A Lying Bastard at the Justice Department is Cameron’s Worst Joke Yet

The Chris Grayling comedy show lives on!

Bungling Employment Minister Chris Grayling has been promoted to bungling Secretary of State for Justice in today’s cabinet reshuffle, replacing Ken Clarke who has been demoted to minister who’s lost his portfolio.

Grayling will be relieved to be out of the DWP, where he was little more than a whipping boy for Iain Duncan Smith’s ludicrous and unworkable benefit bashing schemes.  But the promotion of a compulsive liar like Grayling to head the Justice Department is a risky strategy for a Government that’s as out of ideas as they are out of touch.

Grayling is unlikely to fair well when his lies are scrutinised by judges and barristers rather than benefit claimants.  Whilst his appointment represents a dark day for human rights, he is likely to prove the perfect example of what can happen when a fool is promoted above their level of competence.

Grayling may not feature as highly on this blog any longer which is a shame because he’s such a knob.  Tory spiv Grant Shapps, and Maria Killer Miller are also out of the picture, meaning new ministers for both disabled people and housing are on the cards.  It has yet to be announced who will replace them.

It is the news that Cameron pleaded with Iain Duncan Smith to leave his role as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions at the DWP which is most revealing.  IDS is now effectively squatting the DWP, without the support of the Prime Minister.  Whilst Grayling has dodged the upcoming Universal Credit car crash, Cameron remains firmly dazzled by the headlights.  He had his chance to end what could be a Tory Government destroying shambles and he bottled it.

Universal Credit is the new benefit regime dreamed up by Iain Duncan Smith on the back of an envelope after watching an episode of Shameless.  Millions of people are to be transferred to multi-billion pound new ‘big brother’ database.  All those currently claiming any benefit, including Child Benefit, could be bundled onto the computer system which is currently behind schedule and over budget.

This computer system, which underpins the new benefit, is set to be the most complex IT database ever built in history, anywhere.    Even, if by some miracle, it works, the plans are riddled with holes, and in some cases appear unworkable.

Changes planned to Council Tax Benefit as part of the new regime will leave Councils chasing benefit claimants through the courts for trivial amounts of money or facing huge budget shortfalls – a situation comparable to the Poll Tax.  The benefit caps, to be introduced next year, will plunge tens, if not hundreds of families into homelessness.  The ruthless assessment regime for sick and disabled claimants carried out by Atos is developing into a national scandal and almost the exact same system is about to be inflicted on over 2 million people claiming Disability Living Allowance.

Private sector poverty pimps running back to work schemes are struggling to find enough workfare placements with ever more charities and companies pulling out of forced labour.   Yet IDS keeps announcing endless new workfare schemes.  And the £5 billion Work Programme, designed to help the long term unemployed, appears to be doing quite the opposite. 

All of these problems could have disappeared had Cameron had the courage to sack Iain Duncan Smith.  Yet so scared is he of the Tory right he has chickened out, run away and left Iain Duncan Smith to die another day.  The far right of the Tory Party love Iain Duncan Smith who plunged the party into bitter splits and helped make them unelectable for a decade.  He may well do the same again, to the delight of some back benchers who would far rather be drinking gin and whinging about the communists in Government than doing any real work themselves.

The human curse that is Iain Duncan Smith may yet be the downfall of this toff Government.  The problem is he seems intent on dragging most of the rest of the country down with him.

14 responses to “A Lying Bastard at the Justice Department is Cameron’s Worst Joke Yet

  1. Excellent article – thanks

  2. “The ruthless assessment regime for sick and disabled claimants carried out by Atos is developing into a national scandal ” This is what happened in America, of course, with the original models for these tests when they were used by UnumProvident (as they were then) to deny perfectly legitimate disability claims. In America the government, one its hand was forced by the press, eventually came to the rescue but here, since it’s the government itself administering the fake testing, that can’t happen. Civil unrest, our only alternative, on a scale unseen since Cromwellian times is sadly becoming inevitable. It’s a great shame those cocooned idots in government can’t see this, or at least consider themselves invulnerable to it.

    • I don’t know. America has a much more brutal system and there hasn’t been civil unrest there. You can see them looking enviously at their shanty towns and workfare scams and thinking “Wow! We’ll have some of that!”
      Even more scary is the rumour put about by the Guardian that IDS is actually trying to stop even bigger cuts being imposed on “his” department.

  3. Ooh Betty, Chris has done a whoopsie.

  4. Just a couple of issues. The idea of Universal Credit has been around for a long time,and is supported by a lot of welfare specialists. This particular Universal Credit is designed to be as cheap as possible rather than to be as fair as possible, which does make for a rather different effect.

    Secondly, you describe Chris Grayling as bungling, a compulsive liar and a knob. I can agree with the third of those but not with the first two. The issues which you describe as him bungling are more a case of him doing exactly what he intends – put the fear of god into the unemployed, whether or not the system is supposed to. And he is not a compulsive liar so much as an accomplished one. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He may get caught out from time to time, but he doesn’t care because he knows the effect lingers. You only have to look at the rising tide of disability hate crime, partly fuelled by his lies, to see that he is having the effect he wants, whether or not he gets caught out.

    He is, I am afraid, less incompetent and far more dangerous than you make him out to be. Ken Clarke has been making quiet but steady progress in making our justice system simultaneously more liberal and more effective. I fear that all that will be swept away by Grayling’s hard line morality free approach.

  5. he was already in a position well above his qualifications.

  6. Grayling is headed for the pool of sharks ! pmsl

  7. On a point of disability hate crime, the likes of BBC’s political P R 1 C K Nick Robinson cetrtainly did not help today whilst speaking outside of 10 Downing Street whilst commenting on the conservative cabinet re-shuffle. A worker sweeping the street outside no 10 he noticed seemed to his mind to be doing “an easy job”. Prick Robinson stated whilst referring to cabinet changes made by Cameron, “if only his job was as easy as this”. I beg your pardon Mr. Robinson, “As easy as this for who”?. For the few seconds of footage I saw of the man doing the sweeping, if it were I, I would have been preparing for a fall and in anticipation of this, I would have needed to stop for a rest. I was found fit for work see at an ATOS medical 4 weeks after open heart surgery for “end stage heart failure” – this rather than what was considered by consultants at some stage a necessary heart transplant. I suggest Nick Robinson take more care with his ability to judge “what is easy and what is not easy” He could at least added, “as easy as this for a fully fit worker”. He is well and truly ” up his own **** ” It is not for him to judge others abilities as if he were in some way more than a political commentator, he strayed when he should not have.

  8. Just been watching the BBC breakfast News and in particular an article on Poverty and how parents are going without food in order to feed the kids, a disgrace in this day and age but the beeb seemed NOT to believe it because some of these parents had INTERNET ACCESS.
    I will now be boycotting the BBC as I am fed up with their attacks on the poor and disabled in this country and as far as i am concerned they are NOT impartial and should be held to account JOIN ME

    • Internet access is a necessity today, everything is done online, phone the banks they want you to go online, how many jobs say send a cv by email, how many jobs are advertised in the papers, compared to online.. Without the net these kids wont be able to do as much study as libraries are closing due to cuts..

      The fact that grayling is now at (in)justice just shows that he will be there to stop any legal aid that anyone who is unfairly treated by the state can apply for

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