Remembering Those Who’ve Died at the Hands of Atos ‘Healthcare’

A well attended and genuinely moving memorial service was held today outside the front doors of Paralympic sponsor Atos to coincide with the opening day of the London Paralympic Games.

Atos carry out the Government’s Work Capability Assessment, a crude computer health test designed to strip disabled people of benefits by declaring them ‘fit for work’.

Disabled people and those with serious health conditions have been subject to endless grueling assessments by the company and an increasing number of people have tragically taken their own lives as a result of the process. Many others have had conditions worsened due to the stress of testing regime whilst a recent investigation found that 32 people a week die after being found ‘fit for work by the company’.

Around 100 disabled people and supporters gathered outside Atos’ gleaming London Headquarters to attend the service.  A coffin, resplendent with white lilies to remember the dead, was carried to the front door of the company alongside funereal music.  Messages sent from disabled people around the UK were released attached to black balloons whilst a minutes silence was held during which even the heavy security presence guarding the company appeared to respect.

The day was part of a week of action against the company which has seen protests outside Atos offices around the UK.  Visit the DPAC website for reports of other events held so far. Campaigners will be back at Atos HQ on Friday when Disabled People Against Cuts team up with UK Uncut for the Closing Atos Ceremony.  Gather at Triton Square, Euston from 12.45pm on Friday 31st August.

Tomorrow sees a day of online and telephone action targeting the company, more info at:

24 responses to “Remembering Those Who’ve Died at the Hands of Atos ‘Healthcare’

  1. Fuck these Nazi bastards!

    • magot the seamstress

      From someone with a cunt, please find a real insult. And no, Nazi doesn’t work either. Or fucking (is that a form of assault?) or bastard (nobody can help their parentage).
      Try ‘Capitalists’ perhaps. That’s what they are, and it isn’t a compliment.

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  3. This is simply heartbreaking. How on earth did it come to this??

  4. This is going to be the grimmest winter in living memory for the disabled,the disadvantaged,benefits recipients.
    Then,next year,it gets worse. The year after,even more terrible.
    I have been telling people for a long time now that we have a nascent Nazi ‘government’ in our ConDemNation. That message is finally gaining traction as the body-count rises.
    If you don’t learn from history you are doomed,at least,to watch it repeat itself ; it must be remembered that,in Nazi Germany, Hitler & his gang were voted into power. And they did not start their eugenics programme with people of the Jewish faith; they started with the disabled. Ergo,the black triangle.
    This shower of shit,across the spectrum,in Westminster have certainly studied history and the lessons they have taken are, first, get much better PR professionals on board ; secondly, don’t build camps (not yet…that could well come ),just let people kill themselves or die in the streets,or suffer in silence and despair. Thirdly, keep smiling and ridiculing ANYONE who calls you to account.
    And lastly, don’t stop until you’ve genetically cleansed the country until all that is left is a mirror image of your own twisted selves.
    This is the rapidly evolving ‘harsh measures’ we are experiencing in this helter skelter brutal society, built on greed, belligerence, intolerance.
    This is not ‘1984’….it’s 2012 and it is far more sinister.

    • I agree miki67, this is proto-fascism we are now seeing and these bastards will go as far down the fascist road as they can get away with.

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  6. I hope before I die I see total fear in the eyes of these disgusting lowlife parasiticle bastards.CaMoron and Drunken Shit and the rest of the scum in parliment deserve a bullet.A cancer on all of them.This goverment are hated as much as Gadafi was with the Libian people.Love to see Cameron etc getting a pipe up there arses.No doubt they would be smiling ,bring back fond memories of their public school days.

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  8. I just hope that the people that voted this government in are really proud of themselves. What did they expect? People have short memories. We all except cuts have to be made but they have to be made in the right places.

    • With respect, David, I am not one of the people who accept cuts have to be made. They don’t.
      The deficit would be half paid off by a one-off wealth tax. It would be obliterated by a small (0.5%) continuous wealth tax on the very rich.
      A tobin tax would ensure we never had another deficit.
      If HMRC didn’t have sweetheart deals with big corporations, and the rich paid their taxes, we’d have a lot less debt.

      Billions and billions are being spent to “reform” systems – billions that we allegedly can’t afford – to enrich private companies and reduce the benefits bill by £28 billion.
      Osborne has announced a further £10BN on top of the £18BN already earmarked. This money will pay for his tax cuts for the rich.

      No reduction in benefits would be needed if all workfare and benefit assessment programmes were stopped.
      We do not need cuts – we need investment, we need money to be spent on those who have least so that they will spend it as they always do on the necessities of life and spark economic recovery.

      As a proportion of GDP the current deficit is less than it was under Thatcher. None of this cuts agenda is about saving money.

      It is COSTING money, as the spending figures prove.

      This is an ideological attack on the sick, the disabled, the poor, the young, the old, the unemployed.
      It is the dismantling of the post-war consensus, it is the vicious and mendacious dismantling of the welfare state that our fathers fought for and it must be stopped.

      Frankly, I don’t care how – I think the time for reasonable discussion has long gone.

  9. I am not really surprised that this is happening apart from the fact that it seems to be taking longer than I thought it would. Where is the political opposition to all of this from Labour? They should be milking it, but we never seem to get a peep out of them. Retired Labour politicians like Tony Ben are the only ones we hear anything from! (And even having said that, Labour aren\’t completely innocent of this mess because they (because of Blunket) allowed A4E to begin their reign of exploitation.

  10. The Newsnight programme which covered this in some depth was good as well – theywomen were moving. Shame they had to put with some chap from the Institute for Economic Affairs who’s lived off business subsides for years and never done an honest day’s work in his life.

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  17. I don’t know how any one can work for Atos , we should publish there name and address on line , they are horrible bastards who don’t give a shit about people like me who have worked all my life and have lost my Benifit because of there trick questions in the form and point scoring , I hate them the are horrible cold bastards

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