Daily Mail Readers Back Benefits – Shock Poll Result

Over 80% of Daily Mail readers have slammed Cameron’s brutal plans to slash Housing Benefit for those under 25 reveals a poll on the paper’s website.

In a shocking blow to Cameron’s planned welfare reforms, it appears that the squeezed middle classes and now turning on the vicious benefit slashing agenda.  It is quite likely that many Daily Mail readers were horrified at the thought of having to accommodate their adult children should they be unable to find well paying jobs when they leave university.

Whilst the poorly thought through plans have been met with a mixture of ridicule and contempt elsewhere, Cameron might have thought the Tory press would stand behind him.  And (with the exception of The Sun) by and large they did.  The Sun knows that many of their readers will be in low paid work, or pensioners, and likely to be claiming Housing Benefits themselves.  It appears that the The Mail are not quite so in touch with their readership.

Housing Benefit is fundamental to the Welfare State.  Paid to those in and out of work alike, as well as parents, pensioners, sick and disabled people, it ensures, in most cases, that people have somewhere to lay their heads at night.  Cameron has assumed that people won’t understand that Housing Benefit is a crude sticking plaster for an out of control private rental sector.  It’s unlikely Cameron has ever even had a conversation that wasn’t stage managed with someone claiming Housing Benefit.

This is in stark contrast to the baby boomer Daily Mail generation, many of whom have working class parents, who may even now be claiming benefits towards their housing costs.  They are the generation that got lucky and in many cases benefited from soaring house prices.  They can see that their children are unlikely to be quite so lucky.

Slowly but surely the scrounger stories are being replaced by tales of homelessness, food banks and cancer patients being stripped of benefits.  Perhaps people are finally waking up to the stark reality, which is that the Welfare State is good value for all but the very rich and it won’t just be the poor who suffer should it be dismantled.

It’s not just Daily Mail readers who have rejected the ludicrous proposals.  The Daily Telegraph ran a similar poll the day before Cameron’s speech asking the same question.  Once again Cameron’s plans were roundly rejected.

So desperate were The Telegraph to prop up Cameron’s welfare onslaught that they ran the same poll the next day – changing the wording slightly in the hope of a more favourable result for the Tory Party.

It didn’t quite work out the way they hoped, with even more of their readership rejecting the plans – around 70%.

Unlike the Tory Party cabinet, most people aren’t multi-millionaires.  Even those on the political right seem to be waking up to the Bullingdon Boy’s onslaught.  Unlike Thatcher, with her council house give away, Cameron’s Tories have never had anything to offer the working class.  These polls reveal that even those in leafy suburbia are turning their back on the ex-etonian and his chinless chums.

One of the highest rated comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of Cameron’s speech reveals what most decent hard working people think of this toff Government and their banker cronies:

“Demonising the poor to deflect attention from the scum that put our country in this financial disaster. Why aren’t these City Of London/Wall Street criminals in jail, yet?”

A statement that more and more people will agree with as the public school Oxbridge elite cause yet more havoc in the lives of all those who weren’t born with a silver spoon jammed down their throats.

23 responses to “Daily Mail Readers Back Benefits – Shock Poll Result

  1. defytheeconomy

    Reblogged this on defytheeconomy and commented:
    I liked this post too. I agree with it.

  2. People are already laughing at Cameron without him setting himself up for further mockery, look out here comes yet another U-Turn

  3. Fuck these Toff Cunts

    Housing built by the people for the people! Who the fuck do these toff cunts think they are? When the fuck have you ever seen a toff laying a brick? Cameron probably needs a servant to lift his fucking coffee cup. The should thank their lucky stars that we have the good grace and decency to allow them to live in the homes which we built!

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  5. Some comfort that even the Tory press has some compassionate and pragmatic readers. Thanks for this post. Many of us have discussed the ridiculousness of this latest attempt at taking a felling axe to the welfare state.

  6. Camerons latest plans are so crazy and out of touch you would almost think he has placed millions on a bet with Ladbrokes for the Conservatives to lose in 2015.But more likely he is just a callous,greedy and cold hearted man.

    • You really think there’s going to be an election in 2015 – or, for that matter, at any time in the near future? More and more, I doubt it. This lot are giving the impression of knowing they aren’t going to have to face an electorate for a *very* long time.

      • You mean that Cameron’s BigSoc is just a foretaste of IngSoc?

      • I am afraid you could very well be right,

      • There wont be an election in 2015 if it’s not in the “national interest” to have one.

      • I think there’ll probably be an election all right – but let’s face it, if Labour get back in they aren’t going to undo ANY of these Tory “reforms”, they’ll just keep blaming everything on “benefit scroungers” just like Blair, Brown and the crony brigade did at every given opportunity while they were in. Voting is only allowed because it doesn’t change anything.

  7. More please? Why are we not seeing these kind of articles in the press JV? Why? Great article JV keep it up please.. Nails on the head everywhere…

  8. Kayleigh james

    Such joy watching the lunatic dig his own hole

  9. Do you think any of the rest would reverse these attacks on local people? I doubt it very much but i agree it great that the toff press come out with it

  10. Thanks for some welcome good ( and unexpected!) news. Have put link to your post on comments on

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  12. Yeah but,no but…..The Wefare Reform Act 2012 is LAW….next year it begins to fuck people up good and proper all over the show. Not many realise what’s in the pipeline. This shower of shit in power need to be ousted now and get that fucking Act repealed. Ah’m tellin’ youse….it’s a doozy,and it’s gonna fuck up millions.

  13. see, this is what that Gove’s aerated abt…o-levels in the bleedin obvious. And sorry he upset you, Alan Carr.Not.

  14. so having failed the popular opinion vote on the stripping of under 25’s Housing Benefit – the Daily Mail quickly moved on to a Tory funded quick poll on whether people should have child benefit taken away if they have more than 2 children… the DM readers brayed their hearty approval. Because well, obviously, the very idea of starving destitute children is very pleasing to them.


    • Notice how many of the DM readers commenting on the article you’ve linked to want to punish the parents. They don’t care if the children suffer. What was the children’s crime? Being born.

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  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/antibedroomtax/

    please join and help fight these oppressive and vicious cuts that will force thousands upon thousands of families onto the streets

  17. this government is a joke wonder if these stupid laws were passed on them and not the poor how would they cope why should good honest people be made to pay the price for those in powers cock ups why should the disabled unemployed children etc be made to suffer when often in this situation though no fault of their own make those with cash those born with a silver spoon part with their cash but no this pathetic government cant do that they have to punish the little people stop bounses to those thieving bankers make those that claim false expenses ie ministers pay it back with interest stop bailing other countries out etc the list is endless but will cameron do anything no he and his partners in crime are just bullies and pick on them less fortunate im ashamed to be british as theres no longer any great about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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