Justice for the 96

I remember watching this live and blogged about it back in 2007.   Justice is still a long way down the road for the families, friends and supporters of the Hillsborough victims but at least the truth has emerged.

There had rarely been a more determined and dignified campaign as the video below shows.


11 responses to “Justice for the 96

  1. radical..??
    I don’t think so m8..where’s my last comment ..a re-write of history..hahaHa

  2. we the plumbers can unblock your ‘bog’ & provide ya with decent drinking water..we are not afraid of ruins..
    if ya want dirt on your hands ..understand the ‘off-side’ rule m8..the road to a better tomorrow is littered with bourgeois fools _

  3. nah m8..you’re a rich man. in a poor-man’s shirt..you will never be a ‘chav’ your skin is too white…hahaHa _

  4. you have a very simplistic view of plumbing ..our technology has moved from the 19th century..moving shite is not the problem..it’s a pity your stuck up your own ‘back-door’ m8..wot are YOU offering ..??
    remember NO MASTERS !

  5. I’m not the one trying to throw my weight around.

  6. Oi m8..gimme £20 for a bag of brown, and I’ll fuck off..hahaHa

  7. bollocks you will, you’ll be back for another score as soon as you start clucking

  8. Mister Void..you are a hard-nose bastard..if I was Hans Kristian Rausing with a £5b fortune I would be merely ‘tragic’..but living on the 17th floor of a high-rise with no electric & a dead wife kept in the the bath-room for company ,the place is starting to smell some what…I don’t need your abuse …hahaHa _

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