Lord Freud – The Benefit Fraud

Lord Freud, the toff banker, will be defending the Government’s savage welfare reforms at a conference called by the National Housing federation on May 23rd.  Freud has been one of the chief architects of the vicious Welfare Reforms as both a Labour and then a Conservative Party member.

Freud was asked by Tony Blair to review the benefit system way back in 2006, despite Freud saying he knew nothing about it.  This didn’t stop him from leaping at the opportunity to claim that single parents should be sent to work, lay the foundations for the Atos shambles and encourage the use of fraudulent bastards like A4e to run huge chunks of the Welfare State.

The great welfare rip off has seen companies paid billions of tax payers’ money to provide barely existent training courses or claim huge fees every time someone unemployed finds a job.  The likes of the now disappeared Emma Harrison formerly of A4e have awarded themselves multi-million pound dividends whilst their staff, under enormous pressure from above, have ended up cooking the books to pay for them.  Like all the best scams, the companies involved don’t even have to break the law to make off with the cash.  Training providers on the Government’s flagship Work Programme can be paid up to £13,000 for claiming to have helped someone get a job who has barely even met them. 

Private sector sharks have also been brought in to carry out assessments for sickness and disability benefits, another of Freud’s ideas.  The Atos assessment system has turned out to be a disaster, costing a fortune in appeals against their flawed decisions, whilst being devastating for those forced to undergo the stressful and demeaning tests. This hasn’t stopped Atos creaming £100 million a year off the tax payer.  And Atos, along with prison companies like G4s and national joke Capita, are set to pick up huge contracts for re-creating the exact same shambles to re-assess over three million people currently claiming Disability Living Allowance.

With George Osborne promising up to £5 billion in cash to Work Programme contractors, it seems the gravy train for private sector sharks infecting the Welfare State is far from over.  Meanwhile millions of people face poverty and homelessness due to ideas generated on the back of an envelope by Lord Freud and his chums.

Lord Freud is a member of the pervy Freud dynasty and went to Whitgift Public School and then Oxford.  On leaving university he just happened to be offered a job at the Financial Times.  After a few years he ditched financial journalism to begin work as a professional crook for stockbrokers Rowe & Pitman (later to be taken over by SG Warburg).  His first job was to compile research on companies he was also taking money from, a practice which was made illegal after analysts were found publicly backing clients whilst slagging them off behind closed doors.

During his career Freud cost the tax payer a fortune when he botched the Eurotunnel flotation in a deal he describes as a ‘shambles’ and claims he ‘sold the market a pup’.  He did a similar thing with the Eurodisney flotation, costing investors millions.  Asked to handle the flotation of doomed company Railtrack, Freud priced the shares at £3.50 despite them being worth over four times that figure.  Freud remained a senior figure at SG Warburg helping to oversee the collapse of the investment bank in 1995 when it was taken over by the Swiss Bank Corporation.

David Freud’s omni-shambles career is best summed up by himself:

“Nearly everything I’ve done has been total chaos. I cannot believe it’s just because of me.”

This is typical of arrogant little posh boys like Freud.  Believing they are born to rule, their old school chums will prop them up as they fail time and time again.  In return they offer kickbacks, like the multi-billion pound give away to the private sector that Freud has overseen whilst involved in welfare reform.  They really are all in it together.  A self-serving smug elite sharing around power and money like pass the fucking parcel whilst the rest of the country gets on with doing the real work that keeps them rich.

When Freud saw which way the wind was blowing under the Labour Government he jumped ship to the Tories where he was immediately made a life peer and given a Baroncy.  As Minister for Welfare Reform he has wasted no time in continuing the incessant lies about benefit claimants he began telling under Blair.  The man who’s worth millions is outraged that single mums should be paid a pittance to feed their children, or large families in cities should have somewhere to live.

If the fraud Freud had been born on a council estate he’d probably be banged up by now for flogging fake Armanis or nicked ipods down the boozer.  Instead he picks up huge sums of tax payers’ cash he doesn’t need to advise the Government on something he knows nothing about.  All that’s required for the rich to succeed is the old school tie and a commitment to staying on the right side in the class war.  Brutality and incompetence is the hallmark of the English ruling class and there has rarely been a better example than Lord Fraud and his chinless cabinet cronies.

Freud will be speaking at the National Housing Federation’s Welfare Reform Conference on the 23rd May.  Join protesters at 9.15 to tell him what you think outside the Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Avenue,
London, WC2N 5AP

Above pic from @DocHackenbush via Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

24 responses to “Lord Freud – The Benefit Fraud

  1. Please can this Freud toff cunt just die immediately and agonisingly.

  2. Very well said, Johnny, please keep spelling it out. The link below to Invest in ME’s very good website gives further info about Lord Fraud. Very interesting, particularly for people attempting to get or hang on to ESA or DLA:


  3. About this; ” Asked to handle the flotation of doomed company Railtrack, Freud priced the shares at £3.50 despite them being worth over four times that figure.” I suppose this couldn’t have been deliberate so his mates could buy them cheap? I’d be inclined to wonder if his other bad judgements with EuroDisney and EuroTunnel were really what they appeared to be too…

  4. Johnny, I love your blog but at times it just makes me despair. Are the majority of voters ever going to wise up to the elite political class that have infected government? The majority of politicians these days just see their role in government as a stepping stone to live off such companies that are bleeding this country dry. They feed and look after them while in the positions of power to do so. Their time in office is spent feathering their own nests, while condemning the most vulnerable people with the support of the majority through propaganda and the tabloid press. It’s legitimised thievery. I don’t know how you muster the passion to keep on going. Thank the stars that you do.

  5. Its a pity Freud Duncan Smith and Grayling don’t all become disabled because then and only then will those fuckers realise how hard life is as a disabled person.Oh wait though it would’nt affect them as much because multi millionaire wankers like them can buy the best of everything and don’t have to justify themselves to a bunch of computer says no tossers at ATOS.

  6. Exactly, Ian. Even if they were to become disabled they don’t need welfare benefits or the NHS. They might CHOOSE to use them e.g. Cameron with his son but they do not HAVE to. Therein lies the difference. And it is a HUGE difference. Hence their demolition of the welfare state and the NHS.
    For those who aren’t millionnaires, and for any millionnaires with a little sense of compassion and decency, please sign and share Pat’s Petition which calls for the government to “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”. The link is here http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968

  7. Yet ANOTHER nasty little Tory toff cunt whacking the poor.
    Kill off this ConDem Claggeron!

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  9. Propaganda Matrix

    Wall-to-wall coverage on BBC of the greedy, fascist coppers on their march for more hard-working taxpayers money, yet not one mention of the recent disability protest!

  10. How can evil men like this prosper and thrive?It is almost beyond comprehension.

    • Being evil is exactly how he does it. Being unburdened by any kind of morality, he’s free to make moves others can’t. Unless someone gets to him and kills him, he lives, many of us die.

  11. Awesome article Johnny… I have to say, puts things right into context…… More!!!! These people are rotten scum to the core…..

  12. RavensParadise

    Another brilliant post. Couldn’t agree more, well said sir.

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  15. Is there ant other deomo’s against this man and his policies?

  16. This tosspot toff has an autobiography out, it was in a bargain bin of the Works. He even admits he’s crap.at everything and has just lied and bullshitted clients on deals.
    How this man thinks its ok to rip.off clients and take fat fees from them remins me of his distant relative Sigmund who slept with his female clients and charged them for the pleasure.

  17. lord fraud head of the tory sonderkommand

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  19. About 2 yrs ago, that cunt Freud visited a company in Manchester that I was working for and he swanned around our office like the tory piece of shit he really is…. he was 5 feet away from my desk … oh how I wished at that point I could have stuck my biro in his eye!

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