Most Work Programme Jobseekers Unemployable Claim G4S

In an astonishing slur on hundreds of thousands of unemployed, sick or disabled benefit claimants, welfare to work company G4S have claimed that most people on the Work Programme are not worth employing despite the huge subsidies on offer.

G4S are one of the biggest employers in the world with over 630,000 employees.  As one of the UK’s largest Work Programme providers they are paid up to £13,000 for every benefit claimant they manage to find long term work.

Speaking to Channel 4’s Fact Check blog, Sean Williams, Managing Director of G4S Welfare to Work was questioned about whether the company employs Work Programme participants themselves, picking up a fat ‘job outcome’ fee in the process.  The leading poverty pimp responded:

“I would be delighted if we managed to get a lot of job seekers into our own vacancies.”

He then conceded however that it was unlikely that G4S would offer anyone on the Work Programnme a job saying:  “I would challenge the assumption that there are a lot of job seekers who are easy to help in this group that can just be creamed off.”

Channel 4 also questioned the company on whether Work Programme participants were likely to be given jobs on the bungled Olympics Security contract, something the company hotly denies.

According to G4S, just 35 people on the Work Programme have made it through the training to work on the Olympics.  This is despite the thousands of jobs on offer and the apparent desperate shortage of security guards for the Olympics.

If G4S are not prepared to give people on the Work Programme a job, despite the potential tax payer funded £13,ooo incentive, then the question has to be asked why they expect anyone else to?

It is true as Channel 4 says that some people on the Work Programme have “complex problems”.  Many in the Work Related Activity Group have physical disabilities or mental health conditions.  G4S’s tacit admission that this group are unemployable merely reflects the startling prejudice amongst major employers towards people who are disabled or unwell.

Many more on the Work Programme have simply been unemployed for over 12 months, but it appears there is no room for this group in the company either.   Once again this is hardly surprising.  With competition for jobs at possibly an all time high, it is simply common sense that employers will seek to employ people with recent experience.  That is the unfortunate nature of capitalism.

This flies in the face of bungling Employment Minister Chris Grayling and his inept boss Iain Duncan Smith repeated claims that unemployment is caused by the unemployed.  The multi-billion pound Work Programme is based on the assumption that companies like G4S can ‘fix’ unemployment by ‘fixing’ unemployed people.  It is now abundantly clear that one of the biggest contractors on the scheme does not share that view.

G4S also deny that anyone employed at the Olympics will be on workfare.  Channel 4 fairly point out that, so far, there is no clear evidence that the company were ever planning to use workfare at the olympics.  Once again however this begs the question why not?  If workfare staff are good enough to protect the Queen and work in hospitals then why not at the Olympics?

Surely it’s not the fact that this toff Government are so embarrassed about mass forced labour that they are shy of any publicity that may come from workfare being used at the Olympics?

When the workfare row blew up earlier in the year Chris Grayling was gushing in his support for unpaid work, calling anyone opposed to the scheme ‘job snobs’.  Now, with the eyes of the world on the UK, workfare appears to be a dirty little secret that must never be allowed to sully the sacred Olympics.  It seems the real job snobs are those in charge of the whole shoddy workfare racket after all.

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18 responses to “Most Work Programme Jobseekers Unemployable Claim G4S

  1. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    The DWP inform us that the Work Programme gives providers greater freedom to make judgements about how best to support jobseekers who need extra help and find new solutions to unemployment. Yet this twat, a leading light in an organisation who – as we are all too aware – couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, is simply dismissing the idea of finding these very people work despite his company taking millions of pounds of tax payers money to do just that.

  2. Rebecca Pidgeon

    In all seriousness, could anyone explain the reason why Nick Buckles of G4S achieved such a position, let alone within Securicor other than through Parkinsons Law: “Within any single organisation, at least one person will be promoted on the basis of their incompetence”.

  3. Eric Greenwood

    He had joined Securicor in 1985, lured away from Avon Cosmetics by the offer of a Ford Escort.

  4. AND G4S are incapable of running a security firm that actually provides security.

  5. Nazi State = Nazi company with Nazi-style Logo.
    Military/Industrial CommerciOlympics = Nazi Olympics = Nazi Sponsors = Dow Chemicals,Westfield,MuckDonalds = Nazi State Run ‘Strength Through Joy’ ersatz drug-fuelled ‘sports’ event = Nazi Philosophy = G4S = Nazi Claggerron & Its Hideous Collection of ReichsMinisters = UKplc = Nazi State.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U)

      Yes. They came through the back door.

      They retreated because they made a friend of a gb monarch, and hitler convinced a gb mp that the nazi plan was for the greater good of human kind back in 1940-something.


      Once upon a time, an mp came out of a meeting with hitler smiling, & said “we have made progress. I cant talk about it at the moment..” or something like that.

      If it’s a righteous conversation, there is nothing to hide for any reason.

      All work-related meetings between mp’s, officials, leaders (etc) should be aired. I’d rather hear what they talk about than watch half of the crap that I see mp’s talking about on beeb parliament.

      They really do get paid for raising serious issues without solving the issues while having a laugh as they insult each other with child-like banter/ insults.

  6. They thought they could get away with it, i.e. slave labour, and when they found that the vetting system fucked up their plan they just sat back and waited for the shit to hit the fan,secure in the knowledge that their compadres in the corrupt non-government would have no choice but to take up the slack as a sweaty Hunt demonstrated in his frantic scurrying around t.v. stations spreading his transparent propaganda.
    And they’ll trouser a hefty chunk of taxpayer’s money without blushing,as they merrily slag off benefit claimants.

  7. Excuse fucking ME!

    I help to run the BIGGEST games show in the UK. I have gained excellent references on the strength of this.

    It’s not that people like me are unemployable – it’s the fact that we do NOT want to work for fuck-all.

  8. Yet another example of how workfare companies view unemployed people, as commodities not humans:

    “Their trouble was they cared more about the hard cases than the easy ones. But you can only get income from the low-hanging fruit.”

    Spoken by 3SC, the contractor above now-bankrupt “bid-candy” charity Eco-Actif.

  9. Let’s get this trending as the national media are sure to ignore it:

    Profoundly disabled man ‘writes own death certificate’ in protest at treatment by benefits officials

    Published on Friday 20 July 2012 00:00

    A SEVERELY disabled man has “written his own death certificate” after stopping his medication in a protest against government red tape.

    Frank Campbell suffers from chronic lung disease but claims officials have him “jumping through hoops” to receive his benefits.

  10. I can only think the US or possibly Israel (but prob those thousand or so FBI agents/Secret Service agents who are visiting for recon) pointed out to our overlords that it might not be quite so secure if 3500 security staff were being forced to work the Olympics for no money (or £2.30p/hour) and against their will. Especially when most would (quite understandably) have financial problems.

    I can think of no other reason their “pipeline of people” (to quote the G4S guy) should suddenly dry up with no forewarning.

    Nor can I think of another reason both the gov and G4S are prepared to take the humiliation. Only to hide that they were so inept in the first place to think it was acceptable to try to use Workfare/experience to secure the worlds leaders in this manner would this humiliation be worth it in a cost based analysis for their global operation. It’s one thing to be unable to provide enough staff, it’s quite another to be so cavalier with employment policy that your prepared to put the global elite in danger.

    It is the only reason I can imagine that May, Cameron and Hunt have defended G4S to the extent they have. Really, it’s not like any of them have done anything other than dump blame inthe recent past is it? May on Brodie Clarke, Hunt on his advisor, Cameron on anybody…

    Hunt, May, Cameron and G4S have clearly come to some sort of “no denunciations” pact. Why else would it be worth it to them all ? It has to be huge because as you’ve reported G4 have just, in essence, dumped their very profitable workfare contract. I believe they protest too much; they sound like a panicked husband trying to convince his wife that he thinks Angelina Jolie is a dog, he wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole and his trousers were round his ankles when he left for work.

  11. Can anyone see the word “sick”?
    If you are employed and sick, you take time off. Your boss is annoyed, but understands. You may lose some pay, but no-one expects you to work if you are employed and sick.
    However be unemployed because of sickness, be that cancer, or one of the myriad conditions that make you ill, the disabilities and malfunctions of teh body and mind that make functioning impossible, that make you cry in pain, that make you vomit, or soil yourself, then fucking tough.
    Because you WILL go to work, you will work for your benefits, and if you dont you will have all your benefits removed, sanctioned, for three years.

    So next time you have a fucking hangover, or the flu, best get your mardy arse back into work and be glad that you will get better, because hundreds of thousands of people face working with conditions that will kill them, out of fear of being sanctioned.

  12. I don’t believe this argument for one minute. I was wondering how long it would be before the spin began that the reason they couldn’t fulfill their contract was that the unemployed were too lazy to apply or didn’t turn up at venues because they couldn’t be bothered – which is apparently what some comments on the Daily Mail believe.

    Yet it is clear the shambles was down to G4S not telling people they HAD employed where and when to turn up.

    We KNOW they were trying to recruit on workfare in February due to this jobcentre ad by G4S advertisng for Olympic positions for NO pay but the line “This is not a job vacancy but you might find it interesting to read”

    It was probably the Jubille fiasco with workfare that got them warned off. If they could have got away with using Workfare people for nothing they would. Lots of people came forward to say they had been offered jobs but no accomodation or travel costs.

  13. As someone who is on benefits due to Mental Helth Issues. Iam utterly disgusted with his comments!!
    Who the hell is he to pass judgement on people like me??
    Clearly this prick never has had/ known someone with Mental Health Issues!!
    I was considering going on The G4S Work Programme however after reading that they’ve got me chance of me growin a cock n balls n then suckin my dick!!!

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  16. As a person who has just been placed into the work programme, I would like to say `thank you for this post`.It is good to know some people are both understanding and knowledgeable regarding the problems many people are facing work wise.
    I am about to begin the G4S work programme today as I have been claiming JSA for exactly 12 months.
    I have been applying for any job and every job advertised, since July last year but, am just not being selected for interviews despite both my academic skills and experience. The biggest problems I have faced, are not being a driver.and not having experience within the last six months (because of changes in the industry etc).
    It is a catch 22, I wont get the experience if no one gives me a job and a job wont be accepting without it.
    There should be logical and simple ways of work introduction for those who are actively seeking work like myself. The mentally and/or physically challenged folk being forced into these schemes should not be, I hate that this government is being so brutal yet are not looking at their own incomes as a means to lower and thus benefit this country.

    The fact that the tax payers are spending more on companies such as G4S and Atos with their forcing people to work (despite no jobs for those like myself as it is) is ugly and needless. I cannot see hoe the general population has not realised this is all one big scam to screw the working classes. Take away G4S and Atos and we have saved multi millions anyway.
    How can this not be realized?? .

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