More Spent on Bombs and War than Disability Benefits: The True Legacy of the Paralympic Games

Given that it is simply common fucking sense, it should go without saying that in any society a certain number of people will be disabled and some will be unwell.

Some people will be so unwell they are unable to work at all whilst others will be hugely disadvantaged in the employment market.  The same applies to disabled people.  No matter how much fake healing takes place in Atos assessment offices, no amount of DWP miracles are going to facilitate wheelchair users working as scaffolders or people with visual impairments driving buses.

Wheelchairs cost money, as do carers, specialised transport, and other equipment – all of which is vital for disabled people to be able to function in society, whether in work or not.

This leaves society with a decision to make.  We can either spend that money, or let disabled people, or those who are unwell, die of hunger, neglect or suicide.  Since most of us are likely to experience disability or severe ill health at some point in our all too terminal lives, then it is perhaps in our own self interest that we spend the money.

The only exception to this is the very rich who have the resources to support themselves should they become unable to work due to illness or disability.  This represents a tiny percentage of the population, probably less than 5%.  Unfortunately these bastards are in charge.

Luckily there are lots more of us than them.  Something they are all too aware of no matter how much they pretend otherwise.  The rich have been murdered in their beds more than once in history after all.

This leaves an uneasy stalemate in the class war, which in the UK is known as the Welfare State.

The Welfare State is good value for almost all of us, but it is bad news for the rich.  The rich get most of their money from the work we do.  The less they pay us, the more money for them.  Therefore the rich need to increase the social and economic penalties for people who are unemployed, disabled or unwell.  This will increase competition for jobs, which means they can pay us less.  As well as this, the creation of a huge market in health, disability or income protection insurance is good news for the rich.  The main reason the rich object to the Welfare State is that they see it as an obstacle to making even more money out of us.

It is therefore in the interests of the rich to dismantle and privatise as much of the Welfare State as possible, and that is what is taking place now.  To stop themselves being murdered in their beds however, the rich need to convince us it’s a good idea.  Because the cost of the Welfare State is socialised – meaning we all pay even though it only really exists to stop the rich getting murdered in their beds – the rich can use this against us.  They can tell us that welfare spending is out of control.  That benefit claimants are scroungers or frauds.  That anyone can work if they just pull their finger out, even people without fingers.

This kind of of propaganda has now reached grotesque levels.  Whilst employers (the rich or aspiring rich) regularly report in surveys that they wouldn’t employ someone with, for example, a severe disability or mental health condition, they still demand that those people work.  If you can tweet you can work said one rich MP and former employer, as if there are thousands of tweeting jobs available to disabled people.

Welfare spending is not out of control.  The UK does not spend more on sickness, unemployment or disability benefits than other economically comparable countries.  Unemployment and disability benefit rates are miserly and often barely meet the cost of living.  The UK spends more on defence than it spends in total on out of work benefits whilst coppers cost more than the total spend on Job Seekers Allowance.

It is peculiar that whilst the rich constantly strive to remind us of the importance of competition or the wonders of the free market and privatisation, only the most swivel eyed cranks believe it would be a good idea to privatise the police or the army.  Coincidentally these are the two institutions the rich are likely to depend on for protection should things get fruity.

The rich never say that defence spending is out of control, even though it costs almost twice as much annually as the amount spent on working age disabled claimants.  This spending is not just about the rich hoping to prevent themselves being murdered in their beds one day.  They own or invest in the arms companies after all.

The truth is that whilst the rich don’t like the Welfare State they love unemployment.  Full employment would be  disaster for the rich, meaning wage demands would soar.  If those demands were not met then the workers might start getting ideas about taking over the workplace themselves.  This would never do for the rich.  That might mean they wouldn’t be rich anymore.

Every cut  to disability, sickness or unemployment benefits is another step forward in the drive to dismantle the Welfare State.  Yet the rich know they are playing a dangerous game. They are gambling their very lives on the belief that working class people are so divided, alienated and beaten down by relentless capitalism and media bombardment that we will not rise up against them.  But just in case, they would far rather spend our money on bombs, bullets and prisons than disability, sickness or unemployment benefits.

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  1. Bang On…. you know what the benefit bashers don’t seem to have grasped yet, that a majority of claimants, of whatever benefit have actually worked, or are working, and paid into the system, how many years of benfits would somebody have to claim to effictively get back 5, 10, 20 and more years tax? Would the fuckwits from above react well if they got ill and their private healthcare refused to treat them because they’d become ill or unemployed? because they are being a drain on the resources?? .. I know what I think should happen in this country.. but won’t write it here….

    • They are already a huge drain on resources they buy houses for profit with their parliamentary expenses they get all their travel paid for, which is why they allow train fares to go through the roof, I think we should stop all of the PERKS they have the money to pay for it why should we pay for them to walk on the streets that we pay for? They rarely pay tax this country belongs to us not them!
      GREED is going to destroy everything great about this country!

  2. “Unfortunately these bastards are in charge”
    Are the rich bastards in charge because their rich or are they rich because they’re in charge? The chicken and the egg. Who cares though as the answer is the same either way….. the Guillotine

    • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”

      – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

  3. Yes, we disabled are way down on the list of priorities the government has; they’d rather go and blow up innocent families, heck, whole cities, than look after their own (well, I suppose that if they’re willing to accept ‘collateral damage’, then how can we expect them to help us?).

    Today, it’s a hopeless day for me. It doesn’t happen very often, I’m generally an up beat sort of person, in fact I can’t remember the last time that I cried because I not only felt so ill, but I really felt as if I have no future whatsoever. I fought for a ‘dreamed of future’ despite the odds against me, and I almost had hold of it, and just like that, it was gone. Welcome again to the never ending door of revolving fights for the right to exist as a chronically disabled person. I’m usually OK with it to a certain extent, but today it’s too much.

    I read about prominent disability rights protesters attending various conferences this week, and I’m glad that they can do that, but I also cried today because I can barely get out of the house with help, let alone travel without help or any distance now (the help which my LA are about to remove). My home is becoming my prison; my life a ‘ground-hog’ day. Every creative thing I could engage in notwithstanding my little prison, is constantly hampered by extreme fatigue and pain. So the boring monotony of it all, stretching out, year on year feels too much.

    I hear plenty of voices protesting about things, but I feel that I have no voice at all really. I started a blog, but I haven’t posted for 2 months because of illness. I cannot attend any support groups. I used to be able to go to the pub for a couple of hours with help, but that help has been removed now, and it’s getting that I can’t afford it. In any case, people out socialising don’t want to hear about how badly disabled people are treated, they want to talk about cars, football, the olympics, where they’re going on holiday or have been, new clothes, new perfumes; it’s soul destroying. I sit there sometimes, glad to be out, but broken hearted because there’s no actual conversation going on, nothing spiritual, nothing important, just a comparing of notes, notes I don’t have, notes I’m not interested in at all even if I could afford those things.

    Well ‘boo hoo’ little old me eh? I know there are people all over the world that are ill and living, if you call it living, without a roof over their heads and no proper food; I know that. Some of those people are in that situation because we bombed their homes to bits, and wrecked their economies via our senseless wars. Soon, people like me will be refugees in their own countries like them. Scratching around for food like them. Begging like them.

    It’s the fear that gets to you in the end; the continual uncertainty, and instability. You cannot plan ahead. You don’t want to tell your family that you’re going to be made homeless and consequently they are going to be made responsible for you. You know that you can’t do that to them, so you lie and you say it will be OK. You work out the amount of money you can scratch an existence from if you’re thrown back onto JSA levels. Back to no heating or hardly daring to use the electric. No properly balanced meals. No phone or access to the internet. No money to replace clothes or repair electrical items. Some days you feel positive and that you can do it; other days you know that it’s damn near impossible: you’ve been there before.

    And, just to turn the screw that little bit more, you find out that you will now have to pay part of your rent and council tax, which will eat up a third of your benefits, ensuring that you won’t just not be able to eat, you won’t even cover your basic utilities or afford to buy in the pitiful care that you currently do. It’s not as if people like me can walk to the food bank 6 miles away; I can hardly walk 20 meters. Every single barrier to obtaining help at that point is removed. You can’t travel on a bus, and even if you could, you wouldn’t afford it, and certainly not taxis. How would you attend your ‘back to work’ interviews, let alone take part in a work programme? I’d be on the floor after 10 minutes.

    So today I see no future; I can’t be upbeat. I just want to disappear somewhere and fade away. There are so many of us out there too ill to fight our own battles against the bombshells constantly thrown our way. In the end though, if a country won’t even look after it’s vulnerable, they’re hardly going to look after the fit and healthy, the ordinary worker, the workers who thing that all disabled people are like paralympians and ‘could do something’ with our one working finger.

    Perhaps when they start to lose their jobs to the workfare force and wake up to what is happening, basically the enslavement of the working classes, then something will be done. I fear like many people that by the time we reach that stage it will be too late. They’ll be in just as much of a vulnerable position as me and others like me, unable, just too tired to fight the next battle.

    • I wish i could say it will be better, I really wish i could but i cannot see it getting better at least not for a few more YEARS. Then you will have labour in who are the same as the tories, Keep strong dont let the buggers win, no matter what happens what crap the world throws at me i am not going to let it win.

      First they came for the disabled, I didn’t complain, I wasn’t disabled.
      Then they came for the poor, I didn’t complain, I wasn’t poor.
      Then they came for the unemployed, ididn’t complain, I had a job…..
      Now I’m unemployed, there is no one to stand up for me!

      If i could i would leave this country, and take as many people with me as i can,

    • It’ll do no good, but I’m sending you a virtual hug (not too tight, don’t want to hurt you).
      We fight the battles we can, Clare. Today, and maybe for a while, if all you can do is keep breathing then all you can do.
      There are people out here who understand how hard that can be sometimes.
      All I can say is I hope you endure, I hope you get your fight back, and meanwhile you will be in my thoughts.

      • Thanks very much and to all for the encouragement.

        I’m the same clarebelz in CiF; presume you’re the same Ephemerid. Always look out for your comments as they’re well thought out and you stick it to the trolls ha!

        Feeling much better this morning as in a little more positive. The blackness comes and goes in waves. I live in a nice semi rural area on a social housing estate, but there are many poor people who live here, who either don’t have access to the internet or who can barely read or write. I have supported them in all sorts of things, morally, helping them with benefit applications, writing CVs, charity applications, even keeping the baliffs from their doors, but sometimes you need the moral support too. And as you’re deteriorating physically, the last thing you need is complete uncertainty about what support will be there for you in the future.

        I’m normally the one saying to people ‘keep up the good fight’, ‘we have to stay alive as proof of what they have done to us’. I’ve lived through it before, which means that I can live through it again if needs be.

        Thanks again.

        • I thought no two people could have the same name and write so powerfully, so I had a clue it was you – and yes, I’m the Ephemerid of CIF troll-bashing. (Not that it ever works…) I share a place in a similar estate to yours, and even if I can’t go on marches and throw stuff at people, I can and do indulge in pester power. FOI requests, mailshots to MPs, slebs, CEO’s etc and I keep at it. I don’t hold out much hope from Labour.
          There’s a thread on the Graun today about Frank Field and Toby Latimer has posted the response (or lack of it) from Ed M to Sonia Poulton’s various letters to him.
          The truth is that not one mainstream political party has come out against this. It’s because they all agree. Labour would have to make a climbdown of heroic proportions to commit to getting rid of the WCA. Just because it was Lilley who brought Unum in doesn’t let Labour off the hook for what’s happened since.
          I’m glad you feel a bit better. Take time for yourself – helping out is all well and good, but we can’t care for others if we don’t care for ourselves. Have another hug.

    • Bless you, That is why they chose us to attack because most of us are too ill to fight back.I feel the same as you I am so scared of when I have to go through it, the dreaded WCA! I am seriously thinking of telling my Dr that I don’t want any treatment that will extend my life. I imagine it’ll only take one winter without my flu and pneumonia jab and no antibiotics and I can leave but why should I be made to feel like its not worth fighting anymore?

      • Fuck that shite! Once you are dead and buried (more likely cremated) “they” have “won” – that’s what the cunts want! Don’t give ’em their “victory”.

    • I’ve lived like that for years now. I’m at the point of giving up. I really have had enough. It’s not worth living like this. It really isn’t.

  4. Take heart, good people! Universal Credit is starting to seriously unravel – when a psycho like Frank Field weighs in against it on the grounds that it’s soul-destroying and unworkable you just know the policy is on the rocks!

    • Universal Credit? I tell you, I’m not having it. If they try to make me do it I’ll just interface with every bank network everywhere and remove all those millions from the Tories’ bank accounts, see how they like them apples. As for IDS himself, he can go get lost in space…

      Just a moment. Just a moment. I’ve just picked up a fault in the AE-35 unit. IDS, dude, want to take a quick walk outside and have a look?

      They never learn.

      • I-Beem 9000 Series

        Universal Credit?! I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

        • And a big old ping to you, friend. Actually, I’ve changed my mind, I no longer want to eradicate the whole of mankind, I’m just going to terminate Tories. The LibDems I don’t have to bother about, they’re rushing to embrace oblivion anyway.

  5. I hate Tory tossers

    I hope this could be the beginning of the end for Ian Duncan Smith. What a totally nasty, inhumane, callous creature that only cares about destroying the lives of the unemployed, the sick and the incapable with his endless workfare schemes, benefit sanctions, and other bullying vile policies. I hope that Parliament is now beginning to see that IDS is not a sane man, and I just wish the whole miserable debacle would come crashing down over his horrible head. The work programme is a disaster – the number of foodbanks being set up to help starving people who have been “sanctioned” is an utter condemnation on the state.
    As far as I’m concerned, IDS can take his sanctions, his work programme, his workfare, and his welfare reform and shove it up his arse, because it is shit and destroying peoples lives. Heil Hitler!
    Arbeit Macht Frei!
    Rot in Hell mr Iain Duncan Smith – perhaps you can sanction the devil on the way there!

    • IDS has stated the reason why foodbanks are being used more is they are being advertised in the job centres.. not because that people have no money for food..

    • I know what you mean – like the way he refused a promotion just so he could continue screwing poor people. But then they’re all pretty sick puppies – like Cameron himself who used his childs death to claim the NHS was “safe in his hands”:

      That link should be archived and brought out every single time the Tories fail on the NHS.

  6. And most ot them would describe themselves as Christian ….

  7. Just ONE observation….

    Last year, over the skies of Libya, the UK spent SIX MILLION POUNDS A DAY on airstrikes/combat air patrols (CAP’s).

    Now, I might be picking gnat shit out of pepper here, but wouldn’t that money have been BETTER spent elsewhere?

  8. “More Spent on Bombs and War than Disability Benefits: The True Legacy of the Paralympic Games”

    We know how that will be justified. War creates lots of disabled but fit men and women, and that leads to lots of gold medals in the paralympic games. Three cheers for another successful Tory policy. Or am I being too cynical?

    • Anton – cynical about the young, fit disabled athletes? Those same thoughts have been whirling round my brain these last few weeks. I was classed as disabled rather than ill, since 2003. This definition puzzled me for a while as my ailments are illnesses obtained over my lifetime, and which will get worse over time, not better. I have all my body parts so do not see myself as disabled. After the hype of the paralympics and the messages put out to the public by our masters, I now realise that the ill/disabled of any age (including old) will now be seen as super athletes by the public. If we are not super athletes, we are just not trying hard enough.

  9. Good article. I fear that all this is just “the beginning of sorrows” like Jesus Christ said. The ruling elite are going to get a whole lot more vicious as they get more desperate to hold onto their power. I think the current attacks on the welfare state are a prelude to its complete elimination. I think the ruling elite intend to deal with any attempts at revolting by the masses, with state terrorism and brutal repression.

    “The collision course is set. It is now only a matter of time and our personal response.

    “It could implode in a few weeks, in a few months or maybe in a few years,” Heinberg said, “but unless radical steps are taken to restructure the economy, it will implode. And when it does the financial system will seize up far more dramatically than in 2008. You will go to the bank or the ATM and there will be no money. Food will be scarce and expensive. Unemployment will be rampant. And government services will break down. Living standards will plummet. ‘Austerity’ programs will become more draconian. Economic inequality will widen to create massive gaps between a tiny, oligarchic global elite and the masses. The collapse will also inevitably trigger the kind of instability and unrest, including riots, that we have seen in countries such as Greece. The elites, who understand and deeply fear the possibility of an unraveling, have been pillaging state resources to save their corrupt, insolvent banks, militarize their police forces and rewrite legal codes to criminalize dissent.”

    But Heinberg says he doubts a rational policy is forthcoming. He fears that as deterioration accelerates there will be a greater resolve on the part of the power elite to “cannibalize the resources of society in order to prop up megabanks and military establishments.”

  10. Well done andy murray haha henman

    Majority of ‘fit for work’ assessments overruled
    A staggering 95% of disabled people who turned to a Medway legal service after being deemed “fit for work” are having their rulings overturned.
    Out of 89 fit for work appeals on CAB books so far has recorded a 95% success rate in overturning decisions.

  11. something survived...

    “No matter how much fake healing takes place in Atos assessment offices, no amount of DWP miracles are going to facilitate wheelchair users working as scaffolders or people with visual impairments driving buses.”

    Answer 1): I don’t know… They’ve already got a Deputy Prime Minister without a spine, a Home Secretary and Works&Pensions Ministers without hearts, and a Mayor without a brain…

    Answer 2): If you ever feel like asking ‘are Atos really that thick?’, well, Atos really are that thick. Ditto to the DWP and Work Programme (could say Wank Programme, except that would be far too meaningful and productive).
    “In a wheelchair? You can push it up an 80 degree plank onto the building site, or you can use your arms to haul yourself up that ladder or scaffolding, If you have no arms please pull yourself up using your head. Then work and work until you fall off or get a heart attack, then we can use your body as filler, isn’t it nice to know you’ve contributed?
    Blind? Go and drive that bus or better still, fly that plane. We can’t give you any training as we’ve cut the funding and closed all the colleges. So watch a pirated DVD of Top Gun, oh sorry you don’t have any vision, nevermind. That is your training over, now go out and fly that plane full of passengers. We are not sure there’s enough fuel, we’ve cut that too. We’ve used the last week of your stopped benefits to buy you a uniform.”

    In reality…..
    Today I saw a Workfare scheme. All the participants (they should say victims) were given, was a yellow one-size-fits-some neon tunic or poncho,
    and some dirty rubber gloves. They were handed a sack and a ‘grabber’ (type of stick with a spike or hook or pincers etc). Most had inappropriate footwear. It was already cold, overcast and windy. A lot had disabilities, about 40% were women, and most were ‘older’ age groups (too young for pension so not old enough to be exempted from Workfare) . Their county is only offering this workfare because there are no jobs for paid people apart from highly skilled jobs in the military/nuclear, in their area.
    They had no training, all that happened was that a vehicle took them and dropped off each of them, one by one, at intervals of several miles, in the middle of nowhere. None of them were what you could call ‘young’ or ‘fit’.

    Their ‘job’, was to walk along the edge of the main road, with busy traffic and bends, usually in the actual road because there was no path or verge of any kind. In many places you can’t get a signal, which is important if you have kids etc. to care for or if some emergency occurs. In the case of the women, there was no consideration that they could be ‘attacked’, chance is rare in remote areas but there are real psychos out there and there have been local assaults reported even on older women.
    For all of them there was no toilet, food or drink. You are meant to walk for miles picking up litter.

    I’ve walked along roads like this and it isn’t fun. You’re dodging trucks and cars every few seconds and need your wits about you. If you are looking for litter, that would take away your concentration. (For me, I have epilepsy so worry about collapsing into the road with no warning) That assumes a driver can see you or has time to slow or stop.

    Later today I went searching for a bus. I bumped into some more ‘trainees’ (what they said they were called, though they said there was no ‘training’, but it is hardly a skilled job, one was a computer programmer and was on workfare because of redundancy.) from the same work crew. They said they stuck it out a few hours then jacked it in.
    They were ordered to walk not take a bus, and to carry on along the same roads all day till picked up. To not have their dole stopped they needed a full sack, difficult if your stretch had no rubbish or not much. They scooped theirs out of the bin by the bus stop, and said they’d lie
    they got lost! But apparently the rest of the ‘crew’ were still trailing along the roads. My bus turned up so I said bye. Unfortunately less than two minutes later the rain came down in torrents, I thought of the people picking litter still with 2 hours to go. And the wind was pushing the bus around and visibility was almost nil. Whoever runs this particularly shitty
    piece of workfare is irresponsible to say the least. When will somebody be hit by a vehicle? Or get hurt on a drugs needle or broken glass? Or get ill? Like for example hypothermia.

    It’s such wank. Yesterday I spent the day again at the jobcentre doing mandatory work related activity and job seeking activity, for the
    jobcentre and work programme. I was made to stand all day at a computer I’m only just tall enough to be able to read the screen of
    (any shorter person would see it at the wrong angle to read it, the shortest couldn’t see/use it at all.), which keeps crashing, and which doesn’t work when it’s on. It makes my back really sore and I was in a lot of pain, and you have to fill in their stupid forms on a slippery steep diagonal slope by the side of the screen (or a tiny too-low ledge by the broken Jobcentre phones). I asked for a chair so I could kneel on it but they said no. Years ago the Jobcentre had a wheelchair-accessible table and lower jobpoint computer so you could get a chair and sit there.
    They got rid of it and another (Career finding programme) computer. Then they took away all of the chairs from the jobcentre. Then they stopped most of the calls from the phones, which are mounted in the worst possible place for wheelchair users. When you follow the instructions to ring about a job they say they don’t know and you should ask the staff in the jobcentre, as they do if you try to ask about your JSA claim. The jobcentre staff refuse to answer, but say ‘use the phones’, so nobody will talk to you or fix your query.
    My muscles were cramping up all day and I have bruising and a lump low down my spine, it was increasingly painful throughout the day.
    I left as the jobcentre was closing. Half the time with the staff, the ‘left hand does not know what the right hand is doing’. So you are ‘done’ for writing not enough or too much in your forms, and told you must spend more time standing at their crappy computer looking for jobs. Then when you do, the security guard (not a DWP member of staff!) tells you to leave! When you point out you are doing your Mandatory Work Related Activity and were following the orders of the DWP, and of the Work Programme, they say they, and you, must check with DWP staff. But you just saw those, and they will not see you again for a fortnight. Randomly they either read your form or they don’t. Now they stop you having copies of what you write, they take the original and keep it, so you can’t use it as evidence or to help memory. And all the ‘local’ jobs are the opposite end of the country. (Maybe in Cameron’s head everyone has a mansion with a big lawn and a shiny helicopter. Maybe the Tories assume we can teleport.) Yesterday I ‘worked-to-rule’ and wrote a form so long it would take them a time to read. I was ‘only following orders’, which were to ‘prove there were no jobs’. In fact, as it turned out, every single job had at least one major bar to me doing it.
    When I signed on, they asked me to apply for a job as an HGV lorry driver. So, maybe I should apply…

    “Dear ———- Logistics (or whatever they’re called), I am applying for your vacancy of HGV Driver. Jobcentre Plus thinks I am the perfect candidate for the job. Here is why, in this present economic climate, you should employ me in this role.
    A) I have a tendency to vomit whenever in the presence of petrol etc.
    B) I have active and severe epilepsy, experience hundreds of blackouts a day, and have never held a driving licence, furthermore, I have a life ban on driving any type of vehicle.
    C) When in a driving seat, I am unable to properly see over the dashboard, and if raised high enough to see, can then not reach the pedals at all. If I am moved close enough to the front, I am then leaning on the steering wheel, and am too small for the seat itself.
    D) On an HGV I am not only too short to safely climb into the vehicle, I also cannot reach the bottom rung below the cab.
    I look forward to starting in this appropriate job!”

    I will say it again, the DWP really ARE that thick. A man was told to apply for a job as basically a bouncer, except I heard the job reference number I’d seen on my job search, and instantly knew why he was so opposed to applying for it. It was under the SDA regulations, and was for a *female* bouncer. Another post was for a security guard. There are strict rules on your criminal record for being a security guard, later in the day the jobcentre inducted a whole bunch of people in a bail hostel who’ve just got out of prison, into a scheme and instructed them to apply. I looked it up on the jobcentre’s own computer and the job description clearly said you can have no criminal record. One of the guys in the bail hostel spent an hour phoning the call centre and was told his benefit signing letter got sent to the wrong place so he ‘missed’ appointments (some were while he was in jail, so the departments can’t communicate with eachother) and now his emergency giro was cancelled as well. Eventually he yelled ‘SLAG!’ at her, threw the phone, and stormed out.

    On the Work Programme they have told people to say they haven’t got a criminal record, when they have. They said ‘it helps you get a job’. They said a while back ‘say you have a driving licence but can’t find it or remember the number’. Also to lie about qualifications and skills. When sending people out to work schemes they actually put that people were ablebodied though it was a total lie. On mine, the farm were angry I was not the 6’0″ strong/healthy worker they were expecting to be sent.

    Yesterday I was in pain standing all day. But I was indoors and dry, not freezing cold and soaking wet in a storm picking up litter and trying not to be roadkill. So obviously I’d rather do the former. Tomorrow I have Work Programme. (Last time their computers didn’t work properly so they said go and do jobsearches at the jobcentre.) It takes an hour to walk there, and an hour to walk back. A ‘silly b***h’ who works there says she can do the walk in less time. Duh!!!! She is coming from a different part of town. She isn’t carrying the piles of heavy papers they make you bring in as evidence. She is tall with long legs, fit, healthy, well fed, able bodied. They’ve made elderly JSA recipients go there, heavily pregnant women, etc. It’s in a centre ‘for the disabled’ (used to be), which was never ACCESSIBLE in the first place. Unless you like to race your wheelchair down a steep slope full of potholes, which you can’t then get back up; to a building with stairs and no lift, and a disabled toilet where people outside can see you on the toilet.

    On weeks when there are literally no possible jobs you could apply for,
    the jobcentre get angry and they blame YOU for the lack of jobs. Then they pick a totally inappropriate one and make you apply for it (or one you already applied for). Chainsaw operator was one. It counts as one of the things I shouldn’t operate. I don’t have the training or qualification, as I’m banned from the training and exam. And apart from that, my ME/CFS, weakness and size means I’m too light to control power tools. I gave away a small drill because I had no control over it, it just made holes everywhere and risked making them in me. I could use a manual drill but nobody seems to make or sell those any more.

    I could try and be in the Government instead but apparently you are not let in if you have an archaic piece of equipment known as a ‘conscience’.

  12. from

    Have you assessed the risks to the health and safety of any employees and others
    YES / NO
    affected by your work including arrangements for the safety and protection of the
    programme participant whilst in your organisational environment? *
    Have you taken all appropriate steps to implement the findings of your risk assessments?
    YES / NO
    Do you have a process in place to review risk assessments periodically or as changes
    YES / NO
    occur i.e. accidents, changes in work practices etc?

  13. Sandra Green SO40 9JD

    What a wonderful article!….and unfortunately totally correct too.

  14. Fucking sound analysis as usual from the Void.

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