Benefit Sanctions Treble In Just Two Years – And There’s Far Worse To Come

The number of benefit sanctions handed out to unemployed people has risen to over half a million a year during the toff Government’s first full year in office.

Figures obtained by Corporate Watch show that 508,000 benefit sanctions were handed out in 2011, a shocking rise from the 139,000 sanctions imposed in 2009.

Sanctions, which mean benefit payments being stopped or reduced, can currently be handed out for periods between 2 weeks and six months in length. Sanctions can be handed out because an advisor decides that a claimant has not met the terms of their ‘Job Seekers Agreement’, has failed to attend an interview or meeting with the Jobcentre, has not attended workfare, or for virtually anything else a Jobcentre advisor or manager dreams up.  In practice sanctions are handed out like confetti on a completely arbitrary basis.  Claimants have reported being sanctioned because their advisor took a dislike to them,  or for trivial, technical breaches of ‘jobseeker’s directions’ – the actions that advisors can demand a claimant take to try and find work.  Last year The Guardian ran a story claiming Jobcentre staff were encouraged to ‘trick’ people off benefits and which featured a DWP whistle blower who said: “I’ve seen dyslexic customers given written job searches, and when they don’t produce them – what a surprise – they’re sanctioned. “

Whilst ministers have repeatedly lied that advisors are not set targets to sanction a certain number of claimants, recent guidelines from public sector union the PCS suggests that this is still common practice.  The PCS warn their members at the DWP:

“Recently, it has come to the attention of PCS that many members in Jobcentres have again been set targets for DMA referrals. These have appeared in members’ Key Work Objectives, clearly set out as benchmarks or expectations that members hit numerical targets for DMA referrals within a set period of time. “

(A DMA referral means a Decision Maker and Appeals referral, which is the action taken when a Jobcentre advisor seeks to sanction a claimant)

With the DWP facing massive job losses, the pressure on advisors to inflict sanctions must be immense.  It is a sad fact that under this pressure, some Jobcentre staff may target the most vulnerable.  This could include people with diagnosed, or undiagnosed mental health problems, those with low literacy skills or English as a second language. It is very likely that people who are deemed unable to fight back are the most likely face punitive sanctions.

Welfare to work companies can also impose sanctions and over 100,000 claimants were sanctioned in the last six months of last year due to private sector poverty pimps like A4e.  It appears that these profit hungry sharks are even more intent on forcing claimants into poverty than the DWP, with far more referrals for sanctions sent to the department than were granted.  With the very same companies failing dismally at getting people into work, it appears they are reduced to little more than two bit snitches, paid hundreds of millions to harass and sanction benefit claimants and little else.

10,000 sanctions were also handed out to those on sickness or disability benefits last year.  This figure is almost certain to soar as more and more sick and disabled people are referred onto the mandatory Work Programme.  To the utter shame of the so called ‘Third Sector’, many of these claimants will be sanctioned by the disability, homelessness, substance misuse or anti-poverty charities who have signed up to lucrative Work Programme sub-contracts.

In news which will terrify most claimants, Universal Credit, the new benefit regime which begins being trialled next year, will feature far more punitive sanctions than even now.  The minimum sanction for most ‘offences’ will be increased from one week to 13 weeks, whilst the maximum length of sanction is to be extended to three years.  Those in receipt of sickness and disability benefit, Employment Support Allowance, will face an unprecedented regime of enforced job seeking, similar to that currently faced by Job Seekers Allowance Claimants.  And perhaps most brutally of all, those with children over the age of 5 will be subject to the same sanctions and conditionality as those with no children at all.

If the current culture within Welfare to Work companies and the DWP continues than hundreds of thousands of parents could find themselves stripped of benefits and unable to adequately feed, clothe and house their children.  Child poverty, the like of which have not been witnessed in this country for over 100 years, could well be the result of Iain Duncan Smith’s endless zeal in making the very poorest pay for the crisis caused by the rich.

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  3. Meanwihile, here’s why The Claggeron is talking all the shit of the day to deflect from THEIR part in one more giganto rip-off :

  4. And that’s just the stuff from a msm rag. Imagine if someone REALLY started digging into all their dirty little and big deals?
    The toff/aristo/bankster/gangster class….coming to a JokeCentrePlus near you any day now to fuck with your life and put you though hell while they swill champagne and guzzle caviar with the proceeds of massive fraud. And they have no shame in doing this in their fake austerity nazi dungeon state-funded Jubbly for the old hag at the apex of the corrupt slagheap that is UKplc.

  5. Iain Duncan Smith (not even his real name! ffs !) is a Nazi. Simple. A NAZI. No doubt about it.

  6. JC+ Advisors are SCUM!!

    JC Advisor: “Did you apply for the jobs I gave you last time?” Claimant Well, No… [JC Advisor inputting sanction referral to the system]… because they were all for HGV drivers and I don’t have an HGV licence”. See you in a fortnight, Mr Void. This has to be one of the most common ways in which claimants are tricked.

  7. Ian Duncan Smith is a Cunt

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!

  8. Eric Greenwood

    Just been speaking to jonty olii about this.. and he trotted out his usual.. a4e dont sanction people the dwp does.. but who tells the dwp to sanction… they havent a clue

  9. Wonder how long it will be before the Tories start an “International Work Programme”, where they ship the UK unemployed abroad to do workfare in foreign sweatshops for multinational corporations?

    • 😦 .

    • I think Cameron wants to establish sweatshops here. He has seen what is happening in China and he wants a slice of that pie. Visions of people assembling televisions and making trainers for their benefits in Britain, new sweatshop of the western world.

      • And it will be trumpeted by the BBC as: “Jobs Joy for the UK” – David Cameron welcomes the CEO of Foxconn on the opening of their new facility. A4E Chairperson Emma Harrison who also attended said it was “fantastic news”. The CEO of JobCentre Plus said it would bring exciting new “opportunities” for the long-term unemployed. This is the future folks, the good folks of China are getting peeved of dangling over molten vats of steel to bring the West the latest tat. It is OUR turn to become the “Sweatshop of the World”. Pretty soon, Chinese shopping malls will be resonating to: “Why is everything made in the flucking UK?”

    • Weird, that has crossed my mind before. I’m on the WP. Total farce. I think they just keep you hoop jumping til you want to implode on yourself out of frustration just to get away from it.

  10. The question is… do you think it has anything to do with those Tory bastards?

  11. Lesley Crosby

    Its interesting reading that decision makers fighting for their own jobs are being put under pressure to sanction people. I am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation first hand and could advise?? My dyslexic daughter has been accused of fraud The circumstances are unusual but are nothing she hasn’t been upfront about to authorities

    In order to care for me due a failure by Social Services and lengthy DLA/ESA tribunals she has relied on the father of their child to babysit, so she can ensure I dont injure myself. She has therefore been accused of living with the guy

    The investigators knew she was dyslexic yet carried on throwing paperwork at her. There is a long history of mental health issues as well which have escalated due to the DWP interogations which in turn have meant she has been unable to care for me. We don’t know which way to turn as the decision maker has decided to proceed and claim back benefits since my grandsons birth over 2 years ago

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  13. I think all the homeless should go and live in Chingford or Epsom & Ewell. You still have the right to vote if you’re homeless (they haven’t taken that away yet). If enough people did that, at the next election two MPs by the name of Ian Duncan Smith and Chris Greyling would find themselves unemployed.

  14. The Today programme Radio 4 Thur 5 July clip at 07:48.

    The clip is about the charity Kids Company but includes the following interesting case.

    Woman on benefits hospitalised for under nourishment – she was feeding her baby daughter in preference to herself as she couldn’t afford to buy food.

  15. I checkd for myself

    Regardless of your view of Work Programme or sanctions the facts do not stand up to the claims.
    If you look at the data available to all (no foi required) on the DWP website you will see that since the introduction of the Work Programme, those on the programme are receiving around 30% fewer sanction referrals than the same “cohort” received previously. Basically at odds with the headline.

    1. Guess what if the number of claimants increase so does the number of sanctions.

    2. If there is a shock increase in unemployment (2008 & 2009) there will be more resource diverted to dealing with the newly unemployed rather than focussing on doubts for the long-term unemployed (work programme customers). So with less people raising referrals you get less sanctions for this group for 2009 – yes about half as many as in 2007 before the recession hit.

    3. Figures are available on the DWP website up until Jan this year. So (and everyone can check this themselves) to be clear the number of sanctions from July to Jan period per claimant is roughly:
    July – Jan. 2011-2012 0.4 sanctions per claimant
    July – Jan. 2010-2011 0.6 sanctions per claimant
    July – Jan. 2009-2010 0.2 sanctions per claimant
    July – Jan. 2007-2008 0.3 sanctions per claimant
    So since the WP launch in June 2011 sanctions for all JSA customers are down by one third on the same period last year and up by one third since before the recession began.

    4. What about for just WP customers – those who have been on JSA for over 1 year (in the main)?
    Well again if you check for yourselves you will see the gap widens further. From a quick scan it looks something like

    Since WP began – sanctions for long-term unemployed (WP customers – those on JSA over 1 year) down by 30% on same period in previous year. Compared to 2009 10% down!!! Compared to before recession – 60% down!!!!

    Doesn’t make as good a headline, but actually those going on the WP are actually much less likely to be referred for a sanction than ever before. No doubt this is due to today’s jobseekers being much better at showing they are looking for work? Or are WP providers just more lenient?

    As corporate watch state you can see for yourself, do it, don’t just trust a think-tank to tell the full story.

  16. yet again the poor and working class get shit on and the mps and the rich get lower tax what happened to our human rights hm will have to check it out i wounder if the human rights court would say its legal would be interesting to find out and see if the gov back down

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  18. Landless Peasant

    I’m about to get sanctioned, after walking out on my Work Programme interview the other day, as I could no longer stand the incessant hounding, arguing, and word-twisting from my pedant of a Work Coach. It’ll probably be a two-week sanction for first offence, but they can stuff that, I demand to be sanctioned for the full duration as I am not prepared to continue attending the Work Programme under such circumstances. Just give me my forty quid a week Hardship Allowance and fuck off.

    • My Brother be, cool, look this is the way to deal with DHSS, first of all, the Jobs Seekers Agreement is in fact a contract and therefore must English adhere to English Contract Law (Check it out on the net) it gives you the right to make amendments to the contract if you do not think it’s fair.

      If DHSS object, which they will, just ask them to supply a written lawful objection to your lawful legal amendments, as is your right according to English Contract Law, they can not have a lawful objection as this would mean English Contract Law does not work and they would be making a mockery out of the law.

      Remember all laws have to work together if they dont it all falls down bro.
      Also remind them that they must comply with due process if the law.

      What I did was cross out the part, on the JSA /contract where it says I understand that I could be sanctioned as I did not agree to any kind of sanctions, I also crossed out the nonesence about proving that I am looking for work, and in fact according to the Magna Carta law written in 1215 none if the queens men, lords, dukes, Ministers, servants of the crown, can take anything away form you or anyone without the law of the land, that means DHSS would have to take you into court to remove your entitlement.

      Decision makers are illegal kangaroo court type of justice and you get wrapped up in that when you sign the JSA .

      I wrote to DHSS and asked them if I had the right to make amendments to the JSA, they wrote back to me saying yes, so so don’t be getting mad get even and be nice. If you need any help email me and I will try to help

  19. I have just experience a JSA Sanction and it was for a job I did not apply for. I was not informed that I had to apply for the job or that my benefits would be affected. I requested a reversal of the decision but it has been rejected. On the day in question I attended an interview (didn’t get the job) and I do far more than is required to find employment. I apply for at the very least 3 jobs per day. I constantly look on employer sites and apply directly. I am also informed that Jobseeks will pay me from the Hardship Fund and CAB have stated that I can have food vouchers. I had been in full time employment for many years and in Jan 2012 became unemployed due to economic climate. Why is this Government getting off with humiliating people and forcing them below the povery line.

    • Because they’re in humane Liz, They must be! They’re not determind to finish off Margaret Thatcher’s job they’ll make damn sure they do. Mrs Thatcher didn’t quite manage to bringing us to our knees but Mr Cameron will and guess what he’ll enjoy it. xx

    • Liz if you sign the JSA agreement legally they can get away with it, because when you signed it, you are legally binded yourself to the enforceable contract.

      They use word magic to confuse you like calling the contract an agreement, it’s the same thing, please go and check it for yourself.

      Ask DHSS staff to confirm in writing if you have the right to make amendments to JSA as stated in English Contract Law, when you get the comfirmation change what you don’t like .

      Ex: I did not agree with sanctions according to the Magna Carta a law written in 1215 which binds the king/queen and all there men lords, ministers, dukes and any servant to the crown to the law.

      Manga Carta state that no Freeman/woman can be punished with out being taken in to a court of law.

      So if you have been sanctioned appel under the ground that DHSS has acted beyond the scope of the powers ( Not taking the law Magna Carta into considaration) and has no authority to punish you with out the Law and due process of the law.

      Write to DHSS CEO and complian ask the CEO if he and his staff all comply with Magna Carta and English Contract Law if they all do, and trust me they all have to, then ask them where they get the power to ignore Magna Carta, and punish you with out the Law and would they be so kind to pay all monies that is owed to you.

      Good luck it works

      If you are sent on a course do not sign there contract if you do make sure you amend it to suit your needs and let them sign it first once you do that you are only legally bound to what you changed but still legally bound by what you don’t change.

      Remember if you sign the contract it is enforceable in a court of law and your amendments are also enforceable in a court of law.

      If you make amendment they will cry and want to object but all you do is say you can not object as it is my right, there going to say you are being unreasonable just say you can not be unreasonable for exocising your right, if the take about sanctions just tell them you did not agree with sanction if you can take a copy of English Contract Law and Magna Carta with you on your smart phone if thy say
      anything just let them read.

      let me know if this helped at all good luck

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  22. People should fight back everyone has the right to food and shelter it is a basic human right, these rich toffs don’t give a damn about the poor.

    • You’re right everyone has the right to basic food and shelter. I agree that people should fight back as well but I suppose some people get so down that they just give up. They haven’t got me to that level yet though but seeing as I am a human being I am sure it wont be too long before I get to that point. x

  23. i thought this country was against bullies?every time i visit my jobcentre i get bullied off some jobsworth who has to remember they have that job because of the unemployed

  24. I am an Advisor on the Work Programme, and I have to say I fucking LOVE sanctioning you lot – whining, whinging, unwashed lazy twats. Most of my “customers” (we’re supposed to call you that) lie to me about what they’re doing to find work. They say they apply for jobs by email, but when asked to prove this, they forget their email password or say that they routinely delete all their emails. I’m sick of the bastards. They come in to our beautiful London office dressed like shit, reeking of tobacco, cannabis, cheap booze, sweat, unwashed cocks, cunts, armpits and arses. They come in unable to speak English. They come in late, nonchalantly pulling their appointment letters out of their pockets (where they’ve lain festering and untouched and folded in eight since the last appointment.) They ring up two minutes before a scheduled appointment to claim migraines, flu., diarrhoea, vomiting, menstrual cramps &c., &c. One hapless idiot has claimed that five relatives have “passed away” (how fucking twee) in the last four months as a way of getting out of appointments with me. Needless to say, I’ve sanctioned this wank-stain and now he’s going to be without his precious JSA until the middle of next March. He still has to come in for appointments, though, and if he fails to attend I’ll sanction the cunt again. He has a criminal record longer than a whale’s penis, and has not a cat in Hell’s chance of securing employment – he knows it; but he treats all our staff with such disrespect that I look forward to sanctioning him. Other “customers” have vandalised our premises, have left faeces / used sanitary pads on the floor of the lavatory, stolen toiletries, pulled sinks off the wall, left taps running and flooded the floor &c. I have even more contempt for the fuckers who know how to sabotage our computers so that the 20% of genuine, eager job-seekers cannot use them properly. When I find some little shit doing that, I sanction him [always a bloke] for failure to participate in the Work Programme. Not all of my sanctions go through, but most do. I never set anyone up for a sanction. Everybody I sanction merits it. When I started in Welfare to Work some ten years ago, I was brimming over with compassion and a desire to do good and to help those less fortunate than myself, but the more contact I’ve had with them, the more I’ve come to see that 80% of them are happy living on benefits, ripping off those of us who pay tax. When I look at my payslip and see £500+ in tax deducted every month, I feel more than a little resentful. Drawing up a sanction or two every day makes me feel that I’m doing my bit to help the UK. I like to work with the 20% of human job-seekers, and am proud to say I have helped no fewer than 7 of them find work this month alone. As for the rest, I’ll keep sanctioning, and I’ll keep bloody well enjoying it.

    • £500 a month tax you say, meaning you earn 27k a year, far more than work programme providers pay so you’re fibbing about something,

      I’ll let this stay though on the off chance you are genuine, it does no harm for people to see the true face of some people involved the tax payer funded welfare to work scam

    • Why is this person employed as an advisor on the Work Programme he should be sacked instantly.

      • Even if this person is a troll, he’s not far off the mark, people i know have had fingers poked into their chests in anger and all sorts of vile abuse, if they did that to me, i would get 10 years!…and a cheer from others!

    • That was vile. Yes – there are some people like that, but a minority, not a majority. How can you possibly judge everyone who comments on this blog to be ‘whining, whinging, unwashed lazy twats?’ How can you possibly know?

      Your language reeks of your attitude.

      Looks like you’ve sunk to the alleged level of your customers.

    • The guy is a troll – he posts from Normand Lettings Limited, some sort of estate agent in Surbiton.

    • Simon. You clearly became an “advisor” on the Work Programme because you wanted to inflict punishment on those people who you go.d reprehensible. It’s a power trip which you get a massive kick out I

      I’ve met people like you on Work Courses before. They’re budding fascist dictators!

    • My Goodness me Simon. One day Karma may decide to pay you a visit it the form of unemployment and it could be when you very least expect it, but as I am a good person who does not get off on people pain worry stress and heartache and poverty I sincerely hope that it never happens to you.
      Be nice to those on your way up Simon as you may well meet them on your way back down. x

    • Not much shocks me but having read through your post I am highly disgusted and shocked by both your unprofessional language and your attitude to the unemployed. Your position is to help people Simon not to condemn or indeed condone.

    • I think that your unproffessional and you should be sacked.

    • You should be sacked for saying that you goofball 🙂

    • Normand Lettings I presume is an estate agency and from my experience of estate agents, you do sound typically of one ie., – totally obnoxious, selfish and up yourself. Normand Lettings must be very proud of a prize employee like you…or should I say a prize turkey?!

    • I think you have just posted this to get attention, you are probably the tea boy in the ‘office’ that gets bullied and ridiculed, and sent to greggs for the rolls because thats all your fit for. £500 plus a month on tax????? lol you wish. Are you sure your not on a work programme yourself. As a business owner I wouldn’t employ you to clean the toilet let alone work with desperate, vunerable people. But when the country is in dire straits with bankruptcy or whatever catastrophe IS coming,Ihope people show you more consideration than you have shown them. Good luck in life because I am sure you will need all the luck you can get.

  25. Thanks, Johnny. I am the real thing. I earn under £28K, and am a Team Leader of a team of 6 Employment Advisors who receive between £21,300 and £24,600 each. Everything I have posted is true and heartfelt. I still work in W2W as I still enjoy helping those who really want to turn their lives around, but I’m truly sick of the rest of the arseholes referred to us by JCP. Only today I took a call at 3:30 pm from a customer claiming to be unwell. On my way home I passed him in the street at 5:20 pm – he was drinking from a can of “K” cider – obviously his medication. This is not unusual. People turn up pissed / stoned to WP appointments every single day. I find it amazing that these buggers can get on ESA (even the fucking “Support Group”) for being drunkards, and that their benefit is keeping them in alcohol and controlled drugs. I understand that the WP is tough (I wouldn’t fucking want to be on it!!) but it needs to be tough; these people think we are pussies, and they treat us accordingly.



  26. You’ve just demonstrated everything that is wrong with the work programme and welfare to work private companies.

    Poorly trained, bitter, seemingly no clue at all about substance misuse and how it can impact on vulnerable people. Strange how we’re constantly told how much better the private sector are, yet you wouldnt last two minutes working for a social services department or a voluntary sector charity working with vulnerable long term unemployed people (where incidentally job outcome targets were around 45% before the likes of Serco and A4e deskilled the sector and used their financial muscle to force down targets).

    No wonder the work programme employment rates are so appalling if this is the quality of senior staff. Truly shocking, and all paid for by the tax payer.

    When I said your comments reveal the true face of people involved in the welfare to work scam I meant you, not the poor sods who you work with.

  27. Oh, I know what you meant, Johnny. You’re right about my being bitter, but poorly-trained? No way. All our team members have the most up-to-date training possible – you’re just making prejudiced assumptions here – probably because I’m an upper middle class Cambridge graduate Tory (who can’t get a better bloody job) and you are a man of the people Class War anarchist type… or ARE you really?? You most likely went to a very good university in the 80’s on a full grant. And of course I am aware of how substance misuse impacts on the vulnerable; but those twats shouldn’t be referred to the WP at all – there are much better equipped specialist programmes for them. At least there used to be. Now WE have to mop up these cunts. And they shouldn’t be spending our fucking tax money on booze and drugs.

    The idea of a job outcome target of 45% is risible in the extreme… It’s just not possible with our customers, and for the WP to work, these outcomes have to sustain for at least 6 months. The WP employment rates are poor because a) the WP model is flawed in any case, as it requires economic growth of the kind we do not have in the UK. b) JCP creams off the best customers for itself and can delay referral if they believe their customer will get work within a certain period; of course, their best customers do find work quickly, so we get sent the numpties, ne’er-do-wells, wasters, criminals and ESA-types (though some ESA customers have started work… and that’s potentially lucrative for private providers like us.) c) employers are suspicious of JCP customers; if I put myself in an employer’s shoes, I wouldn’t fancy most of the people I and my team have to deal with daily – they’re a disgrace. What do you do to find work for sex-offenders, for fuck’s sake???

    Many customers have done the whole gamut of courses delivered by totally unqualified and inadequate staff under the old JCP Flexible New Deal / Support Contract, and have CVs which do not even pass muster as arse paper…”A hardworking individual with excellent interpersonal skills who can work as part of a team as well as unsupervised on his own initiative.” Who the fuck writes this shit? It should read: “A feckless idiot with questionable morals, poor personal hygiene and a tendency to lie.” Both are badly-written sentences, but the latter is more truthful. Just one final thing before I turn in for the night.. We probably hate those cunts at Jobcentre Plus even more than do your usual audience, Johnny.

    Toodle pip…

    • No Simon, I didn’t go to any university.

      So the staff, who presumably worked for the company you work for on the flexible new deal were “totally unqualified and inadequate” yet all of a sudden your team members have the best training possible? The company you worked for was ripping off the tax payer but isn’t any longer, is that your position?

      So how come no-ones getting jobs on the Work Programme?

      btw, how much do you think of your precious taxes are funding people drinking or taking drugs, 50p a week, 10p, a penny – do the sums, so far the Work Programme has cost more than it does to keep all those people on benefits for a year, I resent my taxes going into the pockets of incompetent wrecks like you who are paid to work with the most vulnerable in society and treat them with utter contempt.

  28. Well said mate. I’m on the Work Program and half the people are just sitting at computers doing nothing much, because they come in after taking a drink. i realy want to find a job but my adviser has to many of these people to deal with and very little time to help me with application forms ect. The advisers are all over-worked and badly stressed out. i get the impresion that they all like doing sanctions, they talk about it alot amongts themselves but i guess thats so we will all do what were told. i apply for five jobs a day but i think that people dont make efforts they dont deserve to get there Jobseekers.

  29. No, Johnny, that’s not my position. All our team members have come from different industries – none was on FND or JCPSC, though a number have escaped the public sector. I was referring to other companies who used to run those courses, and I have read many of the OfStEd reports on them. Our staff genuinely are very well trained, but we can be a bit cynical, it’s true – a lot of our punters are truly beneath contempt – as, I believe, are you. YOU CUNT.

  30. Fuck you, Johnny

    Suck my cock

    • Back home now Simon?

      So tell us more about normand lettings, because that’s the business linked to the ip address you were posting from this afternoon. Hope you weren’t using your work computer to post offensive messages on the internet, would be such a shame if you found yourself unemployed.

      • Is this the one? Normand Lettings Limited, Njhco 8th Floor Tolworth Tower, Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL.

        Normand Lettings Limited registered on 21 Aug 2007 with its registered office in Surrey KT6 7EL. Founded by Lars Clausen, and Viginie Clausen. Normand Lettings Limited have a single shareholder; Lars Bygum Clausen. They have no known group companies. The company has assets totalling £268,904 plus liabilities totalling £271,908. They owe £271,908 to creditors and are due £110,193 from trade debtors. As of their last financial statement, they had £158,711 in cash reserves. Their net worth is £-3,004, and the value of their shareholders’ interest is £-3,004.

  31. People who are unemployed DO GET ILL AS WELL, so sanctioning people for being too ill to attend appointments makes this government scum, Simon Greenwood, you are a repulsive CUNT not in the real world. This country is going through a RECESSION, even able bodied people are finding it hard to find jobs. Retarded cunts like you are either downright stupid, or just pure evil. Hope you never know what its like to have an addiction, you piece of shit.

  32. The vital thing is to play the game the if you’re asked to go for a job just apply to keep them happy, even if you think the job is unsuitable as in this economic climate what’s the chance of being offered the job anyway. Make sure your book/diary is always filled in. Never forget they love the word the sanctions. All in this together, eh. err yeah right. xx

  33. Sanctioning someone for being genuinely ill is pure cruelty. If someone has diarea perhaps they should attend the work programmes offices and shit everywhere, and maybe even be sick on the condescending advisors. What goes around comes around, Karma is going to bite you evil scum on the arse, it may be you sleeping in a cardboard box in a couple of years time.

    • I’d never miss an appointment even if I were dying. The reason being is I’d be too terrified of a sanction, which is what can happen should your advisor see fit to do so. Therefore if anyone was to catch anything then I’m afraid so be it. I’m not going to risk my child’s wellbeing and put her into poverty to stop people catching a bug. The sad reality is as a job seeker you’re not allowed to be sick. xx

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  35. As much as you do not like hearing it , Si is talking the truth.
    Like all things in life if you were to try to do his job the scales would fall from your eyes very quickly.
    Simon gets a great deal of satisfaction I imagine from every genuine person who wants and gets his and his teams support in finding work .
    However the vast majority are the lazy , useless muppets he talks about who can lie as easily as you and I can breathe.
    We will always have two sides to an argument and people will always have their view and believe it is right but understand that Simon is just saying it how it is no matter how vile you may find it

    • “Like all things in life if you were to try to do his job the scales would fall from your eyes very quickly.”

      Simon works for an estate agent in Surrey. He’s a troll.

    • Oh yeah of course you are going to get lazy people who manipulate the system and have got no or very little intentions of ever going back to work That’s just life sadly. They’re in the minority though not the majority and Simon could be a little bit more professional in his wording I bet he rants on about the unemployed having manners. and knowing how to talk to people What a brilliant example he’s setting.(Not!) xx

  36. I have been signing for about 11 months so will likely be forced on WP, I am currently applying for jobs from home and go to Remploy twice a week I ahve applyed for over 200 jobs and had just 3 interviews all rejects,but the arrogant shits at the JSA have warned me I am in for a santion saying I am not complying to my jas agrement which i am, If I get one i wil be going to the european human rights commision who i have contacted before over concerns ,they have replyed and told me to take steps in case of sanctions, like making sure you know who you are talking to and have a recording device so anything said can be used in court, this disgusting torylib government needs to be brough down in flames and the sooner the better

  37. What does anyone think about the Jobcentre making it compulsory to search their own website in order to verify for themselves via the same website which jobs have/haven’t been applied for? Can this be legal – does it contravene Freedom of Information – I am assuming the government have found a way to make it legally ‘ok’ but am struggling with the concept …

  38. The other day I went up to one of the advisors at a4e to ask where a recruitment agency was which came into a4e, and the bitch started shouting at me saying they not on this floor they on the bottom one why have you come here, fukkin miserable bitch fuk a4e they can eat shit fukkin fraudsters.

  39. just received my 2nd threatening sanction letter threw the post and which i now have a massive 2 days to get back to them with a reply to it, and once again being threatend with sanction over not turning upto an apointment which the advisor phoned me and told me was cancelled, how is that fair, also is the work program and A4e a way in which the jobcentre is admiting they have failed, Job centre – we cant get you jobs so we will fob you off to a profits driven company, obviously the simon greenwood post isnt real but his attitude dosent suprise me the uperclass born with their silver spoons always find it easy to critasise us lower class, i wonder if he would still have the same views if born into poverty with no chance of further education rather than his parents statley home with full university funding, obviously not as he is moaning about his lowley £27k a year, how many here would kill for half of that….

  40. Also if my work program advisor spoke to me like simon is on here he would very quickly be finding out what its like to live on benfits (namley dissability living allowance)

  41. My friend is being sanctioned because he has a two year old daughter he has to look after as his partner works full time. The Job Centre say his looking after his child is affecting his job search yet on the day he was told this he told the JC that he’s got an interview with Tesco.
    So if he’s got a job interview how the fuck can he not be looking for work because he’s looking after his kid?
    Also the JC told him to go for a screening for Marks and Spencers ans told him he needed to take ID with him one of which he informed them BEFORE the day of the screening that he doesn’t have. His advisor told him to go anyway and see if they’ll take what ID he does have.
    He went to the JC for the screening and the woman he saw sent him away because he did not have the right ID. And guess what? Yep, they’re using that as a reason to stop his benefit.
    These people are wankers who are punishing the poor and tricking them into losing their benefits and they should not be allowed to get away with it!

  42. Threats of sanctions (God they love that word, don’t they.) have got the unemployed absolutely terrified. I’ll be honest every time the post goes I’m dreading a brown letter in case it’s a sanction notification even though I apply for at least 15 jobs a week.
    I’ll probably be flamed for this but in a few weeks time I’m going out in a few weeks time with the people from my work (I work voluntary) I plan to have a one night stand, luckily it will be my fertile period and hopefully I will become pregnant and soon be able get back on income support as I really can not take anymore of this stress . and I doubt I am the only one who feels like this either. The only difference is I’m brave enough admit it. also it’s not fair on my child either as she is seeing the stuffing getting knocked right out of me. There are only so many rejections a person can take.
    I actually think that having another baby will help me move forward as I can use them 5 years to train and further enhance my job prospects. I have qualifications at the moment but they don’t seem to be enough for the hard to please employers and you’re not allowed to better yourself when you’re on J.S.A which doesn’t make sense. I feel that the route I have chosen is the only choice I’ve got. xx

  43. Wot a cock that Simon is, sounds like all jobcentre staff – robotic, boring and very simple hence the name simple simon. Fuck off Idiot

  44. I too am in looking for a job and it’s 4 years now and still nowt. I’m 30 and had a job since i was 16! Now it when it to administration (woolies) I have nothing! Some prick adviser at Jobcentre last week is so so rude to me. He made me cry when I got home.
    Saying to me I should be getting 10 interviews a MONTH! A month? I can’t get ONE!!!! I too agree with ~MY PLAN IS~ have a baby then get the respect I deserve and a JOB oh and a home! I’m sorry but what other hope is out there! I’m voting LABOUR ALL THE WAY NXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. In response to Lucy Hannah. Hi Lucy. Thanks for seeing my side of things. I was half expecting to be flamed for what I said and it was certainly not a decision I have taken lighlty. Like you Lucy I have tried and given everything that I’ve got to find work but to no avail. I’ve got nothing else left to give. In regards also to that specimen at the job centre saying that you should be getting 10 interviews a months, you’re right you’re lucky if you get 1. Also is it your fault if bad mannered do not reply to job applications and the excuse made for them is “Well it costs too much money and takes up too much time for them to rely to everyone. What about the cost to job seekers ie internet acsess postage stamps paper ect. I love moaming and ranting. Thanks again Lucy. X

  46. Reply to Simon. You were clearly born with a diamond spoon in your mouth and never faced hardship and of course it certainly isn’t your fault that you asend from a priveleged back ground, but please be mindful that not everyone is given the same opportunities. Also the unemployed are keeping you in work. If there was a miracle and every work programme partipant found a job today then where would you be. “Out of a job”, that’s where. It’s one thing to not care about the poor and yes nowhere does it say that you have to, but to enjoy people’s suffering is another. Karma or payback will be after you and sooner or later “she will get you”!. X

  47. You are mistaken – there is no such thing as a right to food and shelter. Before anyone jumps on me an accuses me of being national socialist scum, I’d like to point out that I’ve been unemployed for almost 6 months.
    While we’re talking anout rights, it’s also worth mentioning that there is no legitimate right to a free education, free health care, unemployment benefit etc. As a Mormon and an admirer of the US Constitution, I believe in the truth that rights come from God. These rights include the rights of life, liberty and property. If we accept that rights come from God, then we must accept that any of the human rights that I mentioned before (namely, rights to shelter, education, health care etc) are illegitimate, because they would violate our God given right to private property. In other words, for these rights to be administered, someone would have to have their property forcibly siezed by the state and redistributed to those who claim to have such rights. This is clearly wrong and immoral. It is therefore clear that the widespread false belief in human rights to have shelter and free this and free that are at the root of our problems today. People have been manipulated to accept socialism as being a benevolent and charitable form of government. Unfortunately, this is not true. Hitler was a socialist, as was Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao et al. Some people react angrily when we point out that Hitler was a socialist, but it’s true. The clue is in his party’s name: National Socialist German Workers’ Party. People say that it’s not true – Hitler was right wing, while socialists are left wing. That is absolutely correct. Hitler was a right wing socialist, or national socialist, while Stalin was a left wing socialistm or international socialist. The terrible effects of socialism, whether it be the left or right wing variety is all the same.

    Anyway, back to the original topic. I think the best way to deal with the JobCentre/DWP is to play their game: do all the job searches that they demand and apply for all the jobs they tell you to apply for, even if it means taking a MWJ in the retail or care sector. You can always look for a more suitable job when you’re in employment. My other piece of advise is do not upload your CV to the Universal Jobsearch website. It will elave you open to fraud. Instead, upload a document with the following statement “Full CV available on request”. You can also create an anonymous email address so that potential employers can email you and you can determine whether or not the advertisement is genuine or a scam. Also, if you on the receiving end of any bother, be polite and professional. JC advisors don’t want to mess around with educated people who have influence. Write to your MP and complain. Better yet, stand as a PPC in a few elections yourself. Get involved in local politics. I stood as a UKIP PPC in a few parliamentary elections myself. It’s amazing how quickly local councils etc respond when you sign letters and emails as Mr xxxx Esq., UKIP PPC for xxxx. JC advisors will leave you alone and turn their attention to easier prey.

  48. Can anyone help they stop my job seekers because they said that they sent me a letter and they rang when they didn’t… they asked me for reason which they are saying its not good enough.. does anyone know how long will it take to re appeal !!!!!!!!

    • Hi Reena. So sorry that you have had this over your head at christmas time. Bet they had a lovely christmas!!!. Now I am no expert but If it where me in your situation I would be asking to see copy of the letters that they had suppsedly sent. Also it may be worthwhile taking your phone to your provider and asking them if they would kindly print you out a copy of all calls made and recieved to your phone within the last month and take it in to your job centre advisor. Not sure how long appeal will take. It’s terrifying that they are almost tricking people into sanctions and poverty and it could happen to anyone. I always make sure that I ask everytime I sign on and document on my job search account which I put my national insurance number and signature that I have asked about upcoming appointments.
      I’ll be thinking about you. good lick with your appeal. obviously they are closed over the christmas period but make an appointment at the C.A.B. (Citizens advice beareau.) who are qualified to help with financial matters such as benefits. They are also impartial and non judgemental.

    • Reena, I was sanctioned back in August. It was something like 9 weeks. What I did was ask for a Reversal of Decision Form. Stated in facts my objections. For example: Advisor statedthat he had sent me a letter and telephoned me. I did not receive a letter or a telephone call etc.
      Also fill in a hardship fund form it is around £42 it takes 2 weeks from the date you were sanctioned If they do not reverse the decision then make an appeal. My reversal of decision was reduced to 3 weeks. I have appealed that but am still waiting.

  49. whistleblower 2013

    david cameron dont give a fuck about you , you or you , or me, if were that skint why are the polticians still claiming 20K worth expenses on top of 60k+ per year wages? cant they afford to catch the bus or pay there own tv license?

    its about time britain woke the fuck up and showed these dick heads who it is the actually work for, thats right folk, we pay there wages, if the country goes on strike it will cripple these money gobbling bastards like they never thought possible, i bet they would all retreat to there coast line villa’s and fall back on the embezzled money in there off shore accounts, crafty cunts.

  50. Firstly I would like to say that simon being troll or not has encouraged me to write a comment. How can somebody which claims to want to help people be so narrow minded, when you see a tramp in the street do you instantly just judge him/her badly because of what you see. what you see might not resemble them at all because what you see is in your own mind. you have already judged that person without even giving them the time of day. what you see is a general accusation set by your minds eye. sure many of them might have (fucked up) and life is all about lessons, If it was a member of family or somebody held dear would you show a bit more sympathy, would you be more understanding. do you really know how that person got so low in the first place. would you not be tempted to resort to a bottle or some substance so that your head was blown into out of space, far away from your demons, maybe this person is giving up. sometimes not all people are strong minded and it is easy to loose the will when it seems there is no hope. if you dont have to resort to substance then maybe you are one of the lucky ones. sometimes substance is a man’s best friend. sometimes it can see a person through rough times. Although its not the best friend to have and is prob not the right solution, regardless these people are not well. These people should not be ridiculed even more. They are vulnerable, with already low self esteem.. these people should not be picked up on there flaws except encouraged by those who are well. that brings me to the job seeking drinkers and drug takers. Next time your working in the job office you could ask yourself simon, why is this person really drinking. do you think they do it just to piss you of in the office that day. you should be thankfull that half of them do attend office that day and have not already slit there wrists out in the street because that would be a pandemic. and then lets say you might have saved a few lives because they were thankfull they didnt get sanctioned that day. After all I would want to be high to ease the preassure of finding a shit job and going no where with no direction. And most of these people dont have direction, and they probably suffer with depression which further more increase the feelings of self worthlessness and failure and generally do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. before you judge have some understanding of a persons life first. maybe that person harbours talents they never knew but instead is told to get some shit job down the road because they never got the chance to progress properly. And then for all the non drink/drug takers its the same problem just without the drink/drugs. There are people out there begging for jobs and employment and there should be a job out there for everyone. not everyone inspires to be on the shitty dole all there lives. there are teenages out there that have just done 16 years of government enforced schooling which might as well have been slavery because they cant get a job. and then you have students risking debt for student loans, who also cant find a job. you have single parents that have to provide for there children, and people becoming homeless. AND THEN THEY WANT TO SANCTION YOU. I mean you are a dooch if you dont make the effort to look for work. But a lot of people are honestly trying to make an effort and there are no clear boundries set at the job office of what you have to do. some guy in the job office just makes up some imaginary criteria set for you regardless of where you live, or how you might get to job interviews. thats if you even get a job at all considering the current climate. its all too black and white too them and no one is really treated induvidually. instead we are just pushed through the system like cattle with no sympathy involved and ridiculed even more for tougher sanctions like criminals. And then we are expected to believe that its our fault, come on wake up people. the whole thing just seems like a stagnant pond, The world is sick, there are no jobs, no inspiration, everywhere is negative this and that everywhere you look, sanctions, fucking scare the world bullshit. we are all meant to feel like worthless pieces of shit because then people are easier to control, we are all vunerable and david cameron is controling our side of things and i most certainly didnt vote for him. so i and many others have to suffer so the rich can worm there way out of this recession. and for what because banks where gambling peoples/pentioners hard earned savings on stocks and shares. and then they just sweep these people aside like trash, where are the say for these people. I dont have savings and i dont have much debt but apparently i am indebted to the country as we are in a recession. I think the least the job center can do is give me a little money when i dont have a job especially since im paying back there debt and there fuck up. I am 26 once i had a good life ahead of me, both of my parents commited suicide when I was 20, along with my grievencess and a few maybe silly choices about changing career in my enthusiastic approach to PROGRESSION I have slipped into a negative attitude about life, and a lot of things seem overwhelming at times especially since I hate having to claim jobseekers allowance. so i know what its like to feel like shit whilst doing it. I only achieved anything in life because I wanted to do it. and going to the job centre is not one of them. its so downgrading and is this all we have left folks is the frickin job centre. I would not mind if it got you somewhere but it does not only a shit job down the road which is fine if you like it and its good to see you through hard times but its dead end and its only an illusion to yourself, im so caught up in the fact that im going to get sanctioned or going to shit interviews for shit jobs or tied up in shit jobs that I forget my own identity. so I have decided the only person doing the sanctioning is going to be me and I sanction myself from the job centre. I would rather starve and die than become a victim to this morbid thinking pattern created from our situation. and thankfully I am lucky I have a trade to fall back on which some people do not. But for now my dreams of bettering myself will have to wait because I am qualified but un experienced to enter the new trade. besides that creativeness in arts and music have kept me going strong and maybe I should go self employed with tax credits. I have no plans for a pension i would not want to risk that and there is a lot I would not do because i might be scared out my mind because of failure. is there any point in bettering my education? will i get a job at the end of it? these are tough times with tough decisions and then some guy/girl that has got a job because I don’t and there sanctioning me. when really they should be employing me in the job centre because they must be under staffed. I sincerely hope this gets better for everyone and more for the generations just getting into employment. sorry for my rant!!!! please excuse the spelling. peace.

    • Bazoo, sorry to hear you lost your parents at such a young age. Taking a shit job just to get by is in the short term but do not give up on where you want to be. It may take you longer in this climate to get where you want to be, you can do it just do not give up.

    • Hi Bazoo. Brilliant and heartfelt comment. However Simon did not go in to be an employment advisor to help people, it was simply to torment the unemployed and thrive on the power that he has over people.

  51. people are being sanctioned for suffering thats what i am trying to say 🙂

    • Simon posted from Normand Lettings Limited an estate agent in Surbiton – from which it can be determined that he had a quiet day in the office and decided to troll.

  52. on nov 6th i was due at the wp at 9.30 am , the electricity in my area went off at the company couldnt give a time that it might be restored. unable to shower etc i rang the wp at 9am to explain that i would be late if i could even get there at all.i was assured it was fine. i went again the next day and the advisors face dropped as she doesnt like me. maybe because im not a robot. then on sat the15th of december i recieved a letter stating that i had been sanctioned for a month ! very nice just before xmas. i immediately wrote back to ask to have the decision reversed and have just had a call saying they wont so i am now going to appeal. i am 54ys and have worked since i was 15. i had an accident putting me out of work and now cant find another job. this has been the most humiliating and degrading month of my life, i was suicidal. the CAB were unhelpful at best and snooty at worst. offered no advice at all while looking down her nose at me. i felt worthless. one things for sure if i do decide to take my life im taking one of the fuckers with me !

    • Carol, so sorry to hear you were sanctioned before Christmas it is hard enough on JSA. Did you apply for the hardship fund? If not apply for that. It appears that JCPlus Advisors are quite devious and it is more a question of keeping up with what is going on. Missing appointments gives them great pleasure to hand out a sanction. Hope you win your appeal and have a look at the different posts on this site as it helps to keep up with what is going on. Best of luck.

    • Forgot to say Carol the hardship fund 14 day payment wait starts from the day you were sanctioned so that is why it is important to get your forms in as soon as possible. Hope you apply as I am sure you would be entitled.

  53. thanks liz, i mentioned the hardship fund to the CAB and she said i couldnt apply until after 15 days and then offered to get a charity food parcel sent to my home, which i declined. already humiliated the last thing i want was for my neighbours to see that.

  54. plus its a bit difficult to cook without gas and electric as i have key meters

    • Carol, you could have applied as soon as you received the sanction, yes it takes 14 days but at least you would have had something. Do apply now and you will still get something. Sorry to hear you had no gas and electric, it is the pits. I was sanctioned way back in August something like 7 weeks, but I got a reversal of I think it was 3 weeks and appealed. I can imagine how you feel and it appears that this is happening to so many people. Really unfair.

  55. Hi Anton. What a bloody disgrace treating a 54 year old like that who has probaly spent years putting into the pot and paying taxes. Who are they to dictate and play about with people’s lives. And before any one pipes up with that one “They can do what they please as they are payin you. Well in actaul fact no they are not oaying people as it is their money paid from their taxes. I agree also about the C.A.B sometimes they mae out younre the villian. I rememeber going to one pace for advice and I don’t know about them being as bad as the jc+ workers they were worse than them

  56. after my experience of the arrogance of these people, i now have a fight on my hands but i have my strength of mind back. i am not letting this go. i am putting a complaint in to the head office of CAB, i am in the process of appealing the desicion by JCP for taking the word of a malicious WP hitler type, who incidently bullied me simply because i am more intelligent than her. and also putting a complaint to WP head office about her just for the hell of it. also i must say this forum has helped me a lot. thanks

    • “on nov 6th i was due at the wp at 9.30 am , the electricity in my area went off at the company couldnt give a time that it might be restored. unable to shower etc i rang the wp at 9am to explain that i would be late if i could even get there at all.”

      A words of advice – that comes across as ‘I couldn’t get out of bed because the electricity was off’ or ‘I couldn’t leave the house because the electricity was off’. I could understand ‘I can’t make it because the electricity is off and my dialysis machine isn’t working’ but suggesting you can’t make it at all because the electricity is not working is going to come across very badly. If they were looking for an excuse to sanction you, you’ve just given them one on a plate – they will simply say it’s not going to kill you not to shower for one day.

      Did you turn up at all that day – if you turned up half an hour late then their action look unreasonable. Can you provide proof of when the electricity came back on – see if you can get an email from your supplier? Unfortunately this is not going to be regarded as a domestic emergency, unlike for example a burst water pipe where you might be able to get way with taking the day off to deal with it. Taking a day off because of a power cut is almost guaranteed to get you sanctioned.

    • Wish you the very best and I hope your appeal goes in your favour.

  57. You’re right I should have made a complaint but it was a while ago, but this bad experience gave me an inspiration I am now a qualified advisor myself and i do it for the love of the job as I work voluntary. The wy i was spoken to made me determind to prove what good customer service is. I enjoy solving problems. I am there for my customers not for the people they are in debt to or D.W.P. Asking for advice can be nerve wrecking for people at the best of times. X

  58. anton, they had proof as 800 homes were affected, it was on the news and in local papers. also i rang as soon as their office was open and assured it was fine. also i have a scalp condition so have to apply lotion at night and wash my hair in the morning. as i first thought my key meter had ran out, i walked into town in the dark at 6 am to have my key recharged. anything else you would like to add about me being lazy ????

    • I never said anything about you being lazy. I gave you the interpretation which THEY would put on what you wrote. The work programme is there for one purpose only – to stop you getting benefit. They will do that either by getting you work (unlikely given amount of unemployment) or by sanctioning you. Don’t give them any excuse.

      Of course they are going to say it’s fine, because it is, as far as they are concerned – it gives them an excuse to sanction you.

      Again you’ve left things wide open for them to say ‘if you could walk to town, why couldn’t you come in’?

  59. and since when did basic hygene become a crime worthy of living on nothing for a month over xmas. ?

    • I haven’t got any power to sanction you and even if I did I wouldn’t because I disagree with whole work programme. However I’m doing you a favour by playing devil advocate, – by highlighting the weakness in your case. You need to find better reasons and answers because you’re presenting a very weak case the moment. You may not like that, but it’s better that think about it here where it doesn’t matter, rather than present a case which is doomed to fail.

  60. SPAM SEETEC – INFO@SEETEC.CO.UK ENQUIRIES@SEETEC.CO.UK Managers of SEETEC: Jim Wall 01245 356300 Chris Shawyer 0207 5545120 / 0203 1708856 Please post any SEETEC mobile phone numbers and names.

  61. Chelmsford rock n roll office in Essex now has 4 security guards. A member of staff told me they are expecting aggro from the many people who have had their tiny benefits stopped / sanctioned. Even clearly diabled people are being sent there to look for non-excistant jobs that they could not do because they are disabled. Also the previousley free phones for job seekers have had metal plates put over the key pads. You can only phone the benefits office now and not employers from the phones.

  62. anton, i apologise. seems my first thoughts were right after all. if this is my england i would rather not be part of it. remember that programme years ago, took about 30 normal people to take part in an experiment,half were guards, the other half prisoners. it seems to me IDS is doing the same in real life. i do not apologise though for the outcome

    • Carole as long as you areaware of what you are up against. Also if you have signed up to the Universal Jobmatch do not tick the box that would allow the Advisors to be able to see your activities on the site. More sanctions. If you have ticked the box next time you sign in untick it.

      • Absolutly Liz. I’ve no intentions of ticking the box. and nor can they bully us to either as we are protected by the E.U laws. It would seem our wonderful Iain Duncan Smith did not do his home work there. I have signed up to U.J.M but have my activity spied on like I am some sort of criminal. No way in hell. Also have you seen the feed back options for not applying for a vacancy. Now, my life is not sheltered enough to remember them all off hand,but in regards to that option that says something along the lines of “I am not interested in this vacancy at the moment”. Imagine if someone ticked that box, talk about walking into a sanction. x

  63. Fast food, alcohol and living dangerously doesn’t give people heart attacks this government and their bullying policies do. x

  64. my daughter went to school today , shes 18 doing her A levels. pressure enough you would think. only to be told she couldnt have a free dinner. is this because of my month sanction ?

  65. I was sanctioned by having my benefits stopped for forgetting one appointment, it was on a day when I was on an A4e training course which the jobcentre had referred me to! It’s unlikely I will receive the money from the 27 days and I’m now running out of money to live on and have had to start a new claim. This means repeating all the form-filling of last time. It’s more work for them as well. The sanctions are ridiculous and heavy-handed. Sometimes they are undeserved to boot.

    • Ask JSP office for a reversal of decision form and an appeal form. Keep to facts eg reason why you missed appointment. This needs to be completed within a month of sanction. Complete a hardship form get around £41 two weeks after sanction date. I was sanctioned last August and got a reversal of decision t ao 3 weeks but I was not happy and appealed and eventually won it took quite some

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  68. ive been disallowed my jsa i havent had any mney for over a month n ive tried for hardship but been refused because i live with my mother the reson why they disallowed my jsa was because i never wrote a nuff down to say ive been lookin for work BUT I WROTE DOWN THAT I WAS LOOKIN IN THE PAPERS EVERY DAY ECT ALSO I WROTE THAT IVE LOOKED ON THE DIRECT GOV WEB SITE AND BECAUSE I ONLY LOOKEDON THE INTERNET ONCE THEY SAIDWE GT TO SEND IT OFF TO A DESION MAKER IVE APPEALED AGAINST IT BECAUSE ITS WRONG ALL BECAUSE I DIDENT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS EVERY DAY THEY HAVE SANACTIONED ME BECAUSE IV THAT MY MOM IS GOIN GOV KICK ME OUT SOON HW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO LOOK FOR WORK WHEN I HAVENT HAD A SINGLE PENNY/POUND SINCE THE 15th MARCH 2013 i carnt apply for a crises loan or fukall it just teks the mick ive seen people ther that ait done ther job search since january and they are cossivoes ect and they havent been sanactioned because i was ther when the jcp advisersaid wher is your job search he pulled it out ov his coat showed it the jcp adviser and then he said u havent done it since january and the man said SORRY I DONT UNDERSTAND then the jcp adviser said i will seeyou in 2weeks time so i said to the adviser i was seeing he aint done his since january is it because im british and hes come from a diffrent country and she said i carnt answer that but because i done my job search and it was up to date i gt sanactioned all because i dident have internet access every day nw im still waiting for aa payment i dont no how long this is going to take every time i ring the jcp they say we are still lookin at the decision SO IT TAKES NEALY 1month to sort it out what a fuckin joke

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  70. I’m expecting a sanction soon. My adviser is just looking for the slightest excuse. I always take screen shots of my job applications and print them off to wave in his fat, ugly face. He has a personal hygiene problem and I find the whole experience most unwholesome. And now I have been subjected to Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the Joke-Centre. What a pile of bollocks. NLP has been discredited by the great and the good many years ago and no amount of hocus-pocus can magic jobs that aren’t there. Btw – NLP training is being delivered by a company called Goals UK, who also work with work programme providers, social workers and prison staff and the government’s ‘Behaviourial Insights Team’ gave them the contract. Another corporation eager for a slice of the poverty gravy-train.

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  74. I have been sanctioned twice in the past and both times the advisor doing the sanction was in the wrong. Forst instance, I had proof that I had signed in the day they claimed I had not and the second one I never signed anything to say the appointments had been made but were sanctioned for not turning up! Yes sanctioned for not turning up to appointments that do not even exist. Sanctions are being handed out on a whim.

  75. this is nothing to do with saving money it’s to do with the oppression of the poor because they can and will. people keep forgetting that they keep electing freemasons(devil worshipers) and are under the tyranny of the queen who is a satanist herself and thinks she’s a god. this is about making the poor poorer and the extremely rich richer. they are wiping out the middle class as it’s them who create jobs. this is what happens when you put your trust in devil worshipers whop hate you with a vengeance and will make you suffer only an uprising by millions of people with coordination like in egypt will change anything. if people had a brain they would be dangerous, a people’s uprising is the establishments worse f***ing nightmare but one that will happen soon anyway. when people have nothing left to lose they lose it

  76. the govt/monarchy and jobcentre staff are nothing but demonic hypocrites, the govt put corporations before the people in 2008 and that says it all really where the people stand with their whormongers who rule them, they are your enemy. they know there are no jobs because it’s them who made sure of it and then they punish the poor because they either can’t find work or won’t work as slaves in jobs they are not qualified for. a satanic agenda is being worked on you all, you may not believe in this stuff but they do. jobcentre staff make me laugh the most, because they accept what they are doing to people then at least they know what they can look forward to when they lose their jobs, and they will soon enough. also it’s them personally oppressing the poor on behalf of the evil establishment and their souls/karma will be directly responsibility for the actions they take on behalf of the oppressor. would you jump off a cliff if someone told you to? no, so why are they oppressing the poor( a soul destroying act) on the orders of someone(evil) else? in the bible oppressing the poor sends you to hell. good luck benefit people your gonna need it. because you refuse to stand up for the poor you are part of the evil as you so willing accept what your told to do to the lowest and most vulnerable people in society. no job is worth destroying your soul over, when does a job stop being a job and a weapon of the oppressor? you guys need to sit and think where your job is taking your soul. i would rather die than oppress the poor as only wickedness oppresses the poor

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  78. okay i need sme advice as dont believe what im being told at jobcentre, i have just been put on daily signing and desperatley need to get a job im applying for aprox 5-10 a day. im a man and i have long hair i have now been told by the jobcentre if i dont cut off my hair im to be sanctioned, how is it ok for a woman or a muslim to have log hair but not me is that not discrimination? also wouldnt have thought employers would be botherd or i would cut it off always say im willing to tie it back or wear a hair net if need be (but not willing to cut off 10 years of growth to satisfy the bitchy woman in the jc) please help im back in tommorow and she said if i havent got it all cut off by then shes going to sanction me

  79. yes on my daily tasks they set me if i dont complete it i get sanctioned

  80. also contacted cab couldnt get an apointment with them for over a week and they said to email in question direct as that would be quicker than queing or waiting for apointment so i did but no reply as of yet, also i dont relay trust the cab as i believe cab and jc are working togther for the government

  81. If the Packers fall to the AFC’s Baltimore Ravens. Stirring news for hardcore von miller jersey Fans! The Niners -3 5 are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles to claim the NFC crown. The regional combines began in 2011, Harris was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

  82. Can i b sanctioned for failing to attend interview on my last claim thought it would be a different claim pls let me know

  83. If my jsa was stopped I would be so depressed because as I say some things keep me sane. Having my jsa is one of them. I would slash my wrists in the jobcentre in front of the advisor who stopped it . Making sure that some of the blood went over them. I am serious about this.

  84. I am a single parent and on top of jumping through their hoops I have just completed my degree, and several other qualifications, so I can start teacher training next year. I did exactly as I was told to, and as a qualified TA with all my experience being in childcare it’s not easy in the holidays, I still had my money stopped. When I told them that it was disgusting that they’d put me in a situation where I can’t afford to feed my child and now have no means of getting him to school I was told ‘that’s life’. It shouldn’t be. Not when the bloke in front of me was telling his mate he couldn’t wait to get back to the Bestival and he was going to get bladdered that night. Maybe other people just know how to work the system. With unemployment in my area being over 3000 and I’m also competing with people that aren’t claiming as it’s often mothers being supported by their husbands applying for TA positions I don’t really stand a chance. Or, I could have applied for all the other jobs in this week’s paper… included one needing someone fluent in Italian and others required logistics operators with fork lift truck experience. I can’t apply for jobs that don’t exist.

    • record the advisor meetings in future, telling you ‘thats life’ after stopping your income, i think is abusive. you could appeal the sanction.

  85. I went to a 4 day gateway course at Interserve 8/10/13 my advisor told me if it gets too much for me dont go because she knows how anxious I get in groups and I suffer with survier depression and on medication,i didnt go for 2 days and tried to ring her but she was off that week so,i asked for the lady of the gateway course and told her why. She replied ” you need to speak to your advisor about it not me”. I saw my advisor the next week and she gave me a bollocking for not attending so I pulled her up and told her what she said… She went quiet. So she rescheduled another appointment for me on the 21/10/13 I completed the 4 day course and DWP rang me on my last day of this course asking why I didnt attend so I told them why and what she said etc…I didnt hear any replies from them until now so I took that cunts fuckin word and now I won’t have any money 😦 5 weeks because my advisors ended up telling them I didnt attend to both and yeah shes fucked off to another job aswell. So she’s left me in shit while im stuck like this, so im going to get kicked out, really bad chest problems with my asthma without any heating now..

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    is quality based data.

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