Disaster For Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Rise

The Government’s multi-billion pound scheme aimed at helping the long term unemployed back into work has taken yet another blow as long term unemployment continues to rise.

Despite overall unemployment suspiciously falling, the number of people out of work for over 12 months has risen by 3000.  This continues a three month trend which has seen overall unemployment going down but long term unemployment rising.  The number of people out of work for over two years rose by 18,000 in the last three months.

Over half a billion pounds has been handed out to private sector companies such as G4S and A4e as part of the Work Programme, the Government’s flagship scheme aimed at finding jobs for those out of work for over 12 months.   Today’s figures conclusively dispel any claims from the lying Employment Minister Chris Grayling that the Work Programme can be considered a success.

Whilst the scheme has seen claimants forced to sleep under bridges and welfare to work contractors mired in fraud allegations, it appears to be having no impact whatsoever on long term unemployment and may even be making the situation even worse.  Meanwhile social enterprises are going bust due to the bungled payment structure, whilst the DWP has indulged in endless chaotic wriggling about the exact nature of workfare on the Work Programme.

Early performance figures have shown less long term unemployed people are finding jobs than if the Government had done nothing at all.  Even the recent G4S Olympics farce may yet turn out to have the Work Programme as a contributing factor.

The Work Programme is doing nothing more than lining the pockets of inept welfare to work firms whilst the DWP bury their collective heads in the sand.  The Work Programme is not working.  No-one is getting job.  Charities are being financially strangled.  Long term unemployment is rising.  Workfare has been rejected by both the business community and the public alike.  And yet still Chris Grayling is throwing tax payer’s money round like confetti seemingly oblivious to the desperate mess he is making.

He won’t be happy until the full £5 billion, the total budgeted cost of the shambles, has all been squandered.  Rarely has there been an example of a Government so desperate to give away billions of pounds and quite happy to receive nothing in return.

Whilst benefit cuts and austerity are plunging millions into poverty, insecurity and even homelessness, Work Programme contracters like G4S are handed endless cash to prop up the failing scheme.  Even if the joke security company don’t take the money they were promised for fucking up the Olympics they will take millions more for fucking up the Work Programme.  And Chris Grayling will no doubt cheer them along as the thieving corporate bastards make off with yet more of our money.

In other news Pizza Hut are the latest company to deliver a humiliating snub to Chris Grayling after announcing they will no longer be involved in workfare schemes.  More details from Solidarity Federation.

22 responses to “Disaster For Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Rise

  1. “Rarely has there been an example of a Government so desperate to give away billions of pounds and quite happy to receive nothing in return.” Well, we might count earlier Labour governments who gave away tons of money to G4S and A4E except we can’t say they got nothing in return as John Ried’s now a director at G4S and David Blunkett’s a consultant with A4E. We might wonder where Chris Grayling will end up…

    • HARD_WORKING Taxpayer

      As a HARD-WORKING taxpayer I find it outrageous that my HARD-EARNED taxes are being STOLEN from me to fund totally fucking useless bullshit psychology degrees – the output of which have a nasty habit of ending up in the in the odious welfare-to-work/fare/house industry. I say FUCK these smarmy “oh look, I am so clever, I have a degree, I am on £25 grand a year, I am going to stop your money and leave you homeless and hungry” CUNTS. I say fuck them, charge them through the nose for their fucking tuition. I really do fucking object to this abuse of my taxes.

    • Thisw is the same university that used to (they may still do so) run courses in PARAPSYCOLOGY and KLINGON. I kid you not.

  2. The reason is quiet obvious IMO the government are manipulating the figures, placing the unemployed on training schemes and the like to reduce the figures

  3. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    These repeated minuscule claims of drops in unemployment data are indeed suspicious and coincidentally very similar to such claims by the police over crime statistics continually edging done. Think about it like this, they are unable to make claims of large drops because they would be unable to sustain such claims of decreases in the long term as such a claim might have to be follow by an increase!! Whereas as tiny continuous drops which in real terms make no difference whatsoever to the situation on the ground do, however, succeed in making the government appear to be on the correct side of the balance sheet. In short a just spin and another pack of lies.

  4. Chris Grayling is a Cunt

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!!!

  5. Chris Grayling,sociopathic liar in chief,will probably end up on the directorship gravy train at G4S once he’s finished his apprenticeship in the nazi Claggeron.

  6. Just like BlindLemonChitlin’ Blunkett did at Atos after scarpering from NewNazi Labour. And…….
    Just look at permatan Tory Bliar go these days…..and he’s back in the fold with ‘Wallace’ Millipede now that his bumchums in the Claggeron have made UKplc an acceptable casino tax haven for him and his screaming face family of genetic mutants.
    The whole shower of shit in Westminster are suckin’ the life out of this cuntry for themselves and their parasitic cronies in the bankster/gangster/aristo/toff class.
    …..wot’s that junkie billionaire bint stuffed in a bag doin’ gettin’ caught with 10g. of the old brown sugar in the yankee embassy,ffs,and gets the charges dropped! You and me doin’ likewise? Coolin’ our heels forever in a SuperMax dungeon in Buttfuck Amerika.
    One rule for us…..No rules for them.

  7. Slightly off-topic, but according to boycottworkfare’s twitter feed, boycottworkfare.org has been redirecting to malware sites for a couple of days now, with no indication of when it will be back up.

  8. From Bournemouth and Poole Anti-Cuts Alliance:

    “Trades unions and community groups have called on the Bournemouth and Poole College to withdraw its support for the government’s discredited Work Programme which seeks to coerce the unemployed into unpaid work, after it emerged the college was encouraging employers on their website to “Try before they buy” – describing the unemployed as expendable commodities. Whilst the phrase has now been removed, the Work Programme still enables unscrupulous employers to use staff for up to three months without offering them any pay, formal training or travel expenses.”

    What sort of despicable people use the phrase “try before they buy” about human beings? Utterly sickening, and totally descriptive of how the ConDems view the poor.


  9. Hello folks,
    Employers are not interested, in people who have been unemployed for any period of time, the disabled, people with health problems, people over 40 or under 25 without previous work experience.
    Businesses are struggling to make a profit and dare not add to their costs, by employing people who will not add to their bottom line, particularly, small & medium size businesses.
    You can’t blame them, but at the same time, thousands of people who have worked, have skills, qualifications and a desire to be included in the economy, are being left to rot, suffering depression, anxiety and declining self esteem, even suicidal tendencies, because businesses are not interested or able to getting people off the dole, and neither is the government.
    It is far easier to demonize us, pretend “we don’t exist or that we will simply go away?”

    Levels of personal debt and national debt are running at record levels, in line with record profits for large banks and global companies, who can drive down labour costs and seek bigger markets for their goods and services.

    This Government and others around the world, want us to be a competetive, lean economy, where everything is self financing and nothing costs.

    If this government are running the economy like a “machine” where you can run it harder, for longer, to make more and “sweat the asset” and make it more efficient.
    The media and the government are telling you and me, that if you aren’t working hard enough, we won’t support you, if you don’t work at all, you are not entitled to anything.
    In terms of Union, welfare, and employment laws, support mechanisms, charity and government support, we are all being hung out to dry.

    This stalemate, of poor economic performance, recession, personal debt and austerity has been a result of unsustainable business and banking practices, which have destroyed the stability and living standards across the globe, with no signs of a solution being offered on the table.

    So, do we simply continue to suffer?

    • Imigrant full of crap

      Of course employers are interested in the unemployable. All these lazy, work-shy scrounging, lead-swinging shirkers need to do is start at the bottom and pull themselves up by the boots.

  10. Eric Greenwood

    Of the 65,000 drop in the total, 61,000 were in London, and the Office of National Statistics suggests these are due to 100,000 temporary jobs at the Olympics as bar staff, cleaners and security guards. http://www.guardian.co.uk/​commentisfree/2012/jul/19/​work-programme-charity-bankrupt So in the rest of the country.. only 4,000 people got jobs.. what happens after this olympics.. will the jobs figures rise..?

    • Overall unemployment is falling because the under 25’s are been forced onto workfare but the long term unemployed over 25 have no jobs to go to. Even my local aldi is in on the workfare scam was in there last Friday, wonder if they will be on the shop floor when I go back?

  11. I have been put on the work programme, and although they have paid for me to do a few courses I get nothing else from them! I was all geared up and ready to apply for the new enterprise scheme so I could go self-employed then I was told “sorry, you’re now on the work programme so you can not get the new enterprise help”. What a load of bollocks! But it doesn’t stop there. If you have just started on jobseekers the jobcentre will fall over backwards to help you. They will pay for full time collage courses, m.o.ts and tax for your car, train passes for half price travel all over the country, I even know someone who had 3 months car hire paid for by the jobcentre! I’m fucked off with it all…. I so want to be self employed but these fuckwitts at the work programme won’t give me the time of day to do so. Instead they just want to shove me in any old job just so they can get their cut of tax payer’s money. I hate being unemployed, but you know what I’m going to fight these twats all the way till I get where I want to be!!!!!

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