Boycott Workfare National Week of Action

A national week of action against workfare has been called by Boycott Workfare beginning on on Saturday 7th July.

Pickets, protests and direct action are planned across the UK with the aim of bringing to an end the current devastating Tory policy of forced labour on an industrial scale.

Visit the facebook page to find out about all actions or to list local events:

Already announced are: Liverpool – weekly pickets culminating in a 7th of July action!

Brighton – July 7th – 11am – workfare walk of shame  Brighton Solidarity Federation will be targeting Holland & Barrett on the same day, details to come.

The Guardian today features an extensive summary of the current workfare situation.  The piece includes a shocking boast from so called charity British Heart Foundation (@TheBHF) who proudly state they use workfare in every single one of their stores, which appear to be turning into little more than punishment centres for unemployed people.

Proper blogging will resume next week.

6 responses to “Boycott Workfare National Week of Action

  1. Many of the ‘pretend’ charities, will actually ask for donations so as to prevent ‘forced labour’ in developing countries, yet gleefully breach Article 4(2) of the European Convention on Human Rights themselves.

    But then charities are really businesses, with highly paid directors pulling the wool over the eyes of the gullible … Simple answer, ‘Don’t give to charities’ until they start being charitable.

  2. The evil provider whose jackboot I am under is forcing their “customers” to slave for nowt for these contemptible British Heart Foundation bastards. British Heart Foundation you are pure and utter scum!

  3. Has anyone thought of sabotaging BHF shops (amongst others) in some way? If it’s possible to SUBTLY make the stock unsaleable, for instance, workfare is quickly going to look like too much trouble for these bastards.

  4. Michael Banks

    I would whole-heartedly recommend adopting the “oops, clumsy me” approach if seconded to BHF slave camps (or any other placements for that matter). They’ll soon get sick of their stock being rendered unsaleable. Your response, if challenged, should simply be that you were given inadequate training and besides you’re not really suited to this kind of work.
    BHF are pure and utter scum.


    The nation says NO to workfare, Grayling, cunt that he is, hears MORE! And with added sanctions and penalties.

    FFS! When are we going to get a general strike in this country? When the poor are lying dead in the fucking gutter?

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