Even The Poverty Pimps Admit Work Programme Isn’t Working

In yet another humiliation for lying bastard Chris Grayling, even the Welfare to Work poverty pimps seem to think that the Work Programme is turning into a desperate and expensive failure.

The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) represents workfare sharks like A4e who have won lucrative government contracts to run the Government’s flagship Work Programme aimed at ‘helping’ long term unemployed people into work.

Today they released a statement that seems to suggest that barely over one in five people who have been on the scheme have actually got a job out of it.  According to the ERSA just 22% of people bullied onto the scheme under threat of benefit sanctions have found work so far.  This shatters Chris Grayling’s deluded claims that 36% of people would find work on the Work Programme.  In fact it is quite likely the figure represents people who would have got work anyway without any help from the Welfare to Work industry.

In the 90s Job clubs and Employment Service Programme Centres, many of which were run by charities or small community organisations, were expected to place a minimum of 45% of people in employment or face being shut down.

It is testament to the pressure from private sector parasites like G4s and A4e that this figure has already been driven down so significantly.  But 22% represents a new low and reveals that no amount of motivational claptrap, workfare or sanction regimes will help the unemployed back into work when there are no fucking jobs.

Of even more concern is the ERSA’s claim that of that 22%, many of those jobs are likely to be short term.  It has long been a perfectly legal scam carried out by Welfare to Work companies to place people in short term jobs and pick up fat ‘job outcome’ fees from the tax payer.

Whilst the new Work Programme claims to only deliver payment by results, private contractors  get paid £400 every time someone walks through the door and is ‘attached’ to the programme.  Whilst the Government has said this will be phased out, it has been estimated that Work Programme could cost around £1 billion before anyone has ever actually found work.  So much for payment by results.  This is on top of the £56 million that was spent on demolishing the current welfare to work schemes due to Chris Grayling’s desperate bid to rush this untested, un-thought through farce into existence.  The DWP is handing out our cash like smarties to any bunch of dodgy fraudulent bastards who can bamboozle them with figures and flaky job outcome claims.

The situation for sick and disabled claimants would appear to be even more desperate.  No figures yet exist as to whether any of those referred to the Work Programme have actually got a job.  St Mungos, one of the largest homelessness charities in the UK,  recently pulled out of the scheme after announcing that they had not been able to place a single individual in work via the Work Programme.

For a long time Iain Duncan Smith and his lacky Chris Grayling have promised the Work Programme would be the solution to all of society’s ills.  It has been used as justification for both the Remploy factory closures and the brutal new regime for sickness and disability benefits which has seen hundreds of thousands of people stripped of vital financial support.  In figures that now seem laughable, bold claims about Work Programme helping over two million long term unemployed people find work have now been demolished by the very companies being paid to do just that.  After 18 months the ERSA say that only 66,000 people have found work so far.

At current performance levels it would take around 44 years for the Work Programme to even come close to Grayling’s predictions, and that’s providing that no-one else becomes long term unemployed in the meantime.  Unfortunately recent figures show that long term unemployment is rising fast.

As ever Grayling has attempted to bullshit his way out of trouble calling these dreadful figures a ‘good start’.  In the real world, someone who pissed away hundreds of millions of pounds of an organisation’s money with no clear benefits would be sacked without recourse.  If ever there were a clearer example of gross misconduct it is Grayling’s stewardship of the DWP. That would be one addition to the ranks of the unemployed that we could all welcome.

19 responses to “Even The Poverty Pimps Admit Work Programme Isn’t Working

  1. everyone but these idiots appear to understand their crazy schemes do not work especially when there are no jobs in the market place anyway.

    I feel so sorry for those that have been used and abused under this scheme and now sufficient time has passed to prove that the ongoing government rhetoric does not add up to stats and a few more parasites walked off with precious taxpayers money laughing all the way to the bank one has has to ask is this government even fit to pretend to be in office anymore?

  2. It’s a complete waste of time, in all the appointments I’ve had I’ve had absolutely no help, none at all. Last bit of ‘help’ was a cover letter that they thought was brilliant that contained lines such as “friends and family would say I’m a good worker”… I have work history too, so why put that?

    • Bloody hell Dave

      Last bit of ‘help’ was a cover letter that they thought was brilliant that contained lines such as “friends and family would say I’m a good worker

      WTF and this is worth millions in taxpayers money is it? talk about talking the piss out of us all..

      I wish you well Dave with your own searches for work..

  3. Rule Britannia Britannia rule the waves!
    Britons never never shall be sla…. err hmmm.

  4. Trouble is the British Public (well the right wing press reading British Public) don’t care about the failure of the scheme, so long as they can see the unemployed being punished with workfare, punished with sanctions. They truly believe (because they have read it in the newspapers who in turn have been fed their dis-information from certain truly despicable politicans) that there are jobs for everyone – people don’t want to work – they gets loads of money (even more money than many ‘hard working’ tax payers). They know nothing of the reality, one of poverty, fear, losing hope, rejection after rejection, a future that looks bleaker every day. The poor of this country have become the ‘whipping boys and girls’ for society. Put the boot in – that’ll teach them for being poor. It is very worrying the way that people are so easy to lead into a hate fest. So ready to turn against their friends and neighbour – to become monsters.

      you are right humans remind me of those films where they turn on one another because they are so stupid, blind and easily controlled yet I still cannot help feeling sorry for them in some way.

    • “Trouble is the British Public (well the right wing press reading British Public) don’t care about the failure of the scheme, so long as they can see the unemployed being punished with workfare, punished with sanctions.”

      Spot on S M Maynard well said.

  5. The problem is that you are assuming that the original impetus for this farce was genuine. I worked for the old Further Education Colleges in the time of the TECS. These organisations are exactly like the modern ones. The collapsed in a maelstrom of fraud and criminality. It was the same then as it is now. There was never a genuine attempt to find or create work either then or now. It is simply a smoke screen to dismantle the welfare state and bring back the work house Then bring in martial law when the inevitable reaction happens.


      I am with you on that one and it appears to be a world wide coordinated attack in all countries, as Kay says What are we going to be left with when TSHTF?

    • Charlotte Bates

      Spot on Liam, well said and succint….

  6. And the coming need for martial law is why policing’s being taken over by the likes of G4S and Kellogg/Halliburton. Did you know that Barclays in America is taking over munitions and small-arms companies like Remington? The banks are getting ready for the riots, buying up arms companies and farm lands. What are we going to be left with when TSHTF?

  7. Eric Greenwood (scared)

    I thought the dead weight figure was 28%, people who would get a job regardless.. Now if these schemes only got 22%, the figures are less than if the scheme never existed… added to that the cost of running the schemes..

  8. What else needs to be said? THis country, this society, this world, and certainly this government, are a fucking mess. The WP is a total farce.

  9. Eric Greenwood (scared)

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/9280002/Just-one-in-five-people-on-benefits-finds-employment-through-Coalitions-work-programme.html 22 per cent of the first 300,000 people on the scheme are employed after spending nine months to a year on the programme.

    But officials predict that around 28 per cent of unemployed people put through the Work Programme would have got long-term jobs without any help from the Government.” People on this scheme are LESS likely to get a job,by 6%. So in fact it causes more unemployment than solves it.

    This is taken from the telegraph article.. Other than that I dont know where the deadweight figure would be from.

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  13. 22%? Get Jobs? Well for the most part the slave owners usually have a high turn over of wage slaves, So I’d suggest that maybe as 22% of slaves are promoted to wage slave status, an equal number of wage slaves leave.
    The whole thing is a revolving door. From unemployed to slave to wage slave and then back to unemployed, round and round they go.

    Corporate Welfare FU!

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