Tory Councillor Resigns Over Housing Benefit Threat To Young

“I now believe that this governments economic policies – cutting spending in a depression, reducing welfare benefits for the most vulnerable, removing employment protections and cutting taxes for the richest – are completely wrong, economically unjustifiable, and I cannot in good conscience defend their actions.”

Torbay  Councillor Matthew James  has resigned from the Tory Party after calling Cameron’s plans to slash Housing Benefit for those under 25 “the final straw”.

In a statement on his website Cllr James says he will remain as an independent but that a “a misguided and damaging commitment to austerity” means he must leave for the sake of his “own integrity”.  Basically he’s saying “I used to be Tory, but then I grew up.  Sorry about that.”

The proposal to end the vital benefit, which keeps a roof over young people’s heads, has met a mixture of condemnation and mockery from all sides of the political spectrum with even Daily Mail readers rejecting the plans outright.  Cameron was mauled in the polls shortly after giving the speech.

Cameron would expect to lose a few councillors on the way as he continues his rampant ideological destruction  – but losing one over proposed benefit cuts was not in the script.  This Government appear to be buying into the swivel-eyed fantasy that the reason people despise Cameron is because he’s not Tory enough.  As the country rejects austerity Cameron responds by lurching to the right with threats of yet more cuts.  The Prime Minister appears to have forgotten that he wasn’t elected.  You can almost hardly blame him with the lapdog Lib Dems disintegrating as a moral or political force.

Events this week show that Cameron can no longer distract people from his string of blunders and u-turns with ever more brutal attacks on those with least.  Meanwhile Labour remain virtually silent on the open goal that is Welfare Reform, showing that they would be little different if elected.

This whole shower of Oxbridge little shits needs to go, along with the City thieves that fund them and the bent cops that protect them.  It’s time to imagine a new world.  One without them in it.


35 responses to “Tory Councillor Resigns Over Housing Benefit Threat To Young

  1. Eric Greenwood

    I emailed him, Sir, I applaud you for your courage and determination In resigning from the conservative party and following your beliefs

    You have my admiration.

    Your are a credit to your profession,

    for his courage he deserves out applaud, and we need more people like him, standing up for the truth rather idealogies

  2. These policies will split the country. As it becomes increasingly clear that there’s actually a major criminal element in charge with a strong presence in all major political parties those parties will disintegrate, as will the police and the army when many simply refuse to carry out what are blatantly unjust and antisocial orders. This is why G4S and Blackwater/Kellog are being invited to have a presence in law enforcement. As mercenaries, their only loyalty will be to their paypackets. They’ll mindlessly carry out orders many from the army and the police, stricken by conscience, will baulk at. Better get tooled up, kids, we’re gonna need to be soon.

  3. well even to some torys cameroooons to strong in like hitler

  4. Very impressed by this, it’s good to know not all Tories are evil!

    • Dont get too exited as he is just an exception and besides they would have kicked him out anyway when they discovered he wasn’t a corrupt self serving greedy bastard like the rest of ’em

  5. A Tory with a moral code and a conscience well… I’ve seen everything now.

    I guess he must have slipped through the Tory vetting net, they wont be pleased. They allowed someone who wasn’t completely sociopathic into their ranks.

  6. I think these cuts are a good idea, it’s ridiculous someone aged 21 can get £1000 a month to rent a property. Sorry but if you can’t afford it yourself then go back home to your parents. Obviously there would be some cases where under 25s should still get it (if the person had no family or something).

    • Eric Greenwood

      They came for the 25s, then it will be the 30’s then why not abolish it for everyone.. Most of the people getting housing are working, they claim this money because the Landlords are increasing the rents.. pricing people out of houses..

      • I’m sorry Eric but if people can’t afford to live in the area they want then look somewhere cheaper. Life is about compromise, we can’t always have what we want.

        • Eric Greenwood

          So it will mean the poorest people, moving to other areas, cant have any poor plebes around despoiling the area.. so lets move them to somewhere else.. then move them on again, and again.. until you end up with all the poor in a single area..then why not build a wall around it so that people wont have to see them, or hear them.. But thats ok.. they are only poor people.. Sorry Jeff we have seen that before many many times..

          • Eric Greenwood

            Dont forget a lot of these who get the housing benefits actually are working in these areas.. its just the money they earn isnt enough. so send them to other places so instead of 20 people after one job 2000, Blame the landlords for increasing the prices until no one can afford to live there, then they can get rid and rent for even more to the “rich Professionals”,

          • Mr & Mrs Cohen

            … and let’s call it the Warsaw Ghetto. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Sorry Jeff, you aint fooling nobody.

          • They have ghettos to contain the undesirables until there are too many then they ship them like cattle to the camps, the rest is history, or it was before the present day fascists took power

        • Why don’t you “compromise” and fuck off then – you Nazi bastard!

        • Lesley Crosby

          Jeff…..if theres one thing worse than a tory its an ignorant ill informed tory!!! look at the overall picture before you spew your bile!

        • Monkey_Spanner

          How about we tax Buy To Let leeches – sorry – landlords – at 100% of anything over 15% above the properties mortgage and insurance costs? That way at least they wouldn’t get the benefit (sic) or raping the Housing Benefit system for their shoddy $h1t-holes??

          • Because they’d promptly withdraw their properties from the market. If you want to get a better deal in rent, then more properties have to be on the market, not less.

    • Print it on flyers and drop them from planes Jeff

    • Nobody under 21 has ever got that much in housing benefit. Get your facts right.

    • The £1000 a month thing is an exception. I am 41 and I get £375 a month for housing benefit at a one bedroom rate. Those under 35 get even less as they will only pay for them to rent a room in a shared house. And with Cameron there are no exceptions. He doesn’t give a flying toss if there are genuine reasons and he’s and his media buddies are throwing this £1000 a month thing round to deliberately get everyone would up. Besides it’s because Thatcher sold off all the council houses that landlords and abolished the capping of rents to a fair price, that greedy landlords get away with charging so much in the first place

    • idiot

      • actually there are already ghettos, no go areas – Park lane, Kensington, westminster, Chelsea – full of rich bastards – no go areas for the poor – nice one Jeff, you’d support appartheid then????

  7. Last time the Tories did this, in the late 1980s, it put thousands of under-25s on the streets. The homelessness problem in the early 1990s was staggering, and it was entirely the result of welfare cute. In 5 years, when you can’t go anywhere in a city centre without seeing people begging for scraps, you’ll know who to thank for it.

  8. People under the age of 25 do NOT get £1000 a month housing benefit… they get the single person shared house rate of between £50 and £95 a week max. Before you talk crap check your facts!!!

    • Marina I was on housing benefit so know how much I got. And yes it was very close to £1000 a month with council tax benefit included.

      • Eric Greenwood

        Then jeff shouldnt you have moved somewhere cheaper..”I’m sorry Eric but if people can’t afford to live in the area they want then look somewhere cheaper. Life is about compromise, we can’t always have what we want”

      • If you’re not a liar, show us the councils LHA policy?
        I’d like to see where it gives out £250 a week for a room in a shared house.

      • You could volunteer to round them up and put them in the ghetto Jeff, hell they might even give you a gun! Just think of the power Jeff, you would be in charge and could do as you please, you could have one hand on your big gun and the other hand down your pants if you wanted to.

  9. Jeff you are a liar single people under 25 get the price of a single room in a shared property i,e, a bedsit. If you were getting £1000 where were you staying Mayfair or Buckingham palace.

  10. Jeff your head has been residing up your cavity my friend.. I don't know how much the rent is for that but it seems worth it as you are obviously very happy there Xx


  11. Reblogged this on defytheeconomy and commented:
    The point I tried to make to the lefty brethren who were trying so hard to pin their lost battles on austerity, was that this is about basic right and wrong and economics. Not pretend ideologies. THis article is a Tory councillor(and he is not the only one who feels this- I know two more).

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  13. I am pleased that an actual TORY has been seen to be human at last! There must be many more who hate what Cameron is doing, but have they got guts enough like Matthew James, to stand up against this wickedness against the poorest in society.

  14. On the day that the olympic brand police roam the UK – without our permission of course –

    i don’t think one tory bastard counsellor resigning is going to make much difference

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