GPs Vote To End The Atos Farce!

The British Medical Association Local Medical Committee Conference, which represents GPs,  has voted unanimously to end the notorious Work Capability Assessment with immediate effect.

In a crushing blow to Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms a motion was passed stating:

That conference, in respect of work capability assessments (WCA) as performed by ATOS Healthcare, believes that the:

(i) inadequate computer based assessments that are used have little regard to the nature or complexity of the needs of long term sick and disabled persons

(ii) WCA should end with immediate effect and be replaced with a rigorous and safe system that does not cause avoidable harm to some of the weakest and most vulnerable in society.

This follows on from the recent vote by Scottish GPs calling for an end to degrading tests for sickness and disability benefits which have driven thousands into poverty, ill health and even suicide.

This results has come on the back of some heroic lobbying carried out by disabled activists and in particular the Black Triangle Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights, who will be issuing a statement later today.

Atos kills, and today’s vote shows that GPs have recognised that this inhumane policy needs to be abandoned immediately.

21 responses to “GPs Vote To End The Atos Farce!

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  2. What does this mean for someone like myself? I received the WCA form last week and have a deadline of 18th June to send it in. I realise it’s a fantastic victory in general but, being selfish for a moment, am I still going to be pushed into another pointless medical that I’m certain to fail?

  3. I notice absolutely nothing about this has been mentioned on the BBC website anywhere, not even under their Health section. The only way I found out about any of this is via Twitter. Still, at least they found time to talk to an ex-prostitute whose first client was a murderer…

  4. I just hope this is the beginning of the end of these unfair vindictive government/companies and tests.

  5. Im scared to death about the Atos testing, my sister 6 weeks after a major op on her knee was seen fit for work, had to struggle on with reduced money, after 10 months their decision was overturned in an appeal, moneys were returned much relief all round for the family. now just 4 months on she is getting called in again for yet another assessment, so there is much money wasting in the very scheam meant to save money. I am also disabled and have yet to be assessed, i have already cut back as much as i can from my personal care because i know they will see me as fit for work, i also know their decision will be overturned, after all the NHS is putting me back together, the DRs n Staff are treating me for a serious condition, im on an awful lot ov medication for long term pain, i go to physio, i have a full time care giver, the local council have installed a wet room and a stair lift costing over £10,000, I worked for many yrs so i adapted the rest ov the house at my own cost etc. Now i will be called in to ATOS n they will heal me faster than GOD in a few clicks on a key bored.
    I have also considered getting a solicitor to come with me for my assessment and id like it recorded, i know so many other sick n vulnerable people living in fear as they really can not work. Where has the compassion gone pple ?

    • Paul Stansfield

      The very least you should do is to have a responsible individual accompany you to the assessment.

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  7. This was the LMC (local medical committee) conference, not the BMA… the BMA represents all doctors, and is essentially a union, while the LMCs are local groups that represent GPs in statutory and non-statutory ways.

  8. so what if the fascist government stick 2 fingers up to the GP’s and continue with atos WCA on the grounds that destroying so many peoples lives is saving the government valuable money which could better be spent given to Israel to fund the genocide in palestine for example

  9. i really dont believe the government will take this vote seriously, they have already taken gp’s out of the loop in order to ensure no empathy is given to the sick and disabled!!!

  10. I want to be hopeful about this good news, but considering how the ConDems rode roughshod over vociferous opposition from a whole range of medics to the NHS bill, I suspect the GP’s unanimous vote will be ignored. Meanwhile:

  11. Brilliant news, but that doesn’t mean the government will listen. Let’s be cautious. This is a good start, but really the final decision isn’t down to the GP’s sadly – and far too many GP’s have no real idea how the benefits system works nor how it affects ppl.

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  13. Had an ATOS healthcare assessment on April 27th 2012. I have psoriasis that affects over 75% of my body covering most of it. I was signed off work by my doctor as it was impossible to even walk, the drugs I was given at the time didn’t work and my body was covered in scaly lesions that cracked and bled upon movement. Today, after over 15 weeks waiting for my decision to be made (by someone who has no medical expertise nor has even met me) I have been taken off ESA and put onto Jobseekers. The questionairre I had filled in wasn’t available to my ‘decision maker’ although her decision was supposedly partially part of it. It is a total load of nonsense, the assessment details were sent to me and the descriptions were totally untrue. Don’t think for one minute the doctor at a medical assessment is listening to you, there is definitely a hidden agenda that doesn’t involve the welfare of the country.I have written reports from consultants, GP’s even Professors in dermatology. They mean nothing. This country is a disgrace, especially the people running it. What I cannot understand is if I have all this documented evidence available why do I have to endure a painful trip to an assessment centre with the decision of my benefits in the hands of someone who has a 5 minute chat with you, then passed on to someone who has never met you. It makes no sense at all. If the government want to save money, cut out the middle man, go straight to healthcare professionals you already pay thousands and thousands of pounds to and try believing them. Surely the word of my GP, my consultant, a professor in dermatology would be enough. Obviously not. There are definitely other reasons why this is not so. Disgraceful.

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  17. its a quota system,,i was told by my dr that ,atos or their own drs, have to sign 1 in 3 people off the sick ,no matter what is wrong with them, they also get extra money for this ,,I think it was £50 a person signed off ,that was last year ,,so probably more now ,,my friend who had severe bi polar disorder killed himself due to atos ,,he was agarophobic and paranoid schizophrenic ,but because he could use a computer and a phone ,,they deemed him fit for work , now he is gone ,,a lovely caring man who is dead thanks to atos and mr Cameron

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