The Closing Atos Ceremony – UK Uncut and DPAC To Close Down the Poverty Pimps!

On Friday 31 August, UK Uncut and DPAC will be shutting down Atos’ London HQ for the Closing ATOS Ceremony. Meet in Triton Square at 12:45pm for direct action and creative protest, with plenty of surprises…

From UK Uncut

Friday 31st August Atos HQ, Triton Square, London 12:45pm

Don’t let Atos be a winner at the Paralympic Games – join us for The Closing Atos Ceremony, the grand finale to Disabled People Against Cuts’ week of Atos Games.

Atos are sponsoring the Paralympics, whilst wrecking disabled people’s lives. George Osborne has vowed to slash £18 billion from the welfare budget, regardless of peoples’ needs and ignoring the alternatives. To help them do their dirty work, the Government are paying Atos £100 million a year to ‘test’ sick and disabled people and decide whether they’re ‘fit for work’. But Atos’ Work Capability Assessments are driving disabled people to suicide and over 1,000 people have died of their illnesses soon after being found ‘fit for work’.

The Government claim that the welfare system is being abused- this just isn’t true. Less than 0.4% of Incapacity benefit payments are fraudulent, but the government want to cut welfare spending by 20%. And instead of helping to get people into work, the government are closing workplaces for disabled people.

The Government and Atos don’t give a toss about disabled people. This is about making ordinary people pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. It’s about making disabled people pay, instead of super-rich tax dodgers who cost us over £25 billion every year. This is an ideological attack on the welfare state; these cuts are a political choice. But we’re fighting back.

On Friday 31 August, UK Uncut and DPAC will be shutting down Atos’ London HQ for the Closing ATOS Ceremony. Meet in Triton Square at 12:45pm for direct action and creative protest, with plenty of surprises…

The nearest fully accessible British Rail station is Kings Cross. From there, catch Bus 30 towards Marble Arch or Bus 205 towards Paddington from stop R or A, and get off at Warren Street, bus stop V.

Please email or text to let us know about your travel and communication support needs, and we will try our best to meet them:, or text 07502 022 077.

We understand that issues which affect disabled people also affect the Deaf community, and British Sign Language will be available on the day.

This action needs you! Join for the afternoon, or come on your lunch break. There will be lots of ways to take part – hand out leaflets, hold banners, or get involved in creative and daring ways. If you’re not in London, check the DPAC website for details and other ways to get involved in The Atos Games.

Atos are making millions of pounds enforcing the government’s unnecessary cuts. It’s up to all of us to fight back, defend our welfare system, and demand the alternatives. Let’s show them that we do give a toss.

See you at Atos HQ!

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8 responses to “The Closing Atos Ceremony – UK Uncut and DPAC To Close Down the Poverty Pimps!

  1. Arbeitsscheu UK

    The suicide rate was on the rise even in 2008 due to the recession after 20 years of decline. God only knows how high it is now as they have interfered with recording it in preparation for their social cleansing

  2. Reblogged this on dogsharon and commented:
    ATOS kills

  3. 💉Ato⚡⚡
    Like making a wolf the shepherd.

  4. Fuck these Nazi bastards!

  5. Good luck all who turn up, u r the ones that are representives of our community so be good!

  6. just had my WCA which ATOS misleadingly call a medical in their correspondence. Also see that Grayling has been telling porkies again.

    I have concluded, drawing on my forensic clinical skills that Grayling represents a liar of the sociopathic rather than compulsive variety, i.e.:-
    A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused – it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, though obviously not in the case of Mr Grayling, but they use their social skills in manipulative and self-centred ways.

  7. Chris Grayling's No.1 Dream

    A Plan for Social Improvement.

  8. The protests need to be unrelenting, plenty of fake blood to convey they also have blood on their hands for the many suicides already taken place and those that will take place in the future, laying on the floor with blood coming from the wrists and pots of tablets open and scattered.. the hidden and heartbreak nature needs to be conveyed.. also how the BBC is indifferent due to the contract they have with ATOS to oversee their IT department… not much coverage short of a panorama investigation. If it fails then i fear we may lose what democracy still remains of this country and the mentally and physically disabled, the poor and those working for peanuts and thinking this government loves them for doing so will learn only being on the top floor of wealth will give you any level of hope. Even the so-called “Squeezed Middle” are mere serf’s in their eyes, behind the scene’s they treat us all with contempt. Did the country fight two world wars for this?.

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