Phone A Workfare Exploiter Today!

Boycott Workfare are today calling on people to contact the exploitative companies using tax payer funded forced labour on the Government’s various workfare schemes.

Three companies have been singled out for attention, all of whom will no doubt be familiar to readers of this blog.

Argos, Savers and Poundland are all involved in using workfare.  They also all have lots of customers on benefits.  Boycott the bastards.  But in the meantime contact them and complain about their use of unpaid workers.

Argos – Head Office (01908 690333), Customer Services (01785 710253)

Poundland – Head Office: (0)121 568 7000

Savers – Customer service number: 0845 671 0709, Head Office: 01582 884 791

Please don’t be abusive. It’s not the fault of whoever answers the phone that they work for such scum.

More details on Boycott Workfare’s website.


10 responses to “Phone A Workfare Exploiter Today!

  1. Mark one (or MK one as they are known) use them too, and aren’t Holland and Barrett still at it? I heard they were going to actually lay off staff to use workfare people too, any truth in that?

  2. Also Asda is doing this.

  3. Reblogged this on defytheeconomy and commented:
    Do this. Dont be abusive, but let them know customers wont tolerate it.

  4. How can you ask people to boycott these stores? What about the people who do get paid for working for them? They have mouths to feed, children to dress and make sure they have shoes on there feet! How dare you sit on your high horse and point the finger!! These shops have created thousands of jobs for british people and brought most people out of poverty! I hope your ashamed of your self/selves, the next time you get your knickers in a twist think about how boycotting a store could effect hundreds of people and families. I bet its easy to target poundland and argos isn’t it? But the next you quench your thirst with and ice cold coca cola/fanta/dr pepper or put on your nice new nike trainers think about how bad there companies are and how they go about treating there workers! I leave you with this, these people wouldn’t be in the work program if they got off the arses and got a job!

  5. Oh dear god forbid we make these lazy benifit claimants actually work for their handouts!! Maybe if they are busy working they won’t have time to create more kids. How is it slave labour if they are being paid benifits?? Jobseekers,council tax benifit,housing benifit actually adds up to roughly the same as what I’m paid 4 working a minimum wage job difference is I get out of bed every morning take my 3 kids to school then I go and work bloody hard for my money, yet they sit on their bums and get the same?? So hear is my suggestion to this problem- IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN STOP WHINGING GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE AND GET A REAL JOB. I found one so its not impossible.

  6. Below is the letter my daughter sent to her JSA adviser, subsequent to her First day of Workfare with ARGOS.
    Dear Robert,
    Further to out meeting (3/10/12) where we discussed paid temporary Christmas work at Argos, I was then contacted directly by Argos to attend a workplace interview.
    I was under the impression that during our meeting it was agreed that I would apply to Argos for paid part-time Christmas work, however upon attending the interview I was informed that I had been nominated for unpaid workfare, which was not what I had anticipated.

    I was subsequently offered an unpaid position for 4 weeks, with only a potential possibility of paid Christmas work thereafter, not a guarantee. Rather than damage any potential for the aforementioned paid work, I agreed to participate in a 4 week unpaid placement – working for 25 hours per week over 5 days, with 2 days off. I began placement today (9/10/12) as agreed with Argos, but find that their offer is somewhat different from the original conditions that I was offered.

    I do not feel that unpaid work for 8 consecutive days (40 hours) is in the spirit of the work experience program, as I was told I would only be working 25 hours per week. In addition to this, I was told that this week had started on Sunday, so Sunday and Monday were my 2 days off this week which I find baffling as those days were before I started my placement on Tuesday.

    I will not be returning to Argos tomorrow (10/10/12) to continue this placement as I feel that due to the high number of other unpaid workfare placements, this endeavour will not result in paid work for me as intended, and will only result in loss of time in my search for paid work.

    I would like to stress that I am more than happy to accept placements and work experience roles for charitable organisations or with responsible companies who are prepared to reimburse me for my endeavours – I want to work, but I do not want to feel like I am being taken advantage of.

    In conclusion, could you please contact me to arrange an additional appointment to discuss and agree an amicable way forward.

    Yours faithfully,
    My daughter was one of 9 workfare participants in that particular Argos shop on that day, and that was only a half day.
    One would presume that an additional 9 youngsters were shanghai`d to cover the other half of that day as well.
    That is a total of 18 (Min ) youngsters who are being used and abused by ARGOS. in any one week…utterly shameful !
    I refused to allow my daughter to be demeaned by ARGOS, in this manner, after putting her through a 3 year University course.
    Parents must hold their children in higher regard than this, as 18 unpaid workfare workers means 18 less paid jobs to apply for ….or is that too simple an equation.

  7. Dear Zoe.
    How uninformed can one person be ?
    The only people who gain out of Workfare are the Billionaires who own the companies, and who are no doubt all Tory Donors.
    Every poor Workfare slave is being DENIED a decent living (minimum) wage job, as they are being forced to occupy those same positions which would they would normally apply for and which demand a proper salary.
    Notwithstanding all of the above, it is also seriously detrimental to the potential earnings of the workforce in general, as many workers are having working hours reduced,, overtime cut to ZERO, with general working conditions being undermined
    To all of you who are lucky enough to be in paid work, i would strongly suggest that you rethink your outlook regarding the unemployed, as the day may not be too far away when you too are one of those whom you so readily castigate.
    Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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