Josef Fritzl Would Cheer Cameron’s Housing Benefit Massacre

Cameron’s latest benefit bashing speech contained all the hallmarks of this toff Government.  Brutal, dishonest, incompetent and desperately out of touch, it revealed the Tories have barely changed at all since their descent into the electoral wilderness just over 15 years ago.

Just like back then, this speech was intended to cover up the sleaze that infects not just the tax dodgers who pay the Tory Party’s bills, but also David Cameron’s morally bankrupt family.

When Tories are in trouble they have a go at single mums and many of Cameron’s new welfare proposals were precision targeted in that direction.  The slashing of Housing Benefit for under 25s in practice would be yet another Tory attack on women, children and those with least.

Over half of young people who claim Housing Benefit have children.  Some of them will be couples, some dads, but very many will be single mums.

Couples, under the new proposals will be expected to split up and go back to mum and dad themselves.  This is of course presuming they have a mum and dad.  Single parents will be forced to leave the homes they’ve built for their children and instead house them in over crowded and quite possibly unbearable conditions at their parent’s flats and houses.  This is assuming they have parents, who have a flat or house, and who is prepared to let them stay.

There is no details in these plans of what happens should the parents tell their children to fuck off.  Are single mums, and their children, to be forced to sleep on the streets if their parents don’t like them or can’t afford to have them back in their homes?

Cameron claims these plans will not apply to anyone who has faced domestic abuse, whilst Iain Duncan Smith piped up to plead that orphans might also be protected.  There are approaching 70,000 children in the care system, the vast majority of whom will start their adult lives in a housing benefit funded council flat.  If they are to not face the cuts to Housing Benefits then the £2 billion, which will allegedly be saved from the proposals, already starts to shrink significantly.

But it won’t just be kids leaving care who will suffer if these vicious proposals are ever actually implemented.  How does Cameron propose assessing whether domestic abuse has taken place?  Does this mean physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or all three?

Will abused children only be able to escape their homes should a social services intervention have taken place, or a parent has been convicted of abuse?

Abused children don’t generally grass up their parents, at least usually not at first.  They run, often at the first opportunity.  For huge numbers of young people who currently live in Housing Benefit funded hostels it may take many years before they are psychologically strong enough to come to terms with the abuse and even think about taking legal action.  Under David Cameron’s plans, a young woman who has been sexually abused will be forced to either begin the long and arduous process of confronting the abuser, who may be a parent, or face being sent back to continue being abused.  If Josesf Fritzl is ever released he’d do well to move to the UK before starting his next family.

The other side of this brutal coin are the children who leave home because the relationship with their parents or step-parents has broken down completely.  This can take years for families to fix.  The only escape for these kids will be to formally allege some form of abuse.  At the most vulnerable time in a troubled family’s development, Cameron wants to drive a meat cleaver between children and their parents.  Those unable to continue living at home will be forced into make some kind of case against their parents to government busy-bodies in the hope of being permitted to access meagre Housing Benefit payments.

Many commentators have pointed out that huge numbers of Housing Benefit claimants are actually working.  With wages at an all time low for young people it is clear that even finding work will be no way to escape a damaging home life.  Cameron has made this very clear.  Work is not the answer after all.  There is no deserving poor anymore.

But every policy should also be judged on how it will affect the most vulnerable.  Abused children, those from fractured families, single mums nursing new born babies, young people with mental health conditions  – these are just some of the people who will find themselves on the streets should these policies ever be implemented.

Cameron is burying his head in the sand over the upcoming homelessness crisis.  Come the next election it is quite likely to be top of the agenda and these plans will be long forgotten.  Yesterday’s speech was a botched attempt at clawing back some degree of credibility with swivel eyed right wingers after a string of shambolic policy u-turns.  With even The Sun rejecting the proposals, Cameron now looks as out of touch as ever.

It is quite possible that Cameron’s plan to cut housing benefit for those under 25 will never see the light of day.  But with communities still reeling from last year’s riots, this is an irresponsible and downright foolish provocation.  Not content with forcing the young unemployed to work for free and destroying the educational chances of all but the wealthy, Cameron now wants to remove the one safety net available for the most vulnerable young people.

It’s been questioned why young people should be forced to pay tax if they aren’t to receive the same protections in society as everyone else.  The real question, as the young face a sustained attack on both their current living standards and their futures, is why should they feel they have any stake in this society at all.  With increasingly little left to lose, the rage of the abandoned working class youth will resonate with ferocity throughout the generations to come.


27 responses to “Josef Fritzl Would Cheer Cameron’s Housing Benefit Massacre

  1. Paul Callaghan

    Exactly right, the principle of welfare from the cradle to the grave is under attack as never before. Cameron is on an ideological crusade to destroy the welfare state

  2. Victims of abuse are already at risk of homelessness as it is. These bastards won’t be happy until we have an epidemic of suicide, homelessness and hunger. It’s like they want to kill off as many of us as possible.

    • Exactly. They’ve been doing this for some time now with sick and disabled people, many dying after being found “fit for work”, a rising tide of suicides and threats of suicide which even the DWP has acknowledged. And now the ConDems are hell-bent on making life unbearable for under 25’s who don’t have a rich mummy and daddy. I feel physically sick at these cruel policies and the lies and and myths they peddle in a desperate attempt to divide and rule, and to appease the right-wingest head-bangers in the Tory party.

      • Eric Greenwood

        The Sick Cynic in me says they want this to happen,, the ones who are dying NOW, wont be there to claim benefits..Then if there is another riot that will make the last one look like a sunday afternoon in the park.. Then they will get the police in (those that are left after the cuts), or the army (those that are left after the cuts).. to enforce a curfew.. No one allowed outside on the streets at night..

    • There are 7 billion people on the planet and dwindling resources at this current rate of consumption. Recoverable oil is essential to running the industrial economy and powering modern technology and that peaked in 2005-2006.

      At the current rate of use we would run out of everything in the near future and society would collapse and return to the pre-industrial era. Our technologically advanced industrial society would be over. The global ruling elite are not going to let that happen. They are not going to let all the non-elite untermensch use up all their precious remaining oil and other important resources.

      Therefore the ruling elite have decided on a programme of reduction in consumption for the masses and population reduction. They have automated much of production so they don’t need so many of us any more, so they want the useless eaters dead and gone.

      The ruling elite have no intention of reducing their living standards and level of consumption, so they have decided to eliminate the middle-class in the First world and reduce us all to subsistence level. The middle-class right-wingers who are cheering on the current destruction of the welfare state don’t realise that they will soon be joining the poor.

      The ruling elite are globalising the Third world, that is the real purpose of austerity: to turn the First world into the Third world. It doesn’t matter which party the people elect the politicians don’t really control anything, the people who control the markets do: the elite bankers. Through their economic manipulations and control they can bring any government to heel and force them to impose austerity on their people.

      In Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union “alcoholism, unemployment, suicide, homelessness, exposure, lack of medications and ordinary sicknesses like bronchitis and pneumonia took their lives. Russia’s life expectancy fell dramatically. It’s birth rate declined. Public health fell apart. Suicide rates went up. The population shrank. Entire towns became abandoned. In post-collapse Russia there was a slow die-off that occurred outside of the daily headlines that no one seemed to notice. They were ground down slowly by day-to-day reduction in the standard of living, a million little tragedies that, like pixels in an image, looked like nothing until the focus was pulled back”.

      Suicides in Greece have increased 40%, Greece is the test lab. They intend to roll out Greek austerity throughout the whole First world.

      The ruling elite psychopaths are in the process of constructing a technologically advanced global fascist police state which will have super weapons of unprecedented technological sophistication and power in recorded human history.

      • “The middle-class right-wingers who are cheering on the current destruction of the welfare state don’t realise that they will soon be joining the poor.” – too right! These smarmy cunts are fucking toast! 🙂 Hell mend ’em! 🙂

  3. Let’s all move into the Houses of Parliament with Daddy Cameron. After all they have plenty of room and Daddy is away a lot so won’t bother us even when he is in “The House” if we keep out of his way! After all the Government is symbolically the guardian of the people. How about it folks?
    I’m sure he’d love his “children” to come and stay!

  4. Dead and Buried

    Fuck this shit! Housing is not luxury in this country – it is a NECESSITY.This is not the Tropics ffs, if you are without shelter in this country especially during the winter months you are going to DIE. That’s right – DIE! You will be DEAD! Is that what this cunt Cameron wants?

  5. Yes it is what he wants. He is a remorseless sociopath.

    • Cameron uses a peculiar turn of phrase: “withdrawal of housing benefit”. Why doesn’t he just spit it out of his privileged toff never-wanted-for-anything mealy-mouth and say: “throw human beings onto the street to freeze and starve to death.” Because no matter how you couch it, that in effect is what it is. What kind of person would even entertain such a though? A remorseless psychopath. These sorts should be locked up – not running the country.

  6. Yep. He is an exceptionally dangerous utterly self-serving man.

  7. In an overcrowded world with too many human being (billions too many) we are going to have to reintroduce the natural limits that our medical science and the obscene ideal of human equality that has destroyed our race and threatens to destroy life on Earth.

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