Chris Grayling – Lie Watch

Chris Grayling is set to give a speech today celebrating the disastrous Work Programme, despite the flagship initiative fast becoming a somewhat tragic laughing stock.

The latest performance figures suggest that the scheme is actually performing far worse than if the Government had simply done nothing at all.  As ever Chris Grayling will ignore the facts and lie through his teeth that all is well with the multi-billion pound farce.

Grayling will even have the audacity to claim that the scheme is over performing in some areas, with a bold statement that for those easiest to place in employment the figure is “well above 26% in much of the country”.

Of course there is no way to check the truth of this statement as the Government are refusing to release performance figures on the Work Programme.  The recent figures announced by the private Welfare to Work industry claimed that only 22% of people were finding work through the Work Programme and raised concerns that many of these jobs were temporary.

This suggests that Grayling is once again being less than honest if he says today, as reported he will, that it is “clear from feedback from the front line that a substantial majority are staying in work once they get there”.

Even if the 26% figure is true, which it isn’t, it would represent a disaster given that officials have claimed that 28% of all groups, not just the easiest to help, would be expected to find work without any ‘help’ from the Work Programme at all.

That only last year bold claims were being made that 36% of people would find long term employment due to the Work Programme (in itself a less than impressive figure) seems to have conveniently slipped Chris Grayling’s mind.

Grayling appears to be so out of touch that he doesn’t know that actually people find work everyday without the help of profit making sharks like A4e.  Unlike his toff chums in the cabinet, most of us do not rely on our parents or the old school tie to find work, but fill out job applications, send out CVs and attend interviews without any so called support from Welfare to Work companies at all.

The vaguely defined ‘easiest to help’ may in fact represent the people who got jobs themselves before even really starting on the Work Programme .  At the recent Public Accounts Committee hearing into the fraud infested Welfare to Work industry, MP Margaret Hodge related stories of people being bribed to fill out paperwork so that Work Programme providers could claim fat job outcome fees for those who had only just started on the programme.

That this is common practice in the industry was clearly shown by the internal memo that A4e managed to leak on their own website.  This instructed staff on how to claim up to £13,000 from the government in cases where someone found a job before being fully inducted onto the Work Programme.

According to the Mail, even some of the poverty pimps so eager to profit from unemployment, are considering pulling out of the Work Programme.  Spinning ever more wildly Grayling will claim this is a huge success that shows that  competition in the Welfare to Work industry is working.  Grayling will say that “competition means that if you’re not coming up with the results, someone else will”.  Except no-one else is.  With many major charities having already abandoned the scheme, and the Welfare to Work sector considering pulling out, then the question arises exactly who will Grayling hand Work Programme contracts to next – Gok fucking Wan?

Ever the opportunists, Labour have used today to point out that despite the wonderful Work Programme, the cost of Job Seekers Allowance is set to cost around a billion a year more than the Government had accounted for.  This represents an increase in spending of around 20%, whilst the cost of Housing Benefits are also set to soar by over £4 billion above projections.

Grayling’s most blatant lie of the day is dismissing claims that this is down to rising unemployment as ‘nonsense’ and pretending the higher figures represent the recent small rise in meagre benefit payments.  In April benefits and pensions rose by 5.1% in line with inflation, a figure which doesn’t appear to account for a 20% rise in expenditure.  In any event, you would have hoped that the Government might have accounted for inflation in their spending plans.  In contrast to Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benefit has actually been subject to brutal cuts, yet still the cost is rising.

Yet again a speech from Chris Grayling brings yet another avalanche of spin, distortion and outright lies. The compulsive liar at the heart of Cameron’s Government is out of control, but there seems no mood for Number 10 to intervene.  Osborne has threatened to cut yet a further £10 billion from the welfare budget.  Five billion of this could be easily found by scrapping the farcical Work Programme and bringing Chris Grayling’s delusions to a swift conclusion.  That George Osborne would rather force people from their homes and drive children into poverty, rather than confront the lying bastard Grayling and the fraud ridden Welfare to Work sector, tells us everything we need to know about the contemptible toffs in this Government.

8 responses to “Chris Grayling – Lie Watch

  1. Eric Greenwood

    I think a lot of these schemes while to be charitable they were created with the best intentions..They forget to see the human costs. People are tick boxes.

    Devereux has fallen into the trap of thinking the outcome is worth anything , rather than the process being important. They look at outcomes (which could be less than the dead weight figures but we wont know that because the DWP have decided to not publish the information as yet.) Getting a job isnt just about applying for jobs. its about getting confidence back, its about dealing with the underlying causes of unemployment.

    If the infrastructure in the areas where these schemes run are not able to cope with massive amount of job seekers, then it will fail. There needs to be places where people can get jobs, unfortunately at this moment in time there is hardly any growth. But these work programme schemes they only look at get a job.. rather than reasons why, they have the ideological bias that if you are unemployed you must be lazy. They forget as i said the human cost of unemployment.

    These companies a4e, serco, g4s etc all are profiting from the short sightedness of the DWP/Devereux/Graying,/Duncan Smith.. But because of the ideological bias these people have they cannot see the harm thats caused (I am not just blaming one government they all have fallen into the trap of ideology,)

  2. Very true, Labour started down this path. At one point Job Clubs and Programme Centres, would record ‘soft’ outcomes, which meant someone started a training course, decided (themselves) to volunteer, went to college etc. Whilst these were not given the same precedence as job outcomes, they were regarded as a measure of success of a project.

    Now the entire emphasis is on forcing people into short term, low paid and often part time work and there is little or no incentive to provide training or address other problems people may face such as homelessness.

  3. I’m particularly fond of his claim, in the speech, that people in the WRAG turned out to be more ill than they’d expected. So broken…

  4. With regards to cuts in Housing Benefit payments, I have noticed that in Bath where I presently live, the maximum amount I would be allowed to claim for housing benefit last year was £600 per month, this at the time meant that the only one bed flats I could afford were complete dives. And thats if you managed to compete with the competition of people trying to find housing. The accommodation was all tiny with not enough room to swing a cat in, (not that I’m a cat swinger, I love all animals).

    Today however, when I looked at the figures I was shocked and appalled to see that this figure has been cut by 20% to £500 per month. This means I and others like me (by the way I am disabled with a serious Psychiatric disorder, have worked hard for a degree and work 27 hours a week cleaning in the very same University I graduated from last year with a really good 2:1), Have not a chance of finding somewhere to call home. I am 52 years old.

    I wonder whether the government are now including council house rents in with their calculations which would really skew the figures disproportionately against anyone who is only able to find a home in the private sector. I might add that in Bath I am on the housing list but have been informed that at present, they estimate I would have to wait 10 years to secure a council flat. and also that the estimation is only based on today’s figures, which means that this could easily be extended if the Government don’t get off their high horses and start to build new council homes for the “Undeserving Poor”.

  5. Eric Greenwood The Latest Wittering of the Fish faced Grayling Acknowledging that the scheme had seen “a difficult winter where the labour market was tough,” Grayling could only say that the Work Programme was “enjoying a pretty good spring.”

    The statistics he mentioned seems to suggest that the number of people finding work through the work programme was slowing. In the first three months around 22% of people put through the programme had entered into a job – amounting to around 60,000 jobs.

    However the minister said total number for the year was “coming up on 100,000”.

    Speaking to Huffington Post some Tory sources have privately expressed concern that while the Work Programme appears to be doing well in fairly affluent areas, it is failing in more deprived parts of Britain where the skills base is lower.

    He said he’d sat in on some interviews with JobCentre advisers and believed some people were continuing to claim benefits despite working in black market jobs.

    “One was clearly spending every day in bed with his girlfriend,” he said, to laughter from the audience.

    “I don’t care how it happens, I just want the industry to be the best,” he said.

  6. Eric Greenwood

    I can’t believe i missed this connection to the latest a4e contract being cancelled.. You know the one in epsom, The smallest one of only £1 Million.. I just realised who is the MP for Epsom and Ewell…. Thats right Grayling..,

  7. If this man told me ‘good morning’ I would shut my curtains and go to sleep
    He is responsible for destroying the access to justice for people – God help anyone hurt in an accident from April.
    The Conservatives have been bought by big business – Totally outrageous

    ARE the recent decisions to hit lawyers and people hurt in accidents fair or bias ….don’t believe the spin and myth from Government ….read on you decide …
    firms in marked increase since 2005
    Guardian investigation reveals financial firms with insurance interests have given £4.9m since Cameron became leader

    Read the Elections Commission data
    The Guardian, Friday 16 September 2011 20.49 BST

    Financial firms with insurance interests have donated £4.9m to the Tory party since David Cameron became leader, according to a Guardian investigation. Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP
    The Conservative party has had a long-standing financial relationship with insurance companies. According to an investigation by the Guardian, financial firms with insurance interests have given the Tories £5.4m in the last decade, £4.9m of that since David Cameron became leader in December 2005. At the heart of this largesse lies a golden circle of Tory backers, the most prominent of which is IPGL, a private holding company controlled by businessman Michael Spencer that owns the insurance company Insurance Capital Partners and partly owns an insurance brokerage called Oxygen.

    Other prominent donors include Theodore Agnew, who founded an insurance firm in 1989 and gave £134,000, and Peter Wood, the founder of Direct Line, who gave Chris Grayling, then shadow home secretary, £71,000 to run his office.

    The Guardian investigation looked at MP’s earnings and discovered that one of the new intake, Stephen Phillips, a QC who specialises in insurance and reinsurance litigation, since being elected in 2010 has earned £689,000 working for law firms based in the City of London and Hong Kong. That works out at £46,000 a month – a rate of earning that means he makes as much trading on his skills as a silk in 45 days as he does for a whole year working for the 80,000 voters of Sleaford and North Hykeham in Lincolnshire.

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