First Statistics Reveal Work Programme To Be A Shambles

The Government today released performance figures on the flagship Work Programme which reveal that the £5 billion pound scheme is failing miserably with less than 25% of claimants off benefits after 36 weeks on the programme.

The rate of people who would be expected to find jobs without any help at all is believed to be 28%.  And today’s figures don’t even represent job outcomes.  Claimants could be off benefits due to reaching pensionable age, starting full time education, having a child, moving in with a partner or having benefits sanctioned.

In the 90s the minimum job entry rate for similar types of provision aimed at helping long term unemployed people find work was 45%. Previously Chris Grayling has boasted that 36% of people would find work on the Work Programme.

Whilst the Government state that during their time on the scheme 48% of people had some break in their benefit claim, this is little more than meaningless.  Around 100,000 people were sanctioned on the Work Programme last year, meaning benefits were stopped temporarily by the private sector poverty pimps running the scheme due to the claimant not completing mandated activity – such as workfare.  Claims can also be temporarily stopped due to a period of sickness, a change of address or any other change in personal circumstances.

It seems highly likely that this 48%, many of whom were back on benefits by the end of the tracking period, were simply sanctioned.

Further statistics, which will include job entry rates, are to be published in the Autumn.  It is already abundantly clear however that Work Programme isn’t working.  Private sector like fraudsters like A4e are being paid hundreds of millions of pounds to do little more than bully, harass and sanction benefit claimant, something the DWP were already quite adept at doing for far less money.

The figures do not tell us which benefits those attending the programme were claiming.  With sick and disabled people now forced onto the Work Programme under threat of sanctions (administered by so called charities), it is unclear whether anyone on sickness benefits has actually got a job through the scheme.

George Osborne has stated he wants to cut £10 billion further from the welfare system despite the savage cuts that in many cases are still to take effect.  Half of that figure could be saved by scrapping the Work Programme which is serving little function other than lining the pockets of the poverty pimps running the scheme with tax payers cash.

The statistics can be viewed at:

Join in the National Week of Action Against Workfare – tell the charities involved in workfare what you think:

40 responses to “First Statistics Reveal Work Programme To Be A Shambles

  1. Eric Greenwood

    Its the weasel words break in benefits..that annoys me. It just shows that this first release of info that they are trying to show that the sanctions are a good thing, because of the breaks in claiming.. Shows this is what the work programme has been designed to do. Get people off benefits however they can.. sanctions are the easiest and cheapest way for poverty pimps like a4e..

  2. I wonder how many of the companies behind the Work Programme, and the businesses making money from the unwaged forced labour, ultimately donate to certain political parties … It would be a convenient and roundabout way to use tax payers money to fund your political party.

  3. Eric Greenwood

    Looking a little deeper, they just used on hidden in the small print of the last page June cohort includes all WP participants with an attachment date between 1st June and 30 June 2011
    Analysis is of June cohort over a 36 week period from date of attachment. During this period it is still possible that some claims could be off benefit if the analysis period was extended. Break in benefit numbers include those that were not JSA, IS, ESA or IB at all during the relevant period
    A break in claim is when there is evidence that a WP participant has left benefit for at least one day..

  4. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    You would think with all the money Emma Harrison has conned out of the tax payer she would have had a face job and liposuction, I know I would if I was pig ugly and filthy rich.

  5. I don’t think it matters if you do have a ‘break’ in your claim, you are still on the WP until your two year sentence is up. Even if you sign off completely or change benefits, you are still considered to be on the WP – and your pimp will still be making money out of you.

    I’m sure Grayling will be along shortly to tell us all these figures are either a) inaccurate b) from the wrong source or c) too soon to be representative of anything, or d) Grayling is a massive turd.

    • Eric Greenwood

      You know that, I know that everyone else knows that. But the way that early release states is that People have a break in their claim. How they determine what a break is dependent on how they term it.. “A break in claim is when there is evidence that a WP participant has left benefit for at least one day” I took the quote Direct from the statistics No statement if this break is caused due to sanction, sick, or anything else. It is just a way to lie with the figures

    • c grayling (small penis owner)

      these figures are inaccurate, from the wrong source and too soon to be representative of anything.

      • ids (aka Nosferatu the Vampyre)

        May I echo the Rt. Hon. Small Member’s comments and add that, as I speak, DWP officials are currently working round the clock to fabricate a new set of figures so that, come August, the entire country will be able to see the true picture and recognise that the Work Programme has been, and continues to be, a resounding success. I expect to get a knighthood out of this.

        Further, I would take this opportunity to warn those who have seen fit to criticise this administration’s bold welfare reforms as “half-baked”, “incomprehensible”, and “probably illegal”, and who have referred to both myself and my Rt. Hon. friend as “thick-witted” and “incompetent” that one of my department’s subcontractors is in the process of tracking them down and that when I catch them a three-year benefit sanction is the least they can expect.

        Finally, may I congratulate the Rt. Hon. Small Member on having now only one ball, having graciously lent the other to the Albert Hall where it remains on permanent display.

  6. A4E is is a sick joke. They could not help me find work as I am “too highly qualified” i.e I have a degree and because of my disabilities, was not able to do certain types of work. This is what the Job Centre said too. Now I am too sick to work anyway and always will be as I have an incurable condition but the button pusher at ATOS has deemed I should still be in the Work-Related Activities Group. I am not well enough to even get to the nearest A4E centre and they can’t help me anyway!!!!!

    The Government’s mishandling of data is a very serious issue. They operate within a web of lies and deceit and I am convinced could be prosecuted within the European Court of Human Rights. If only someone had the money to fund this….They need to be exposed for the bullying boot-boy greedy lying schiesters that they are.

  7. I would be in one of those success figures as I managed to get myself a job for just over a month in December. I say myself as the Work Programme helped not one iota.

  8. Thing is would Labour be doing anything different – or better. Aren’t all of these wankers more or less singing from the same song-sheet? You know: conditionality, bullying, sanctions and workfare? Isn’t Liam Byrne just as big a cunt as Iain Duncan Smith?

  9. I think he is a man with a pointed stick just like IDS, However Byrne’s pointed stick is just a little bit shorter. Down with all pointed-stick wielding bastards.

  10. Eric Greenwood

    One in four.. means 3 in four didn’t.. that’s success? so only 6,700 got off benefits for longer than 13 weeks.

    But if you remember the prior stories, 4,020 people from a4e got a job, 3,000 got sanctioned.. If you add those together you get an approximate figure of 7,020. I am wondering if that isn’t scalable up.


  11. The 10bn in saving could come from slashing this useless scheme which had already failed in the US, Canada, and Australia (and there is plenty of evidence out there including the DWP’s own report).
    5 bn in Workfare
    2.1 bn in the rich tax
    4.8 bn in Corporate reduction that increased their profits

    These are in fact very conservative figures and of course ignores the 69.5 bn in unpaid taxes altogether.

    While the profits of corporates and corporate executives go up you can see a corresponding increase in the deficit so in effect we are paying for the increased profit margins in many corporates and their executives while being told the deficit is due to over spending rather than the slashing of government revenue as a percentage against our GDP which grows making us since the 1990s as a nation twice as rich !

  12. Even if the success was 80% off-benefit AND in a job, still no jobs are created, just £billions of tax-payers cash wasted on shuffling people around.

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  14. If only #grayling hadn’t have been born with such a little penis we wouldn’t have to be putting up with all this bullshit. That is what all this is all about you know, just because he was bullied at school when they laughed at his little tiddler in the showers. Perhaps we could all have a whip round to get him a penis enlargement op and then he wouldn’t feel such an inadequate bald bastard.

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  19. Ok, so instead of ranting about what doesn’t work- why don’t people come up with alternative solutions. I’m sorry but there are far too many people claiming benefits who could be doing some sort of work so I agree with the idea in principle. There are people who genuinely cannot work but there are as many who are happy to take, take,take I.e non- contributors. Something has to be done.

    • @ Jenny Fuck Off! Cunt!

    • Jenny: “I agree with the idea in principle.”

      So you’d like a couple of workfare workers to help out in your place of work then, while your hours are reduced, and you then end up having topup benifits yourself,happy to take, take,take.
      You want tax-payers to pay for the people on workfare AND pay those now not employed because of the free workers AND pay for all the organisation of the scheme?

      Jenny: “I.e non- contributors. Something has to be done.”
      Go on then YOU tell us what has to be done. Where/what is all this paid work to be done – in a recession.

  20. Erm Jenny, have you ever actually tried to live on benefits? We do have different solutions, you just need to bother to read the websites and the blogs.
    What evidence are you basing your comment that there are just as many who are happy to “take take take?” The Daily Mail perhaps? Or maybe The Telegraph, The Sun or the Express? And no, Jenny, gossip and anecdotes are NOT research. Grow up or get lost.

  21. “Ingeus is the largest provider of the government’s flagship Work Programme, helping people find lasting work and tackling youth unemployment. Every employer who recruits a young long-term unemployed person (aged 18 – 24) from the programme will be able to benefit from a £2275 subsidy. Find out more about this scheme and the benefits to your business by coming along on the 27th.

    More here:

    Who’s in cahoots with who?

  22. Wow Earthman what tricksy silver-tongued language and yummy money the business boys and girls use to glam up the poverty-pimp trade. I’d suggest all read Earthman’s link.

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  25. this programme is the same as being on parole from prison. I was ready to go on the small business programme from the job centre but after 3 months on unemployment and planning for the 6 months mark when i could go on the business programme from the job centre the computer at the jobcentre decided i was to go to the ‘work programme’ and no longer could go on the ‘dragons den’ backed work programme even if i was in the system as wanting to do this. At the work programme i was told i can go on there business programme wihich they can help me for 20 minutes per month by helping me fill in forms or find a free business bank account. However each time i went to the meeting the person from the work programme never showed up. They never get back with questions by phone or email which they tell you they will and did no help getting my business off the ground in anyway. When i decided to go alone with no money and a family because of the terrible help i was getting all they wanted was to take credit for getting me into business which they definatly did not. Its a total racket and why the government can not see this is beyond me. You are treated as a criminal and not helped one bit.

  26. Dame Kitty Carryall

    I just completed my first week of the euphemistically titled “Jobclub”. Essentially it involves a dozen or so people who really don’t want to be there but have to go through the pretension of applying for jobs and “evidencing” it. Generally, you’re expected to apply for approximately 15 jobs a week at the least. In 3 days I applied for no less than 31 jobs but by doing this I’m totally taking the piss as I’m applying for jobs I have a cat’s chance in hell of getting, i.e. receptionist roles in Afro Caribbean hair styling salons and front of house jobs in Vietnamese nail bars, and jobs where being able to speak Tamil would be a “distinct advantage”.

    The reason I’m going over the top in my, ahem, jobsearching is a pre-emptive strike. My advisor and I don’t get on at all and will invariably try to initiate sanctions against me at some stage – the thing is, all the jobs I search for I present to the dole office when I sign on and it’s the dole office who can impose sanctions, NOT the work programme providers and if I’m appearing to look for up to 40 jobs a week, this is ample ammunition to make it look like I’m breaking my balls to find a job so any accusation that I’m not looking hard enough for work can easily be disproved.

    If you ever get to the point of doing the Work Programme jobsearch, I’ve discovered the following:

    1) It’s so much easier to bump up the volume of jobs you’re applying for if you concentrate on applying mostly for jobs that request you email a covering letter and CV. Avoid the jobs that require you filling in an application form, unless of course, it’s a job you really, REALLY want.

    2) Have a general covering letter saved as draft in your email so you can cut and paste it with each job application. I sailed through about 15 jobs like this in the space of 3 hours.

    3) Get a ring binder with inserts, plastic see through A4 sheets, etc.because the paperwork will pile up before you know it.

    4) Photocopy not only the job search sheets you fill in, but photocopy the actual job advertisement and paperclip it each week to the sheets.

    5) Most important, and to cover your own arse, get a little notepad and document every time the advisor is being a dick to you and time and date it. If you document every little transgression it might be very useful if you’re ever in the position of lodging an official complaint or needing to defend yourself from threats of sanctions.

    6) For the occasional jobs you might REALLY want to get that aren’t advertised, avoid putting them onto your jobsearch sheet. Why, you may ask? Well, the Work Programme Provider gets £££ for every person who either gets a job or gets taken off JSA, so rather than them getting money of YOUR searching for a job, throw a spanner in the works and once you get a job and sign off, change your mobile number and email so they can’t contact you to find out who your new employer is. Believe me, you can easily make up the numbers on your job search sheet by applying for the jobs you know you have no chance in hell of getting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m desperate to get back into work and I’m determined to but I will do my damndest to do it on *my* terms whilst doing my utmost to scupper/cock a snook at this hideously exploitative “programme:.

  27. My first appointment with the Work Programme provider (ingeus) is next week, the issue I have is that I’m already on a three month sanction and that doesn’t end for another six weeks, having read your comment you say “the Work Programme Provider gets £££ for every person who either gets a job or gets taken off JSA,” and the article above states that the official performance figures released do not show (amongst others things) people who have been sanctioned, therefore being that I will have another six weeks left on my sanction when I start the Work Programme, it would therefore appear as though ingeus have been immediately successful with me, no? I know that if sanctioned whilst on Mandatory Work Activity they have to wait until the sanction has ended before placing you back on it, does anyone know if this is the case with the Work Programme too?

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  30. I totally agree with everything some people say about the Work Programme being an utter sham! AS well as being utterly disgusted with other comments past on by individuals who do NOT have a clue how disability can affect an individual even at the application stage! I agree with Karin who like myself I have a physical disability and a degree, yet what I was sent today has totally taken my breath away from those that are SUPPOSED to be assisting those finding it difficult to get into thew work force! The Work Programme is like being back at infant school, and has absolutely nothing with regards to understanding certain individuals requirements. When I read the email that was sent by IPA Personnel, I was thinking “Are these people for real or what?” I couldn’t believe this email stating to me that I should contact a Tory minister asking for assistance? Where on Earth do you think he is going to point me back to, the Work Programme and my DEA (Disability Employment Advisor)! As I say to myself “Video games has got MORE sense!”

    Some people who think they know about disabilities and the work force need to do research before opening their mouths because they have NO idea what and how a disability affects day to day living and that includes locating a job in an already biased world! I have been looking for a job since my degree and I can say unless their is a change in my circumstances (which there isn’t going to be any time soon) or unless industries out there wake up to know that they are certain individuals with complex needs, both physical and mental – the work will always be targeted towards people that CAN do the work or the very, very clever (with millions of pounds in their bank account) as it certainly won’t be targeted or aimed at people like myself!!!

  31. Ok so I missed my oppintment once! At g4s (remploy) all because my appointment letter came to days late in the post, the appointment was just a typical review (this review containd of siting me down on a pc to print out my c.v) so I went down to remploy monday morning to be met by a staff member trying to scare me with her tactics maken me feal small and s**t anyway I wanted to go mad at her ,and now because of her iv had the yellow appeil letter witch I sent off the same day I told them if I loose my housing benefit for my flat I’d be talking to C.A.B and H.R people about it. We or the (100.000) or so sanctiond victims all need to get together and strike against the goverment ,freedom of speech you guys remember that!!!

  32. Rejected an unknown number on my phone {Came Up As UNKNOWN NUMBER} Due To Personal Reason I Won’t Answer If No Number Shown}
    Got Threatend With Sanction Can They Do This ?

  33. There seems to be more emphasis on imposing sanctions than getting people into employment. Been on the work programme for over 12 months and still no sign of anything. I’ve had interviews but it’s followed by a call or letter saying “Sorry,but you were unsucsessfull and I am welcome to ask for feedback. I will be honest I never do though. Well, hands up who likes negative feedback. Another worrying thought and I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it (maybe for fear or he answer) but here goes. “What happens if you don’t get employment when your time is up on the W.P? Do your benefits get stopped all together. That’s why I am trying to get pregnant and be eligible for income support (I.S) rather than (J.S. A). Sorry, but I’m not prepared to take the risk of my child being made homless. No wonder there’s a baby boom. The path I am going down is not choice. It’s survival. Xx

  34. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this article together.
    I once again find myself personally spending way too much time
    both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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