The Atos Games Begin – “We Are Coming For You Atos” Warn Disabled People

A well attended ceremony took place yesterday evening outside City Hall, London  to make the opening of the Atos Games.

Disabled people and supporters held speeches and a mock medal ceremony to launch the Week of Action Against Atos timed to coincide with the Paralympic Games.

Atos are paid £100 million a year to carry out the brutal and demeaning Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Government.  This short computer based health assessment has led to tens of thousands of sick and disabled people being stripped of vital benefits.

Atos have recently won the contract to assess all those claiming Disability Living Allowance, a process which has the stated aim of removing financial support from a fifth of disabled people.  Astonishingly Atos are also sponsors of the Olympics Games.

At the mock ceremony last night, Paralympic Gold medal winner, Tara Flood was stripped of her medals as she was declared no longer disabled by Atos assessors.  Speakers from Disabled People Against Cuts and Transport For All, who both helped organise the event, spoke of their experiences at the hands of the company and their fury at Atos attempting to gain positive publicity on the back of the Paralympic Games.

Those assembled were warned that Paralympian Athletes will also soon face assessment by the company who have shown no mercy to even those with life threatening conditions.  A recent investigation found that 32 people a week die after being judged ‘fit for work’ by the company.

Atos were warned that we are coming for them – in the Courts, in Parliament, in the Courts and most importantly on the streets.

Protests will take place around the UK outside Atos offices today as part of the Week of Action.  A Mass Die In will take place in Cardiff on Wednesday whilst a Memorial Service will be held outside their London Headquarters on the same day.

Thursday will see a day of online and telephone action and on Friday DPAC will link up with UK Uncut for a spectacular Closing Atos Ceremony.

For full details of events this week visit:

7 responses to “The Atos Games Begin – “We Are Coming For You Atos” Warn Disabled People

  1. Fuck these Nazi bastards!

  2. ATOS are clueless, heartless,remorseless morons who haven’t the first clue what it means to suffer in any respect. They strip benefits from people that are in dire need and have no knowledge of disability. A man from my county who is an amputee, has no legs, and has recently lost his wife of eleven years has been told he has to prove he is unfit for work. They were no better with me (not that I am comparing myself to the poor grieving man) they told me I was fit for work because I could physically lift boxes. Never mind the fact that I suffer with severe anxiety and recurrent depressive disorder. After all they put me through I tried to take my life a SIXTH time and yet they still declared me mentally and physically fit.

  3. Andrew Coates Old Grannie

    ATOS are bleeding filth.

  4. ATOS are rapists of the disabled.
    Can you pick up a box.
    OK you can pilot a Boing 747


  6. I hope all his family get Irritable Dysentery syndrome ,shit head Disease so they can go to Atos and get turned down for I D S disability allowance or any other benefit they claim for it

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