Workfare in the Docks

Workfare in the Docks – show support for the two claimants challenging workfare!

9.30am – 26/06/12

The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL London – nearest tube:  Holborn

Called by Boycott Workfare

This Tuesday and Wednesday, two claimants will take the fight against workfare to the High Court. Cait Reilly and an unnamed claimant will be challenging two of the government’s workfare schemes – the sector based work academies and the community action programme respectively. The Public Interest Lawyers who are representing the claimants state that ‘If it succeeds the court will quash the regulations under which the schemes are made and Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, will be sent back to the drawing board.’

The court case will commence at 10.30am on Tuesday 26th June. Cait Reilly and her solicitor will be giving a statement on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice at approximately 9.45am. Boycott Workfare campaigners will be outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 9.30am. Dressed as judges and holding a banner declaring ‘the real crime is workfare’ the campaigners will show their support for the two claimants in their legal challenge against workfare.

Also taking place tomorrow – Communications blockade – A4e Liverpool

“The aim is to shut down their phone lines as much as possible on this day in order to cause them disruption. They may not listen to individual complaints, but they will take notice when they can’t do their day-to-day activities for the sheer volume of calls coming in!

Tel: 0151 243 3670″



13 responses to “Workfare in the Docks

  1. Good luck to Cait. She deserves justice if only for all the vindictive nasty brainwashed idiots that have abused free speech just to slag her off. Fucking cowards.

  2. Hope Cait and the unamed claiment succeed.

  3. I think the expression is “in the dock” – no “s”.
    And protesters would do well to keep away from the High Court Tomorrow. Turning the case into a rowdy circus can only harm Cait’s chances by associating her cause with “anarchists” (as the Court will no doubt see it).

    • There are two separate cases being heard in two separate docks, hence the plural docks. Interesting point, judges are funny old buggers and you wouldn’t want to give them the “wrong” impression as they are chauffeured past in their Rollers on their way into Court. We want to keep this respectable – this is a Court of Law, not a circus after all. Do not let anyone hi-jack this for their own political capital, especially since they haven’t even got the guts to appear in court themselves. We want Cait Reilly to persuade their Lordships and win the argument. Good luck Cait!

  4. All good stuff this… Good luck to all, but, behave dont give these toff parasites any excuses to drag you away from the courts… JVoid last few articles have been spot on!!! These articles need more exposure then they are getting… How can we improve this? Any ideas?

  5. Eric Greenwood

    Wonder how its going.. its been very quiet today.. Hope she wins the case

  6. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U)


    I didn’t attend my Work Programme referal appointment at a4e last month or the month before.

    The short version is this:

    I’ve been refered to a4e 5 times since 2007, & have only gained temporary work.

    I used a4e’s facilities to apply for the jobs. It saved me a trip to my local library although the library is closer to my home than a4e. But hey.. No biggy.

    a4e did find me a night shift job sorting parcels in 2008. This is the short version:
    I had a 2 week paid trial with a American parcel company. A recruitment agency had contacted a4e Slough for 2 members of staff.

    I worked the 2 weeks & was offered a full time night role at £7 per hour.

    I was offered an Training Administrator role (9am-5pm) by another recruitment agency the same week. I had applied for this role before my work trial so I accepted it, & declined the a4e-recommended night shift role. I lost a girlfriend working nights as a postal worker in 2002. I quit college for the damn job!

    Sad memories.

    My point is, after 5 a4e referals, September 2009 I went back to college to study electrics for 2 years.

    My career choice; sparks or maintenance.

    I missed the a4e appointment last month because I didn’t have the correct train fare & was escorted off of a train by RPI & enforcers.

    I put it in writing to a4e.

    I received a letter from Milton Keynes BC asking why I missed my appointment, as there is an entitlement doubt to JSA.

    I thought I had plenty of good reasons..

    They (Milton Keynes BC) didn’t!

    I’ve been sanctioned for 2 weeks. 23rd June 2012 until my next signing date, the 6th July 2012. I have a appointment at a4e again 5th July 2012 so it appears a member of DWP staff is really using their brains.

    I was sanctioned because “I did not take advantage of a place on an employment programme”.

    Please take the time to look up the definitions of ‘advantage’. It will definately suprise you.

    The funny thing is I applied for a budgeting loan, £250 for driving lessons & practical test. Things to help me look for work or start work.

    It was denied.

    But the DWP will pay a4e up to £4,400 if they get me into work at any pay rate, usually £6 per hour.

    My weekly living costs are a minimal £228.00p. I need to take home £230 a week after Tax/N.I. (30%) & child maintenance deductions (22%). I have to earn £10 per hour.

    I went to college to earn £10 per hour, as an electric mate or skilled-labour (online search of average pay rates).

    I will progress to a full qualified electrician after lots of hard work & earn lots. But first, I need to get a full driving license.

    That’s what the £10+ per hour jobs always state. Full drivers license.

    It would’ve been my advantage, (& the Taxmans too) if I’d have got the financial help. No a4e or Government advantage though..

    So.. Do a4e & the Government gain from me being in & out of unskilled work?

    Do the Government gain from me being unable to meet my very basic living costs?

    What is their definition of advantage?

    Is it “a factor or circumstance that makes something or somebody superior to others?”

    We tend to forget how horrid the elite were in past centuries. This lot are relatives of people who burned people for being witches, as an example.

    Imagine what they’d do now if they could get away with it!

    Well, here’s some good news. You don’t have to imagine because Austerity is here.

    I live on a council estate. The elite have built their castles. ahem, I mean mansions. Safe & secure from the effects of austerity measures.

    Now We (we being the commoners, Us, the un-noble) are expected to work for benefits?

    If there is work to be done, pay a person the wage to do it. Not benefit. How did we become so stupid and tame to allow this to happen? Honestly, how?

    Work experience is for secondary school students.

    Give the work experience a burial.

    Poundland shops can find former shop assistants to employ for pay.

    But hey, Austerity. Even £ shops have to save money. 25 x MWA participants = 1 year of not having to pay an employee (or holiday pay etc).

    Screw revolution! We need to evolve.

    Please note, this is the short version of my ongoing problems that involve 5 out of 6 DWP contacts that appear in ‘if you think our decision is wrong’ (isbn 978-1-84947-309-5).

  7. If the government wins, this country will resemble a nazi state, and all the soldiers who lost their lives to give us the freedoms we enjoy today (or did once enjoy) will be totally in vain. What happened to the concept that the government were elected by us the people, and therefore they should work for us, NOT against us. One tory mp has already gone independant because he is sickened by the policies going through right now. Lots and lots of luck and best wishes Cait and the other claiment, if you win you will make more of a difference to lots of lives than you could ever dream of and that is a massive responsibility you have taken on!!!!

  8. 10,000 graduates work in low paid jobs (cleaning, cafe work etc).

    What makes Cait Reilly so special?

  9. Are you fighting in the courts against workfare fake?……. didn’t think so!!

  10. “Are you fighting in the courts against workfare fake”

    No, I’m to busy working, unlike Ms Reilly.

  11. Wonder how its going.. its been very quiet today.. Hope she wins the case!

    traffic accident

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