Who the fuck is Mark Hoban?

Mark Hoban, the non-entity brought in to take over from bungling Employment Minister Chris Grayling at the DWP, is likely to prove a disastrous appointment as Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms start to crumble.

Mark Hoban is the archetypal Tory nobody, a boring middle aged man with a background in accountancy and who’s only significant political achievement is getting elected in a safe Tory seat.  Hoban will leave his post as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, and may well have been appointed as Cameron and Osborne’s mole as the DWP descends into increasing chaos.

Hoban does have some dubious links to the banking sector and previously worked for accountancy firm Price Waterhouse, but still doesn’t even manage to have a decent financial scandal to his name – well apart from him accepting a donation of services worth £150,ooo from Oliver Wyman Ltd, whose partner Davide Taliente was later given a role on the committee overseeing the break up of the FSA.  But even that’s quite boring.   Even his name is boring.

His voting record is equally dull, having rarely rebelled against the Government on anything, except for his ruthless opposition to LGBT rights.  Hoban has voted against every piece of LGBT equality legislation, including Civil Partnerships, since he entered Parliament.

Whilst Iain Duncan Smith will welcome some help from an accountant to cook the books, Hoban will be of little or no use when the shit hits the fan.  Welfare reform is shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster and the last thing the quiet man needed was another grey man at the DWP.

Anyone, who can find anything at all remotely interesting about Mark Hoban please get in touch.

UPDATE:  Disabled People Against Cuts have some information on Esther McVeigh, the new Minister for Disabled people: http://www.dpac.uk.net/2012/09/more-about-esther-mcveigh-new-minister-for-disabled-people/

ANOTHER UPDATE: latest from google is that Hoban can’t even run a fucking website:

24 responses to “Who the fuck is Mark Hoban?

  1. They have bought in an unknown to take the flak off IDS mistakes, I wonder what they are giving him to take all the flack for the failing policies of IDS

  2. “Mark Hoban, a Tory MP, claimed £35 on a toilet roll holder, £100 for a chrome shower rack and £79 for four silk cushion covers”

    how very butch of him

    • I’m convinced at this stage that most politicians are having a game of truth (lol) or dare to see who can do the most outlandish and cuntish things and simply get away with it. No wonder Osborne was laughing his head of at those boos, he passed his dare with flying colours.

  3. I dont know if he has personal hygiene problems but an anagram of his name is Hark BO Man

  4. Among the many, many things Hoban has submitted parliamentary expenses claims for, were two kitchen knives, at a cost to the tax payer of £81.99 … So the something for nothing culture lives on.

  5. As long as this cunt can lie through his teeth that’s all they bother with, you don’t have to be a convincing liar. In fact I think being unconvincing is seen as an advantage. At least this twat aint as ugly as #grayling, god he was revolting, not content with acting like a complete arse hole he actually looked like one too. Especially his pervy mouth…low-life scum

  6. When all the … when all the …. when all the ….come marching in, He wants to be one of their number, oh when the … come marching in.

  7. Am wondering if this isnt been done so that people will say he is a non entity, yet the system will continue to grind people. He could also use the expression it wasnt me it was old fish fash grayling

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  10. something survived...

    Anyone, who can find anything at all remotely interesting about Mark Hoban please get in touch.
    Um… Biodegradeable?
    Oh, sorry I thought you meant ‘can someone find something NICE to say about him’.

    So if you’re sacked (or not hired) for being gay, don’t expect any help from Mark Hoban.

  11. Its not a new monkey we need – its a new organ grinder, FFS get rid of Iain Duncan Smith – I was gutted to hear he hadnt been moved on. Chris Grayling was just his yes man lackie. Mark Hoban will just be whipped into submission by IDS to dance to his patter.
    Now – anyone getting sanctioned for 3 years and ending up in prison for having to steal to survive will have do deal with Grayling’s inhumane treatments. Bet he tries to bring back the electric chair – after all, they still use capital punishment in the USA, and whats good for the goose is good for the gander!
    Nothings changed – in fact things have got even worse with Grayling in Justice now.
    Crap reshuffle that does absolutely nothing to help the poor.

  12. I have no interest as to whether or not he is a closet gay voting against gay equality legislation. He certainly won’t be the last. I lived in Tom Driberg’s constituency. The fact is that the man has absolutely no idea as to what it is like to be at the shit end of the dwp/atos stick. Nor did I, after 34 years continuous employment, but I learned fast.

    There is absolutely no justification, under any but the most fascist terms of reference, to justify what is happening to disabled people in this country under this administration. If he wants to be the ugly head in charge then he has to realise that most of us in the non-militant disabled lobby are being politicised to the point where mere words will be turned into action. Against him and his party. And their collaborators of course.

    Fuck me … I used to be a Liberal .. (not a liberal democrat) …. and an elected one at that. I don’t recognise any of those people as liberals .. or democrats. i recognise tories of course. They smell as bad and are as corrupt as ever they were.

  13. Well ‘sleeves rolled up’ could point to interest in fashion trends. For an accountant, he didn’t do well at Treasury as he was grilled in September by MPs about the Money Advice Service. Moneysavingexpert.com founder Martin Lewis told the inquiry the MAS online tools were “crap” and he would be “embarrassed” to have them on his website.. ‘

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  15. Mark Hoban works for the New World Order. He is Scum & does not deserve in any way shape or form to dictate to the british people. There should be a nationwide witch-hunt to stamp out these satan’ist’s.


  17. Way of the world

    Look this dishonest twat up in his despicable and disingenuous defence of the incompetence of Capita and the FSA in the debate concerning all the hapless investors in the FSA regulated but failed Arch Cru funds. This stuffed shirt had decided before the debate regardless of the overwhelming and forensically presented evidence to the contrary to back the “big money” and to obstruct any investigation into the loss of investor funds of hundreds of millions of pounds. He’ll no doubt be seeking to feed from the trough of these corrupt parties when his career as a political nonentity ends. Absolutely shameful that creeps like this have any say in the running of our country.

  18. just another ponce – a cockroach that needs exterminating and hopefully soon

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