Farewell Emma – Fuck Off A4e

A boisterous and well attended Farewell Emma party was held today outside workfare company A4e in Brixton today.  Party goers were celebrating the departure of former Chief Executive Emma Harrison who recently abandoned the company to spend more time with her money.

A4e are one of the largest providers of the Government’s Workfare schemes under which unemployed people have been forced to work in supermarkets and High Street Stores for no pay. The company is also notorious for providing shoddy training courses, bullying benefit claimants and more recently has been mired in fraud allegations.  Recently they were stripped of the contract to provide Mandatory Work Activity schemes in the South East, whilst several members of the company have been arrested after allegedly cooking the books to claim yet more millions from the tax payer.

Those attending the party enjoyed food, music and a warm reception on the busy Brixton High Street which was adorned with bunting and banners condemning the shoddy company.  Many people stopped to talk, have a piece of cake and tell us of their own unpleasant experiences at the hands of A4e.  The doors of the company bore a sign indicating they were closed for the day unless people had prior appointments.

The party was organised by Boycott Workfare, with members of South London Solidarity Federation, UNITE and the SWP also in attendance.

6 responses to “Farewell Emma – Fuck Off A4e

  1. Another cunt who needs shooting.
    A4e are still up for plenty of ConDem luvvly jubbly.
    As for the ConDems : they all need to be got rid of,too.

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