  12. The human spirit has decency and compassion? Who voted for these cunts then?

    The sad truth is, benefit cuts are popular with the fucktarded public because they’re too lazy and stupid to recognise their real enemies. This isn’t my country anymore.

    • That’s very true andytron, this savage attack on the poor is fully supported by a significant proportion of the not-so Great British public, it’s what they want and they like it because they think it’s not going to affect them or their loved ones. They have fallen for the “repeat the lie often enough” Goebbels tactic employed by the right-wing media; the lurid “lazy feckless benefit scrounging scum” rhetoric, hook, line and sinker.

      Most people believe everything they read in the newspapers and see on TV; they have a childlike gullibility are completely brainwashed and are quite ignorant. They find the scrounger rhetoric gratifying to believe; it gives them someone to feel superior to, someone to look down on, a scapegoat to blame for all society’s ills and it gives them a scapegoat who it is socially acceptable to use hate-speech against.

      People have forgotten how bad things were before the creation of the welfare state because they are generations removed from it. It improved things so much, that the people have become comfortable and so complacent that they stand by and support its destruction by the idle rich. The government couldn’t have gotten away with attacking the welfare state and savagely attacking the most vulnerable without significant public support.

      The only time the majority of the British people might turn against this destruction of the welfare state is when they and those that they love personally suffer the consequences and not a second before. Even then the government will provide them with another scapegoat and quite a few will fall for it.

    • This isn’t my country anymore.

      Despite having been raised on Dad’s Army and tales of powdered egg, I’ll join you in that. I’m going to go sit in a bucket of shit and sing Jerusalem.

  13. I agree with Nick…….

    Being hung, drawn and quartered. 🙂

    Metaphorically of course 😉

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  15. something survived...

    saw a politician today. Because of Nick Clegg etc she has left the party and is now an Independent.

    • You shoud’ve headbutted her anyway for being the kinda cunt that allows herself to be fucked daily in the gigantic brothel that is the palace of Westminster.
      The trouble with politicians is the kinda twats who want to be politicians.
      A pox on all of them.
      As soon as they get into power they all throw their weak-willed principles out the window, drop their pants, bend over, and take a right royal fucking, which they then take out on all of the saps who voted them in in the frst place. Whores, the lot of them.

  16. An expressive piece of writing from Johnny Void – telling the simple truth

  17. Actually I agree with welfare being cut….

    …before you condemn me for this, I must state that any welfare cuts should be made to disasterous and innefective schemes such as the Work Prog and Atos.

    The WP is scheduled to cost FIVE BILLION POUNDS! It would not be quite so bad if it was working as advertised. However, as we all know many cients on the WP are no better off than if attending their local job centre. What’s more, anyone securing a job without the ‘help’ of their WP provider will still often be pestered by said provider looking for a commission courtesy of the taxpayer.

    Nick Clegg should know that the WP is clearly not fit for purpose. He is a Sheffield based MP. He must be aware of the scandals surrounding the Sheffield based A4e. Does he really think money from the welfare budget should be spent on a company with such a bad reputation and disaterous track record?

  18. Andrew Coates Old Grannie

    Nick Clegg is bleeding filth. Now… where did I put me bleeding teef.

  19. Johnnyvoid speaking the truth yet again.
    Clegg absolutely adores his slice of the power pie. That many of us are now living in fear and loathing is fuel to his fire.

  20. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U)

    Earlier today, on itv1’s “tonight:” show, the subject was how much force can you legally use on home intruders.

    The elite must be worried about what is heading their way. VIOLENT CRIME!

    Austerity, eh?

    But what about the 12 year old who gets a knife held to them on the way to school? Or at school? Or on their way home from school?

  21. Right wing socio-economic policy makers tend to be recruited from the petty minded middle class, whose withdrawal and dislike from the working class and their ambitious natures tends to see them trying to ingratiate themselves with the upper classes with such policies, (whom they also dislike or envy because they tend to hold the positions of power). The fact that there is cross party consensus for welfare cuts and that it was the labour party that first instigated sanctions on benefits for those refusing to do their flagship new deal under Tony Blair, proves that nothing will be restored regarding benefits under Ed Milliband and his party which has been infiltrated by the middle classes discontented with the liberal party and are formulating future policies. All are now career politicians not conviction ones as in the Atlee era, who wanted a better quality of life for all of its citizens, building council housing, implementing the welfare state and the formation of the NHS. at much personal and emotional cost to themselves if you read some of their biogrophies, especially Nye Bevan, I doubt you would see such commitment from the boot licking lot that are now running the labour party half of whom would probably defect to other parties again if there was any help proffered towards the so called income tax bleeding unemployed or sick/

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