Combat Workfare This Weekend

There’s more action against workfare this weekend as resistance to forced labour shows no sign of dying down.

South London Solfed have called for people to meet at noon, by the Clock Tower in Lewisham Town Centre on Saturday 18th May, where they’ll targeting a local well known fake health food shop.  More info on facebook at:

Meanwhile in Hackney North London Solfed will be at Holland & Barrett on Mare Street at 1pm:

Lincoln Underground Collective will be taking action against workfare exploiters on Saturday, meet at the Angel Coffee Shop, Free School Lane from 11am:

Then next weekend, on the 26th Saturday, Brighton Benefits Campaign are holding a conference entitled How Do We Break Workfare?  Full details on their website, the conference is being held at Brighton Railway Club from 11am.

Please help spread the word about all events.

Workfare isn’t working, let’s keep kicking till it breaks for good.

There’s another report about yesterday’s Farewell Emma, Farewell A4e Party outside A4e in Brixton at:

2 responses to “Combat Workfare This Weekend

  1. Brighton SF are also targeting a ‘local well known fake health food shop’ in Hove on Saturday

  2. It’s worth noting that people not on the internet don’t know about this. Must get this info into the public domain through all media – mass leaflets and flyposting for instance.

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