Every Liberal Democrat Is To Blame For Clegg’s Debt, Workfare And Poverty

Whilst he’s famous for destroying the educational chances of a generation, it is less well known that snivelling Nick Clegg is also behind a mass workfare scheme that condemns thousands of young people to unpaid work.

The Youth Contract, announced to much fanfare by Clegg in April, aims to bully a quarter of a million young people into working for free at places like Poundland.

Another part of the Youth Contract hands out so much in subsidies to employers and welfare to work companies that it would be just as cheap to employ the young people directly.

Under the ‘Wage Incentive’ part of the Youth Contract employers are handed £2,275 for every young person they employ on minimum wage for 6 months.  Astonishingly a further £1,200 is handed out to the Work Programme providers who arrange the job.  This is on top of the £400 attachment fee already paid to providers simply for signing up young people to the Work Programme.

To employ a young person on the minimum wage full time for six months  costs £3,884 in wages.  The amount handed out to both the employer and the Work Programme contractors in total under the Youth Contract is £3,875.

This toff Government, which has done so much to deride some of the poorest people in the country as scroungers, is quite happy to hand out huge wage subsidies to some of the richest corporations in the world.

Yet in a searing indictment of the current economic shambles, even doling out these huge sums to employers and welfare to work sharks has had no impact on youth unemployment which is still rising.

Meanwhile the mass workfare scheme is also on the brink of collapse.   High Street names like Holland & Barrett have been quick to distance themselves from unpaid so-called Work Experience schemes after storms of protests from their customers. 

Much like the Work Programme for long term unemployed people, Nick Clegg’s Youth Contract is costing hundreds of millions of pounds whilst failing to even make a dent on soaring youth unemployment.

The treachery of Clegg is perhaps best illustrated in his attitude towards young people.  In just over two years he’s gone from pledging free access to university to fobbing the young off to work in supermarkets for no pay.

No amount of attention-seeking apologies will be enough to rescue Nick Clegg and his party’s reputation.  The yellow stain in British politics is now little more than the worst kind of happy-clappy cult, happily cheering from the sidelines as the real leaders destroy the lives of millions.

Clegg’s pathetic apology means nothing and has been greeted with the contempt it deserves.  But every Liberal Democrat MP, Councillor, activist or member has blood on their hands now.  Every suicide due to the brutal Atos testing regime for sick and disabled people was voted for by Lib Dem MPs.  Children made homeless due to the savage housing benefit cuts were put out on the streets by the same scum.  Every young person forced to work for free, every closed hospital, every trashed exam result is down to Liberal Democrat party members too spineless to stop this onslaught or at the very least walk away and play no part in it.

The legacy of the Liberal Democrat party will be the destruction of just about every decent institution this country has, and there aren’t many to start with.  When brutal  poverty stalks the land, when healthcare is in the hands of private sector sharks and living standards are reduced to near third world levels for many, rank and file Liberal Democrats will exist as mere footnotes in history.  They will be the cowards who barely raised a word in protest as their leaders voted the country into a callous money-grabbing capitalist hell.

Ruin the Lib Dem’s Conference Weekend: Shut Down Workfare in Brighton

23 responses to “Every Liberal Democrat Is To Blame For Clegg’s Debt, Workfare And Poverty

  1. The LibDems? What are they? Just some yellow pish stained stains on the wet and dismal wall of politics.

  2. Nick Clegg is nothing more than a Quisling. The number of disabled people I know who are terrified at the prospects of next years changes (extermination) to DLA etc would make a decent human being weep. Not Clegg though. I blame Clegg – the tories can no more stop themselves from hurting the poor than a scorpion could stop itself from stinging you. They are what they are – they cannot help it. But Clegg and the Libdems – after all that they have said in the past….for Clegg to have allowed this to go on by forming the coalition is beyond contemptible. No one has voted on their coalition agreement. The Condems are but a ‘coalition of liars’

  3. ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm You got this bit wrong “and living standards are reduced to near third world levels for many” WE, THE UK ARE THIRD WORLD”

  4. Britain cant keep borrowing money from China, we cant carry on all having cars and smart phones, wev run out of oil and they work for a lot less money, and we havnt enough food….

  5. I hate Tory tossers

    Nick Clegg is further up Camerons arse than Julian Clary’s dick.
    The Lib Dems are a bunch of yes men that will not be in existence after the next election. These idiots have given IDS the mandate to destroy the welfare state, and now we have Chris Gayling in charge of Justice. Unbelievable – a compulsive liar in charge of justice, A Nazi dictator in charge of Welfare and David Cameron, A wet blanket as Prime Minister, Ebenezer Scrooge in charge of the Treasury with little more than a ginger schoolboy as his assistant, An ugly little scrote who was probably the one that got bullied at school in charge of Education……
    Could things get any worse? Yes – the cuts have only just started – and who is ultimately responsible – yes, Nichol-ass Clegg, the biggest arse licker who ever got into bed with the Tories.

  6. ”This toff Government, which has done so much to deride some of the poorest people in the country as scroungers, is quite happy to hand out huge wage subsidies to some of the richest corporations in the world”.

    how bout this here are some more scroungers,and this is as much a scandal


  7. Workfare is a Labour idea, of course, which was coming in no matter who won the 2010 election.

  8. It was already in, first introduced by Major, then massively expanded by Blair – didn’t work then either

  9. Dont forget these kids will still be getting jobseekers as well. so that adds more to it.

    • I hate Tory tossers

      Big deal – full time work for little more than 50 quid a week. Its no wonder so many kids now commit crime and sell drugs for their money. They might be young, but that doesnt mean that they should be exploited – these kids aint stupid, and if coming round to burgle your house earns them more than crappy workfare, then thats what they are gonna do.
      When I was 16 (way back in 1988) I worked at McDonalds while I was at college, and got paid 1.68 an hour, so I was paid better 24 years ago than these poor kids do now. Come on – be realistic – would you want to work 40 hours a week for what they get paid? Work is Work, no matter how old you are – it should be rewarded with proper pay, not pocket money.

      • Tory policies are designed to encourage and force people to commit crimes. The Tories desperately want more crime, that way they have more “stock” to do prison workfare call centre work for free further enriching their friends. It also gives them an excuse for more government invasions of privacy, more surveillance and more authoritarian, repressive and draconian policies.

        • I hate Tory tossers

          They had better start building more prisons then because they are going to need them. Theres a good chance that I may end up there myself next year as I am refusing to go on the Community Action Programme, and when my benefits get sanctioned I am gonna have to start mugging people or stealing, or else go to London to join the army of homeless there, but then the Tories will make being homeless a crime next, punishable by Prison. Like I say, no welfare state means they are going to need a hell of a lot more prisons, just like in America.
          I am pretty much at the stage of giving up the fight against this govt – why the hell arent we organising mass protests and riots?

    • Just to clarify, there are two main parts to the youth contract, one is the workfare ‘work experience’ scheme, the other is the wage incentive when they get minimum wage but the Government pays over half their salary and also a fortune to the work programme provider who ‘found’ them the job

      • I hate Tory tossers

        But we didnt need the wage incentive back in 88, I got paid for the work I did by Maccy D’s and the Govt didnt have to pay them a sweetener to take me on. All this workfare and work for free nonsense has got out of hand, and employers have now got used to getting labour at a reduced rate either on workfare or through the wage incentive, also subsidised by the taxpayer but to a greater amount than normal workfare. Both methods stink of Tory shit. I’m on the Work Programme, now into the second year, and I dont get any help from the providers, only bullying, and how much taxpayers money gets paid to these leaches to find me work? I’m 40 and I’m gonna be facing glorified workfare next year in the form of the Community Action Programme because as I am so long term unemployed no employers will touch me. I notice there is no wage subsidy for people in my age group, only those who are young. What hope do I have if employers are getting a backhander to take on a young kid but get nothing for taking me on?
        I’ll not be doing the CAP though – I’ll find other ways and means rather than doing workfare, and I hope all other long term unemployed boycott the CAP as well. The sooner this country starts standing up to this evil govt the better. Say NO to workfare!

  10. The Liberals already showed their real character round here, in Ipswich, when they ran the Borough Council until a few years back in Coalition with the Tories. A worse bunch of chancers you’d be hard to find.

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  12. Was in the Work Programme yesterday, same guy who handles MWA was handling the Youth Contract. Business is a booming for the welfare to work providers. Here’s me thinking that wage subsidies would be easy to arrange. That admin fee.

    • something survived...

      Our Work Programme is now sending disabled people, young people, old people, etc together with people on Community Payback (sentenced by courts), to do tough outdoor work pulling up shrubs with their hands.
      It sucks. I haven’t been sent as ironically they said I was too disabled, but a lot of the disabled people that did get sent are much more disabled, so it seems pretty arbitrary/random. And the weather is terrible: freezing cold, rains all day, very windy. I think they’re hoping people will start dying doing this sort of work. What is happening is that the Jobcentre said things seemed very quiet and they blamed ME for the Work Programme not sending me on Workfare. I pointed out they have only one Workfare scheme in the main programme and it is in construction, so they didn’t send me as it’s obvious I can’t do it. The Jobcentre said I was not participating. I got the Work Programme people to agree I was, but then the
      Jobcentre said they would not speak directly to them to check. Morons.
      And they have me doing exactly the same jobsearch at Work Programme that I’ve just done at the Jobcentre. The only difference is that at Work Programme I get to sit down while doing it. The staff even agree it’s pointless, but say I have to go on looking at the identical jobs for hours. It’s such a waste of time. Then just as I am starting to make some progress,
      they say they want lunch and suddenly kick me out of the building, often into the rain.

      • I hate Tory tossers

        Do they have to wear the same “community payback” vests that the crimals wear? – oh, sorry, I forgot, all unemployed are criminals now, for daring to claim money from IDS’s coffers. Its gonn aget worse next year when the Community Action Programme gets rolled out nationally – even more mandatory workfare, except this time its never ending – being sent out all weathers to pick up shit on the roughest estates in the country where you are at risk of stabbing, shooting, and getting beaten up – all this just to appease Herr Hitler Duncan Smith who is reveling in his own sadism.
        The reason that so many disabled are being sent out with the Community payback teams is that the WP providers get a bigger fee from the govt for getting hard to help groups like this into work, and they think that by making our lives sheer hell, we will get up off our lazy idle workshy arses and get a job. It’ll be taskmasters next with whips and they’ll flog you into hard labour. Wouldnt be surprised is IDS says that the long term unemployed are to be made to join the Army with threats of the firing squad for non compliance. Just keeps getting worse and worse. But still the people dont fight back or boycott this crap Victorian regime.

  13. We would all have been treated better in the former Soviet Union, disregarding the propaganda we have all been subject to for decades, this is fact!

  14. Regarding Clegg’s fake non-apology, the only way for Clegg can atone for his despicable and depraved Tory crimes against the British people, is to offer a sincere tearful apology to the nation and then commit Seppuku aka Hari Kari on live TV. Actually, no not even that wouldn’t make up for what that motherfucker has done to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

  15. the most embarassing part of Clegg’s behaviour is his applaing play acting. His apologies come across as even more insincere because he just cannot pretend without coming off as a bad soap opera actor.

  16. You know, in derbyshire they get kids on the workfare programme to work at pig farms – seriously. Alot of them would rather work at pound land!

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