Cameron Uses Paralympics to Push More Disability Denial

David Cameron yesterday used the Paralympics Opening Ceremony as an opportunity to spout crass propaganda for the toff Government’s ruthless disability benefit cutting regime.

Speaking to Channel 4, Cameron said:  “It’s about the inspiration and it will change people’s minds and that’s what matters. It’ll teach people about what they can do, rather than what they can’t do.”

This is the exact same line that has been used to strip benefits from hundreds of thousands of disabled people.  Here’s a DWP spokesperson saying the same thing in the Daily Express to justify the Work Capability Assessment, the brutal computer based tests used to declare sick and disabled people fit for work:  “We’re overhauling the whole system of incapacity benefits to place the emphasis on what work people can do, not what they can’t”

This line as been trotted out time and time again by Ministers and DWP officials as justification for the brutal new benefit eligibility tests that have tragically driven an increasing number of people to suicide.  Those with serious disabilities or illnesses, including those undergoing chemotherapy, have all been stripped of sickness or disability benefits on the basis that there might, possibly be a job they could somehow do.  As one Tory MP, Nadine Dorris put it, “if you  can tweet you can work”.

It seems that even at the opening of the Paralympic Games Cameron can’t resist trying to crowbar some subtle benefit bashing into the proceedings.

Spotted by the ever vigilant Black Triangle Campaign

Join today’s online day of action against Atos, the company making hundreds of millions from carrying out these assessments:

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20 responses to “Cameron Uses Paralympics to Push More Disability Denial

  1. “We’re overhauling the whole system of incapacity benefits to place the emphasis on what work people can do, not what they can’t”
    What it means in practice is that what people can do is being taken out of all context. It’s no good someone being able to press a button with their one working arm and hand if they’re otherwise so disabled they’ll clearly be unable to get to and from a job or indeed the job centre to sign on. It’s wildly irrelevant criteria like this though that’s being used to label people as being fit to work. Quite clearly they aren’t and never will be.

    • Yes, completely redefining disability to suit the ConDem agenda, as comedian Francesca Martinez managed to put across very forcefully despite Kirsty Wark’s efforts to shut her up on Newsnight:

      Noticeable that KillerMiller didn’t even have the grace to appear with the other interviewees, just looms horribly from a screen. Too scared, perhaps?

      Brilliant blogs, Johnny Void, thank you.

  2. Excellent observation about the Tory propaganda narrative to justify their vicious campaign against the disabled.

    Keep up the brilliant work.


  3. Thanks – will reblog

  4. Reblogged this on DOG Sharon and commented:
    Work will set you free…

  5. “We’re overhauling the whole system of incapacity benefits to place the emphasis on what work people can do, not what they can’t”
    Yet, in that overhauled system, 2/3 of the scoring phyiscal disability statments and 1/2 of the scoring mental disability statements are based on what the claimant “cannot” do, not what they can do. In other words, after being overhauled, the emphasis is exactly the same as it was before.

  6. I’m going to keep saying this. Things have gone too far. Time to act.
    This is going to be the grimmest winter in living memory for the disabled,the disadvantaged,benefits recipients.
    Then,next year,it gets worse. The year after,even more terrible.
    I have been telling people for a long time now that we have a nascent Nazi ‘government’ in our ConDemNation. That message is finally gaining traction as the body-count rises.
    If you don’t learn from history you are doomed,at least,to watch it repeat itself ; it must be remembered that,in Nazi Germany, Hitler & his gang were voted into power. And they did not start their eugenics programme with people of the Jewish faith; they started with the disabled. Ergo,the black triangle.
    This shower of shit,across the spectrum,in Westminster have certainly studied history and the lessons they have taken are, first, get much better PR professionals on board ; secondly, don’t build camps (not yet…that could well come ),just let people kill themselves or die in the streets,or suffer in silence and despair. Thirdly, keep smiling and ridiculing ANYONE who calls you to account.
    And lastly, don’t stop until you’ve genetically cleansed the country until all that is left is a mirror image of your own twisted selves.
    This is the rapidly evolving ‘harsh measures’ we are experiencing in this helter skelter brutal society, built on greed, belligerence, intolerance.
    This is not ’1984′….it’s 2012 and it is far more sinister.

    • No, Adolf Hitler was never voted into power, nor democratically elected. It is all well and good to be critical of today’s evil conservative regimes, but when bringing up the spectre of history’s most notorious one, you need to be accurate about your facts.

      Adolf Hitler never had more than 37 percent of the vote in the elections that took place before he was appointed chancellor. Backroom deals were the means by which he came to power and eventually used the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic to trash it and make himself absolute ruler.

  7. Eventually we will be able to have lack of compassion, reflexivity and democratic mandate classed as a form or Mental Illness. No hang on, we already have a term for that Psychopathic. I heard they even have a political party for such unfortunate people.

  8. On Newsnight two nights ago they had a Professor John Harris as a spokesperson for the “science of eugenics” which should have a resurrection apparently because it’s time for us all to forget what Hitler did, everything this dispicable lot do is the next step down that road, so no the camps are not built yet, or maybe another more acceptable way will be found to allow us to end our misery of abject poverty and pain they have placed us in. Look at the new PIP descriptors and see the similarity to the WCA it is. Having removed the word disabled from the title is just a minor cheat to creating a nightmare world if this lot get their way. Ca-moron sickens me to the stomach as does Maria Killer, They need to be outed now and people need to be told, as the ignorance can be astonishing-its not on the news see-propaganda is working as intended. STOP IT NOW.

  9. ‘about what they can do, rather than what they can’t’, heard that a few times now in relation to disability the last time from the lips of a paralympian on CH4 during an interview.Becoming quite the 2012 phrase, reiterated by many quarters to impress upon its acceptability, soon to be embedded into social conscience where current DWP can manipulate it gain support for its disability denial and victimisation of benefit receipients.

  10. “about what they can do, rather than what they can’t”
    I’d imagine that if we can’t do what the ConDems want us to do then the least we can do is just go away and die.
    THAT’s the message I hear from them,and THAT’s what I see in their cold, merciless eyes.

  11. Here it is : proof that the mad ConDems are legitimizing the wholly discredited pseudo-science of eugenics by spouting the ideas of this mad cunt and mercilessly using The Paralympics to make fashionable their nazi ideology…

  12. Will not get drawn into a discussion but to show you some documents of them lying and I still have coupe weeks to finish the blog…

    Help yourself!

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  15. david Cameron is hitler reincarnated and gathered round him all the natzi worms come out of the woodwork. hes a sick sick puppy and should be put down. for the sake of humanity

  16. go get a real job Cameron we don’t want you. none of us do except those sick snivelling snots that hang around you. curl up and die is the best think you could do for this country. or present yourself for public stoning. your an evil sick man and that’s putting it mildly. now fuck off and leave people alone

  17. wut kind of world are we living in now. were we pay taxes to a sick twisted goverment to allow them to hire an army of unthinking robots [ the police] to beat us up also the dwp the courts all these people have jobs because of the tax payers. they live alongside us. and yet they behave like brainless unthinking morons. carrying out any command the goverment gives even if people die because of it. are they all sick in the head.are all the people employed in these deparments the Nazi type who go round kicking people when there down torturing them. or are they realy that stupid and weak. was the thacher era not enough for people. the lies the deceat the cold war tactics against its own people and country. propaganda bull shitt. wy the fuck don’t you do the job right Cameron. stop avertisiers sending out bulshit ads.sort out the energy crisis. put things right don’t make them worse. you sick fuck. and for god sake dump thatchers coffin in the sea nobody liked her either you retard. I hope you die of some realy painful crippling debilitating decease. slowly and very very painfuly. and that they erect a monument to you for all to see. entilled the sickest evelist bastard that ever lived. just so we never forget. and it never happens again

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