The Baseless Smears and Vile Propaganda of Channel 4’s Dispatches

Yesterday’s Dispatches documentary turned out to be both an attack claimants and Jobcentre staff with little provided in the name of balanced journalism.  Along with embarrassing attempts to prove how easy it is to ‘beat’ the system, the programme also revealed the stunning revelation that Jobcentre’s are a bit shit when it comes to actually finding people a job.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s claimed benefits over the last few decades although it is apparently big news to the latte slurping Tarquins at Channel 4, most of whom have probably never done a real job in their lives.

The first half of the programme included the laughable paint sting, in which a man with paint on his clothes went to sign on and, in Dispatches’ view, was not adequately interrogated about why he had paint on his clothes.

This followed the intrepid documentary team inserting a line of text into someones CV which wasn’t immediately spotted by Jobcentre staff and the outrageous scandal of someone not filling in their job seeking activity record properly.

The rest of the programme was largely devoted to publicly humiliating a Jobcentre Plus manager who seemed to have little idea of what is actually going on at the front line in Jobcentres.   Channel 4’s sleuthing will however have come as little surprise to Jobcentre staff, who yesterday were on strike over oppressive working conditions and unrealistic target setting.

Whilst the programme heavily featured the Jobcentre’s inability to provide claimants with decent CVs, it completely overlooked the companies involved in the £5 billion Work Programme, who’s job it is to actually help people find work.

Despite the Work Programme proving to be a hugely expensive failure, with job outcome rates currently less than would be expected if claimants were left to their own devices to find work, this very real scandal was completely ignored by the programme.  As was the fact that half a million benefit sanctions were handed out by Jobcentres last year for precisely the kind of breaches of job seeking activity that the programme attempted to reveal is widespread and unchecked.

The views of Jobcentre staff, under increasing pressure to harass and sanction claimant’s were completely ignored.  The PCS Union, who have long complained about the horrendous pressure their members are under to strip claimants of benefit, were also not given any space to air their views.

The whole dire affair appeared to be laying the ground for privatisation of benefit services, with a handful of recruitment sector spivs brought in to show how much better they would be at the job.  What the programme didn’t say is that Jobcentre staff deal with hundreds of claimants a day unlike the cosy one to one sessions that the private sector pretended they would offer.

The blame for the shambles at the Jobcentre lies directly Government Ministers like Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling.  Shamefully they got off scott free in the documentary which instead preferred to blame claimants and front line workers for the problems caused by this Government.

The PCS Union and their members deserve full support in their struggle to end the culture of harassment of both benefit claimants and Jobcentre staff at the DWP.  It is true that not everyone has a great experience at the Jobcentre, which all too often resembles an organisation tasked with policing and sanctioning claimants rather than actually supporting them into work.  But it is equally true that this is not the fault of front line workers, a significant number of whom have previously been claimants themselves.

Whilst the DWP have pretended to be upset at Channel 4’s desperate attempt at muck raking, the likes of A4e and G4s will once again be laughing all the way to the bank as they eye yet more lucrative Government contracts.  The entire Dispatches team should hang their heads in shame for producing such shoddy sensationalist garbage which will no doubt result in yet more baseless abuse aimed at both unemployed people and public sector workers.

Channel 4 are today boasting that 2 million people watched the programme, which was endlessly trailed before the show with lurid trailers featuring the ‘tricks of the benefit cheats’.  In contrast last week’s documentary on the brutal health assessments sick and disabled claimants face, which have driven people to suicide, was buried in the middle of the Olympics with no such extensive pre-publicity.  Channel 4 have shown quite clearly whose side they are on, and it ain’t ours.

43 responses to “The Baseless Smears and Vile Propaganda of Channel 4’s Dispatches

  1. As you say, we know on whose side Ch 4 has hung its hat. Deplorably excuse for journalism and great article (as usual from you!) Thanks.

  2. I repeat – Broadcasting Standards, Broadcasting Standards. It simply cannot be right for a TV channel to run such blatantly pro-government propaganda.

    Myself, I will not have a TV in the house, and it is not available on the internet yet for some straaaange reason (despite C4 claiming on Twitter that it is). And I don’t want to depress myself even further.

  3. “But it is equally true that this is not the fault of front line workers”

    Yes, they are only obeying orders!

  4. Thanks Johnny. I felt it was amateurish gobshite. Maybe it was just us but before nearly every telly programme about unemployment the channels have contacted us. Not in this case, I have a very strong feeling that the pepople in it were Tory activists.

  5. Here is a cool A4E trick pulled on me the day I returned home from 14 day hospital stay after undergoing open heart left ventrical reduction surgery, mitral valve repair and triple heart by pass (3 in 1) during which time on 3rd day on Intensive Care (ICU) my body decided it could take no more and I was resuscitated twice. I expected collection of mail on returning home (normal after being away) but A4E informed me by letter if I did not attend interview as requested in 4 days time, my ESA benefit would be sanctioned. I couldn’t laugh or cry it was such a sick joke I could barely breath let alone walk – these people (our politicians) are so so so sick themselves. They judge the disabled NOW – they will surely be judged in the place that truly matters for the quality of their “souls”.

    • something survived...

      hi Michael. When I got out of hospital I came back on the train, in agony as they’d not given painkillers. I’d gone to a marketplace briefly before that and discovered my benefit money wasn’t in my bank account, and before being discharged I had been on the phone to the DWP from my hospital bed. I explained I had complications of a collapsed lung, infection etc. Eventually they’d said over the phone it’d be okay. It wasn’t. I was meant to sign on the same day as the admission and treatment, and had arranged this with DWP months in advance. When I phoned them from hospital they kept saying ‘could I please visit them in person hundreds of miles away, right now.’ I pointed out I was in London connected by tubes and lines to at least half a dozen machines, and was on oxygen. If you have ever played dot-to-dot, this was like ‘join up the 2 braincells’. Several of the DWP people kept saying, ‘yes but we need you to come here anyway, today!’. I added: my promised IV morphine (that never actually came, I got a sub-Q injection in my hand 15 minutes before the taxi arrived as the nurses ran tests and I filled forms and tried to eat the only meal they’d bothered to serve, and the subcutaneous injection didn’t work) hasn’t turned up and has been delayed because I need to be awake and compos mentis in order to call you. I got them to say my benefit would be paid. At the market I went to the cashpoint and my account was empty. I then had to ring the DRIP-ARSEment of Fork and Pincers (well, Torquemada of the Inquisition used them. The DWP wanted to add racks and fire, but it breached the torturers’ health and safety.) from the nearest cashpoint and they admitted not paying me. They said come to the jobcentre on the day you get back,
      I said I am not meant to leave the house. They said they’d stop my benefits permanently. I needed money to pay the PRIVATE meals-on-wheels company (couldn’t get any state help, despite needing 5 months of ‘NO cooking or shopping’) , which incidentally turned out to be shite. £50 per delivery of often meat things I couldn’t eat, they broke their promise of carrying the stuff upstairs, there was so little I often ate two then went hungry 2 days. I needed also money for rent and bills, and medicines.
      Jobcentre’s 2 miles’ walk and I had a collapsed lung, and severe infections at several sites. And I had no painkillers. Anyway, I arrived home and had to go straight to the jobcentre (yeah like I was in any state for a job), tired as I’d been awake all night travelling and in pain. Sick from the drugs and half-sedated on whatever alternative remedies I could get my hands on at
      Holland&Barrett. What greeted me when I got home was a pile of nasty letters from the Jobcentre and co. I was told that was sent automatically. ‘You missed signing’ it said. But the person meant to press one button on one computer to allow my benefit to be paid, had not done it. And the computer had told every other computer in the system that I was an evil, workshy, cheating, fraud-committing scrounging scum. And it stopped my benefit. They managed to get my dole paid as a ‘hardship payment’ by giro but I had to wait hours, then walk another 2 miles to the PO by my house to cash it, then 2 miles back into town to bank it, then 2 miles home. I also had to haul massive bins, and drag branches out of the garden. You know those record-breaking attempts with dominoes where they can spend ages all falling over? Well, I got some worse letters only days later. They had stopped my dole, on the basis of a deliberate failure to attend. The council had accordingly stopped my housing benefit. My benefits got stopped 4 months and I had to borrow money on a credit card to pay for my medicine, rent, meals-on-wheels, bills, etc.
      (8-plus years later, the bank cheerfully tell me I might pay it off by the time I’m 95.) Even though my dole and HB got stopped, they made me sign on. I couldn’t get any other benefits. I was meant to be recovering but was forced to pretend to be looking for a job, though doctors said I wasn’t allowed to work. At the same time they put me in the work scheme and I got sent to Working Links. It started 10 or 11 days before I went into hospital. Me: You do realise I’m about to go into hospital? Working Links: That’s irrelevant, we will prosecute you for benefit fraud if you don’t attend. So I went, and the creep they called an adviser insisted on discussing my medical things in public. I later complained but he got promoted. Recently I heard of more trouble on the horizon. The brainless people at DWP and ATOS assessing benefits claimants, as to what their degree of disability is and what aids they need. Specifically wheelchairs. Where else is a ‘notional wheelchair’ the same thing as an actual wheelchair?! It turns out that if you need a wheelchair (or will need one) they don’t put down that you have a disability and need a wheelchair, they put that you are fit for work ‘and could get around in your wheelchair’. (Me: but they say if I get one it can only be for my room, as there are steps to the bathroom, it’s several floors up and also 2 sets of steps onto a busy street then down a hill too steep for chairs, to get into town. Them: That doesn’t count. If there could be a real flat road we record that there is one, so you must leave your house to sign on and seek work.) If you need a wheelchair but don’t get one, they STILL put that you have a wheelchair. (After years I was told I won’t get one, so I’ll be housebound. If I want to go to the bathroom or front door I’ll have to crawl or drag myself down the stairs then back up. The same for the kitchen but to cook I’d need to drag a chair to the cooker and climb on the chair. And all while on heavy doses of painkillers.) It could either be weeks or months (longest in wheelchair I’ve heard of was 2 years but he was much sicker before) I’ll be in this state. So now people can get to nonexistent jobs in imaginary wheelchairs! If so then the DWP and Atos bosses should be shut in a box and told ‘Don’t worry. We thought your policies were such a brilliant idea, we are going to provide you with infinite amounts of Notional Oxygen.’ Well they said notional morphine is the same thing as real morphine. Notional food is the same thing as real food. (Thankyou for the week spent eating your delicious notional food. But I think I’m going to collapse now.) All of the ones I have seen running the work schemes, if you combined their brain power they couldn’t out-think a dead slug. (Sorry if I’m being anti-slugs)

      • Hi something survived – That is a hell of a reality you have got, sounds similar to my own it is unfortunate but I enjoyed very much reading yours and will definitely re read it. I got over the pulmonary embolism (collapsed lung) thing 17 years ago as they kept medicating me for it. I walk now but never far nor in stable fashion. Surprised I haven’t been arrested for being drunk in public (never disorderly, I don’t drink) because I walk as if I am drunk sometimes. Commonsense tells me to stand or sit still if I can sit (on wall or lean on post) until I recover. When I did get to A4E eventually I had stopped taking my water tablets Furosemide and Eplerenone (I had no option) in the morning and started taking in the evening instead. “Shit” what a problem I had because my body was used to expelling excess fluid during day not at night. After a couple of days at A4E I had accident! Well you can guess what with excess fluid adjusting my bowels – my body wanted to recall “a common reflex” at time when I was holding onto too much fluid. They at A4E were not happy and distance keeping was noticeable and said they would get me a taxi home – I asked if they could get me a taxi I could stand up in 🙂 for the 3 mile journey as I did not fancy doing any muck spreading:-))) All in all I see much human kindness has disappeared. When I look around me and see how fearful people are becoming, it doesn’t take much to see how many people get carried away with nationalistic fervour like how they slurped up the olympics as example. These same people would have reacted just the same in n a z i Germany after 1933, that being swepped up in the fervour. I am no killjoy but I know what I can see. Human Life is so primitive, it’s politicians seek the weakest out as Scapegoats for their greed.

  6. Michael you make good points as similar things have happened to a friend of mine. It is utterly vindictive and typical of this government (or any really as they are all the same in my humble estimation) The gross incompetence and negligence is pathetic. But you cannot really lay it all on the front liners – looks who is really running the show. I call the people at the back of all this crap the hollow people, these are the shadow-dwellers – those without souls. Those with truly spiteful agendas.
    Likely of course to stroll off (laughs loudly) with our £££££££££££££s

    • love1salluneed You make a very good point – all in all for a long time now anyway I have believed that democracy is just another form of dictatorship but at the end of the day, “it appears it is the best we can have, democracy that is”. They are all the same these politicians of ours, they just really need to feather their own nests. To look far and wide at the likes of Che Gavare and Castro too, all Socialism is about is “change of those in power – it is not really for the people en-mass”. I know, I was Socialist myself until I saw the light through its cracks and determined that people by nature, no matter who, are at it for themselves and theirs. I guess to repair humankinds woes, we would have to go back to Adam & Eve, now there’s a thought.

      • Hmm Michael, I do not believe we have anything like democracy – this is what they want us to believe, that democracy exists! I, personally do not. How can it be democratic to have the discrepancies in society and do nothing to change the massive imbalances? They do not want it. The answer – goodness knows, all I do know, is sometimes I just wanna disappear to some place warm, soothe my pains, clear my mind and just ‘be’ and if that place is the new Eden, I want a ticket. Perhaps, if they start a WW3 we will end up in paradise anyway! Maybe I ought to agree to being ‘chipped’ and be one of the first transhumans – after all the eugenicists and biotechs etc are looking for the fountain of eternal (so they say) but I reckon it is more about getting rid of humanity and its foibles so the ‘few’ may enjoy the nu-view. (apologies for going slightly off topic)

  7. “it completely overlooked the companies involved in the £5 billion Work Programme,” £5 thousand million to find people jobs they can find on their own? What the heck!! That same money invested in the renewables industries which these sociopathic Tories have been busy destroying, would have created more jobs than these ineffectual toffs or their private sector chums on the corporate gravy train.

    • That’s true but they don’t want to create jobs. They have absolutely no intention of creating any jobs now or in the future. They want more unemployment, mass unemployment is very good for business and they intend to keep it that way for good.

      • R32I agree with you – what better than a ready made plentiful supply of cheap/slave labour. Workfare thanks so much. Close the jobcentres as they do not do a damn thing except cost us more hard earned and to cap it all ATOS are bringing an ever increasing cheap supply of labour to an already burgeoning pool of workers. People who have been sidelined and basically left to rot, or been treated so viciously that they end of topping themselves.

        How indeed, do people manage to get out of bed in the morning when everything they felt safe and secure with is gone or going? How are these people to feel secure in themselves? As for people who are unwell, diabled or suffering with other difficulties, all this extra stress just pushes them over the edge. I was so very nearly in that position.

        • It is like at the end of the film “The Lives of Others” where after the Berlin Wall comes down the ex-big cheese Stasi “Captain” is seen delivering leaflets. But ex-JCP staff will be struggling to get a job delivering leaflets.

  8. I am sorry but this programme was spot on. Having just joined the ranks of the unemployed I have experienced first hand casual glances at my job interview/ application history but did get a 20 second appraisal of my CV which was helpful but hardly comprehensive.
    The carreer grade Civil servant who was obviously completely out of touch with reality, came across as arrogant and stupid, she must have been to appear. She blatantly needs sacking but no doubt will get a promotion !.
    The whole point of the programme was that the JOB centres have lost the plot and it is nothing to do with privatisation.
    Yes the Ministers got off Scot free which is a pity but when have they ever been accountable and I don’t true stories about salmonella filled eggs.

    • Actually it’s everything to do with privatisation. Didn’t you know, plenty of jobcentres are already run by private companies? Did you also know that some jobcentres have workfare people to cut costs? Where have you been? No wonder your CV didn’t get more than a cursory glance… 1) there are NO JOBS (and all the staff know it) 2) the frontline staff take the flack for implementing the govt line (and I include labour in that as they’re also neoliberal groupies) 3) they’re all facing unemployment when universal credit comes in (that’s a whole other story) 4) they’re on sh*t money probably topped up by Tax Credits too. Still, at least they have a job eh?

      • namaste – agree and yeah……..they are the lackies for the Organ grinders. Watch the sloping shoulders and pouting backsides when they too – find themselves canned, with nowhere to go. They are seeing their own future daily! It’s the closest to a regular crystal ball they’ll ever have, poor people.

        • Oh where is our Pol Pot, not his methods (sinister and cruel), just his ideology.

          • JCP staff are screwed lol

            lol Delivering free newspapers would be a right come down for ex-JCP “Call me ‘Employment Advisor’ “Stasi”, although I doubt they would have the necessary skill-set for such a “high-skilled” job, scraping shit of off toilet seats would be more “realistic” for these cunts:-)


        • Jobcentre staff: the unemployable signing-on the unemployed 🙂

        • It is like at the end of the film “The Lives of Others” where after the Berlin Wall comes down the ex-big cheese Stasi “Captain” is seen delivering leaflets. But ex-JCP staff will be struggling to get a job delivering leaflets.

          • JCP staff are screwed lol

            lol Delivering free newspapers would be a right come down for ex-JCP “Call me ‘Employment Advisor’ “Stasi”, although I doubt they would have the necessary skill-set for such a “high-skilled” job, scraping shit of off toilet seats would be more “realistic” for these cunts:-)


    • Where have you been? The whole point is that the government has been stripping Job Centres of their traditional roles. They want to privatise it. And have already started with all the Work Programme providers. You do know you will be sent on a “course” which is supposed to help with cv writing and literacy tests – even if you’ve got a Phd. Then after that you will be made to work for free for any company they choose.
      £5 billion for the likes of A4E and G4S, while the government sacks job centre staff and is closing some of them down.
      Everything is now outsourced to call centres – even applying for a crisis loan which of course you can’t now, since theyve just been abolished.
      Job centres have targets to sanction people for any minor infringement, such as being one minute late or a spelling mistake. The documentary did not cover any of this. That people can be sanctioned for 6 months with no income at all. Job centres have to get through so many people that the job search role is impossible – Why do you think they went on strike? The call centre workers have to hold up a card if they want to go to the toilet and are only allowed a few minutes a day to do so. They are told to get people off the phone as quickly as possible without actually answering their query.

      I say again, where have you been?

  9. Ch4 and the entire mainstream media = ” Showbiz kids makin’ movies of themselves, y’know they don’t give a fuck about about anybody else. ”
    Ch4 must be desperate for dosh to screen this low-level toxic waste.
    I didn’t even bother watching it. Just one more chapter in the benefit bashing saga.
    In Hitler’s Germany,before they got stuck into the Jews,they got ripped into the disabled and the unemployed. Then the unions,then the Communists…..and on on,until they finally turned their hatred on themselves.
    That is how it goes with unchecked psychopaths.
    Unfortunately,before they are stopped or burn out they do a helluva lot of damage along the way.
    People like In Da Shit and Grayling (what an apt name) are ⚡⚡ 🇬🇧 psychopaths….they are enjoying what they are doing. They are sick.
    In other circumstances they would be getting treatment and living on benefits.🍀

  10. Get rid of the TV, don’t watch the feckin bilge.
    The BBC are in with Atox (atos), don’t pay the licence fee.
    Do it whilst you still have the choice!

  11. Julian Halls
    You’ve only just got there, then? When you’ve spent twenty odd years depending on benefits, and also worked in the system, then come back and tell us that it’s the frontline worker’s fault. They have to work to the law. They don’t make the law, and they don’t set national policies that deliberately maintain high unemployment. Your comments would be laughable if they weren’t so offensive.

  12. This is psychological torture. One of the worst things you can do to a person is take away all their hope and that’s what this coalition of psychopaths in partnership with the media are doing to the sick, disabled and unemployed; killing hope.

    The unemployed are the UK’s untouchable caste; forced to do the worst jobs for slave wages, reviled, ridiculed, despised, disdained, humiliated and expendable.

    • R32 I hear ya. The ConDems certainly have the right monika huh? People en mass are indeed ‘conned-demmed’ into slave-society with littlehope for any real tangible change to their actual realities. I am one among many of these along with my severely disabled, bedridden husband.
      Geez…….and I wonder, what else is coming our way?

  13. 🇬🇧ConDemNation🇬🇧
    1984 = 2012

  14. In this country,UKplc,under Thatcher,the ‘big bang’ took place in the stock exchange,freeing the markets from all constraints. That led directly to the beginning of the collapse of capitalism in 2008.
    (historical) A political regime, having totalitarian aspirations, ideologically based on a relationship between business and the centralized government, business-and-government control of the market place, repression of criticism or opposition, a leader cult and exalting the state and/or religion above individual rights. Originally only applied (usually capitalized) to Benito Mussolini’s Italy.
    By vague analogy, any system of strong autocracy or oligarchy usually to the extent of bending and breaking the law, race-baiting and violence against largely unarmed populations.”
    And this shower of shit, these bastard children of Thatcher,lording it over us with propagandistic glee are enacting un-mandated policies that would have the old bag wetting herself with delight.
    Evil incarnate.

  15. The Dept. of Health’s own figures:
    “Recession and rising unemployment may have led to more than 1,000 suicides in England between 2008 and 2010, a study has found.
    An estimated 846 more men and 155 more women killed themselves than would have been expected had previous trends continued, said researchers.
    For each 10% increase in the number of unemployed men, there was a significant 1.4% increase in male suicides.
    The scientists calculated the number of additional suicides attributable to the recession by comparing historical records. Suicide data covering 93 English regions were taken from the National Clinical and Health Outcomes Database (NCHOD).”

  16. The funniest thing was the DWP busily tweeting to defend themselves against the accusation of being completely useless, after the programme.

    They claimed that they got “25% claimants into a job within a month and 50% within 13 weeks.”

    Looks like they just hung themselves.

    If those figures are accurate, why on earth do they also keep insisting on the need to spend £5 billion on the private Workfare Companies.???

    Can’t have it both ways.

  17. These job centres are only obeying orders sounds familiar they are scum who are whinging now their nazi paymasters have shit on them karma or what

  18. Wel,l as for using your shopping list as proof of ‘Actively Seeking Work’….I can assure you folks, if I tried that particular ‘stunt’ at MY Jobcentre Plus office, I would be sanctioned before I left the building.
    No. What we are seeing here is government backed demonisation of the unemployed, the sick, the disabled etc. At risk of sounding like a stuck record about this, this fucking shower are seeking to blame mass unemployment on the unemployed. rather than pointing the finger of blame where it truly SHOULD be fucking well pointed – at the greedy, corrupt, lying bankers/speculators/hoo-ha fucking henry’s, they are instead choosing to take it out of OUR hides.
    Sucessive governments, both Labor and Tory, have sat on their arses and let British industry go right down the crapper. Not content with just that, they have also FAILED to make the banking system tow the fucking line, and behave in a responsible manner. Contary to poular belief, I actually DO want to work. Hence the reason why I am ‘Actively Seeking Employment’. I have a a shitload of skiils to offer; I can fix and upgrade PC’s, I can teach people how to use computers, I can write CV’s – actually worked at a subcontractor to JCP some years ago -and I have over 30 years experience as a photographer. But can I get a job? Oooh fuck me no. Nobody wants to know. I cannot even get voluntary work. Every approach I make is fucking ignored. I OCCASIONALLY get an email saying ‘No thanks – fuck off’ or words to that effect. Yet, in order to KEEP my magnificent income of £71.00 a week, I have to prove that I am STILL trying.
    This situation is NOT my fault Mr Cameron. It is the fault of the abomination that is unbridaled captialism. Hence I have ceased to give a shit. I have my photography. Fuck getting on the ‘Social Ladder’. And if more people did the same, then this fucking dictatorship that we are currently living under might have one less stick to beat us over the head with.

    • You rock! Get ya camera and get shooting. Enjoy. (No sarcasm – I bloody mean it.)
      Unbridled corporatism/globalisation! The rich and powerful have always run the show, now they don’t even bother hiding it. Their hatred for all but their own kind is absolutely, gut wrenchingly, sickenly evident. EVERYWHERE.

  19. The press is reporting that unemployment has, again, fallen. I think this needs to be investigated. Either unemployment has fallen, and if so why/how, or it hasn’t and the DWP are lying (again). So waht’s really going on? Can we put it all down to the Olympics? The Work Programme?

    • I agree with you. I find the unemployment figures totally unbelievable.
      All the other economic indicators are down. Output is down – so who would be hiring? Businesses said only last week that if the economy didn’t pick up they would have to start laying off more workers. The growth figures have been revised down. So where exactly can jobs be being created?

      I really wish some journalist would look into this. Even economists are saying they don’t understand the figures. We know how good the DWP is at figgling statistics.

      How can the numbers claiming JSA be going down when they are chucking thousands onto it from IB/ESA?

      A friend I know unemployed has been offered the chance to go “self – employed” (he already was, but his orders tanked) That way he is off the books. Its a scam. After 3 months the money gets cut to £33/week.

  20. A number of commenters on various blogs have been describing this as anti claimant propaganda, which is mystifying since the program does nothing but show up the execrable JCP as incompetent and unfit for purpose. comment is not really passed on claimants themselves at any point.

  21. Universal credit is a “perfect storm” if it is ever fully executed. A gigantic folly , yet trumpeted as a streamlined user friendly panacea for the beleaguered claimant and the generous provider: our Government(taxpayer).
    It is nothing of the sort!
    It is a catch all trap for many who receive any type of help from the government.

    *receive JSA..risk sanctions for draconian non-compliance= penury

    *receive ESA..subject to assessment by skewed HCP…denied benefit..MR..then Appeal=penury

    *receive WTC..not working enough hours..must seek 35hrs..sanction…benefits withdrawn= penury

    *receive DLA..degenerative conditions such as MS not considered an obstacle to work..transferred to JSA..unable to meet conditionality.. Sanction=penury.

    Many of these benefits are so tied in to be “universal” that if one element is withdrawn then associated benefits also collapse including the roof above their head and basic needs of food and warmth.! 

    With winter coming and fuel prices peaking there a desperation about all of this even before UC is fully launched..

    We have yet to see the full horrors of this drive to impoverish a large section of our society..children included…and the” perfect” storm is yet to come.

    I do believe we have a fight coming.

  22. I have followed Johnny void for a long time..If I am a bit clumsy with my words please bear with me…I am not great at putting my point across…but I do know we are seeing a very serious attack on all of us!  Those water cannon weren’t meant as ornaments.

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