Dispatching Dispatches: Channel 4 Join the Benefit Bashers

Channel 4’s Dispatches is set to follow the recent documentary exposing the casual brutality of the current assessment process for sickness and disability benefits with some good old fashioned benefit bashing propaganda.

Monday night will see the Dispatches series examining the ruthless criminals who occasionally may fib to the Jobcentre about their job seeing activity.

No doubt media luvvies at Channel 4 believe that this will demonstrate some sort of balance after their recent condemnation of the Work Capability Assessment.  It shows just how far the demonisation of claimants has come when someone telling a fib on their Job Seeker’s Agreement is now judged to be a similar moral crime to the increasing number of sick and disabled claimants driven to suicide by the harsh reality of the benefits system.

It’s perhaps unfair to judge the programme until it has been screened, but the trailers currently advertised on Channel 4’s website don’t look good.  Entitled ‘Tricks of the Dole Cheats‘, the programme will reveal the “the shirkers’ tricks that make it easy to cheat the system.

With around half a million benefit sanctions handed out last year it is unclear exactly how easy it is to trick the system, but no doubt Channel 4 will enlighten us with a series of cunning stings on Jobcentre staff.  One clip released shows how they cleverly dress someone in paint covered overalls and then send them to sign on.

This is an attempt to demonstrate how someone who is obviously working can sign on without adequate checks from Jobcentre staff.  Viewers are forewarned that crafty claimants who have paint on their clothes when they go to sign on often claim they have been painting when questioned.  As it turns out this is exactly what happens to their undercover sleuth, who is asked why he is covered in paint only to tell them he has been painting.  Channel 4 presumably expected a benefit fraud SWAT team to immediately leap on the man and haul him into the courts to explain why he had paint on his clothes.  Instead benefit office staff, not being psychic and too lazy to follow him home, simply believed him.

It remains to be seen whether Channel 4 will tell the stories of the people plunged into poverty and homelessness due to sanctions, the single mothers interrogated about their sex lives by pervy government busy bodies or the thousands of malicious and untrue calls to the Benefit Fraud Hotline.

Instead it seems a few lame tricks – when Jobcentre staff haven’t fully checked details on the reams of utterly pointless information claimants are expected to produce – are to be presented as evidence of how easy it is to cheat the system.

It is not known how many people are actively avoiding work whilst claiming Job Seekers Allowance, but it isn’t that many.  The number of people unemployed for over two years is 440,000 and not all of these people will be on benefits.  Of those who are the vast majority will be actively seeking work.

Some sadly may be unsuccessful.  Lots of long term unemployed people are nearing retirement age.  Some are homeless, have physical or mental health conditions or criminal records.  Many will have children and be attempting to find jobs that can fit in with school hours and term times.  The enduring myth of millions of feckless spongers just doesn’t stack up when you look at the figures.

It could even be argued that the workshy, in times of high unemployment, are actually doing those who want to work a favour.  If some people can withstand the poverty of existence on Job Seekers Allowance then a sane society might say, with not enough jobs to go round anyway, let them get on with it.    The simple fact is that the vast majority do not choose a life on benefits which increasingly barely cover the cost of even the most basic survival.  If capitalism is so fucking great then what’s wrong with an opt out for people who can’t, or even won’t, join the great rat race.

Increasingly almost as much is spent on harassing the tiny number of alleged workshy as is spent on paying out their benefits.  Right wingers would have us believe that if this harassment stopped, even for a second, then the entire working class would immediately nail themselves to the sofa to watch endless Jeremy Kyle repeats.  The truth is that most people want to work, even if the current failing system doesn’t want to employ them.

The days of an easy life on benefits are long gone, despite whatever nonsense Dispatches have managed to cobble together.  Benefit levels are now so low that few would choose the miserable subsistence life that they just about pay for.  The vast majority of claimants are victims of casualisation, forced in and out of temporary and part time employment usually at the minimum wage, or increasingly workfare.

Tens of thousands of people are now working for free, sometimes for multi-national companies.  Those on the minimum wage are forced to rely on in-work benefits to simply keep a roof over their heads.  Long term unemployment continues to rise despite the hundreds of millions handed out by Chris Grayling to welfare to work parasites like A4e.  Any notion of job security has all but disappeared, whilst cuts to further education have killed any illusion of social mobility.  Capitalism has created an economic underclass that is devastating the potential of millions of lives.  We are simply now only judged on how much money we can make for the rich and we have colluded in attacking each other instead of aiming our guns squarely in the faces of the bastards living lives of luxury on the back of this shit.

So Channel 4 found a few people who didn’t apply for as many jobs (that they probably won’t get) as they were supposed to as part of their Job Seekers Agreement.  Well big fucking deal.  What next, a gritty expose of how many people sometimes take their library books back a bit late?

Tricks of the Dole Cheats will be shown on Monday 13th August on Channel 4 at 8pm. In what appears to be a crude taunt by overpaid media twats aimed at the unemployed, they will be tweeting using the hashtag #hownottogetajob

Combat Channel 4 Dispatches ‘Tricks of the Dole Cheats’

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  1. what work for 6 pound an hour fuck 0off wouldnt get out of bed for this.
    Let the government work work for this (pack of fags)

  2. “It could even be argued that the workshy, in times of high unemployment, are actually doing those who want to work a favour”.

    Yes, it’s certainly time for some honest discussion about the true predicament of the UK’s long-term unemployed.

    Even the Guardian is silent when faced with the unpalatable reality that the vast majority of this group of almost a million people is virtually unemployable – certainly in the current economic climate in which employers can take their pick.

    Many of the long-term unemployed subsisted through the Labour years on incapacity benefit and lost both the will to work and the minimum levels of discipline that make work a possibility.

    Of course, there are exceptions – people who want work very much indeed.

    But when an employer is faced with the choice between a dispirited long-term benefit claimant and a polite, energetic young Eastern European who’s left his or her home, family and friends and travelled hundreds of miles out of eagerness to finds employment, well – it’s a no-brainer.

    The simple truth is that we have almost a million people who must either be supported by state benefits of left to starve on the pavement, which seems to be the coalition’s preferred option.

    Let’s stop pretending that most of the long-term unemployed are ever likely to find work and simply discuss the real options:

    1) Starve and humiliate them by withdrawing their benefits under various pretexts and “sanctions”.

    2) Keep on paying benefits but punish the recipients by sending them on endless “courses” and work details with no prospect of a job at the end.

    3) Simply accept that full employment is a thing of the past and truly support those who have no realistic prospect of ever finding employment in a post-industrial society.

    Option 3 would certainly be a hard-sell to the Daily Mail constituency and at present, no politician – or even Guardian journalist, it would seem – even dares contemplate such a course of action.

    This is unfortunate as options 1 and 2 are likely to have catastrophic consequences for our social cohesion and stability in the not too distant future.

    • One-Lane Redtop

      The Daily Mail, the Daily Mail,
      the Daily Mail’s on sale, on sale.

      I hate the Moslems, hate the Jews,
      that’s why I look to it for news.

      I hate the blacks, I hate the queers,
      I’ve hated them for years and years.

      I hate the Commies: true-blue, me,
      a Tory boy from A through Z.

      I hate the Germans: here’s what else,
      the French can go and fuck themselves.

      I hate the workshy, do you see,
      and everyone who’s not like me,

      So when the Mail says “hate the poor”
      they’re shoving at an open door.

      Sell off the State, I’ll have the cash,
      oh Daily Mail, I love my stash!

      The Daily Mail, the Daily Mail,
      the Daily Mail, all hail, all hail!

  3. I am unemployed, where i live a LOT of companies went leaving behind a lot of people with more recent work experience. which meant some were pushed to the back.. then the next lot of jobs went.. the same people got pushed back further and further.. until you get people who want to work, but employers dont want them.. Blame the employers for not hiring the unemployed but this show will only make employers less likely to hire the unemployed. 3 times with a4e training did they get me a job no, why the employers dont want me.. no matter what i do they see unemployed and forget me. I rarely get any replies about jobs, yet they say its my fault..

    i will no doubt be called workshy scrounger. and i must be a benefits cheat because they are unemployed just like those on dispatches

  4. I’m a tax payer and couldn’t care less if some people skive on the dole. Couldn’t give a shit about that but we should ‘lampost’ the tax avoiding rich twats.

  5. So not loving the way vulnerable are the scapegoats for all social ills yet the elites can thieve and lie their way in and out of everything and are considered ‘top chaps’ Arrest the REAL LIARS and thieves. I think you will find the pyramid kinda reverses. Top down bottom UP.

  6. I put this on another site hoping for some intelligence but it went over the heads of the Liberal minded commentatoers, I shall repeat it here.
    Where I used to live I knew a good mix of people, it is a country town with all the disadvantages that brings. Very little local work is available and public transport is appaling. If you are on minimum wage or on benefits running a car is beyond your means. Those in high spec. employment enjoy a good life and the estates don’t mix, the town is literary split between the high-middle groups and those on low-no income, the two do not mix.
    Among the lower rungs is a group of people rarely talked about and never discussed, these people are not disabled in the full sense of the word nor are they sick. However they are disadvantaged, they usually have attended special schools due to emotional-behaviourial problems, they are not very bright but don’t write them off because when it comes to survival they must know all the tricks. They have very little motivation to stick to a routine of any kind and cannot stand to take “instruction” from who they see as authority, such as managers or bossess. Most of the time these are not bad people, the truth is they cannot fit into a society that is so proscriptive and inflexible, they resent feeling looked down on and have already taken plenty of kicks, their life experience tells them instinctively that nobody cares. They are unemployable.
    It is this group that is very rarely going to find a place for itself in society and certainly not in employment, it is this group I would advocate be left alone on a special type of benefit with the proviso of regular checks to see if circumstances have changed for them. This group is often the group that is quoted by the daily hails, governments and public as being the idle, feckless, scroungers. These are the ” cheats” and “chavs”, but why force them into a highly competative market that does not want them, why force them onto employers that do not want them, it makes no sense at all. You never know, if the compulsion stops-desire might take a lead.

  7. I am disinclined to watch it. It would be like giving the keys of my house to bunch of media luvvies so they could throw a cocktail party at my moral and spiritual expense.

    Unemployment is very high.
    The economy is supposed to be in recession.
    The government wants to save money whilst reforming it’s welfare and social care liability.
    reading your blog, is always bitter sweet.
    Its great that I’m not the only one, who gets it,
    My fear, is the centre of gravity is too high up the financial food chain, for a moral or democratic movement to fight back. We are nothing more than Wat Tyler, the Tollpuddle martyrs or Jarrow marchers against these bastards.
    Life is cheap and easy to judge when you have money. It’s a shallow substitute for a soul.
    whoever said, ” the meek shall inherit the earth” didn’t factor in the mega rich destroying it first?

  8. The ConDems need to be removed from office……by any and all means necessary.
    Then follow the French Revolution model.
    And don’t bother quoting The Terror to me.
    Let’s jst demolish the entire edifice and take it from there.
    Because enough is enough.
    They like conflict? They got it.

  9. Perhaps someone should just rock up to Channel 4’s Media producers and punch them in the f*cking teeth? I think that Dispatches is largely a political broadcast for Right-Wing Conservatives with a thing for ‘bashing oiks!!’ Well THIS fucking Oik can fight back (and I’m fairly sure that goes for the rest here too eh boys?)

  10. #hownottogetajob Live in a country where there’s 5 applicants for every job.

    #hownottogetajob Live in a country where mental illness is treated as a moral failing.

    #hownottogetajob Too disabled for public transport… deemed not disabled enough for motabilty by an ice-water veined bureaucrat.

    They asked… LETS BLOODY TELL THEM.

  11. Also, you are heavily penalised for finding bit work or the odd day as a locum (not all unemployed are unqualified) And expenses are not taken into consideration! The whole system actually makes it harder to actually find decent work!

    Am very disappointed with Dispatches, after the wonderful work they did on Atos.

  12. Thanks for the warning Johnny. Oh, I just haven’t the will anymore. How can we keep fighting this? Just when we thought maybe the media might be on our side, this crap appears. God forbid people should be given the doubt (perhaps the adviser thought noone would be stupid enough to comit fraud in such a blatant fashion that it was more plausible they were painting their own room – after all the guy wasn’t committing fraud, it was just a puerile stunt).
    Is there a twitter address for this? Someone needs to read my swearing at them.

  13. This “show” is getting more pre-publicity than any other I can think of. C4’s bosses must be rubbing their hands at the thought of the advertising revenue.

    Just a word of warning to any companies advertising during and at either end of the programme: I will boycott you. I will urge my family, friends and colleagues to boycott you.

  14. I’ve got paint on one of my jumpers from 10 years ago and its never washed out – does that mean I can’t claim benefits?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. God forbid I actually got off the sofa and got my hands dirty to take some pride in my home.

  15. Joanna Terry wrote: “It is this group I would advocate be left alone on a special type of benefit…”.

    Your argument makes very good sense.

    I suppose that might have been a possibility a decade or two ago, when the wages for manual work hadn’t yet been driven down to subsistence levels.

    But when millions of people are working for the minimum wage they must have some incentive to do so.

    There’s no longer any financial incentive as most would be better off on welfare.

    So you have to demonise anyone who doesn’t work as a “scrounger”, in order to clearly differentiate them from the fine, upstanding masses who toil relentlessly for £6 an hour.

    That way, even though they loathe their work, most fear social ostracism even more.

    If it was socially acceptable not to work, why would anyone bother (apart from the few who really enjoy what they do, irrespective of the pitiful remuneration?).

    You have to keep telling the minimum wage workforce that they’re somehow morally superior to the unemployed.

    A hundred years ago they were told to expect their reward in heaven.

    “The rich man in his castle,
    The poor man at his gate,
    God made them, high or lowly,
    And ordered their estate”.

    But who believes that anymore?

  16. Stop bashing the unemployed …GET THEM PROPER JOBS…not working for nothing…about time caMORON packed his and sammys bags

  17. This programme really really worries me.

    I dread to think how easily it will misrepresent the issue of DWP error.

    If the bloke with paint stunt is representative of what we can expect then C4 shoud immediately be shut down. We don’t need this crap it will further harden opinion. That is a given.

  18. Oct. 20th. London : big demo.
    Our October Revolution.
    Enough is enough. Fuck the Fascists. The ConDems are our own nascent Nazi government……Labour are no more than Ican’tbelieveitsnotTory or Tory Lite…..whatever….the time has come.
    The likes of that puffed up tosser Hague bigs up ‘regime change’…..well,let’s see what he does when his stinkin’ mob get a taste of regime change.
    Motherfuckers,the lot of them.

    • and do you think anyone will take you (or this website) seriously when you spout this meaningless drivel? Think before you write!

      • It ‘s a blog you moron….people can say wtf they like,just like you just did….now get back on the ceiling…you puffed up self righteous clown.
        There you go…..happy now?

        • I rest my case – if you seriously think that ANYONE will take any notice of your views when this is your way of expressing yourself, I think you are very mistaken

  19. Nevermindthebawbags

    Just got a letter through the door today .. Saturday saying my JSA has been stopped as of a week ago..The letter was dated 4 days ago.. These letters always come on a Saturday with no other details apart from money stopped and you can phone this 0845 number ( which usually costs over 50p a min to phone on a mobile ) .. I am in Unite community union and I also work but do not earn enough money to come off of JSA and I pay emergency tax .. Why don’t Dispatches do a fukkin programme about the many people who are in the same sitaution as me ?? Oh and by the way, I was up till 4am Friday morning trying to get an application form completed on line..I got it in on time but I will probably not hear anything back.. It is really fukkin depressing enough being on the dole without this pish.. I was thinking too about the term sanctions being used .. They use sanctions on a country they don’t like before they go in and bomb the fuck out of it or invade it so what is the next step here ??

  20. The government have told us we are all in this together and are hoping to rebuild the UK’s finances by starting off with cutting the social security budget. They can not hope to raise the amount of money they need to raise in order to cut the budget merely by doing this. The truth is the middle classes are going to be squeezed really badly with tens of thousands coming off their salaries with such things as Schools being amalmagated and management posts disapearing, Hospitals being closed, police numbers falling, with their over-time cut. There is little point in Civil disorder-this government would love to show their supportes that these dis-abled and vunerable people are quite unruly. Fighting this government with the middle classes show’s unity of purpose. I see Alan Johnson Labour MP still prepared to give IDS the benefit of the doubt on the front cover of MS NEWS Yorkshire & Humber. All parties have to accept continued misery and recession for ALL classes apart from the rich. Without economic growth or a major war there is no way out of this downward spiral.

  21. This programme will coincide with the post olympics ‘making britain great’ dialogue that will fill the media tomorrow and the next few days. It’s the saints and scroungers formula gone to the extreme. Compare these straw men scroungers with olympic (and of course, disgustingly, paralympians) ‘heroes’ and it’s a recipe for further divide and rule. They could have broadcast this last week and the ATOS programme tomorrow.

    And do people really expect the JC to suspect people of fraud solely on the basis of their attire? Does that mean if you sign on wearing a suit you are automatically a businesman? This whole thing smakcs of propaganda to me.

  22. Channel 4 are using the deserving and undeserving approach with the sick and disabled cast as the deserving poor and the unemployed cast as the undeserving poor – lazy feckless worthless benefit scrounging fraudsters. I wondered what the catch was when Channel 4 did the programme on the Atos and DWP persecution of the sick and disabled and like Johnny said now they put this out for “balance”.

    Maybe the government has put pressure on them after they exposed them in the previous programme. The DWP’s own figures for the benefit fraud rate is 0.8 % and 19 billion pounds in benefits go unclaimed every year. The various Workfare scams are a tacit admission by the ruling elite that they have absolutely no intention of creating any new jobs now or in the future. Any work that needs to be done will be performed by Slave labour and anyone they don’t need will be thrown to the wolves. They intend for mass unemployment to become the new normal.

    The ruling elite intend to destroy all social mobility so people die in the circumstances in which they were born and the complete destruction of the welfare state to create a sink or swim society, where workers work for poverty wages which they can barely subsist on, live in overcrowded houses in dirty slums, have no holidays, no weekends off, no sick pay and can be sacked on a whim, where the unemployed clothed in rags, suffering from malnutrition, with very short life expectancies, are reduced to homelessness, destitution and begging to survive, crime is rampant, sudden violent death is an ever present threat, people are framed by privatised police and given long sentences in prison to do slave labour to enrich the wealthy, people are left to die of illnesses and disease if they can’t afford to pay for their treatment and the sick, mentally ill and disabled who don’t have any family to help them, are simply left to die alone in the gutter in slow agony of neglect, all so the idle rich can shirk all their obligations to society and take even more money, so they can gorge themselves and splurge on ever more extravagant luxuries and frivolities.

    This is the right-wing vision of paradise and to create their heaven on earth, the politicians and their partners in crime the media, will exaggerate, misrepresent, cherry pick, demonise, dehumanise and lie, lie and lie again.

  23. Arbeitsscheu UK


  24. C4 have been bigging this programmes up far, far more than they did with the programme about the ESA and ATOS scandal presumably because they think they’ll get a bigger audience. I mean everybody hates benefit claimants these days don’t they? Be they able-bodied or not? So I suppose more people will want to watch a programmes about a few fiddling than wholesale abuse of hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people by the state. Sick.

  25. Something occurs to me about that trailer:


    In order to do this amazing piece of investigative journalism wouldn’t they have had to make a fraudulent claim? I thought only internal investigators and police were allowed to do that sort of thing… seriously, it’s worth checking out how much co-operation they got from the dole to do that – because if the DWP, a Government department, set up the fake claim for him, then they’re obviously a little too close to their subjects and C4 are not “journalists” but propagandists…. BUT IF THEY DIDN’T –

    …then when he signed that “Have you done any work in the last x days, paid or unpaid” slip, he was working as a “journalist” so he committed the dreaded BENEFIT FRAUD and must go down!

    I’m not being stupid – somebody should really look into it!

    • I had similar thoughts wathcing that programme.
      It was very bizarre. I got the sense they should have been criticisng the WP isntead, but I doubt Grayling would let them anywhere near it.
      If that guy had been sanctioned for claiming while pretending to be a painter then he’d be up shit creek. C4 would have had to have had some contingencies in case this did happen…unless

    • Good point.

      Just like being booted off ESA and pretending to be ‘fit for work’ to claim JSA is technically benefit fraud too. Albeit, through no choice, for less money and more obligaions. But who cares? Prosecute them!

  26. and then we have stories like this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19236030 Employers are facing a “make-or-break moment” as many will have to make job cuts if the economy does not pick up, according to a report. Yet who are they blaming the unemployed. well once they are fired and once they are called a dole cheat, they will be put on work programme, and then forced to work for nothing by the very companies that got rid of them

  27. Most of these comments here are shameful – the articulate but immoral output of individuals who think they are too good to undertake work, but are quite happy to live off the benefits provided by those who are prepared to do so

    • Let me guess roger.. You work. When there are 2.5 million people going for a lot less jobs. How many jobs do you apply for a week.. 1, 2, 8 , 14, yet if employers wont hire a person then what can you do as a unemployed person. You are judging all of us on posts here, you do not know our lives. yet you judge us all as being lazy, being too good to work and so on. Dont forget we are in a recession unemployment is going up and up, BILLIONS are being spent in addition to unemployment for these work programme providers. Yet you blame the unemployed, rather than the employers.

      You will probably say something like, well the company i work for put an advert for a job and no one turned up. Roger you are the problem, you are living in the ivory towered world of I have a job and everyone else is morally inferior.. I feel sorry for you because you are woefully unaware of the hoops we the unemployed run through every day, So when you lose you job, think back to your comment of today,

      • Eric, thank you for a considered and non verbally abusive response – unusual 0n this site, it would appear.
        I do now have a job, having suffered a brain haemorrhage, been away from any sort of life (let alone work) for 8 months, ‘failed’ my ESA assessment (they said I was fit for work), and so had to look for work. My residual problems mean that my employment is touch and go, and I found getting back into work very very hard, but it was the right thing to do; I have been much stronger emotionally and started to ‘get a life’ once again. That’s why I get very upset when I read the rantings of individuals who seem to think that the only way forward is to continue with the same old ways.
        Almost incredibly, I find myself agreeing with Chris Grayling – it IS better for many many disabled people (I am one) to get back into the work environment rather than facing a life on benefits. And before the abusers start once again, I am not including the true long-term highly disabled, who need the help and support of all of us, not empty rhetoric and pointless protests

    • Thoroughly Moral Millie

      As an Employment Adviser I am often asked, “What exactly will my Mandatory Work Activity placement involve?”. Well, here is a short video which will explain MWA in greater detail:

    • I have a life-threatening illness contracted through no fault of my own you drivelling mean-spirited mealymouthed cunt.
      Count yourself lucky and fuck off back to Torygraph,troll.

    • Get the chip off your shoulder and open your eyes.

      I’m sick of idiots like you; content to wallow in ignorance while the government and its media attack dogs pummel the poor into subservience.

  28. Top post – thanks mate x

  29. btw, my angry comments are directed at the fascist calling himself Roger Jenkins…no one else.
    He is shameless in his superiority. That is what’s at large in the UKplc…..Thatcher’s children come of age and givin’ it large coz they’re alright,Jack.
    Blank ConDemNation for the rest of us as they drive past,and over,the disadvantaged.
    Disgraceful and low-minded. Content in their smugness.

    • Perhaps you should have had the good grace to find out more about me before you descended, as usual, into common abuse. See my response to Eric (above)

      • Perhaps if you had had the good grace to find out beforehand a bit more about the other people who comment here then you might not have been tempted to write something as dismissive and obviously inflammatory as:

        “Most of these comments here are shameful – the articulate but immoral output of individuals who think they are too good to undertake work, but are quite happy to live off the benefits provided by those who are prepared to do so”

        Respect is a two-way street.

        • Clearly you too decided that you would prefer to make an apparently ‘smart’ riposte rather than actually look at my subsequent message – it looks like this board is full of people who prefer to transmit (quite often in expletives miki67) rather than actually listen. Maybe typical of that part of the political spectrum

          • I’m still waiting for you to point out the lies you claim that this blog was full of.

          • “Maybe typical of that part of the political spectrum”

            Another sweeping generalisation.

            The comment of yours I quoted was the very first you posted under this thread, in which you clearly accuse everyone else who comments here of immorality. Am I now to understand that you wished to engage in reasoned debate right from the start? This seems to be a strange way of going about it.

            Are you listening? Please see my remark regarding respect above.

  30. in Northern Ireland, you are asked questions, and the form that you fill in to say what you have been doing to find work is checked and written down in their log.

  31. Drastic Spastic!

    Well Well ,,,,,, Yet more “Bash The Disenfranchised!” media tripe….. Which one of these “Dispatches Goons” thought this up over a Chocca Mocha Latte???? Some nasty little Squirt, question is….. How Much Were They Paid???? And who by…. Eh Mr Cameron????

  32. This country upsets me, we are in a class war and no one can see it. The tory cunts who run this country deserved to be hung from the gallows, we as people of this country have the power to rid this government of its powers and as for channel 4 well maybe they should do a show on what drugs they are taking because they like the tories dont know what real life is like. Take away their money and they would be no better at coping than us. Wankers the lot of them!!!

  33. So much on here is about ‘them and us’…tptb are just spitefully chucking the odd bone in so we all jump in and blame the other when the toes get crushed in the scrum? I am sick and tired of people laying blame at the door of others who really are on the tough side of tough. It would be wiser if people considered who the real ‘scum’ are and I believe you will be quite surprised to find they hail not from local jobcentres, council estates nor
    inner city ghettos either!

  34. Not really sure what to make of that bizarre ‘documentary’.
    The first half was clumsy and provocative. Top Tricks? Really? Writing your shopping list in your jobsearch (which, if you sign on at my JC WILL get noticed) is a top trick? People turning up in DIY overalls shouod immediately be regarded as fraudsters and the idea they might be doing genuine DIY is implausible?
    No discussion of how busy JC+ is and how advisers aren’t given the time, or even the responsibility, of doing much of what they complained about. In fact a lot of that stuff, jobsearching, jobmatching, cv preparation and all that guff, is the purview of the WP. This has been the case for almost 18 months now, yet the WP isn’t even mentioned.
    What would have happened had either of those two willing idiots they roped into their ‘sting’ operations had they been cuaght out and sanctioned? Would C4 have canvassed Ruth to overturn their sanctions? Should she have done? Poor cow would probably have ballsed that up as well. Something wasn’t right in that programme.
    It’s no secret to any of us that JC isn’t fit for purpose, but there was no discussion of the accuracy of benefit fraud figures, its effect, nor the media attacks on the welfare state – nor the attitude of politicians likewise. With the great beig WP elephant in the room being completely ignored, the whole thing was a mislabelled waste of time. I wonder why this got made and who it really benefitted.

    • I agree with you there. At my local JCP if I wrote down my shopping list in my jobsearch log I’d be pulled up immediately, in fact I was given a “verbal warning” only last month for listing one less vacancy applied for than in my Jobseeker’s Agreement – even though the advisor admitted there had been a lot less suitable vacancies than usual.

      This type of programme helps nobody, not jobseekers nor advisors, many of whom are already under great stress to keep up with targets. And if unemployment goes up further expect more “lapses” like on Dispatches as overworked advisors struggle to keep up.

      • Something else that wasn’t discussed: if there aren’t X vacancies each week, as per the JSAg with the customer, how is he meant to fulfill that requirement?
        Pathetic really.
        And notice how each of those two stooges (i have nothing positive to say about either) had very different requirements? One had something like 2 a week and the other 14!
        All this sort of crap does is just further the ignorance out there in society. What are these ‘top tricks’: turn up dressed as a painter (presumably the tip there is DONT turn up in your work clothes – not exactly trade secrets!), or insert a shopping list of all things into your jobsearch!
        Quite honestly I thought I was stoned watching that programme it had so little to do with anything (either that or I’m still suffering the aftereffects of that bizarre olympic concert).

        • The truly unbelievable thing is one previous time there weren’t enough “suitable” jobs (as laid down by my jobseeker’s agreement) to apply for I simply applied for other jobs I would have been willing to take and was promptly ticked off for applying for the “wrong vacancies”! So either way we lose – we stick to the rules we get hit for not trying hard enough; but if we use our initiative we still get it in the neck for breaking the terms of our jobseeker’s agreements.

          The mind doth truly boggle…

  35. Arbeitsscheu UK

    So how can this mislabeled tripe interview so many claimants bad mouthing the jobcentre yet not one of them mentions the bullying, threats, blackmail and the security intimidation?

  36. an undeniable byproduct of these workfare schemes is that people with mental health issues and other dysfunctions will be forced to work when they are in no state to do so.

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