DWP Ad Agency Launches Attack on Benefit Claimants

Advertising agency Iris, who won a lucrative contract with the Department of Work and Pensions to help launch changes to sickness and disability benefits, have produced an internal document portraying benefit claimants and disabled people as chavs, alcoholics and criminals.

Iris won the £2 million contract tohelp launch Employment Support Allowance back in 2008. The company has several other lucrative government contracts, most famously designing the creepy Wenlock and Mandeville Olympic mascots. They also count Argos as one of their major clients.

The document, called “Iris on Benefits”, features a series pf photographs such as the one above, to illustrate information about the company’s employee benefits schemes such as the page outlining maternity pay – which comes complete with a photograph of a young pregnant woman dressed in typical ‘chav’ attire, smoking a cigarette.

Other pictures show people swigging from bottles of cider, a man on a mobility scooter wearing a Burberry cap, and teenagers in baseball caps apparently running away from a Security Guard.

Perhaps most grotesque of all, the people in the photographs are the chinless Tarquins who actually work for the company. What fun that must have been for the privileged little wank stains: “let’s all dress up as poor people for the day, what absolutely wonderful spiffing fun, we can pretend to loot our cappuccinos from the patisserie”.

So proud were the ‘creatives’ who came up with the idea, that they even submitted what is an internal document to Campaign Magazine to show it off.

Whilst many in the advertising industry have condemned the company, including the blogger who initially published the photographs, others have revealed the true face of many in the coke addled advertising industry. When one commenter observes how this document reveals that people “who receive benefits are ‘fair game’ and how, to use Owen Jones’s phrase, the working class are demonized”, he is answered by Muz, allegedly posting with an Iris email, replies “I smell…(sniff sniff) Jealousy…”.

This blog has generally avoided the liberal outrage every time some twat of a comedian says something unpleasant on twitter. But this is very different. Despite all appearances to the contrary, Iris are not comedians. They are a major advertising agency given huge sums of government money. And this is how they spend it. That a company with such an unpleasant internal culture should win contracts to handle benefit changes, or the Olympic Games, perhaps says more about this and the last government’s attitude towards those with least than anything else. Well it also reveals that a lot of people who work in advertising are cunts. But then that’s not really news.

More of the pictures can be found here and here.

Iris are on twitter @irisworldwide and facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/irisworldwide

Speaking of comedians, it’s interesting that Frankie Boyle, virtually alone amongst high profile celebrities, spent last week tweeting furiously to support the Atos protests. That he should be aware of the current brutal treatment of disabled people, but still thinks his jokes are a good idea, makes him a bit like some sleazy Bavarian comedian telling anti-semitic jokes in the Auschwitz staff bar.


37 responses to “DWP Ad Agency Launches Attack on Benefit Claimants

  1. Oh Christ! A never end tide of shit emanating from our Elders and Betters. This is from the moral high ground that enables us to go invade Iraq on account of them being savages.

  2. Totally appalling ad agency, I’m assuming this stuff just leaked and didn’t go live?

    Really not sure you quite understand Frankie Boyle’s particular brand of satire or indeed satire in general. Would you say that his dodgy jokes provoked discussion or not?

  3. This fkn government will not stop at anything to sensationalise their ’cause’ will they…by depicting us ‘losers’ on benefits as scumbags they win over the ‘less educated among us’ — as these highly ‘proftiable’ sterotype-scams work for them – unlike the governments’ nefarious policies and practises.. It as case of spin and u win with this bunch of prat-toffs……..!!

  4. If it goes Live, i suggest we all of us get in touch with the advertising standards.

  5. I agree with Eric,if this abomination does come to pass we should do an en masse complaint to the advertising standards,it is sickening and disgraceful.

  6. Shameful, stereotyping propaganda. The crass idiots who made it and think it’s funny should read the following heart-felt plea from a woman with a very young children, whose husband’s recent severe brain injury left him blind,severely physically and cognitively disabled. They face penury and homelessness, every day is a battle. She writes:

    “Surely the system is there to help people in difficult situations, that’s why it exists doesn’t it? But my experience is that it is there to hinder and after receiving a letter telling Alex he has a job interview on the 28th September which if he doesn’t attend could effect his benefit (Employment Support Allowance) is just more than ridiculous…They tell me when I ring the job centre they’ll do it over the phone instead…??? Do they not get it? He is utterly and completely incapable of this…!”

    Please read it, on Sue Marsh’s blog, and share it.


  7. something survived...

    These pictures are utter wank. Locally, the people who dress and act like this are not on benefits. They may have been excluded from school because of bad behaviour, but they seem to live in well-off estates and have parents who are either the best-off working class or indeed middle class. There are gangs doing graffiti, vandalism and other antisocial behaviour, then they go home to 2 married professional parents!
    The most-broke have no money to get or go anywhere, let alone get a scooter or a can of lager or a plasma TV. Those literally at the bottom get to move more, but only because the police keep moving them from doorway A to doorway B.

    When I’ve heard sessions of other employment schemes (ones I am not on)
    going on, it almost sounds as if they are reading from a script. They reel off endless stereotypes about the poor and the unemployed. Worse, they prefix most such sentences with the word ‘You’. This includes on the first lesson, at a point before any of the non-voluntary participants has even opened their mouth to say their name.

    Imagine a white guy walked into a room full of black people and started out his ‘encouraging you to want to work’ speech. And imagine it went like this:
    “You are here because you are a lazy and feckless scrounger who is refusing to contribute to society. You all drove here in stolen cars full of guns. All the boys are pimps and crackheads. All the girls are ho’s and pramfaces. You can’t speak English properly. All you ever think about is
    sex, drugs and guns. Us civilised white people are here to cure you of the
    disease of blackness. If we want to call you ‘n——‘ we are entitled to because we are white. You are not allowed to object.
    At the end some of you might be submitted for jobs but they can only be in the things we think black people can do: sport, music, cleaning toilets, hairdressing, nursing, picking cotton… If we are kind enough to give you
    a job please lick our boots forever and never forget you are inferior.”

    Imagine a rich guy walked into a room full of unemployed people and started out his ‘encouraging you to want to work’ speech. And imagine it went like this:
    “You are here because you are a lazy and feckless scrounger who is refusing to contribute to society. You all wandered here late with hangovers. All the boys are vandals and thugs. All the girls are slags and single mothers. You can’t be trusted to fill in an application form on your own. All you ever think about is shagging, drugs, and phones. Us civilised rich people are here to cure you of the
    disease of unemployment. If we want to call you ‘dole scum’ we are entitled to because we are employed. You are not allowed to object.
    At the end some of you might be submitted for jobs but they can only be in the things we think poor people can do: building, callcentres, cleaning toilets, street sweeping, shelfstacking, nude modelling. If we are kind enough to give you a job please lick our boots forever and never forget you are inferior.”

    It wasn’t far off. His ‘You’ speech (I’ve witnessed several intakes go through. The current one are on a life skills module, which apparently does not include ‘places not to smoke’ and ‘how to use bins and toilets’)
    starts off by mock-empathy, you know, the ‘Nice Cop’ to soften you up.
    He has this trick statement or question which is that ‘I know you don’t want to be here’. The safest response is to say nothing. If you agree, that is a trap to prove you are not wanting a job and they will report that back to the Department of Winged Pigs. If you disagree, they say you are lying. After acting all matey for a while, which he probably thinks looks convincing but which actually looks completely fake, he goes on about what ‘You’ are like. ‘You’ are just sitting around on the dole doing nothing. You sleep all day and drink alcohol all night. You probably have a criminal record. (His actual words!) You have problems with sorting your life out and maybe also a drug problem. You like trainers, McDonalds and plasma screen TV’s. You just sit around watching Jeremy Kyle. You don’t work or do anything, or contribute to the community. Your favourite food is burgers. You don’t get any exercise.’
    It drones on for two hours or so, on the first day of induction, on a fulltime course. At the end of haranguing people for the first two hours and practically signing them up for the ninth circle of hell, he THEN
    says: Now for the Introduction section. Tell me your name and something
    about yourself. After this it goes on for the rest of the day and the week.
    Most of the next weeks are like this. The final part is making them write a business plan to become self employed. And then they are churned back into the sewer called Job Centre *Pus*, still jobless. It didn’t bother this training provider that: None of his trainees get jobs; He just spent the first 80% of the course slagging them off and the final 20% writing crap business plans; The banks don’t lend to people in work and with a GOOD idea and business plan, and the startup grants went in the Cuts.
    The trainees don’t get told this. He doesn’t care about their self esteem, but he never steps in to point out when an idea or plan is particularly bad. Of course you can have a good idea but a lousy business plan, or a sound plan based on a rotten idea. (JCP and Wankfare combine a terrible idea with a laughable business plan; on the plus side it is internally profitable as staff get quota and performance based pay for kicking people off benefits and forcing them to work for £Nowt and Nuppence.) What else he does, is write them crap CVs.
    But the crappest CVs of all are those written for you by the Scouts.

    Scout Enterprises insists on writing your CV for you. It resonates with an item seen on another recent post, about a person who was repeatedly made to rewrite his CV for the entire duration of the Work Scheme.
    When he went to a member of staff he was told ‘This CV is crap’. She asked which member of staff wrote it. He told her the truth: “You did.”
    Scout Enterprises is very similar, in fact experiences are virtually identical. The sort of CVs they write make you look illiterate and careless, with no achievements in your life. You are told to leave out your qualifications especially if they are in academic subjects at a high level. For hobbies they suggest ‘watching TV’, and they have told this to
    people in a caravan in a field with no TV. You can’t put any volunteering.
    You’re told to claim you have no qualifications or skills in anything.
    Female applicants are told to put that they want to do hairdressing and fashion! Scout put your date of birth and marital status on a CV. Things you are advised not to put, in many other places! If you point out your finished CV is a pack of lies, they start singling you out as ‘disruptive’. Or if you refuse to lie on your CV and job application.
    The quality of the CV is so bad you may as well:
    a) Put what Channel 4 wrote: “I am not interested in applying, please
    do not give me this job”
    b) Say your current job is: sleeping under a railway bridge in an abandoned shopping trolley, shooting up with heroin.
    c) Fill in an application form instead, and when asked ‘what can you bring to this job’, answer: “Herpes.”

    Possibly they actually wreck your chances of getting a job deliberately so that eventually you will be bounced back to them and they will be paid again for the so-called training. You get to notice it is like pass the parcel, with you as the parcel, but a parcel nobody wants to open in case it is nasty. You go round in endless cycles: A4E, Working Links, Work Programme, Work Scheme, New Deal, Remploy, Access to Work, Pathways to Work, Scout Enterprises, and others. The longer you are there the more ‘difficult’ you are to employ so the ‘provider’ gets paid more each time around. When you get to another one they criticise you like it is your fault for being sent to so many. They would have a point if they were talking about jails (a list of different jails you’ve been in might brighten up your CV!), but you have no choice about being sent on these schemes and they end when the provider loses their contract for being a useless pile of crap. Or when the ‘set duration’ runs out.
    By the way, if you found a volunteering job you liked, or a tolerable placement, and want to stay, they force you to leave

    As for ‘chav clothes’ referred to in the Isis video, in much of the UK/USA/ world, this is what young people wear. No matter how they act and talk,
    you can’t really guess their class.

  8. Naked Prince Harry sitting in an ‘Apache’ helicopter grinning as he machine guns Muslims to death in Afghanistan on behalf of psychopathic war criminals and oil magnates. And the media portray him as a jolly hero. Cheeky chappie. A lad.
    Make me fuckin’ sick why don’t you, as you starve the disabled and criminalise the unemployed.
    Cunts supreme.

  9. I followed the link via the original blog to the full brochure – and guess what? It gets worse. One of the pictures, under the captian ‘Childcare’ of a young shoeless girl in a put sipping a certain well energy drink/mixer is apparantly being shortlisted for an AOP award.

  10. Reblogged this on GOBOLOGY.

  11. What the hell is going on ? On the one hand, we are congratulating and showing “respect” for our paralympians (yeah right) but, on the other we are creating this kind of bull about how the disabled are…. So which one is it MR CAMERON?
    Smacks of another ATOS if you ask me.

  12. I agree Kas, which one is it?
    Ah, but we know which one CaMORON sees and believes..! Probably why he’s proud of Paralympians – they got off their lazy disabled arses…
    Yeah, I’m fairly certain we all eat fast food, watch Jeremy Kyle and drink cheap lager… not! (heck, I can’t touch all three!)
    And those images portrayed are not anything near like who we are (although, to make it more Conservative-realistic, there wasn’t enough obese people!)
    and it doesn’t even begin to touch on how we cope day to day.
    One of these pictures is up for an award? what award?? tosser of the year??!! Can we not have our own awards ceremony for some of the ridiculousness there is and the tossers that there is out there who would believe all this??!!
    There are more than plenty of candidates 😀

  13. i have found myself on the dole, second time in my working life, funny enough both times ive been unemployed has been under a tory government ! i told the guy at the local dole office ” tell u what dont bother giving me dole money, just give me all the tax + ni ive paid since 1976 in one lump sum, ill live offa that, no reply, i wonder why, anyway im voting 4 the green party next time round.

  14. Business men and millionaires should not be allowed to stand for parliament. All this lot care about is the rich and powerful, most of whom are their friends. To think that they care about ordinary people is ridiculous to the extreme. They are using ATOS to try to force disabled people back to work, yet they are closing/closed Remploy factories
    where disabled people could actually work. Anyone who has tried to find work, usually gets the reply, if any, sorry you are not suitable, or you live too far away and so on adnauseum. Argos actually sacked my partner because of a severe back injury caused by his work and all the compensation he received was £2.5k, after having to pay back the benefits he was receiving whilst waiting for his claim to go through. There is no justice for ordinary people, as if there ever has been so don’t let’s fool ourselves that there ever will be. Now with this new idea of one benefit for all, people will actually be starving and relying even more on food parcels. We have now regressed back into the 20s, with no benefits, where people had to go “on the parish”. The stories my mother told me were horrific, where before getting any money, they were told to sell their furniture. She was lucky to have a pair of shoes to wear to school and sometimes the family existed on broken biscuits. It seems to me that this coalition want the same thing in 2012 – they are amoral, sadistic, cruel and very evil indeed.

    • Notice how many of these politicians have degrees in politics, rather than real life subjects these are professional politicians

    • No don’t vote Green. It is a wasted vote. We either need a revolution in this country and wipe these A-holes out for good… letting them live below the poverty line…
      Or we need to tactically vote for somebody new.
      My vote would go to UKIP. They seem fair to me.
      Cameron Lied over a European referrendum, something that was the only reason a lot of people voted Tory. He changed his mind. I wonder if he is getting back-handers from them for us to stay in the EEC? You have to ask yourself.
      Cameron, Brown and Blair are all traitors to the people of the UK.
      We should take down these powers, investigate thoroughly and leave no stone unturned… and if there is one, just one discrepency from any MP, Minister or Prime Minister, Lock the sods up and throw away the key.
      I think the best bet is still a revolution… with the support of the under-funded and heavily cut armed forces and police and then a period where proper democratic elections can be held, without the Tories, Labour or the Lib Dems or those who have represented them, ever again.
      We are being taken for a ride and led down the swanny by them.

  15. Something survived said:

    “Imagine a white guy walked into a room full of black people and started out his ‘encouraging you to want to work’ speech. And imagine it went like this:
    “You are here because you are a lazy and feckless scrounger who is refusing to contribute to society. You all drove here in stolen cars full of guns. All the boys are pimps and crackheads. All the girls are ho’s and pramfaces. You can’t speak English properly. All you ever think about is
    sex, drugs and guns. Us civilised white people are here to cure you of the
    disease of blackness. If we want to call you ‘n——’ we are entitled to because we are white. You are not allowed to object.
    At the end some of you might be submitted for jobs but they can only be in the things we think black people can do: sport, music, cleaning toilets, hairdressing, nursing, picking cotton… If we are kind enough to give you
    a job please lick our boots forever and never forget you are inferior.”

    That really brings it home. The workless really are the contemporary N*****!

  16. !!!!!!!The bloke on the scooter looks about 18 and is strong enough to lean sideways without falling off, which you can’t do if your lower body strength can’t fight the natural effect of gravity.

  17. It’s gone live and it’s up for some awards. What are you gonna do about it? Throw some more empty threat from your ivory towers? Twats!

  18. Go on then Kissmy face, lead by example – give out your name. I bet we can guess your employer.

    But thank you for pointing out it’s live. I shall be contacting Advertising Standards and the guys who are putting it up for award.

  19. This calls for a bombardment of complaints to the advertising standards agency.

  20. Bombard all you want, you won’t get very far as it’s an internal booklet and not an ad in the public domain. Good luck contacting the guys putting it forward for an award, i’m willing to bet bet you haven’t got a clue who they are or what the award is either. You lot make me laugh. You should actually take the time to look at the work this moron is blogging about and you’d all realise his views are way off the mark and based on someone else’s blog, who again, didn’t take time to actually look at the work, it’s context or it’s purpose. Stop jumping on the band wagon with out examinig the facts and actually making your own mind up, you pathetic sheep. And no, i don’t work for Iris.

    • Pathetic is what you are, so stop talking about yourself. Your views are of no interest to anyone else, so why not fuck off elsewhere!

      • Thanks for the reply Lilly and thanks for pointing out that i have my own views, which is something most people here don’t have. And whilst my views aren’t in line with everyone else in this one sided blog, they are an important contribution. They may not be of interest to you, but they are in the interest of freedom of speech, if no one had any different views to everyone else here it would be have no balance and you’d all just look like an angry mob. Best sharpen your pitch forks. Believe it or not some people have different views to you and we’re allowed to express them. Let me ask you this, have you taken the time to look at the work that’s being complained about? Do you know what it’s for and the context of it? Because, judging by the comments here, people haven’t looked at it yet, they’re just reading someone misguided evaluation and decided that it’s the gospel truth, without investigating and making your own mind up.

        • I replied in the way I did because I was angry. Angry that, rather than criticise other respondents on here in a constructive manner, you resorted to name calling. Calling people ‘pathetic sheep’ and other such terms does not help your case. No one responds positively to rudeness. You could of put forward your points without resorting to such petty name calling. I accept fully that other people have different views from my own. Its just that, as stated above, I prefer to be spoken to in a proper manner.

  21. : The childcare shot has just been shortlisted for an AOP Photography Award and will be exhibited in London later this year.

  22. Surely this is racist towards British People most of whom have paid taxes into the system at one time or anonther. Let us deal with the real problem here that the Governments are too scared to put the blame on. Immigrants who come here expecting, and getting, ridiculous hand outs from the state without ever having contributed one penny into our system. I am not racist, I am married to an immigrant, but she is an immigrant who was head-hunted by a British company who needed her specialist medical skills as nobody here was apparantly suitable for the job. She paid tax on day 1 and has ever since. I am talking about the free-loaders who arrive here with nothing.
    It has drained this country’s resources from the welfare system, through to state pensions and the NHS, Housing etc. as well as employment.
    I am not criticising those who work. I am talking about the ones who do not nor will they ever.
    The money for genuine welfare claimants is being denied whilst these people come here and liturally, take us for everything they can. That is where the government need to start looking.
    Don’t go for the soft targets, those who are genuinely ill and cannot fight back. Stop the freeloaders and this country will be better off for it.
    If immigrants come here, then they need enough cash to afford rent etc or else they are not allowed in. If we have taken in political refugees, they should be returned to their country as soon as the problems there are sufficiently over. If they work here, by all means let them use the NHS etc, if they pay for it. An immigration tax on top of normal PAYE would put money back into the country’s coffers to cover any costs like NHS treatment etc, that they may need whilst they are in this country.
    In this photo, I do not see ANY people who look like immigrants.
    This is wrong and is predjudice against British people.
    If successive governments cannot get this right, then we must fight it all the way. If they do not listen, then we need to have a revolution in this country and it will come, mark my words, if we are all going to be treated as 2nd rate by such governments.
    MP’s, Ministers and even the Prime Minister are totally out of touch. As long as their nests are feathered, they don’t care, and picking on Easy targets is not just unethical, it is cruel. Well, we do not have to stand up for it. We paid into the system so if, God forbid, should we need help, it will be there. That is what you pay your NI contributions for. If they remove that, then basically they are stealing your money. We shall not accept it.
    Can you imagine paying your house insurance for 20 years and then your house burns down and the Insurance company say “We don’t cover fire damage any more!”? Well it is EXACTLY the same thing the Government are trying to do here… and I bet it is illegal.
    Fight it people.

    • Chris – new immigrants are not entitled to benefits and even EU migrants have to work for a period before being able to claim, just as those from the UK have to in EU countries

      The idea that immigrants step off a plane and are immediately given houses and benefits is as incorrect as the wild claims that benefit claimants are given free cars and live the life of riley – the myths about immigration have been propagated by the very same newspapers who have lied about benefit claimants, and largely for the same reason.

      It’s not immigrant’s fault the bankers crashed the economy, just as its not benefit claimant’s fault either, people are getting poorer because the rich are taking more and more

      It is in the interests of the rich that working class people, instead of attacking the true culprits, attack each other. We are far stronger united and fighting for better lives for everybody than fighting each other over the scraps they throw from the table.

      Do you really think that if the very few recent immigrants who are eligible to claim benefits had them stopped then that would be the end of the attack on the welfare state? The opposite would be true, it would just be chalked up as another tory victory. Point your guns in the right direction mate, its not a few asylum seekers fleeing torture that are to blame for the current shitfest.

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    The persistence of images.

  24. Johnny, appreciate your view but I am afraid the damage was already done long before these rules were bought in. The Banks do share some of the blame, I don’t disagree with that but there has been a huge influx of immigrants into this country since the last decade as the cencus shows. In 2001 there were around 56 million people in this country. Around 5% of them were immigrants according to that cencus. In the decade, this population increased by almost 8 million. It was stated that about 55-60% of that increase was due to immigration. This was before such rules were implemented. I’m afraid it is a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
    I don’t know if you read about the Palastinian Woman and her family of 5 children who were given a house worth £1.5m in London in 2001 which needed a further £75,000 spent on it to furnish it, and get it up to standard etc. She was also given a BMW car and benefits totalling several thousand pounds per month. In all that time she has never worked. Her eldest child is now in prison, at tax payers expense for drug related crimes. In the meantime, her family have wrecked and vandalised the house. The woman has never worked and she is still being paid. This story ran in national newspapers in the last few months. She says she deserves the benefit!
    I’m sorry mate, but it is scroungers like this that need dealing with, not genuinely ill people who are being targeted by ATOS, who are obviously on commission to get as many as they can off benefit, by using methods of assessment that are totally unfair and in a lot of cases, totally irrelevant to the actual illness.
    This is undermining qualified GP’s, Doctors and senior medical professionals. What is the point of having them if some clerical assistant is going to tell you that you are fit to work?
    Believe me, the ATOS assessors are NOT as medically qualified for the task in hand than you think.
    Mine had never even heard of my illness, which is the most common form of it and widely known.
    My Doctor said the report they compiled was the biggest load of cock (his actual words) that he had ever seen and he advised to appeal with immediate effect, which I have duly done.
    If anybody else is in a similar boat, I would advise them to do likewise.
    Use a solicitor if you have to. Hurry because the Government are actually going to try and stop people using the Legal aid system for this.
    Again, totally out of order.
    It would be interesting if there was a mass boycott of people paying taxes until this is all sorted. Ask yourself, where do the taxes we pay go?
    Sky high petrol prices mean amazing amounts of Fuel duty, Road Tax etc… do you see potholes being repaired and our roads in a decent state? No. Do you see improvements in the NHS despite all the increased duty on Alcohol and Tobacco and the extra NI contributions? No. Then where is all the State pension money going? Where is the increased tax on VAT going? Why do those who run the country not batter an eye-lid? Because they fiddle the whole damn system to suit there needs. They get money for this, money for that, on boards of Directorships for several companies. It is all corruption and back handers. It is ok for them to do it but not the likes of us. They proved it with the fiddling of expenses. All but the tip of the iceberg was swept under the carpet. Even the then Home Secretary fiddled expenses on a 2nd home and got away with it (Jacqui Smith). If that had been the likes of you or I, we would have been locked up. She says sorry, pays some back and we are supposed to let it lie?
    Like hell we should. People need to get a backbone here and get a grip. This is one huge rip-off and they are trying to put everybody but themselves below the poverty line. One rule for them, one for us.
    Well I for one will fight it all the way.

  25. Totally agree with Chris M and George T. We need a revolution.

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  27. “She was also given a BMW car and benefits totalling several thousand pounds per month.”

    you see there’s no way that can be true under any rules for immigrants, so it was either a massive fraud (which is a different issue entirely) or it was grossly exaggerated, almost certainly by the same newspapers which lie about benefit claimants – just like benefits the rules for what immigrants can and cant receive are clearly laid out and don’t ever include free cars

    as you say, there has been a large amount of immigration, those people are here, in most cases UK citizens and working class, they have the same interests as us – which is why its vital we fight together, not each other

    anything else is the path to certain defeat

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