Farewell Emma, Farewell A4e – Come to the Goodbye Party!

12pm Thursday, May 17, 2012
Brixton A4e, Brixton High Road (by the Railway Bridge)

Boycott Workfare have called a farewell party for Emma Harrison who recently scarpered from her fraud ridden training company A4e.  After pocketing a dividend worth almost £10 million, Emma left the company after stories emerged of police investigations surrounding the firm.  Emma hasn’t been seen since and is believed to be mansion hunting in any country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK.

A4e are one of the UK’s biggest workfare companies, paid billions of pounds to bully people into unpaid labour for supermarkets, charities and high street shops.  Due to recent protests aimed at workfare the Government has temporarily removed sanctions from most of the workfare schemes.    Compulsory workfare was at the heart of the Government’s £5 billion Work Programme.  So far the Government are refusing to provide figures detailing whether anyone has actually got a job on the Work Programme.

It is known if people who refuse to go on workfare are now being forced to go on one of the few remaining forced labour schemes instead.  It is also not known if, or when, workfare – a key part of the Government’s flawed strategy to reduce unemployment by creating an army of free labour – will be back.  Voluntary workfare still exists and remains a tool for millionaire bosses to undermine everybody’s pay and working conditions.  The fight against workfare continues.

Join Boycott Workfare from noon this Thursday May 17th, outside Brixton A4e, to say goodbye, or good riddance, to Emma Harrison.

Boycott Workfare will be holding a farewell party outside Brixton A4e with balloons, music, cake, fizzy pop, and party hats. The party will allow us to raise awareness about the fraudulent practices and bullying that these ‘welfare to work’ providers engage in and to discuss with claimants their rights. This latter act is particularly important and effective. Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty recently won a victory over A4e after claimants spoke out and organised against A4e. They are now allowed to be accompanied into A4e with their own representative.

“Join us outside Brixton A4e on Thursday 17th May at 12pm where we will party and leaflet for welfare rights. Brixton A4e is close to where the railway bridge crosses the high street.

“After the party we will take a stroll along the high street in an information gathering exercise to find out who is in and who is out of the workfare schemes. We suspect that there may be many high street stores taking workfare who have managed so far to keep it secret.”

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/303240683090900/


13 responses to “Farewell Emma, Farewell A4e – Come to the Goodbye Party!

  1. stated above

    So far the Government are refusing to provide figures detailing whether anyone has actually got a job on the Work Programme.

    As always hide what does not work so what about the precise figure of taxpayer money spent on rouge companies and the return earned from that then?

    stated above

    “After the party we will take a stroll along the high street in an information gathering exercise to find out who is in and who is out of the workfare schemes. We suspect that there may be many high street stores taking workfare who have managed so far to keep it secret

    of course they can keep it a secret by saying no we are not involved but looking deeper some third party will be involved to keep their more public name out of it.

    stated above

    Voluntary workfare still exists and remains a tool for millionaire bosses to undermine everybody’s pay and working conditions.

    Of course what fun to have everyone work for free so their Bollinger will cost so much less at the weekends and if anyone doubts where they are trying to head watch

    Inside the Medieval Mind

    Robert Bartlett lays bare the framework of the medieval class system, where inequality was part of the natural order and the life of serfs little better than those of animals. (R)

    More Programme Information


    It is truly shocking and no wonder in the end that the wrongdoers heads were finally laid to rest on Tower Bridge when the us the serfs could simply stand no more of it.

    • Seems to me that they are abolishing the First and Second World and intend to globalise Third World poverty. There’s an article in The Guardian today about people in England having to live in garden sheds and garages and living in very overcrowded conditions with strangers and being charged extortionate rents by their landlords to do so. A woman who inspects them said it was like being in the Third World and I think that’s exactly what their intention is, I think it is by design and that is what the real purpose of austerity is and all three main parties are on board with the programme.

      • R32

        I agree with you as I do not believe none of these measures by puppet government is in error as it all has a desired goal to which I truly wish people would wake up to before it really is too late.

        If I was younger I would be out there screaming from the top of my lungs and doing whatever it took but as this has happened in my older years and I do not have the physical fight that I used to have means I will probably be one of the first to go without being able to do much about it.

        It is for the young to stand up before it is too late as at least they have the energy otherwise they are going to become serfs again just like in the middle ages and as I said in a very long post before the earth is a beautiful home and only evil could truly seek to dominate it, control it and all those who live on it.

      • The problem is that this isn’t being covered in the media anywhere near enough. The BBC seem to have abandoned any pretence of reporting the news objectively. These stories are barely even in the papers.
        This is almost as outrageous as the story itself. People living in ramshackle sheds ffs! What the fuck is going on?
        All we seem to get is a few crappy strikes from the increasingly useless unions. Campaigns by the public, such as the workfare protests, are ignored by these people. Why?
        HOw much longer is A4E going to be investigated? They can’t just keep sweeping all this under the carpet.

  2. Good news! It seems those “charities” Johnny reported on a few months back have been unable to find anyone jobs so have pulled out!


    R32 above is right – I like to say that for them the “third world” is not a disaster to be avoided but an example to be emulated. Of course they want us to be serfs; unthinking cruelty is their whole trip.

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  5. For a start the figures wont be much different to the FND programme which was a monumental disaster interms of outcome figures.

    As for forced labour and sanctions heres the following
    No body is obliged under law to sign any contract they feel unfavourable and it is said employment contracts that outline exactly what constitutes gross misconduct. These incidents when they arise arent handled by the local police but instead end up with the suspected offender sitting through a railroading called a disciplinary which usually ends up with the person being sacked. Unlike law they dont have to exhaustively find guilt.

    Now a little known thing is, inorder to sack someone first you must have an agreement of service and conduct which is always found in employment contracts. Without such a contract the owner of the company can only refuse to supply further work (let you go). Employers contary to myth need you to sign such a contract as although it doesnt benefit you for quite some time does benefit them straight away so the chances are you will be let go the moment you dont sign it (tryed and tested).

    Ontop of this you have butterfingers,accidents at work,sexual harrasment to name but a few things that will dampen employer interest and continued Participation in such schemes.

    Im not opposed to such an idea as a placement,just how its currently done as all thats on offer is pure tat. Where i live as i suspect everywhere your only offered Admin,retail and hospitality yet nothing in engineering,science,teaching,health,energy to name but a few.
    Untill government step in to increase the diversity available i wish nothing but misery on it and will help others however i can to bring down what is currently an ineffectual scheme heavily biased towards other skill sets.

  6. U.S.T.U. (United Stereo-Types of Unemployment)


    The young are content with the “rewards” that they will earn from having good credit, ie to keep their smart phones active and plugged into the world of social networking, they’ll have to pay their bills = good credit = the ability to purchase more (become an independent consumer) = a debt to pay = the drive to earn money in ANY job as long as it’s secure and pays enough to maintain a decent standard of living.

    Repeat this process for clothing, fuel costs (gas/ leccy), electronics, transport costs (Public/Private), holidays, living costs, social life, intoxicating substances etc.

    Can you relate to the above?

    The question, in my opinion is, what can we invent, develop, manufacture and export in order for the Economic Active Population to benefit?

    I don’t have the answer. But I know we need to get smart like the media circle. They invent, develop, manufacture and export. The media promote, advertise and sell. Regardless of race, religion, physical ability, appearance, age and sexual orientation. They generate funds.

    So, what are we going to get 3 million people (or more) doing?

    Have a think. Young & old united.

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  8. katy underwood

    had it coming to her in the end

  9. she said to me once in her office at A4E “I’m waiting for him to die” she said about her father – she wanted him out of the way so she could control her empire

  10. Her brothers are sick in the head too, watch out for the Cridlands

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