Lord Freud Doesn’t Know How Much JSA Is!

Lord Fraud, the comedy toff who also happens to be Minister for Welfare Reform, doesn’t even know how much the weekly unemployment benefit  Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) is worth.

Speaking recently to the Work and Pensions Select Committee the former banker stated:

“the JSA amount is £64, or whatever the precise figures is.”

JSA is £71 for those over 25 and £56.25 for younger people.

Lord Fraud’s  staggering ignorance of the benefits system is far more telling than often repeated stories about out of touch ministers not knowing the price of a pint of milk.  Lord Fraud has been involved with welfare reform since 2006 and is currently attempting the biggest changes to the benefits system since the birth of the Welfare State.

Had he actually been doing any real work then it might be expected that the basic facts about the most common benefits would be burnt into his brain.  After all, it is his fucking job to know these things.

It comes as no surprise that this inept clown should not even bother to learn anything about the very benefits he is tasked with reforming.  After all  Lord Fraud himself has admitted: “Nearly everything I’ve done has been total chaos.” 

Jokes have been pretty thin on the ground at the DWP since the departure of the Chris Grayling comedy show.  It appears however that Lord Fraud is only too keen to step into his bungling, bull-shitting shoes.  Sadly for the millions of people who will see lives and incomes devastated due to welfare reform, Lord Fraud’s incompetence will be anything but a joke.

21 responses to “Lord Freud Doesn’t Know How Much JSA Is!

  1. but.. but.. they keep making out to/in the media it’s hundreds of pounds a week!

  2. they don’t even know what the full amount is, and they don’t know the price of a pint of milk but whatever – they still want to freeze it – while at the same time bringing in a ‘bed tax’ and planning to make even the poorest pay a fifth of their Council Tax…

  3. Check this out from the United Snakes the country the Tories are turning us into: “Arizona GOP Candidate Compares Poor Children To Wild Animals”

    A lesson in irony.
    The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is actually proud of the fact it is distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.
    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed The Animals.” Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves”.
    This ends today’s lesson. – Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, GOP Candidate for District 3


    This is how the Tories feel about the poor in this country. This is the level of utter hatred and complete contempt these sociopathic right-wing monsters have for the poor, sick and disabled.

  4. I hate Tory tossers

    Lord Fraud is a complete tosser. The late Great Sigmund Freud would turn in his grave if he knew what his grandson was doing today. Its beggars belief how this pair of merciless murderers were able to get this welfare reform crap through parliament. Dont other MP’s realise the damage and harm this is going to cause? – they will when the poor and starving start queuing up at their surgeries to ask where they are going to get their next meal from now they have used up their allotted 3 food parcels and have been sanctioned for 3 years.
    What is happening seems like a bad nightmare – I’m on the work programme myself, and its becoming a living hell – my life is becoming consumed with paranoia about sanctions and what the hell I am going to do when it happens to me – which it will, as a matter of principle I am going to refuse to do the Community Action Programme. I spend more time now reading the guardian’s welfare sections and indeed commenting on articles like this than ever. Its turning into a bitter battle now to get any benefits at all. DOnt know how much longer I will be able to cling on, as I am hanging on the cliff edge, and Lord Fraud is beginning to crush my fingers under his jackboot.
    I am thinking now about what I will do when I have no income – any suggestions? seems prison is getting to be a bad choice of places to go as now that bastard Grayling will be in charge of prisoners every move.
    Begging is now a crime. Squatting is now a crime. Being homeless get you constantly hounded by the police.
    I want to know – What the hell does Lord Fraud expect you to do when you eventually get a long sanction and become destitute?
    The clock is ticking until the Community Action Programme. I only have 39 weeks left till the dreaded day arrives when I get sanctioned for refusing to become a legalised slave.
    I’d rather hang myself than dance to this pair of Hitlers evil tune.

    • Cameron bangs on about the Big Society – well I suggest to him that a good example of this would be if all the people facing destitution, like yourself, turned up en masse at the homes of their MPs – at least at the doors of those MPs who voted for the WRB. You would all then demand food and lodging from them , reminding these MPs that their leader believes in the Big Society, and you wouldn’t budge till you got fed and sheltered.
      Probably a pipe-dream, I know, but IF, if, such a thing happened, we might see some changes.
      I hope things get better for you. No, don’t be a legalised slave, but please don’t hang yourself. Don’t give the bastards the satisfaction of another “number”off their list; seriously, please don’t.

  5. I’ve added a Samaritans logo and contact details to all of my ATOS/DWP posts after a request from a psychiatric support worker… Umm… Ahh… Does anyone apart from us care?

  6. That was a Freudian slip… they want to cut it by 10%… oh look 10% off £71 is… £64… there’s a surprise.

  7. Ah, yes, but who knows how much Lord Freud draws in salary, pension, expenses and other state benefits? I guess it’s a bit more than £64 a week?

  8. SH*T if you add up the under 25 & the over 25 JSA you get an average of £63.625(£63.63) if they rounded up and with politicians liking for round figures £64 would be right,LOL. Or is Lord Fraud suffering the early stages of dementia?

  9. “David Freud’s history is interesting: he previously worked as a journalist for the Financial Times and then joined a leading UK investment bank (UBS investment banking), where he was on record as saying to his deputy:
    “If the rest of the country knew what we were being paid, there would be tumbrels on the streets and heads carried round on pikes”. In his city career he frequently got things seriously wrong. As one reviewer of his book put it, Freud “will be remembered in the City as one of the key players in several of the most embarrassing and badly managed deals in investment banking”.

    His revenue forecasts were, in his own words: “completely potty”; according to the Daily Telegraph, his financial plans for Euro Disney “went so goofy they almost wrecked his career” and on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link he got his sums wrong by £1.2 billion and had to be bailed out by the Government (www.variant.org.uk/events/Doc7Poverty/BankerBankies.pdf


    And now, someone making a genuine mistake when filling in their ESA form can be fined £50, while Lord Fraud gets paid to further wreck the lives of the poorest.
    Total nightmare.

    • I worry that these fines, soon to be introduced, will affect the provision of assistance from the likes of the CAB. I say this because they might feel they are liable for said fine if, in the process of helping someone fill in a form, they make a mistake. Certainly the claimant will feel ‘hey you helped me, why should I pay this fine?’. More divide and rule.

  10. need to know if i will need to report to a work camp in april will i have to walk to it or will lord freud lay on a trains for the weak and the poor

  11. something survived...

    These guys can barely count their own fingers. They should think that when you have paid out all of your dole and all of your housing benefit on the rent so that you still have somewhere to live, you might well have nothing left. People say you should keep yourself healthy, or at least relatively so. But if the price of some fruit and vegetables would mean you would have to buy one meal of that but go without buying a week of actually filling food (economy potatoes/pasta), of course you’d buy the latter. I looked it up, if you drink milk you’re probably meant to get about 2 of those larger containers a day. That is often more than the remainder of your benefits after paying rent and bills. Launderettes cost money and so do any domestic appliances run on meters, so you can find yourself going without washing clothes. And buying new clothes: it used to be you could go into a regular shop a few times a year. Then it went to sales twice a year. Then when the sales are still too expensive, there are the discount and budget/economy shops (though a lot of the stuff is probably made in crappy unethical conditions for shitty pay, but apparently only the rich are allowed to choose where to get ethical clothes/organic food/ethical banking.). Then those shops got too expensive, so you go as a special treat once a year to get one item from a charity shop. Then THAT becomes beyond your means. I think they would rather we were rooting around in
    bins for food and clothing, then they could say it was proof the poor are so disgusting and uncivilised. It’s obviously more of a problem buying clothes if you have kids; soon clothes get torn or don’t fit.
    How this div (Lord ‘Fraud’) got to be with the FT, is anyone’s guess. Once I applied to write for them even though they are normally way too far to the right of anything I’d countenance, but I was desperate. Apparently my number skills weren’t good enough or something. The ‘grauniad’ incidentally also turned me down as I was so far left I was off the table. Even when later I offered to do a column of an insider’s view on the work schemes and unemployment. That was years before I found out about places like this.
    How many people, particularly in financial organisations, are unable to explain to anybody what their job is? They should know, the job comes with enough zeroes on the end.
    Oh I have zeroes too, only they are BEFORE the first figure not after it.
    I have thousands, all in lovely big minus numbers. Add that up, Lord Fraud! (oh sorry, you can’t. that’s the point)

    The TV ads this week said all employers must provide a pension scheme. Nobody in the government seems to have addressed the issue of how people who would only agree to an ETHICAL pension, are supposed to get one. Investments are the same – how dare a company or the government invest, against your will, in your name, in things that are totally against your conscience? Plus health insurance – many disabled people won’t qualify, will be forced to lie (which makes the policy void), or will cost extra to insure. And who else but your doctor has the right to your own medical data? If the company has to pay, they are more likely to ‘let go’ their employees with the worst health.

    ‘Which brings us back to W,O,R,K,FARE..’

    On Workfare, Community Action Plan, etc, people (often sick and disabled and old people) will be forced to do McJobs that
    a) They would definitely not be hired to do if it was a regular job for paid employees, the employer would not want to hire them.
    b) Employees in such jobs would be meant to follow health and safety,
    including the requirement that they must DISOBEY an order that is against their own/others’ health and safety. Employers of paid staff have to be concerned with staff wellbeing (this is not the case on Workfare!)
    c) If they were paid employees, they would be supposed to have some form of insurance. (This is not the case in Workfare) If Workfare got changed to force insurance to be in place, most sick/disabled etc people would fail and ‘should not be working in this job’, and they couldn’t get insurance cover. And it would be asking the people on Workfare to give the company all their medical details. They may as well demand that people on workfare change their politics or religion!
    d) If on a very physical job an elderly man has a heart attack and dies: if a paid employee it probably is ‘an accident’ or ‘a death caused at work’. If he’s on Workfare, they can say ‘it was just his time’.
    e) If it was charity/voluntary work, the charity would not accept the person if they volunteered/applied, if the charity thought the person’s health was not good enough to do the job.
    f) Local people would otherwise be doing as regular paid workers or as volunteers. This would surely lead to resentment from those not hired, who would WANT to work for the employer and have more relevant skills for the job.

    OMG. I’m sorry, but last week they made me apply for 4 jobs, all hundreds of miles away except one local one. I think the local one would have been alright. I did a similar job once before, making radios for cars. They said I got so good on my first day, I got immediately promoted to being the supervisor of two 16 year olds. I was meant to train them and do quality control. They were kind of alright personality-wise as people; but in terms of the actual work were surly, sloppy and lazy. They cut corners and a lot of their sacks I inspected had to be sent back. Unfortunately we all got the same crap pay. Then one said they were throwing it in, walked off the job and didn’t come back. Leaving just me, and the other 16 year old. We worked overtime without breaks to fill the order, but with a 33% cut in what we could manage, the work suffered. In the end the factory had to let both of us go, they needed a crew of at least 3 and the agency didn’t have any other people it could send. That was one of my BETTER temping jobs! (Yes, when people sent on Workfare -WE had the incentive of actually being PAID, and the other two were not bothered about the quality of their work and said so- produce shoddy unsaleable goods, who will sue who????)

    So, last week I had 3 more jobs to apply for, I think in London. (Yeah! As in, that place where the government don’t want you to live if you are poor!) Unfortunately they also made some impossible demands of the applicants, not just the geographical relocation issue (they DID try to get me to go for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia!!! I didn’t apply?! But I quite LIKE having a head.). [Saudi Arabia is now a ‘Local Job’! They didn’t care I’m not a nurse.] All 3 were for Christian organisations. The YMCA was perhaps the least contentious of the lot, but I can’t fulfil their most basic lifestyle and ethos requirements; and it was in childcare, and I am possibly not the first choice of applicant for this field of work. (Unlike Lord Fraud, I am aware of my inability in the job, so therefore would not ordinarily apply) The second was for an aid organisation, so I didn’t give them hassle, I agree with humanitarian disaster relief. They were Orthodox Christian and required conversion to this. The third job was with a Nigerian evangelical church. I looked them up and some of the stuff they believe is really frightening. Again they needed the applicant to join them. I queried this at the jobcentre and they actually said I COULD be required to change my religion in order to qualify as being ASE (Actively Seeking Employment). They said I had to apply or they’d
    Sanction me.

    Me, trying to explain it to the jobcentre staff in language they might understand: “Yeah, but I don’t believe in it, though!”

    Jobcentre: (referred me to their previous answer)

    So I applied. I wasn’t rude to the employers or anything like that. I just told them about the festival I’d been helping organise. And the campaign to legalise marriage for… (well, you fill in the blanks)

    Years before my first Work Scheme, the jokecentre wanted me to work for a major UK organisation who are a single-issue campaign group,
    on banning all abortion and contraception. I’d always campaigned for precisely the opposite, and told them. Needless to say I didn’t get an interview.

    Somebody was told earlier this year to get a teaching job in one of the new academy schools, which are privately-run state-funded schools (can be corporate, religious, military, nuclear, or just plain mental). What the government does is label normal state schools as failing schools, then turn them into academy schools (while closing the other and smaller state schools in the area). All in the name of choice, ie no choice. Anyway this teacher, a firm atheist, was ordered to work at a Creationist school. He said he wasn’t suitable but the jobcentre told him to convert. The bulk of the curriculum is Religion (well, Christianity, or their version of it). Their science textbooks say the earth is 4000 years old, and depict humans living with dinosaurs. Strangely enough he did not get the job!

    This week the Jobcentre surpassed itself in comic brilliance. They ordered several MALE jobseekers, none of whom had any caring or nursing qualifications or experience, to apply for a single post. They said they were laid off from the local building project because it ran out of money and let all the builders go. The post was for a personal care assistant. It clearly stated it was for a vulnerable female patient and was only open to female applicants. The same day this happened, in the afternoon, a male applicant in the same Jobcentre was told to apply for a job at the new department store. As an assistant in the changing rooms. As a FEMALE assistant in the Women’s changing rooms!

    Which leads one to conclude that there are some real divs in charge of things.

    There are now job ads not only stating ‘Previous applicants need not reapply’, which is old; but adding ‘If you do not have the required skills, qualifications and experience, please do not apply for this vacancy’.
    From the employers’ point of view, they must get sick to the back teeth of wading through thousands of applications from people forced to apply by the jobcentre. The jobcentre are ignoring this and sending the people anyway. The jobcentre staff go off on strike (but only over their own pay, not addressing the vile way they treat people on the dole), and if it’s your signing day and they are the only one with access to your file, you wait a month till you get to ask them important stuff like your dole hasn’t turned up. The Jobseekers are not allowed to go on strike, picket,
    protest, or complain. Our JCP even has a security-gorilla that you have to hand all complaints to, and when handed one he puts it in the bin. The same guard once spent an afternoon on duty ranting with his mate over how much they hate gays, how they shouldn’t be allowed to hold hands even at their own festivals, etc. He works for that bastion of tolerance, openness, compassion, competence and fairness, G4S,
    i.e. Group 4 Security. The other month he made a number of derogatory and patronising comments about women. Since when is the security guard meant to be doing the job of the civilian jobcentre staff? Oh, and most recently? Another whole afternoon, this time his rant was about immigrants and black/foreign people. G4S can’t find their arse if they look with both hands. At one of the UK’s detention centres a woman asylum seeker reported being raped by a G4S guard, she is not the only one and it’s not just G4S that have done these things.

    I was looking for ‘local jobs’ the other day and it sent me to ‘Location: worldwide’. Job description: ‘You will be required to join the Army’.

    When you get to ask an actual person a question in the Jobcentre, how many times do they say ‘I don’t know’?

  12. Don’t you all get it yet? These people are BELIEVERS in the resurgent pseudoscience of eugenics. You die? You die. That’s the way they think.
    They don’t give a fuck about reform or anything like it. The sooner you die the happier they’ll be. They think it’s for the good of the ‘reich’ and the genetic pool of the ‘volk’.
    They need to be combatted. Otherwise,we die. Stark. Obvious. Reality.

    • I get it. The capitalists automation, robots and 3D printing are getting so advanced that we have become surplus to requirements, so they want us dead. It makes them feel sick to give us £71 pounds a week to subsist on, they’d rather whack us. They are also finding it harder and harder to find the oil, so they figure it will last longer if there’s less of us so they want us dead. They are also afraid of us overthrowing them because of our numerical advantage, so they want our numbers drastically reduced. The world they are working towards building is the world depicted in that film The Hunger Games. That was the ruling elite giving us a glimpse of the future they intend to create. It’s now an existential battle, either we destroy the ruling elite or they will destroy us it’s that simple.

  13. The kinda steriodal moronic meatheads they get to work for G4S on the frontline, which is most of them, are the kinda cunts who will rape for fun, torture for enjoyment, and will gladly shovel the living into ovens when the time comes. And when it all comes on top, as it always does in fascist states, they think they will avoid being strung up because they were ” only following ordures. ”
    Well…they won’t.

  14. Freud is evidence of how corrupt and rotten our system is.
    He has no background in politics.
    He is unelected and represents no member of the pulblic (all he represents, imo, is the private sector that his new pals will offer the welfare state to)
    He has been in politics for 5 and a half years and is already a Lord! There are people that have served, for better or worse, as elected MP’s for way way longer than he ever will who aren’t peers.
    He jumped ship to cross the floor at the first opportunity, so he has all the loayalty of a typical opportunistic money grubbing wanker.
    I want cunts like this out of office, out of politics, and out of my country.

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  16. http://thetruthaboutunemployment.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/what-causes-unemployment-2/
    In February 2008, when the prospect of a recession in the UK was being debated, the Daily Telegraph published a revealing interview with former City financier David Freud – who had been appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2006 to provide an “independent” review of the so-called welfare-to-work system. In the interview Freud claimed that he thought it was possible to get “about 1.4 million back to work”. By the time the final question of the interview came around he seemed to have forgotten the need to pretend he favoured an economy with lower unemployment, and when asked whether he thought there will be a recession, he replied “Yes, because we should have recessions every five or six years and we are due one”. This was one of the rare instances of a politician publicly departing from the mantra of claiming to want an economy that will produce “jobs and growth”.
    The Bank of England is licenced to rig the labour market:
    The reintroduction of mass unemployment in the 1970s & 80s:
    In January 1943 an article in The Times entitled “Planning Full Employment” looked ahead to the possibility of a post-war economy being run in such a way that the mass unemployment of the inter-war period was eliminated. As befits The Times, the article was written from the point of view of the Establishment and candidly discussed the problems of such an approach by outlining the role of unemployment in a capitalist system :

    “Unemployment is not a mere accidental blemish in a private enterprise economy. On the contrary, it is part of the essential mechanism of the system, and has a definite function to fulfill.
    The first function of unemployment (which has always existed in open or disguised forms) is that it maintains the authority of master over man. The master has normally been in a position to say: “If you don’t want the job, there are plenty of others who do.” When the man can say: “If you don’t want to employ me, there are plenty of others who will,” the situation is radically altered.”

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