Tory Toff Advises Young People To Break The Law

Public school twat Damian Collins MP has claimed that young people should busk if they want a job in London despite street musicians being illegal in many parts of the capital.

Buskers are banned completely from the Square Mile whilst in other boroughs a permit is required.  The Tory run Westminster Council even have a page on their website warning that police may be called to deal with troublesome buskers.

Whilst there are now some pitches available on the tube, for those without a licence it is a criminal offence to “play a musical instrument on London Underground property” – something I once had a hard time believing even whilst I was being arrested for it.

When not indulging in petty crime Collins thinks that young people should work for free and leave school at 16, despite his own Oxbridge education, which incidentally we probably paid for.

The truth is the bottom fell out of busking a long time ago for all but the professional and licenced street performers at Covent Garden and other select locations.  Even licenced buskers often face harassment from the police and there’s not much money to be made these days.  Mugging yuppies is far more lucrative and leaves much more time for workfare.

This toff bashing note seems as good a time as any to welcome Ian Bone back to blogging at:


10 responses to “Tory Toff Advises Young People To Break The Law

  1. He probably worked for free, and bank of mummy and daddy paid for it, getting him a cushy job due to contacts rather than skill or talent.

  2. I hate Tory tossers

    Yeah, was reading all about this over at the Guardian, what a load of bullshit, he joins the growing ranks of ignorant Tory up and comings with idiotic comments like this, it beggars belief doesnt it?
    Mugging people at knifepoint is going to be much more profitable. Sod them, if they dont want to pay us benefits, then we will just take it directly from them. This is a warning to the rich – better make sure you watch your back because we are gonna be waiting for you. Fuck busking, I’m gonna be in that situation next year when I tell the Govt that I aint doing the community action programme, and when they sanction me for 3 years, they are givig me no other choice but to take the law into my own hands. I live in a poor city and no-one is gonna be throwing money in my beggars cup here. Those who think that we shouldnt get benefits and get up off our arses – we will be – so you had better watch out. If this is going back to the olden days, then the bad characters from history will come back too, like Dick Turpin and Robin Hood. The Sheriff of Nottingham is already alive and kicking at the DWP.

  3. The Tories : walking , talking arseholes.
    I busked years ago….the worst contributors? City people. They’d give you nuthin’.
    And the twats these days in Covent Garden? Professionals or semis…just there to fleece the tourists.
    This Tory Twat member is just full of shit.
    Arrogantly encouraging an arrestable offence is the best we can expect from these lunatics.
    They need a right good kicking.

    • yep posh areas were a waste of time, I busked in shepards bush for ages (before it got posh) – des lynham and chris evans walked past me nearly everyday for a year and never gave me a penny – although des would smile in an i’m famous fuck off prole kind of way

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  5. Already, things are happening in society reflective of the savage nature of The ConDemNation : it’s just too scary for the msm to talk about it.
    Things can only get worse.
    The Tory Lite (new labour) mantra was ,”Education x3.”
    The ConDem mantra is ,”Eugenics, Eugenics,Eugenics.”
    You can see it in action all around you.
    The well off scurry by…noses raised….wilfully blind to the shitstorm of hatred beginning to fly towards them.
    Can’t pay. Won’t pay.
    By any means necessary.
    Here we go.

    • I hate Tory tossers

      “The well off scurry by…noses raised….wilfully blind to the shitstorm of hatred beginning to fly towards them.”

      I think you actually mean this:
      The poor and unemployed shuffle by, noses running, wilfully aware of the shitstorm of hatred already flying towards them.

  6. Oh wait, the old bill don’t like it. So much for another great tory policy.

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