Ruin the Lib Dem’s Conference Weekend: Shut Down Workfare in Brighton

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Saturday 22nd September – Brighton – Noon

The Liberal Democrat conference is being held in Brighton on Saturday 22nd September 2012 – there will be a large demonstration organised by Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition and Brighton Trades Council.

To coincide with this, Brighton Solidarity Federation, Brighton Benefits Campaign and Brighton Uncut are calling for a day of action in Brighton against workfare – instead of ineffectually “having our say” and being ignored by the junior coalition partner, we should physically shut down a high profile coalition policy.

We are aiming to use a diversity of tactics on the day – from static or roving pickets outside shops, to UK Uncut style occupations, to whatever anyone else fancies getting up to.

We will distribute a list of workfare targets and their locations – when the march ends we will head into town and try and shut down as many of them as we can for as long as we can.

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8 responses to “Ruin the Lib Dem’s Conference Weekend: Shut Down Workfare in Brighton

  1. I agree with this course of action – hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. Saturday is the busiest trading day of the week, so hamper their ability to profit. I also think we should look at disrupting the busiest Christmas trading days over the next few months.

  2. Good idea to get Brighton’s many students involved in this as well, given that Judas hypercunt Clegg sold them down the river with his tuition fees lies. Due to the policies of the omnicunts they are looking as doomed to #workfare after they have completed their studies as they would have been if they had joined the swelling ranks who were unable to further their education due to contemplating the fees debts betrayal.

  3. Is that dead bird a dead duck?

    I dare say that someone – a government minister, perhaps? – will step up to the podium at the LibDems’ conference and try to boost morale by talking about the party’s ‘core values’. And perhaps if Judas had stopped to reflect a moment and realised that betraying his master and accepting payment for doing so did not offend against his core values he would have been easier in his mind and would not have hung himself.

  4. I am too ill these days to get to demos at present. But, as an old campaigner with ‘war wounds’ I urge you all, if you are able enough, to take it to the streets and bring this ConDemNation to its senses.
    I am feeling very sad and upset by what is being done to the citizens of this country in every facet of our lives by this horrendous gang of insane NeoCons who are enacting unmandated policies across the board whilst enriching themselves and their cronies. What they are doing would not have been imagineable in Thatcher’s wettest of dreams. It is nigh on unbelievable that they are ramming through such right wing acts and privatising the NHS and dismantling the benefits system before our eyes and no one, apart from ordinary citizens like ourselves, is opposing them. It is scandalous. The chattering class just strokes itself, the msm is corrupt and useless, parliamentary opposition is oxymoronic, supine and complicit, and we are being driven to suicide.
    Please, I beg of you, unite and destroy this shower of shit.
    Before it’s too late.
    I have seen much in my life, and without resevation, this gang of ConDems is the most dangerous and smirkingly sneering and dangerous travesty of a government I have ever had the misfortune to witness.
    If they are not stopped they will make our lives a living nightmare and the death toll will mount exponentially.

    • You are so right Mike. This isn’t all the fault of this Government, the foundations were laid by Labour.
      What this country now needs is a revolution. It wouldn’t need too many people to march on Parliament when it is sitting. What are they going to do… shoot everybody?
      The Police and the Army are also being ripped to shreds. I have friends who are police officers who think that there are major problems ahead, The police are being privatised. If you get robbed soon, you will be calling G4S or somebody, not the police. We have scrapped half our Navy but we are paying towards the cost of the Indian Navy to build 3 new warships. We had to borrow Aid to give to Africa. Money that is never seen again! Everybody, every decent British citizen is in this together. We should stop Foriegn Aid, Stop Immigration and those who are here and want to stay here who are not British citizens should be made not just to pay their way, but to pay extra into the system to make up for the money they have not contributed.
      As for those in power at the moment, who feather their own nests whilst they watch the rest of us struggle, and probably laugh amongst themselves about it, they should be locked up, with no rights at all, and the keys be thrown away. We need to do something people… so stop complaining… let us take decisive action and kick these people out of power.
      Remember, they serve us, not the other way around.

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